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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Bethlehem, 49:obeyed and feared. He approached still nearer as time went on; and before the advent ofBethlehem, 49:race in its infancy was governed by instinct, as time elapsed the intellect began to show itselfBethlehem, 51:the story of the world Saviors; at the same time he himself has to re-enact the same story and makeBethlehem, 51:be born, and the first initiation is, at this time, an imminent happening for many. "To every manBethlehem, 53:of those who were not initiate. Each time, a symbol or form was seen which was indicative of theBethlehem, 53:vision of God's Plan. No man has seen God at any time. The revelation of God comes through theBethlehem, 53:us. "Jesus saith unto him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known me,Bethlehem, 55:we should go. Christ came in the fullness of time, just as humanity was approaching maturity, andBethlehem, 56:of those physical events, and all the time God Himself speaks, "Hear ye Him." Another point whichBethlehem, 57:has been steadfast and unalterable. Whenever the time is ripe and the need of the people warrantsBethlehem, 58:to germinate and bear fruit. In the fullness of time Christ came and, if evolution means anythingBethlehem, 58:does the Gospel of St. John, dating from some time not earlier than A.D. 100. The Book ofBethlehem, 63:connected with the birth of the Sungod. At the time when the English were converted to ChristianityBethlehem, 63:by Arthur Weigall, pp. 236, 237. At the time of the birth of Christ, Sirius, the Star in the East,Bethlehem, 64:them came into being, is lost in the night of time. They have existed in men's minds and thoughtsBethlehem, 65:to be, 'that she would be on a journey at the time of her child's birth.' Therefore, 'that it mightBethlehem, 69:should have been passing off the earth at the time Christ came. There were still many to be foundBethlehem, 69:the Bull, and which was preserved at that time in the mysteries of Mithras and of Egypt. The signBethlehem, 73:in order to present to the Christ, at the time of the new birth, gifts which will be symbolic ofBethlehem, 75:the Temple of the Lord and there, for the first time, gave indication of His vocation, andBethlehem, 75:ritual; they had also sojourned in Egypt. Of His time there, we are told nothing. All that we knowBethlehem, 79:[79] understanding reaction to their demand for time to meditate. It must be recognized that theyBethlehem, 79:such a way that we can live as souls, giving due time to the culture of our souls, yet at the sameBethlehem, 79:to the culture of our souls, yet at the same time preserving a sense of proportion, retaining theBethlehem, 79:traveled with Christ from Bethlehem towards the time when the second initiation draws near, what isBethlehem, 80:which each new age demands. It is a waste of time to go on elaborating this ancient story of theBethlehem, 82:It is something which all must face at some time or other. Two recognitions must emerge into theBethlehem, 83:is still hidden in the womb of the form. In due time, the personality - physical, emotional andBethlehem, 83:quite the central truth of theology till the time of the mediaeval mystics. It is Eckhart who says:Bethlehem, 83:the Christian life into serious practice... At a time of catastrophe, a process of asceticBethlehem, 87:mission of the Savior definitely starts at this time, but for the sake of those who will followBethlehem, 87:and the general trend of thought of His time. The initiate who has taken the first step must layBethlehem, 90:of Those Who preceded Him. He came at a crucial time, and in a period of world crisis, and embodiedBethlehem, 90:Christ came. God is love, and in the fullness of time this outstanding characteristic of the divineBethlehem, 91:He gave to our occidental civilization (at that time unborn) those great ideals and that example ofBethlehem, 91:His life, He gave to us an idea which became in time the ideal of service, so that today theBethlehem, 93:interpretation of Deity, reaching, as time elapsed, an ever larger number. Christ has given us theBethlehem, 97:objectives, is being powerfully applied at this time. Perhaps this means that many in the raceBethlehem, 98:hundred years ago, water became for the first time of general interest and of general use forBethlehem, 99:of the emotional nature must precede in time the purification of the mental nature, just as in theBethlehem, 100:growing toward maturity. But there comes a time in the life of every initiate when choice must beBethlehem, 100:consciously undertaken, and know that from that time on nothing will be the same. This initiationBethlehem, 100:in the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Up to that time, for thirty years, He had simply been theBethlehem, 103:p. 8. This illumination grows more constant as time goes on. The ancient Hindu teacher, Patanjali,Bethlehem, 106:opens with the appearance of the raven at the time of the founding of the ancient world, as we canBethlehem, 108:yet essentially and utterly human at the same time. People make these statements, but they are aptBethlehem, 109:had been taught and told. He met temptation each time with "It is written," (Matt., IV, 4, 7, 10.)Bethlehem, 109:He was the master of conditions at that time because He had learnt to master Himself. Such aBethlehem, 109:but the command of Christ stands for all time: "Be ye therefore perfect;" (St. Matt., V, 48.) andBethlehem, 111:His realization and consecration at that time. Alone, He faced the future, and at the end,Bethlehem, 115:and of the Fatherhood of God. At the same time, the more deeply they appreciate the Christ, theBethlehem, 117:- The Baptism in Jordan Christ's reply each time should be viewed in this triple manner. "It isBethlehem, 120:and a kindness and inclusiveness which leave no time for the separated [121] self. That this typeBethlehem, 121:is quite possible, but not inevitably so. In time and space, in a particular life and at a specialBethlehem, 121:and space, in a particular life and at a special time, illness has its uses and may be a profoundlyBethlehem, 121:the attention of so many thousands at this time, is too broad to be considered here, and far moreBethlehem, 122:does not realize it. Christ gave a little time to the feeding of the multitude. He gave much timeBethlehem, 122:to the feeding of the multitude. He gave much time to teaching them the rules of the kingdom ofBethlehem, 122:take what they want. They are doing so at this time on every hand. But the things which trulyBethlehem, 122:the things which truly matter must at the same time be emphasized and taught, or the end will beBethlehem, 123:their hands they shall bear thee up, lest at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone. JesusBethlehem, 126:and saints, the seers and the Saviors of all time is historical and verifiable - as it is - thenBethlehem, 126:His stand when the devil tempted Him a second time. Bethlehem, 131:initiation. Even though the world may not at the time recognize that signal, it is never again justBethlehem, 135:Christ faced another interior crisis, and this time, according to the story, one which He sharedBethlehem, 135:on our behalf, and to which we may all in due time aspire, constitute in themselves a livingBethlehem, 140:away. Then Christ came, and in process of time, as a definite fulfilment of the past and as aBethlehem, 140:and becoming divine? Two factors will at that time control. He will have transcended the emotionalBethlehem, 141:[141] thinkers of the world. There must come a time in the progress of each human being when theBethlehem, 141:in duly considered thought-realities becomes, in time, a "personality," and begins to sway otherBethlehem, 142:in a synthesis of such perfection that, for all time, He determined the goal of our race. There isBethlehem, 143:to oneness with the Divine Consciousness; for a time he perceives and feels, no longer as theBethlehem, 151:outstanding [151] reaction of the mystics of all time to the revelation of light. This episode isBethlehem, 151:learnt to recognize the Light-bearers of all time, and we feel that in Christ the light of the agesBethlehem, 151:came into the radius of this light for the first time on the mountain-top, after six days of work,Bethlehem, 155:of this divinity, as have the mystics of all time. They "knew Whom they had believed." (II Tim., I,Bethlehem, 156:its strains, so preoccupies us that we have no time, after the six days' labor, to climb theBethlehem, 156:perception would be such that - for all time - the inner meaning might be made apparent to those ofBethlehem, 157:able to face the illumination, and at the same time he must have that spiritual perception which,Bethlehem, 157:real, and yet which is specific and true for all time to all people. Christ revealed the quality ofBethlehem, 160:all ages have borne testimony to it. [160] This time the Word spoken differs from the previous one.Bethlehem, 160:Son, in whom I am well pleased," but added this time, "Hear ye him." At the first great episode,Bethlehem, 160:of the secret of Jesus' person. The first time the revelation was for him alone; here the DisciplesBethlehem, 163:the form of man makes every human being, at some time, play the part of the Virgin Mary to thatBethlehem, 163:extreme expression; but Christ alive from all time, and vitally alive today, is the keynote of theBethlehem, 164:which we must eventually reach. [164] Now the time has come for human beings to leave offBethlehem, 165:the Cross. He saw clearly, perhaps for the first time, what lay ahead of Him, and the direction inBethlehem, 165:was that after the Baptism initiation; but this time it was of a far subtler nature. He was facedBethlehem, 167:reality. His service consisted primarily at this time in teaching and speaking. But such is theBethlehem, 167:that special revelation which Were needed at the time to unite the ancient wisdom and the moreBethlehem, 175:being when Christ came to earth, and from that time on we have moved steadily forward towards a newBethlehem, 177:who seeks to prove this continuity: "At the time of the life or recorded appearance of Jesus ofBethlehem, 180:coming kingdom of God. Out of the wide sweep of time and out of the aeonian grasp of God'sBethlehem, 180:embodies, is so old that there has never been a time when it was not present as a need in the humanBethlehem, 180:and yet it is so new that there will never be a time when the story of the birth and the death ofBethlehem, 181:and creative spirit of mankind has from time to time evolved those figures as idealizations of itsBethlehem, 181:and creative spirit of mankind has from time to time evolved those figures as idealizations of itsBethlehem, 184:can be seen entering the sign Virgo about the time of the Assumption, and the entire constellationBethlehem, 184:of Christ, the door stood wide open for all time, and the kingdom of God began to form on Earth. InBethlehem, 184:began to form on Earth. In the long processes of time four great expressions of divine life, four
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