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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Astrology, 375:its consequent clamor, which is going on at this time in a most potent manner. Vulcan controls theAstrology, 375:Vulcan controls the anvil-like processes of time and strikes the blow which shapes the metal intoAstrology, 376:subject which light reveals. There is at this time, owing to the influx of the Shamballa force, theAstrology, 376:It constitutes a major cosmic triangle at this time, conditioning much that is now happening. ThisAstrology, 379:respond, passing from East to West in that dire time when the urge to gather gold shall rule theAstrology, 380:of Labor." From that house, the disciple in due time arrives at Capricorn where he finally subduesAstrology, 382:the Pleiades and the Great Bear. Yet at the same time, it is very simple in its expression for itAstrology, 383:be revealed at the third initiation, at which time all glamor and illusion is dissipated [384] andAstrology, 384:been related to these two since the night of time, because they are essentially basic and eternallyAstrology, 385:again upon the plains of Earth and from that time "the woman knew Him not." Form had no furtherAstrology, 386:is ready now for an upward shift or move, this time consciously taken [387] and taken all together.Astrology, 388:spirit or the [388] highest aspect; until that time, he has expressed first the life of the formAstrology, 389:impinge ceaselessly upon his consciousness. As time goes on, his analysis becomes ever more acuteAstrology, 391:stream of energy, via Venus, but is at the same time linked in a dual sense with two arms of theAstrology, 394:but not wise; aspirational but at the same time stubborn and set so that his aspiration does notAstrology, 397:its field of contacts and [397] at the same time self-destroying until such time that self-will orAstrology, 397:at the same time self-destroying until such time that self-will or selfish desire is tempered byAstrology, 398:brings about his own release and at the same time sweeps him into those activities which bringAstrology, 400:progressive story with which I have not at this time the intention to deal. It is told by theAstrology, 400:investigation hitherto untouched but I have not time for the interpretation of this vast andAstrology, 401:of Taurus to an ever-increasing light until such time that full illumination is achieved and alsoAstrology, 403:potency of cosmic energy will unfailingly and in time subdue and reorient the energy of humanity. Astrology, 407:Remarks We have been working for some time now upon the third part of our study of the Zodiac andAstrology, 407:of the signs to the centers; we gave most of our time, however, to an analysis of the meaning andAstrology, 410:own "appearance" and functioning processes in time and space: The succession of the greater roundsAstrology, 413:consciousness is not immediate. It takes much time (especially in the early stages), for an idea toAstrology, 414:expression and influence. As he manifests in time and space, man discovers this to be true and toAstrology, 414:The triple monad of which a great diffusion in time and space in three streams of creative energyAstrology, 415:understood, in its triple expression in time and space during a cycle of manifestation, for - asAstrology, 415:is one which is familiar to you and at the same time constitutes a good illustration of a basicAstrology, 419:these concepts of the relation existing in time and space between the constellations of the GreatAstrology, 420:be available. All that I can ask of you at this time is to be [421] interested in the presentation,Astrology, 421:fields of possibility and of sensed probability. Time will justify the information I ask you toAstrology, 421:are of major importance to humanity at this time and which follow upon information earlier given.Astrology, 423:- Triangles of Energy - Constellations At this time, I purpose to trace certain major conditioningAstrology, 424:of one of them in any cyclic expression in time and space must always be borne in mind. OneAstrology, 426:2. Five signs related to the unfoldment, in time and space, of the Human Hierarchy. These fiveAstrology, 431:of their controlling Lord. They called on Father Time (Saturn. A.A.B.) for aid and strength and heAstrology, 431:Himself anew to learn the plan, aided by Father Time yet unaffected by the Lord of Time for HeAstrology, 431:by Father Time yet unaffected by the Lord of Time for He Himself was timeless, though not the LivesAstrology, 431:passed and passed again. Late in the day of time, Shamballa sent a call, relayed from voice toAstrology, 431:his head; an impulse from the base mounted in time and space. Leo within the heart and head shoutedAstrology, 433:he turns and to these souls in prison he in time becomes a Messenger. Thus does the Lord of MercuryAstrology, 433:A.A.B.) he utters forth the Sound which in time becomes the Word. And then the three are twain andAstrology, 434:knowledge of cosmic location and of points in time and space will enable them to comprehend; to theAstrology, 435:lie three systemic centers which at this time and under cyclic law are Saturn, Uranus and Mercury.Astrology, 435:goal ahead of you, and where you stand today in time and space. Astrology, 436:of force in this particular triangle at this time. Mercury brings in that quick and intuitive mindAstrology, 441:2. Triangles of Force - Planets At the same time, it will be obvious to you that, in relation toAstrology, 441:force into our three planetary centers at this time, vitalizing and stimulating the planetaryAstrology, 442:the field of world service opens and men have time for thought and due reflection. World service isAstrology, 443:But one potent good can emerge even at this time from a study of these matters, provided theAstrology, 443:our planet. When I say this, I would at the same time point out that the attitude of many students,Astrology, 444:lies ahead a repetition of the process until the time comes when activity and response is evoked.Astrology, 445:aspect of Pisces which humanity can at this time in any way comprehend is that of Mediatorship.Astrology, 446:urge became so strong in that far distant time when there were living forms upon the Moon that itAstrology, 447:Leo and Uranus has been much needed at this time to foster and bring about those conditions whichAstrology, 447:influences and the seventh ray is at the same time entering into a major cycle of activity on theAstrology, 449:and through which humanity is being led at this time forward along the path of return. In thisAstrology, 449:to their influence will not be possible till the time cycle of the third initiation arrives. IAstrology, 451:of major importance - all disciples must at this time seek to find their dominant reaction in aAstrology, 451:withdrawing of its energies to the heart. The time has not yet come when it is safe for theAstrology, 453:which may appear are only contradictions in Time and that when this time factor is properlyAstrology, 453:only contradictions in Time and that when this time factor is properly understood and the studentAstrology, 454:for they are little more than inferences at this time. One point is of real interest here. I haveAstrology, 454:to the greater cycle. Humanity was at one time the correspondence to the planetary solar plexus andAstrology, 457:for energy will be added to these but the time is not yet. Through these five places and areas inAstrology, 457:and influencing current human affairs in this time of momentous crisis. These five points ofAstrology, 458:five places, so far as they can be given at this time and during this present cycle. Forget notAstrology, 459:which all the triplicities of energy function in time and space. You have consequently: AnAstrology, 462:out of the secondary triangle the "moments in time and the events in space which lead to thoseAstrology, 463:energies to the emanating source. At the same time, students must bear in mind that - owing to theAstrology, 465:primarily through six constellations at this time and - again at this time - the cosmicAstrology, 465:constellations at this time and - again at this time - the cosmic constellation and the twoAstrology, 469:of course means little to any student at this time. When, however, he is able factually to realizeAstrology, 470:words are clear. This triangle is, at this [470] time, an inverted one with the Leo energies in theAstrology, 471:All this is, therefore, brought about at this time by the steady inflow of the energies ofAstrology, 472:and Aquarius. Pisces has, however, at this time a unique relation to the seven constellations whichAstrology, 473:in Pisces. We might here give a little time to the practical lessons to be learnt from the sevenAstrology, 473:a man's particular equipment at any point in time - will evoke from him the maximum of possibleAstrology, 475:We have here three triangles but, at the same time, only seven influences for the effects of theAstrology, 475:developed in the vehicle; it is surmounted in time only by a certain habit and rhythm of theAstrology, 479:and from Sirius; because (conditioned by time and space) these three types of energy pour throughAstrology, 481:at-oning itself with the form and at the same time with spirit. I said the soul's experience, notAstrology, 481:as they are discovered to be related in time and space. Under the will of Deity and the unalterableAstrology, 484:shall take up those triangles which are at this time and in this world cycle producing effects inAstrology, 485:again in another important triangle at this time: Aries, Leo, Virgo - a triangle which potentlyAstrology, 487:potent. H. P. B. pointed out that there came a time when the balance was reached between spirit andAstrology, 487:reached between spirit and matter and from that time on the tendency of humanity was towardsAstrology, 488:(according to cyclic law) dominated at any one time by one of the three, the other two beingAstrology, 488:of the Lodge "Triangles in Revolution"; at one time, one of the three constellations will be theAstrology, 488:will be the controlling factor; at another time another will swing into effectiveness and later aAstrology, 491:the fourth ray is not in manifestation at this time. Through Scorpio, Ray IV is focusingAstrology, 491:only found in the triangle of Ray II and at this time, Virgo and Pisces are carrying the major taskAstrology, 495:Leo and Aquarius. They are important at this time because the influences pouring through theseAstrology, 498:of a controlled personality and, at the same time, to participate fully in the life of humanityAstrology, 499:thinkers. Speculation on your part is useless. Time alone will serve to demonstrate the veracity ofAstrology, 505:It is consequently a waste of your time and mine to do more than touch very briefly upon suchAstrology, 507:ego of Pluto; the activity of Pluto at this time and in this lesser world cycle is very importantAstrology, 512:centers, there are twelve planets which - in time and space - condition the centers. It is the
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