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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Autobiography, 46:it was the happiest and the most satisfactory time of my entire life. I quite liked myself and allAutobiography, 47:to me during that period was unrealized at the time, but great interior changes took place. I was,Autobiography, 48:done. I handled life and circumstances at that time with the sure touch of complete inexperienceAutobiography, 48:others to follow the same rule. At the same time, unrealized and unexpressed, I was beginning toAutobiography, 48:spiritual verities to which the mystics of all time have borne witness and for which many of themAutobiography, 48:of a knowledge which has stood the test of time and trouble, as my earlier beliefs did not. It is aAutobiography, 48:of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II At one time in my life I used to look out of my bedroom [49] windowAutobiography, 50:to let people talk themselves out and by the time they had finished they frequently had themselvesAutobiography, 51:It could not possibly be wrong. I agreed at that time with the pronouncement of a famous BibleAutobiography, 53:I did not want to live alone, or to spend any time travelling about and amusing myself. I did not,Autobiography, 53:good works? I owe much to a clergyman at that time who knew me well and who suggested to me that IAutobiography, 55:to them, remain [55] impersonal and, at the same time, give the feeling that you cared about themAutobiography, 55:wild horses could not take me back but in due time and in answer to my perennial question, "WhatAutobiography, 55:full stop. Several weeks later I returned. This time I had memorized my talk and my effort workedAutobiography, 55:I'll finish it for you and that will give you time to think what you want to say next." But I hadAutobiography, 57:shows how infantile we are now." At question time at the close of a lecture - a time I always enjoyAutobiography, 57:At question time at the close of a lecture - a time I always enjoy - I don't mind admitting I don'tAutobiography, 60:and say that I believed in conversion at that time and I believe in conversion today. I believed inAutobiography, 61: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter II My time in Ireland did not last very long but it wasAutobiography, 61:did not last very long but it was a delightful time. I had never been in Ireland before and a goodAutobiography, 61:been in Ireland before and a good deal of my time was spent in Dublin and at the Currach Camp, notAutobiography, 61:of the Royal Horse Artillery was at that time stationed at Newbridge Barracks, and the men of theAutobiography, 63:employed for each is different. Many is the time when working among soldiers, I have been asked byAutobiography, 64:to buy an outfit for India and having at that time no real monetary restrictions, I boughtAutobiography, 64:I bought everything I wanted and had a grand time. I certainly "blew" myself. Incidentally, whenAutobiography, 65:(as do all Gemini people) and being also at that time a horrid little snob, I reveled in theAutobiography, 65:little minds and my mind was very little at that time - practically dormant. I remember that firstAutobiography, 65:for strength to do the right thing. At dinner time my courage failed me and I had to do some moreAutobiography, 66:some experience. Whether these men had a good time is another matter, but they were unfailinglyAutobiography, 66:Indian Peninsula Railroad which I used all the time I was in India. When we got to Bombay I hadAutobiography, 66:Baluchistan. But it was not to be at that time, though I did do that trip later. I found a wireAutobiography, 67:days and I watched him with disdain all the time. From my point of view, he was the devil. He hadAutobiography, 67:begging me to go to him as he had only a short time to live and needed some spiritual help. He hadAutobiography, 68:that I was a human being. He was at that time in deep waters and in trouble and wouldn't I try toAutobiography, 68:for me. I did not go and I am sorry. From this time on my life became very hectic. I was (in theAutobiography, 68:I needed more protection than I realized at the time; I was prone to do the stupidest things,Autobiography, 70:Such are some of the memories I have of that time. I loved India. I have always hoped to go backAutobiography, 70:have dominion status or complete independence. Time and again, the attempt has been made to arriveAutobiography, 73:as I was. A gang of soldiers were having a grand time night after night trying to break the placeAutobiography, 74:plan it. I learnt a great lesson at that time. I proved to myself, with much surprise, thatAutobiography, 75:are many little incidents connected with this time in India that I could relate but they areAutobiography, 76:cigarettes than a tobacco store. I had a grand time leading the hymns at every meeting. SoldiersAutobiography, 77:almost entirely with men. Often for weeks at a time I spoke to no woman except my co-worker andAutobiography, 77:give you lots of silly little troubles all the time and I can't be bothered. I suppose I am noAutobiography, 78:undergone and the lessons learnt until the time comes when you return to earth for another cycle ofAutobiography, 79:headaches. These would lay me low for days at a time, but I would always stagger up and do what hadAutobiography, 79:came and asked me to bring him out. Another time one of our managers absconded from one of theAutobiography, 80:in those days. We knew little psychology at that time and not much was done to handle the men fromAutobiography, 80:many times I have crossed the Atlantic. All this time I was steadily and forcefully preaching theAutobiography, 80:I was steadily and forcefully preaching the old-time religion. I remained appallingly orthodox or -Autobiography, 82:for His people. She little knew at that time that her words would be handed down to thousands ofAutobiography, 83:Millions of people here. Millions, all the time long before you English came. Same God loves me asAutobiography, 84:out into the rose garden and the roses at that time were in full bloom. I spouted my piece; IAutobiography, 85:drastic and violent lesson and one which at the time I did not understand. I believed that theAutobiography, 87:breakdown, I fell in love, for the first time, with a gentleman ranker (as they are called) aAutobiography, 87:general) wanting to marry me. That was a funny time. I had developed measles while at a certainAutobiography, 87:a table with an oil lamp, for it was winter time, and Dr. X with his feet on the mantelpieceAutobiography, 88:life in relation to Walter Evans. So much of my time during the past twenty years has been spent inAutobiography, 89:was fifteen spoke to me. I did not see Him this time but I stood in the middle of the room andAutobiography, 89:new Home and I had been far from well all the time. Walter Evans had come up with his regiment andAutobiography, 90:I was fortunate to have her for a friend at that time. She knew me well and trusted me completely.Autobiography, 90:that the Home was going to be closed in a week's time and that she was leaving me alone there toAutobiography, 91:that the soul could - if it wanted to waste the time - recover its past incarnations, because theAutobiography, 92:we paid - and pay we did. I think it is about time that the silly idiots who spend so much time inAutobiography, 92:time that the silly idiots who spend so much time in an effort to recover their past incarnationsAutobiography, 92:once saw themselves as they truly were at that time they would forever keep silent. I do know thatAutobiography, 95:where I had apparently been lying for quite a time. I blubbered out my story to Elise and Theo andAutobiography, 97:back to my aunt feeling better. In a few days' time I went down to London and took the boat againAutobiography, 97:work out; making up my mind to live one day at a time and not to look ahead into the future. I hadAutobiography, 97:"Aunt Alice" got in touch with Walter Evans. His time in the army was nearly up and he was bookedAutobiography, 98:brother of Theo Schofield, and at that time one of the leading neurologists and physicians inAutobiography, 99:to bed for six months and told me to sew all the time. So I went up to Castramont to my AuntAutobiography, 103:people and I never put in a more dreadful time. They [104] were nice, kind, good and worthy, but IAutobiography, 104:and I knew less of his. We both tried at this time to make a success of our marriage, but it was aAutobiography, 105:my one confidante. It was then, for the first time in my life, I came up against the racialAutobiography, 106:who was demanding social equality, though the time is coming when they must and will have it. IAutobiography, 107:of citizenship it is again our fault. It is time that prominent white men and congressmen in bothAutobiography, 107:care. Walter Evans went into hysterics all the time, demanding most of the attention of the doctor,Autobiography, 108:We took a small apartment where, for the first time, I was left alone with a small baby and all theAutobiography, 108:baby and all the housework to do. Up to that time I had never washed a pocket handkerchief, boiledAutobiography, 108:competent. I'm quite sure it was not an easy time for Walter Evans and it was then that I began toAutobiography, 109:to champion me when Walter Evans was in a rage. Time and again I have taken refuge in her smallAutobiography, 110:trying to keep a restless baby quiet. As the time for the train arrived I wondered how I was toAutobiography, 110:a clergyman's wife, the endless calls upon her time. I was introduced to the strictly feminineAutobiography, 113:into the house of humanity. It was at this time, however, that the real trouble started. PeopleAutobiography, 114:and understanding of Bishop Sanford. The first time I had met him he had come down for aAutobiography, 114:parish who talked my language, but it was a bad time in many ways and in the late fall I began toAutobiography, 115:that I might have someone in the home but in due time she got scared though she stayed with meAutobiography, 115:fetch me. I went and we all had a very good time. When I got back, however, I found Walter EvansAutobiography, 116:a blazing hot summer's day, during that dreadful time. Ellison was lying dangerously ill on a quiltAutobiography, 118:to pay off his bill but it was paid, and each time I sent him five dollars on account I would getAutobiography, 118:has seemed to me well nigh insoluble. I, at this time see no way out, except through the slowAutobiography, 122:to stop knocking me about. I told him that any time I could get a divorce from him on the strengthAutobiography, 122:a month and not worth that. My life at this time was entirely monotonous - looking after threeAutobiography, 122:cannot, therefore, say that this was a pleasant time. Again, I don't feel humorous about it. It wasAutobiography, 123:me except a vague belief in Christ, Who at this time seemed very far away. I felt deserted by GodAutobiography, 124:glorious opportunity that this generation has no time for the puerilities of theology. Fortunately,Autobiography, 124:the reactionary attitude, but it will take time. In the meantime, the cults and the isms willAutobiography, 125:Grove. This was in 1915 and it was the last time I ever saw Walter Evans. Practically none of hisAutobiography, 125:helps those who help themselves" but at this time I admit it seemed to me that God, also, had
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