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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THROW

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Magic, 41:Hermetic theory that "As above, so below" may throw much light on the [42] present problems. TheMagic, 51:of study wherein the entire tendency will be to throw the student back upon himself, and thus uponMagic, 67:into which the soul-inspired disciple may throw himself. Assurance as to varying lines of activityMagic, 389:to an end and all modes of lighting; you would throw all manufactories into the discard. BasicallyMagic, 460:is a truly occult significance to the words "to throw the light" upon a problem, a condition, or aMeditation, 96:will become stable and will automatically throw off all that is lower and undesirable. b. What do IMeditation, 132:little use to the Great Ones. Another form is to throw into his mental aura suggestions and ideasMeditation, 162:through the centers will come results that may throw light on this obscure matter of healingMeditation, 243:Is the patient subject to sudden turmoils that throw the entire emotional body into disorder? WhatMeditation, 271:periphery of that aura until he has learnt to throw off automatically, and to reject immediately,Meditation, 292:his meditation, as he increases his facility to throw himself into the right vibration, he buildsPatanjali, 358:the hands of the Christ. Three terms serve to throw light on this process of unfoldment. The firstProblems, 54:mental and emotional equipment and will seek to throw the entire world of effort open to him,Problems, 112:politicians attempt to sidetrack the issue and throw dust in the eyes of their constituents byPsychology1, xxv:will do for us three things: A. It will throw much light upon the times and cycles in the unfoldingPsychology1, 81:of heavenly joy and love, but with the intent to throw some light upon the somewhat obscure qualityPsychology1, 112:usefulness to all of you. Some of it will throw light upon the problems of modern psychology, andPsychology1, 233:in the cosmos who find it as difficult to throw their consciousness down into the animal forms ofPsychology2, 77:the following phrases should be studied, as they throw a light upon the various stages fromPsychology2, 172:from an ancient metrical arrangement, which may throw some light upon the duality of personalityPsychology2, 203:the slums of our great cities. They are like a "throw back" and never appear among what are calledPsychology2, 211:to do is to give some information which may throw a light on the subject, and color our generalPsychology2, 235:attributes of God should enable a man to throw the weight of his psychical aspiration on the sidePsychology2, 275:event, when looked at from this angle, should throw new light and a fresh spirit of enterprise intoPsychology2, 396:will be occupied with those measures which will "throw the light" into the dark and unrelievedPsychology2, 546:area is found, there the mind seems to throw all its attention, with the result that the situationPsychology2, 648:work against the established order. They will throw themselves into those movements and undertakePsychology2, 663:distinctions and religious prejudices. It must throw the weight of its influence behind allPsychology2, 693:generated earlier at the public meetings, and so throw the weight of the public demand for peaceRays, 38:mental processes of the group as a whole tend to throw light on human problems and situations? HowRays, 95:very deep seated; the coming of the Christ will throw much light upon this problem. A study of RuleRays, 225:seen in a new light - a light which will dim and throw into the shade all previous goals andRays, 341:were a purely personal achievement, it would throw the man back into the separate consciousness,Rays, 353:episodes in the life of the Master Jesus which throw some light upon this fourth entrance throughRays, 410:Two causes account for this: The decision to throw open initiations higher than the fifth to theRays, 423:made which - to the esotericist - will throw much light on the simpler presentations in thisRays, 606:of balance or equilibrium, and will finally throw the weight of public opinion on the side ofRays, 643:can see, however, how the above information can throw light upon our immediate theme: Rays, 696:are some most interesting correspondences which throw a bright, illuminating light upon itsReappearance, 160:of our life activity, for we shall either throw what weight or aid we can on the side of theSoul, 22:in bed with living beings we shall be able to throw the word 'consciousness' into the discard -Soul, 144:C. B., Kernels of the Universe, p. 31. Does this throw any light on our problem, provided the
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