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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Astrology, 512:dogmatic assertions are not possible until such time as the astrologer is sure of the two majorAstrology, 515:centers and thus make man what he is at any one time. It is a statement of fact that the world ofAstrology, 521:of Love-Wisdom, with its major emphasis at this time upon the quality of inclusiveness. It isAstrology, 523:The force pouring through Darjeeling at this time is that of the first Ray of Will or Power. TheAstrology, 524:hence their seizing upon the opportunity at this time to serve humanity at immense cost. The sameAstrology, 526:the destiny of humanity in their hands at this time: The United States of America, Great BritainAstrology, 528:elsewhere in my writings all that it is at this time possible to give anent the planetary centersAstrology, 529:relationships and produce two basic "events in time": The blending of the subjective and objectiveAstrology, 531:of purpose and of interests until such time when all the nations of the world see the vision clear,Astrology, 531:clue to the macrocosm, but seeking at the same time to envisage the macrocosm in order toAstrology, 531:would be given too soon and prior to the time when there is enough love present in human nature toAstrology, 537:AND THE ZODIAC There exists at this time an interrelation between three of the constellations uponAstrology, 537:of their interrelation is being reached at this time. From 1975 on, that potency will greatlyAstrology, 537:intensification of vibration occurred: At the time of the coming of the Sons of Mind to the EarthAstrology, 538:about the destruction of the humanity of the time, but released the indwelling life for furtherAstrology, 538:constellations which move into activity at this time are those listed in one of the earlierAstrology, 541:and intentional conscious purpose when the right time comes and will understand the implicationsAstrology, 544:by the energy of substance itself. It is time that men woke up to the nature of these beings whoAstrology, 544:arc of evolution the next possible step. This time the balancing is on mental levels; in theAstrology, 546:of Russia to the problem of religion at the time of, and during the period of, the revolution isAstrology, 546:sound forth clearly in a void and be evoked by time and circumstance - unopposed if the onlyAstrology, 547:and their relation to our planet at this time, I trust I have made clear nd practical somethingAstrology, 547:established which constellations are at any one time influencing our Earth, which planets -Astrology, 548:ruler of Aries. It is peculiarly active at this time and brings in the energy of the seventh ray.Astrology, Saturn:This makes factual and clear that at this time, the signs of balance and of initiation can beAstrology, Saturn:conclude what I feel it necessary to say at this time. Initiation - characterized byAstrology, 555:this Cross continue to evoke response until the time of the third initiation. The four arms of thisAstrology, 555:Cross whereon, under the occult paradox and in time and space, the Spirit is crucified. Its fourAstrology, 559:had been long in coming. [559] Now that the "time was at hand," the Son fulfiled the law inAstrology, 561:and becoming inclusive of matter and at the same time reaching out into the "Spaces of Divinity."Astrology, 562:in connection with the Mutable Cross at this time the sign Pisces is the most potent and when theAstrology, 563:and the full expression simultaneously, in time and space, of the vertical and the horizontal life.Astrology, 568:are steadily increasing in numbers at this time and this involves their reorientation towards theAstrology, 569:it takes the form of a focused appeal. When the time of transition from the Mutable Cross on to theAstrology, 570:to give out - at widely separated points in time - two stanzas of a great occult mantram. The firstAstrology, 570:on the part of all men be the keynote at this time. Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.Astrology, 571:intended to be a test and a "decision point in a time of crisis." Let the Lords of Liberation issueAstrology, 574:determination at first which gives place in time to an evocation of the will in himself. ThisAstrology, 579:bear in mind. Now that the war is over, and that time of acute trial and tribulation has come to anAstrology, 582:purpose of God. His second utterance came at the time of the Baptism in Jordan when He said toAstrology, 584:this, but this is all that man can grasp at this time and all for which he has, as yet, theAstrology, 585:both to themselves and to the people of their time. One such figure in ancient times was Nero; theAstrology, 586:and of the will-to-good were discussed. All the time, I had in my thoughts not just kindness andAstrology, 587:you more upon this subject until you have given time to its consideration and have sought toAstrology, 590:latent in the mind of God since the beginning of time and the dawn of creation. In God's mind, thatAstrology, 591:must begin with the universal and the whole; in time the individual and the particular will standAstrology, 591:also to the broad and general lines which at any time upon the planet are setting the pace for theAstrology, 592:synthesis. This is more than cohesion in time and space; it is more [593] than the principle ofAstrology, 595:evolutionary process; the key to the mystery of time and space, and the solution of [596] allAstrology, 599:which produces concretion and yet at the same time constitutes the point at which spirit and matterAstrology, 599:upon this plane liberation takes place at the time of the fifth initiation. This is the will whichAstrology, 601:and the energy of Being itself arrives - in time and space today (in the mind of God) at fullAstrology, 603:number . These latter are Their reflections in time and space, as the soul is the reflector of theAstrology, 609:persist; because They move in form, in space, in time, we do the same. Astrology, 614:of the others. This - as far as you can at this time grasp - concerns primarily the creative willAstrology, 615:death. Death is really deterioration in time and space and is due to the tendency of matter-spiritAstrology, 617:incentive of the will-to-good. Yet at the same time it is not identified in any way with theAstrology, 617:of the One into the Many and later in time and space of the Many into the One are carried forwardAstrology, 622:hierarchical energy that humanity is, at this time, preoccupied. In my use of the wordAstrology, 623:not fully expressed) by humanity up to that time. He came forth as the flower or fruition of theAstrology, 626:by an "act of its sufficient will to act in time and space." Let us look at them for a moment: Astrology, 627:second ray Will have a mysterious relation to Time, to process and to the sustaining life of theAstrology, 627:the Christ Child will emerge from the womb of time and of matter and stand free in the light. ThisAstrology, 628:in objectivity of the Christ principle. In time and space and from the angle of humanity, theAstrology, 628:behind and which is greater than the Identity in time and space to which we give the name Logos. IAstrology, 628:and persistently focused in the form whilst time and space endure. [629] This third aspect of theAstrology, 655:332, Note) "It is the seven Rishis who mark the time and the duration of events in our septenaryAstrology, 657:(Vol. II, 654) "The Pleiades were at one time the Atlantides and connected with Atlantis and itsAstrology, 660:has visited our system and that was at the time of individualization. They only appear usually andAstrology, 661:be considered from the standpoint of the present time, as the vehicles of the three super or majorAstrology, 667:with Saturn and Vulcan." (S.D. Vol. I, 632) "In time the planet Saturn became reviled by those whoAstrology, 668:[668] from the standpoint of the present time as the vehicles of the three super or majorAstrology, 668:"Venus the Earth and Saturn form at the present time a triangle of great interest. It is undergoingAstrology, 668:individual centers." (C.F. 181-182) "For some time the solar Logos has turned His attention to theAstrology, 672:under another name." (S.D. Vol. I, 126) "Cronus (time)... is represented as mutilating Uranus...Astrology, 672:is represented as mutilating Uranus... Absolute time is made to become finite and conditioned."Astrology, 675:be considered from the standpoint of the present time as the vehicles of the three super or majorAstrology, 688:great interest. It is a triangle that is at this time undergoing vivification through the action ofAstrology, 691:vehicles of the three super-principles at this time. Mercury, the Earth and Mars are closely alliedAtom, 6:For those, however, who for the first time approach the consideration of the matters hereAtom, 14:school, and of material science, yet at the same time they feel innately that there is, underlyingAtom, 17:of the truth as it is, remembering at the same time that "truth lies within ourselves." No oneAtom, 20:of response to vibration, and though we may in time have to discard the term "matter," and employAtom, 24:period in the life of a man or a race. It is the time of realism, of intense activity, ofAtom, 26:the supernatural, and it must be succeeded in time by a truer and a wider concept. As we haveAtom, 60:has been frequently [60] noticed at the time of death; it was brought very specially to my noticeAtom, 60:surgical nurses of India. She had for a long time been an atheist, but had begun to question theAtom, 62:means of expression, and then - in due course of time - liberating itself from the environing formAtom, 66:which to function. Christian thinkers at this time need to distinguish very carefully between theAtom, 68:forms at varying times and stages, and each time it gains somewhat according to the force and lifeAtom, 70:is the goal for man, the human atom? Perhaps as time progresses the scope of his presentAtom, 71:of these thoughts. We are living at this time in a period in which all the forms of thought seemAtom, 72:recollect that this transition period is the time of the greatest promise that the world has everAtom, 73:sciences, and philosophies, in existence at this time. As His life pulsates through everyAtom, 73:are swept along from one stage to another. As time progresses, and our consciousness expands, weAtom, 80:it may perhaps be proven at some distant time that there is a God or central life back of materialAtom, 85:substance is a thing of gradual growth; it is in time supplemented by the slow working out of theAtom, 100:It might be defined as consciousness, thinking time and space, consciousness with the idea ofAtom, 102:lower kingdoms. It is not possible in the short time now at my disposal, to go into that mostAtom, 106:pleasure getting, desirous only of having a good time, and only incidentally occupied with affairs
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