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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THROAT

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Externalisation, 72:the three major centers - Head, Heart, Throat - in the body of the One in Whom we live and move andExternalisation, 74:heart, working out creatively through the [74] throat center, esoterically understood? In this lastExternalisation, 85:the solar plexus center, whilst New York is the throat center and Washington the head center. TheExternalisation, 85:head center is Nuremberg, whilst Berlin is the throat center. London is, of course, the heartExternalisation, 85:not always be the case) , whilst Ottawa is the throat center and Sydney is the solar plexus centerExternalisation, 87:grasped or even mentioned. The petals of the throat center are represented at this time by certainExternalisation, 89:Expression: Many people today. Planetary throat center. Conditioning the mind. Educational. ThirdExternalisation, 92:center 4th Kingdom - Intelligence - human soul - throat center 3rd Kingdom - Instinct - animal soulExternalisation, 92:of Giving. Love. 2nd Ray Love. 3. Humanity Throat Center. Kingdom of man. Quality ofExternalisation, 107:The Prodigal Son. Active Intelligence. Planetary Throat center. This Shamballa energy now for theExternalisation, 164:plane. The physical plane. Focal point - The throat center Planetary center - Humanity Thus all theExternalisation, 168:to the Heart, the Hierarchy; and to the Throat center, Humanity; so the right use of this fourthExternalisation, 342:and of fear which is gripping humanity by the throat in the attempt to strangle out its life. Externalisation, 534:Direction Transmission Reception Head Heart Throat It will be apparent to you how little you canFire, 123:three higher centers - that of the heart, the throat and the head. This is a long and slow processFire, 136:centers in the body, the head, the heart, the throat and in the electrification of this area of theFire, 136:the fire of manas as it radiates from the throat center. Clarity of thought is here essential, andFire, 137:manasic triangle prior to this merging is, The throat center, The pineal gland, Pituitary body.Fire, 165:of the astral plane. That found at the throat, the most important from the standpoint of the mentalFire, 167:Heart center - The Ego - Love and Wisdom. The Throat center - The Personality - Activity orFire, 167:the etheric body and with the astral plane. The throat center synthesizes the entire personalityFire, 168:region of the left breast. In the center of the throat. Just above the top of the head. Fire, 168:heart center, twelve petals glowing golden. The throat center, sixteen petals of a silvery blue,Fire, 169:Between the alta major center and the throat center. Between the heart center and the pituitaryFire, 169:plane. The base of the spine. The heart. The throat. [170] Man partially controlled by the Ego,Fire, 170:by the Ego, advanced man. The heart. The throat. The head, i.e., the four lesser centers and theirFire, 170:man to the third Initiation. The heart. The throat. The seven head centers. Spiritual man to theFire, 182:prominence. Second. Saturn corresponds to the throat center, or to the creative activity of theFire, 183:of the spine. The solar plexus. The heart. The throat. The sevenfold head center in its turn findsFire, 183:the spine, in the center of the back part of the throat. With the fire of Spirit at the point whereFire, 203:of the spine. Above are the three higher: Heart. Throat. Head. In the microcosm we have the lowerFire, 208:is turned to the vivification of the heart, and throat centers, and the ability to synthesize theFire, 208:the downflow is from the Monad, and though the throat and heart intensify vibration as a response,Fire, 267:with the synthesizing centers at the heart and throat; the head is then the ultimate synthesizer.Fire, 297:Who correspond to the head, the heart and the throat of the solar Logos, have Their ethericFire, 323:generative organs are the negative pole to the throat center as is the solar plexus to the heart.Fire, 338:of His nature but is allied especially to the throat and head centers; it is the active intelligentFire, 368:plexus, Heart; or again, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, so, in the case of a Heavenly Man, or of aFire, 372:period of high development wherein his heart and throat center are perfected and vitalized; theyFire, 388:The Heart center - The Teaching Department The Throat center - The Mahachohan's Department. ThisFire, 537:in the Microcosm are the Head, the Heart and the Throat. The Head center - The Monad - Will -Fire, 537:center - The Ego - Love - Consciousness. The Throat center - The Personality - Activity - Matter.Fire, follow:2-3. Buddhi Manas Planetary Logos Heart and Throat Heavenly Men Sixth & Fifth Duality 4. Mental ManFire, 590:are transmuted, as evolution proceeds, into the throat and heart centers. Then, in a dualFire, 625:of the note of the head, the heart, and the throat center is found here and their blending with theFire, 642:is a great force center, the heart, head, and throat of the Heavenly Man as these three centersFire, 648:be transmuted into the activity of the logoic Throat center. In planetary manifestation, one of theFire, 699:force. The third group, corresponding to the throat center, show forth their power on the fourthFire, 859:know, four in number: The head, The heart, The throat, The base of the spine. These are the onlyFire, 859:aim in view of guiding it still higher to the throat center. The splenic center, being the vehicleFire, 864:in the torso are three in number, the heart, the throat, and the center between the shoulderFire, 864:the shoulder blades. We must here note that the throat center is situated in the lower part of theFire, 864:center is situated in the lower part of the throat, and properly belongs to the torso and not toFire, 865:which the energy of the lower six centers: The throat, The heart, The solar plexus, The spleen, TheFire, 884:which corresponds to either the head, heart, or throat center in a human unit. This energy isFire, 900:of desire. The direction of fire to the throat center instead of to the generative organs. PralayaFire, 905:are, as will be apparent, connected with the throat center of a planetary Logos and of a solarFire, 908:devas of the lower generative organs to seek the throat center, and to function there, utilizingFire, 920:are the sumtotal of the head, the heart and the throat centers of the solar Logos, and theirFire, 921:consideration, is the energizing factor of the throat center of Brahma. An interesting tabulationFire, 921:of energy on the physical plane forms the throat center in the body of Brahma, the third aspect.Fire, 922:of the Word upon the buddhic plane forms the throat center of Vishnu, the second aspect. FromFire, 922:the first plane of Adi is the embodiment of the throat center of a cosmic entity. From thisFire, 929:A third group [929] of devas from the logoic throat center appear, and cooperate with theirFire, 964:major centers - the head, the heart, and the throat - begin to vibrate, gradually assuming aFire, 965:body enters into activity. [965] As the throat center assumes its right place in the process ofFire, 975:triangle may be from the solar plexus, to the throat center and thence to the eyes. Later, as theFire, 986:to the heart. The heart center itself. The throat center. 94 Magic. - The art of divine MagicFire, 986:neglected by the inner fire, which passes to the throat, the center of creative sound. Black magicFire, 987:preceding major solar system. He works from the throat center almost entirely, and manipulatesFire, 987:The center in the head corresponding to the throat center. The throat center. The center at theFire, 987:the head corresponding to the throat center. The throat center. The center at the base of theFire, 988:the fourfold energy is thence transmitted to the throat center. The white magician uses theFire, 1004:steady contemplation. Thus are the heart, the throat, and the eye, allied for triple service. TheFire, 1006:of the Egoic lotus. This circulates through the throat center of the man, and sets up a circulatoryFire, 1031:of the triangles. The relation between the throat center, the alta major center, and the mentalFire, 1050:- an esoteric seven with an exoteric three. The throat center. The heart center - an esoteric threeFire, 1055:correspondence to the heart center. The throat center is, of course, ever vibrant in all the Logoi,Fire, 1071:Planetary Center Human - Heart center. Animal - Throat center. Vegetable - Solar plexus. Mineral -Fire, 1106:their transition from the lowest center to the throat center of the Heavenly Man, betray qualitiesFire, 1123:circles. The centers on the mental plane. The throat center in etheric matter. The alta majorFire, 1128:The relation between: The alta major center. The throat center. The centers on the mental plane. IfFire, 1129:three major centers (the head, the heart and the throat) form an esoteric triangle, and can thusFire, 1139:of the mineral kingdom are analogous to the throat center. This is all very obscure but hints ofFire, 1155:on the Plane of Mind 4. Relation between the Throat, Alta Major and Mental Centers The question ofFire, 1160:alta major center and the head center, via the throat center can be united. Man, when he reachesFire, 1160:dealt with (base of spine, alta major center and throat, as they unify in the head) is paralleledFire, 1163:in the body logoic similar to that held by the throat center in the microcosm. Three centersFire, 1163:way as the center at the base of the spine, the throat center and the alta major center. Here itGlamour, 107:immediately set up a tremendous activity in the throat center which is the higher aspect of theHealing, 39:other (usually unkindly) work through from the throat center to the solar plexus. ThisHealing, 45:- All advanced humanity - The Intelligentsia 4. Throat center Thyroid Breathing apparatusHealing, 50:Center 2nd Love-Wisdom Group love Buddhic 4. Throat Center 5th Creativity Mental 5. Solar PlexusHealing, 51:Insanities. Mysticism. Fifth ray. Knowledge. Throat Lower psychism. Wrong metabolism. CertainHealing, 60:Aryan Mental Animal Breathing apparatus Throat center In referring above to the centers I amHealing, 62:relative ease, transfer the sex impulse to the throat center, and thus become creative in theHealing, 75:below the diaphragm are active and the heart and throat centers are slowly coming into activity,Healing, 82:- the two head centers, the heart center, the throat center and the center at the base of theHealing, 108:of diseases of the respiratory tract, lungs and throat, the stabilizing of the cells of the brain,Healing, 120:prone to heart diseases, to thyroid and throat troubles, and those who are in process of
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