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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIES

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Atom, 72:nations, the smashing of old relationships and ties, and the apparently imminent disruption ofAutobiography, 47:life than they have. I have never felt that ties of physical blood amount to much. Why shouldAutobiography, 47:to life are far more important than blood ties. I want my daughters to like me because I am theirDestiny, 86:because Rome is ruled by Taurus and by Leo which ties her to Great Britain through identity ofDiscipleship1, 75:also in past personality relations and family ties. The weakness exists in the fact that this [76]Discipleship1, 119:of serious and earnest seeking, ancient karmic ties, much questioning which wrested response fromDiscipleship1, 139:of your duty and your freedom inwardly from ties will spell for you that measure of liberationDiscipleship1, 383:when the lengthier part of life has gone. The ties through attachment over many years hold firm andDiscipleship1, 391:must work towards an increasing release from ties of any kind, though (and herein lies a subtleDiscipleship1, 392:detachment? Meet every need yet free myself from ties and bonds?' God said: 'The sun draws near andDiscipleship1, 516:and consciously if you could free yourself from ties and begin to function in your home and in allDiscipleship1, 524:definite is, consequently, heavy. The glamor of ties and relationships has held you for years. TheDiscipleship1, 525:that I take this time with you. Ancient karmic ties with me, your [526] elder Brother, and the deepDiscipleship2, 167:This is the obvious and simple meaning arid it ties in with the spiritual aspiration of all menDiscipleship2, 205:entirely in business, political and family ties, cannot form a part of the New Group of WorldDiscipleship2, 299:of synthesis and this sense of [299] synthesis ties the man into the plan through recognition of:Discipleship2, 492:work in those places where earlier effort, the ties of karma and national heritage, and inclinationDiscipleship2, 568:have been held possessively by no binding family ties, though you have always been in touch withDiscipleship2, 571:ask you if you feel that you are freer from the ties of those who are regarded by us as a basicallyDiscipleship2, 752:with whom they are associated through ancient ties, karmic liabilities or self-chosenFire, 797:modern expressions as: Consanguinity or blood ties Physical heredity Atavism Intermarriage FamilyGlamour, 130:cannot move away from it. This mental illusion ties and limits and imprisons the man. A good ideaHercules, 161:that we should not think, little by little those ties that hold us to planetary existence areMagic, 187:and who are karmically linked to him by ancient ties and old familiarity in similar work. SometimesMagic, 277:too rapid - hence destructive to all right ties and affiliations - nor too prolonged and so strainMagic, 418:The first thing to be done is to strengthen the ties and establish firmly the link betweenMeditation, 320:without neglecting his other duties and family ties. There will be no fees or money charged, and noProblems, 163:They would serve to unite in closer spiritual ties the Eastern and the Western believer; theyRays, 211:The next step is the destruction of the ties which link the personalities of the group members.Rays, 211:of desire and the severing of all personality ties - are the first two and essential results ofRays, 224:The renouncing of ambition, of all personality ties, and the renunciation of all that hindersRays, 685:of initiation - when realized by the initiate - ties his experience into a firm relation with thatReappearance, 35:This is the obvious and simple meaning and it ties in with the spiritual aspiration of all men
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