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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - THROWING

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Atom, 37:of which things are made."' We are, therefore, throwing the concept of matter back to where theAtom, 136:with one's Ego, or higher self, and not the throwing open of one's personality to any passingAtom, 149:our planet, when we are consciously active, and throwing all our energy into the working out ofAutobiography, 30:my life. She wanted to know whether I remembered throwing every piece of jewelry she possessed downBethlehem, 180:moment to man. Edward Carpenter points this out, throwing light upon this ceaseless and age-oldBethlehem, 204:from the lower levels of our existence, we are throwing the weight of our knowledge on the side ofDiscipleship1, 14:Any illumination which may come to you, throwing a flood of light upon a problem and revealing theDiscipleship1, 335:bring to light that which is non-essential? Am I throwing the weight of my influence upon the sideDiscipleship1, 453:the mind to greater scope for recognition. By throwing the light of the intuition and the knowledgeDiscipleship2, 127:slowly rising a blazing sun. Picture yourself as throwing yourself into the ocean, free of allEducation, 25:Why? Why ask this? Why is it thus? - and so throwing always the responsibility of answering theExternalisation, 182:with the second, the intellectual attitude, throwing its weight upon the side of the materialExternalisation, 182:the material goals. A relatively small group is throwing the weight of human aspiration upon theExternalisation, 187:The spiritual Hierarchy of the planet is throwing the weight of its strength against the AxisExternalisation, 265:into conflict with each other, with humanity throwing the weight of its influence upon one side orExternalisation, 265:upon one side or the other. When I speak of throwing the weight of human influence upon one side orExternalisation, 356:are, however, gradually and most decisively throwing the weight of their effort and aspiration onExternalisation, 399:and of cooperation, thus aiding humanity and throwing your small individual effort behind that ofFire, 725:with the fourth kingdom in nature) the throwing open of the door of initiation to man. Such avatarsGlamour, 163:are, however, gradually and most decisively throwing the weight of their effort and aspiration onHercules, 40:drew, urging the sacred bull upon the Way, throwing the light upon the trail which led from CreteHercules, 98:unscathed and fierce with rage, quite unafraid. Throwing his bow upon the ground, the son of man,Intellect, 159:illumination of the mind by the soul, and the throwing down into the waiting and attentiveMagic, 71:illuminates the three and, secondly, to the throwing upward of the "lower light". The "greaterMagic, 85:"the greater light" and will take up later the "throwing upward of the lower light". This is inMagic, 160:is of value here. The thinker is like a man throwing a toy boat from the shore into a stream ofMagic, 180:He may use the brain of the appointed channel, throwing thoughts into it. He may occupy hisMeditation, 344:point of world attainment, and a consequent throwing of the total of one's resources into thePatanjali, 294:yogi directs all his affairs and undertakings, throwing upon all events, circumstances and problemsPsychology1, 111:and begin its work of molding human thought, of throwing light upon the problems of psychology, andPsychology1, 224:stage can be seen as the radiation or the throwing off of rays, as in radium. That there are threePsychology2, 465:existent within the consciousness of man, and throwing illumination into the dark places of hisPsychology2, 487:breaking down protective etheric barriers, and throwing the doors wide open on to the astral plane.Rays, 236:form - the Hierarchy stands at the midway point: Throwing all its weight on the side of that which
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