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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THROAT

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Magic, 196:as it pervades the dense physical body. The throat center. The cells of the body. In the littleMagic, 196:unfoldment, the energy simply passes through the throat center and goes directly to the sacralMagic, 197: A Treatise on White Magic - Rule Five - Heart, Throat and Eye Every human being in the course ofMagic, 197:be trusted to wield the creative powers of the throat center, for they would be subordinated toMagic, 197:some of the more important aspects of the throat center. The problem with many aspirants today isMagic, 198:to vibrate, but is not yet awakened; the throat center is frequently prematurely awakened, throughMagic, 198:soul. As the heart center is awakened and the throat center swings into creative work, a definiteMagic, 198:which the energy always animating the heart and throat centers normally passes. This responsiveMagic, 199:steadily heightening vibration of the heart and throat centers or lotuses. These two lower centersMagic, 236:activity and by the emanations from the heart, throat and [237] ajna centers of the white magicianMagic, 253:energy of the spirit can express itself. The throat center, through which the Word, the secondMagic, 284:Pineal gland. 6. Self-expression Lower brain Throat center Thyroid. 7. Self-perpetuation Sex organsMagic, 285:2. Self-expression (creative work) Lower brain Throat center Thyorid. 3. Self-conscious lifeMagic, 360:of force in Nature which is analogous to the throat center in man. In using these words I referMagic, 360:the expression of the creative force or of the throat center; these three kingdoms in natureMagic, 362:into pralaya, finding their focal point in the throat center. Thus you will have the three centersMagic, 362:will have the three centers - head, heart and throat - carrying the inner fire, with the threeMagic, 364:into what is called "the heart of the Sun." The throat center opens the way into full understandingMagic, 433:the shoulder blades; this center is between the throat center and the heart center in the spinalMagic, 433:the spinal column, but nearer the heart than the throat. Secondly, there are energies which emanateMagic, 438:in the head. Four of them focus through the throat center, the heart center, the ajna and headMagic, 570:will largely be thought force and will go to the throat center. From the ego itself, stimulatingMagic, 576:case comes from the base of the spine, and the throat, and must be accompanied by appropriateMagic, 576:emanating from the ego, via the head center, the throat center and the base of the spine. Magic, 592:forms a protective shield between the ajna and throat centers. These etheric webs are in realityMeditation, 71:The solar plexus. The spleen. The heart. The throat. The pineal gland. The pituitary body. ThisMeditation, 73:are: The base of the spine. The heart. The throat. His solar plexus is left then to normalMeditation, 73:of the fire becomes more centered in the throat. [74] The three major centers for the man on theMeditation, 74:in its twofold divisions are: The heart. The throat. The head. The divine activity has developedMeditation, 75:IV - marks the definite stimulation of the throat center. All the creative activity of theMeditation, 78:center. Twelve petals. Color glowing golden. The throat center. Sixteen petals. Color silvery blue,Meditation, 84:an activity which must later be intuitional. The throat center works radiantly when theMeditation, 86:- into one synthetic instrument, and whose throat center vibrates to the same measure. Then youMeditation, 106:will turn the activity of the divine fire to the throat center and its corresponding head center,Meditation, 113:his head more than his heart center, and his throat center is apt to be vitalized. The orientalMeditation, 113:of the skull functions more actively than the throat. The oriental progresses by the withdrawing ofMeditation, 339:people for the specific purpose of keying up the throat and foremost head center, namely, violetPatanjali, 39:into the higher three, and then of the heart and throat into the head. The second group - through aPatanjali, 46:Body Holy Spirit Personality Active Intelligence Throat Physical sun Ishvara is the second aspect,Patanjali, 82:and no longer indulged. Method VI. Sutra 38. Throat center. Peace (steadiness of the chitta) can bePatanjali, 83:of the sacral center moisture. f. Quality of the throat center red light. g. Quality of the heartPatanjali, 122:diaphragm, yet in the torso, the heart and the throat. Raja Yoga synthesizes all the forces of thePatanjali, 200:generation and the [200] third major center, the throat center. This is apparent physiologically inPatanjali, 206:of spine, sacral center, solar plexus, heart and throat centers), each of which is found in thePatanjali, 220:will be largely thought force and will go to the throat center. From the ego itself, stimulatingPatanjali, 234:the body. 30. By fixing the attention upon the throat center, the cessation of hunger and thirstPatanjali, 234:the attention upon the tube or nerve below the throat center, equilibrium is achieved. 32. ThosePatanjali, 294:centers above the diaphragm, the head, heart and throat. This is done through life, love andPatanjali, 304:- 10 petals. The heart center - 12 petals. The throat center - 16 petals. The head center - 1000Patanjali, 305:body - Head center, The thyroid gland - Throat center, The spleen - Heart center. "Out of the heartPatanjali, 306:race we shall have, the head, the heart, and the throat. In the final race of the illuminated sonsPatanjali, 307:the eyebrows - Son or consciousness aspect, The throat - The Holy Ghost or creative aspect. ThroughPatanjali, 309:center - brain, pineal gland and pituitary body, Throat - larynx, vocal cords and palate, thyroid,Patanjali, 310:The energy of the sacral center must go to the throat, The energy of the solar plexus must go toPatanjali, 310:Results 30-31. By fixing the attention upon the throat center, the cessation of hunger and thirstPatanjali, 310:the attention upon the tube or nerve below the throat center, equilibrium is achieved. It should bePatanjali, 310:Through an understanding of the nature of the throat center and a steady meditation upon it, thePatanjali, 311:energy to that portion of the great nerve in the throat which lies just below the throat centerPatanjali, 311:nerve in the throat which lies just below the throat center (found in the well or pit of thePatanjali, 311:throat center (found in the well or pit of the throat) he can achieve absolute immobility andPatanjali, 311:is in due course of time transferred into the throat center. The creative process is then carriedPatanjali, 312:concerned, can [312] be carried upward to the throat, and hunger and thirst are arrested in thePatanjali, 332:organs in the upper part of the body from the throat to the diaphragm. The Holy of Holies is thePatanjali, 342:Intuitional Touch Heart Atmic Spiritual Sound Throat [342] As pointed out in A Treatise on CosmicPsychology1, 220:kingdom Heart Lungs The heart center. The throat center. The mineral kingdom Generative organs ThePsychology1, 221:kingdom sacral center Gonads. 5. Egoic kingdom throat center Thyroid. 6. Planetary kingdom ajnaPsychology1, 261:- Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Fifth Ray. The Throat center - Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray.Psychology1, 288:Above the diaphragm: The heart center. The throat center. The center between the eyebrows. The headPsychology1, 289:case, - the raising of the sacral energy to the throat center, or the transmutation of the processPsychology1, 289:the true creative artist begins to function. The throat, the organ of the Word, expresses the lifePsychology1, 290:potencies of the loving heart, of the creative throat, and of the divinely ordered will of thePsychology1, 290:the three centers below the diaphragm and of the throat and heart centers. The other, the headPsychology1, 295:is turned upwards from the sacral center to the throat, man will live less potently in his physicalPsychology1, 319:integration. 5th root-race. The present. The throat center. Creative power. Occult. 4th and pastPsychology1, 413:Base of Spine. Vegetable Heart. Lungs. Heart. Throat. Animal Stomach. Liver. Solar Plexus. HumanPsychology1, 413:Pancreas. Human Sacral Center Gonads. Egoic Throat Center Thyroid. Planetary Ajna Center Pituitary.Psychology1, 419:of creative mind is seen as seated in the throat. Ray IV - Intuition, Harmony, Beauty, Art Planet:Psychology1, 420:sacral center, with a higher reflection in the throat. Ray VII - Ceremonial Order or Magic Planet:Psychology1, 428:- Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Fifth Ray. The Throat Center - Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray.Psychology2, 47:The light that radiates from the heart, the throat, and from the center which stands midway meetPsychology2, 198:along the "line to the heart" and then, with the throat center, form a "triangle of fiery light".Psychology2, 213:of the three major centers - heart, head and throat - of the Being who is the informing life. APsychology2, 233:via the mind and brain, and working through the throat and ajna centers. Intuition. This isPsychology2, 302:three major centers for the advanced man. The throat center - Mind. The mental aspect and energy.Psychology2, 302:center) is being transmuted and raised to the throat, or that the energy of the solar plexus centerPsychology2, 304:mental elemental life Transferred later to the throat center. The solar plexus center - the astralPsychology2, 304:The head center - the mental consciousness. The throat center - the creative consciousness. ThePsychology2, 315:of the solar plexus center or of the throat center, and occasioning consequent difficulty. Much ofPsychology2, 339:racial development. The awakening of the throat center and the shift of much of the lower energyPsychology2, 339:the shift of much of the lower energy into the throat activity. The ajna center also begins toPsychology2, 384:brings about the rounded out activity of the throat center, and thus the [385] three major centers,Psychology2, 390:intelligent man familiarly works - to the throat center and from thence immediately to the sacralPsychology2, 390:From there it is raised again to the throat center where the creative physical urge is transmutedPsychology2, 413:center. The center between the eyebrows. The throat center. The heart center. The solar plexusPsychology2, 417:house of the brain, and through the ajna and throat centers. Intuition distinguishes the soulPsychology2, 514:out of balance by the over-stimulation of the throat center, with consequent evil effects upon thePsychology2, 515:to the centers above the diaphragm. [515] The throat center, which is the transferring center forPsychology2, 521:Heart center. Ray three - Active Intelligence - Throat center. Ray four - Harmony through ConflictPsychology2, 522:from the centers below the diaphragm to the throat center and from the soul to the throat center.Psychology2, 522:to the throat center and from the soul to the throat center. This leads to creative activity of
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