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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THROAT

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Astrology, 24:therefore, condition: The heart center. The throat center. The ajna center. The head center. ThreeAstrology, 25:four centers above the diaphragm - the heart, throat, ajna and head centers - are basically andAstrology, 70:The three centers - solar plexus, heart and throat - are actively involved. At the thirdAstrology, 76:same time playing quite frequently through the throat center and evoking a faint response from theAstrology, 76:and who are beginning to work through the throat and the heart centers, with the goal of completelyAstrology, 77:the spine. Sacral Center. Solar Plexus Center. Throat Center. Heart Center. Ajna Center. AjnaAstrology, 78:planet) governs a center in the front of the throat which is related to the para-thyroids and notAstrology, 79:the thyroid [79] gland, which is related to the throat center. This center in the front of theAstrology, 79:throat center. This center in the front of the throat falls into disuse as the creative period ofAstrology, 79:falls into disuse as the creative period of throat activity begins. It acts as a "mediator" betweenAstrology, 79:creative organs (between the sacral and the throat centers) and leads eventually to that creativeAstrology, 80:to The head, ajna and heart centers. to The throat, the solar plexus and the base of the spine. ItAstrology, 88:mental plane. The base of spine. The heart. The throat. Man partially controlled by the Ego,Astrology, 88:by the Ego, advanced man The heart. The throat. The head, i.e., the four lesser centers and theirAstrology, 88:man to the third Initiation. The heart. The throat. The seven head centers. Spiritual man to theAstrology, 157:centers in man: the head, the heart and the throat. Aries opens the door into Shamballa, when theAstrology, 191:the relationship between the sacral and the throat centers. These powers (the higher powers) are asAstrology, 297:man. These stimulate and affect the heart, the throat and the ajna centers. Upon the CardinalAstrology, 397:activity of the man who is upon the Path. The throat is a point to which the energy of the sacralAstrology, 398:without impediment and obstruction between the throat and sacral centers; to show that rightAstrology, 421:eventually control: The base of the spine The throat center the solar plexus I will also take upAstrology, 427:Will Solar Plexus Disciple Personal desire Throat center Aspirant Personal creativity Astrology, 427:center - Solar plexus. Humanity - Ajna center - Throat. One major center is here omitted because itAstrology, 427:which is sounded forth from the center in the throat and that which replies to a deeply soundedAstrology, 429:of energy formed by: [429] The egoic lotus. The throat center. The sacral center. This triangleAstrology, 429:triangle of force which is formed by: The throat center. The sacral center. The physical body -Astrology, 433:to the need and from the chosen place (the throat center. A.A.B.) he utters forth the Sound whichAstrology, 434:illuminating and their relation to the heart and throat will prove evocative of knowledge. TheyAstrology, 451:and subsequent conscious control of the throat center must inevitably take place provided theAstrology, 452:centers remain to be considered: the planetary throat center, solar plexus, sacral center and theAstrology, 453:the heart and solar plexus centers and the throat center are the five focal points of energy whichAstrology, 454:in nature, the animal kingdom) and the planetary throat center, functioning properly and in unison.Astrology, 455:The human kingdom, the fourth kingdom in nature. Throat center - Animal - 3rd ray - 3rd root-race -Astrology, 504:They are to Him what the heart, the head and the throat centers are to the developed initiate onAstrology, 515:In another, it may be seen to be focused in the throat center, and by indirect activity affectingAstrology, 517:ray - Pluto Ajna Center - fifth ray - Venus Throat Center - third ray - Earth Heart Center - secondAstrology, 517:ray - Vulcan Ajna Center - fifth ray - Venus Throat Center - third ray - Saturn Heart Center -Astrology, 580:and of fear which is gripping humanity by the throat in the attempt to strangle out its life. Astrology, 689:plexus, Heart; or again, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat; [690] so, in the case of a Heavenly Man, orAutobiography, 24:prudery, buttoned up tight from the hem to the throat and she was always in love with the currentDestiny, 23:Son of the Morning, The Prodigal Son. Planetary throat center. These three centers are closelyDestiny, 137:part thereby. The coming into activity of the throat center and (because the third ray is closelyDestiny, 138:of the third. [138] The third major center - the throat center. The third race - the Aryan, as itDiscipleship1, 41:in their work: Group 1 The head, heart and throat centers. Group 2 The head, heart and solar plexusDiscipleship1, 41:and ajna centers. Group 4 The head, ajna and throat centers. Group 5 The head and heart centers andDiscipleship1, 41:the same as in Group 2. Group 7 The head, throat and sacral centers. Group 8 The head, heart, solarDiscipleship1, 41:Group 8 The head, heart, solar plexus and throat centers. This group of disciples will be the firstDiscipleship1, 42:a linking group. [42] Group 9 The head, heart, throat and sacral centers. Group 10 The head, heart,Discipleship1, 111:be brought about by right control of the ajna, throat, heart and solar plexus centers by theDiscipleship1, 112:this through the cultivation of compassion. The throat center is lethargic in its movement butDiscipleship1, 112:40% awakened The Ajna Center 15% awakened The Throat Center 60% awakened The Heart Center 50%Discipleship1, 157:vitalization, above all, of the heart and the throat centers. This should be carried forward in aDiscipleship1, 158:indication, wisdom is. Out of the lotus in the throat emerges the flower of living forms. TheDiscipleship1, 212:are the most developed in you; next comes the throat center. How shall we bring about the changeDiscipleship1, 236:unevenly distributed and goes primarily to the throat and to the solar plexus, causing aDiscipleship1, 264:months send the energy you may contact to the throat center - not to the physical throat, but toDiscipleship1, 264:to the throat center - not to the physical throat, but to the center which lies back of theDiscipleship1, 266:with me. Another is the stimulation of the throat center through which you must learn to workDiscipleship1, 321:Carry your thought in meditation to the throat center at the back of the neck and each day vitalizeDiscipleship1, 414:expression) and this produces bad results. Your throat center receives the bulk of this energy andDiscipleship1, 414:energy, and hence also your tendency, via the throat center, to much speech and vivacious talk. TheDiscipleship1, 455:you exhale, send it by an act of the will to the throat center at the back of the neck. In theDiscipleship1, 455:exhalation and the next inhalation (whilst the throat center is subjected to golden-orange prana)Discipleship1, 580:has been felt in the mental body and in the throat center. The physical condition which troublesDiscipleship1, 755:concrete mind "held steady in the light." The throat center. The brain of the disciple upon theDiscipleship1, 762:the three higher centers (head, heart and throat). It is with the so-called egoic lotus that he isDiscipleship1, 763:the energy of intelligent activity, to the throat center, again in the same manner, via the fiveDiscipleship1, 764:petals. The antahkarana. The mental unit. The throat center. These details, brother of mine, are ofDiscipleship2, 71:energies work through the heart, [71] the throat and the ajna centers; when the highest head centerDiscipleship2, 122:item of information comes naturally here. The throat center is not included in these relationshipsDiscipleship2, 122:of the other centers but particularly is the throat center energized and actuated eventually by theDiscipleship2, 122:of interest might here be mentioned. First, the throat center is brought into real activity by theDiscipleship2, 122:first ray personalities at the time that the throat center becomes dynamically active for the firstDiscipleship2, 122:or mental energy is related more directly to the throat center. Thirdly, it might be stated thatDiscipleship2, 184:between: The disciple and Humanity - The throat or creative center in the planetary sense. TheDiscipleship2, 370:Relates to the fourth initiation. Concerns the throat center. Light upon the Path. There followsDiscipleship2, 371:center. The heart center. The head center. The throat center. The alta major center. I say not thatDiscipleship2, 419:Kumara - focused at present in his creative throat center, Humanity - is reverberating to theDiscipleship2, 462:plexus energy, now focused in the head, to the throat center. This should produce increasedDiscipleship2, 462:the diaphragm - the heart, the head and the throat. The exercise just given [463] must be doneDiscipleship2, 469:[469] great clearing house) and the heart and throat will be carried - at the third initiation - toDiscipleship2, 515:then sound the OM. - Breathe it down into the throat center. This can be regarded as an act ofDiscipleship2, 515:the solar plexus, the head, the heart and the throat. It will require careful watching of process,Discipleship2, 563:transfer of energy from the sacral center to the throat center, and here you have one of the causesDiscipleship2, 573:calling into creative activity the center at the throat. I will give you a short personalDiscipleship2, 573:breathe out the OM again and see it going to the throat center at the back of the neck. Focus yourDiscipleship2, 573:To the brain or the highest head center. To the throat center and there focus. From that center,Discipleship2, 574:the direction and right flow of energy, via the throat center, you will find much instructive valueDiscipleship2, 605:Take a long breath and draw the energy from the throat center in so doing. Repeat the breathing andDiscipleship2, 747:plexus, as you might naturally think) to the throat. In the sacral center lie the ancient racialDiscipleship2, 747:but let your work be related to the creative throat center. Then perform the following exercise:Discipleship2, 747:the following exercise: Sound the OM within the throat center, as the soul focused in the ajnaDiscipleship2, 747:center. See (with the creative imagination) the throat center as a radiant, vibrant, brilliantDiscipleship2, 747:your attention from the sacral center and the throat center and sound the OM - as the directingEducation, 32:two and the human three - is carried to the throat center; when that occurs man can become aEducation, 94:consciousness thread, will link head, heart and throat into one unified and functioning agency. TheEducation, 146:anchored, when sufficiently constructed, in the throat. This thread is an extension or synthesis ofExternalisation, 9:present in consciousness, then it means that the throat center and the center between the eyebrowsExternalisation, 9:when the head and heart centers, as well as the throat center, are brought into activity as theExternalisation, 40:centers, have been transmuted and carried to the throat and heart by advancing humanity, then the
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