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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Discipleship1, 174:what I consider your major requirement at this time. In the equipment of all disciples there isDiscipleship1, 174:at once and, therefore I say to you at this time that your major need is a speedier and steadierDiscipleship1, 174:in spiritual being," a thing which at this time you only do under strong mental stress and strain,Discipleship1, 175:and by you especially. You have worked for some time at the alignment of the personality. ThisDiscipleship1, 176:towards unity. I give you no set work to do this time as I would have you carry out theDiscipleship1, 178:you can work. Another point also will emerge in time and that is the nature of the adjustment youDiscipleship1, 186:that none of it has been lost motion or waste of time. It has been for you a time of release and ofDiscipleship1, 186:motion or waste of time. It has been for you a time of release and of liberation, little as you mayDiscipleship1, 186:the call of duty and service. Now, however, the time has come when you can work with clearerDiscipleship1, 187:however, to bring to your attention at this time and only two: First, that as you work and serveDiscipleship1, 188:I am assigning you no special work at this time, for your time is fully occupied in service. IDiscipleship1, 188:you no special work at this time, for your time is fully occupied in service. I suggest aDiscipleship1, 188:suggest to you that your major danger at this time lies in a glamor which is the result ofDiscipleship1, 188:rendered to us. Learn to recognize that the time limit is brief and that for you (as for yourDiscipleship1, 188:motion. The initiating of new endeavors when the time in which to complete those for which you areDiscipleship1, 189:to conform to my suggestions? You can at any time cease to work and can drop out at will. There isDiscipleship1, 190:A questioning of the unanswerable is a waste of time, my brother. The attempt to define theDiscipleship1, 191:little to say to you this half year, so brief a time have you been working in this group. The doorsDiscipleship1, 192:activity is for you desirable at this time; it will bring about an inner organization of yourDiscipleship1, 192:organization of your forces which in a year's time will greatly increase your usefulness inDiscipleship1, 193:at the results which will appear in a year's time. Simplicity is the way of soul growth. Be simple.Discipleship1, 195:attention to reaching me, if possible, at the time of the Full Moon and give to the five daysDiscipleship1, 197:for it is on the same line of force. At the same time, it makes your mind a focal point for soulDiscipleship1, 202:There is no particular need for you at this time to pay much attention to your astral or emotionalDiscipleship1, 203:- give. This is all I have to say to you at this time, my brother. NOTE: This disciple is stillDiscipleship1, 203:with the least important at the present time and yet, perchance, with one which you can most easilyDiscipleship1, 204:brothers have worked together for some little time. They are problems of temperament andDiscipleship1, 204:of the peculiar New Age teachings to the present time. This latter problem involves also theDiscipleship1, 204:of right compromise, and a true sense of the time values. The life period ahead of you is that ofDiscipleship1, 206:The only exercise I am going to give you at this time is to ask you to take five minutes, prior toDiscipleship1, 207:your major limitation is in a peculiar sense a time glamor and affects you in two ways. One wayDiscipleship1, 207:first of all, of a mental attitude towards time as immortality and, secondly, of a command of timeDiscipleship1, 207:as immortality and, secondly, of a command of time so that it is the agent of creative beauty inDiscipleship1, 207:to be more explicit. As you steadily study time from the forward looking angle and time inDiscipleship1, 207:study time from the forward looking angle and time in reference to the future, you will discover anDiscipleship1, 207:altering in your thought life; as you study time in reference to the daily task, you will bringDiscipleship1, 207:potency which is at present lacking. A sense of time and of its relation to the soul is one of theDiscipleship1, 207:done whilst studying you - that control of the time factor is the main need at this time. It willDiscipleship1, 207:of the time factor is the main need at this time. It will be for you to give a name to theDiscipleship1, 207:particular glamor in connection with threefold time which is your main hindrance. Work at thisDiscipleship1, 207:seek to establish a rhythm in connection with time which will eventuate in a reorganization, aDiscipleship1, 208:life and a capacity to recognize the place and time to effect changes and, ruthlessly and as aDiscipleship1, 208:will note how this fits in with my comments on time found in my instruction to you last January. IDiscipleship1, 208:this the second lesson upon the right use of time which is so essential in your case, though notDiscipleship1, 208:that your personality would apply my words. Time has to be grasped by you in its cyclic nature andDiscipleship1, 208:You will then come to a fresh understanding of time and to a sense of the urgency and importance ofDiscipleship1, 209:perhaps wonder why I emphasize this question of time in your particular case. There is always inDiscipleship1, 209:The right understanding and the right use of time is for you the major significant lesson. WhenDiscipleship1, 209:degrees. During the coming period until such time as I give out the next group instruction, I wouldDiscipleship1, 209:instruction, I would ask you to discipline your time, making each moment count; I would ask you toDiscipleship1, 209:and event (which is only another word for time) so that they are as constructive in expression ofDiscipleship1, 209:have a capacity to use the will and at the same time to be inclusive (more inclusive in yourDiscipleship1, 210:the O. M. Then ponder upon the significance of time as an expression of the will, realizing thatDiscipleship1, 211:- prove of usefulness to your fellowmen but the time is not yet. You, as well as two otherDiscipleship1, 211:my group, are starting to work with me at this time with a most definite end in view. You are allDiscipleship1, 211:such souls, it is a problem to be faced when the time comes for their identities to be merged in aDiscipleship1, 211:and the gains of illumination must at the same time be cultivated; in the light which streams forthDiscipleship1, 214:- I.S.G-L. August 1934 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: I am myself feeling my way with this particularDiscipleship1, 216:in my group of disciples, which can (for the time at least) provide the "playground" for your soul.Discipleship1, 216:of all personality objections. In a few years' time, you will better understand my plans for you.Discipleship1, 218:our vision, brother of [218] old, and know that time is of no moment and that the soul grows andDiscipleship1, 218:of men. One hint only would I give you at this time. Your one-pointed devotion is known and theDiscipleship1, 219:you had a couple of years ago. At that time, as you know, I endeavored to help you. That conditionDiscipleship1, 219:Ray of Will or Power. That has been for a long time subordinated to the past ray of your soul, thatDiscipleship1, 223:in this particular group of my disciples at this time. I desire most earnestly that the groupDiscipleship1, 224:I approach you, my beloved brother, at this time and how indicate to you your prevailing glamorDiscipleship1, 224:you your prevailing glamor without, at the same time, so wounding your sensitive nature that IDiscipleship1, 225:disciples in which you now work, and at the same time you found your destined field of service. IDiscipleship1, 225:synchronize ( which is not always the case) much time is saved and the opportunity is great. ThisDiscipleship1, 226:of all esoteric schools in the world at this time. Hence you can see why you found your way into myDiscipleship1, 226:You must learn to differentiate, therefore, as time goes on and your sensitivity increases,Discipleship1, 226:Morya. This you will not be able to do for some time yet, but the developing of this type ofDiscipleship1, 228:February 1938 MY BROTHER: You have for some time been working on the meditation assigned. You haveDiscipleship1, 230:will be desirable. See to it that by the time the sun moves northward, you will have so assimilatedDiscipleship1, 232:achievement is, in its right place and time, divine achievement. But the point for you to grasp isDiscipleship1, 234:a study of the human situation at the present time would indicate the correctness of myDiscipleship1, 235:which you may receive from me at any time. On this subject, I will say no more for you willDiscipleship1, 236:that it is not my [236] intention to waste my time or yours in feeding pride with flattery or inDiscipleship1, 236:as men develop the powers of the soul, it is time we learned to know one another as we are and toDiscipleship1, 237:OF MINE: What shall I say to you now as the time comes when again I can communicate with you? MyDiscipleship1, 238:pressure of two vibratory groups and (until such time as you make your choice) we will hold theDiscipleship1, 239:will not stimulate your nervous body at this time but can become a group asset. The effect of theDiscipleship1, 243:your field of service should be greater at this time than it is. Wherein lies the difficulty? WhyDiscipleship1, 244:will be accomplished by you. But, at the present time, your first ray expression in conjunctionDiscipleship1, 246:all beings. Then repeat the process, only this time carry on the work entirely in the heart insteadDiscipleship1, 246:You have seen much and traveled much since that time. What has been the gain up to this moment? DoDiscipleship1, 248:done. As to your meditation work, I seek at this time to change it. You have followed for a longDiscipleship1, 248:time to change it. You have followed for a long time that which I gave you earlier. I now suggestDiscipleship1, 249:I am anxious that you should realize that at the time of the full moon this year one cycle ofDiscipleship1, 251:What phenomena do I, I. B. S., register at the time of the full moon? Always I. Always I. B. S.Discipleship1, 251:not in terms of I. B. S. This is bound to take time for a rhythm which has been thus establishedDiscipleship1, 253:real profit to you. . . . Life for you at this time holds much of service. See to it that youDiscipleship1, 253:you keep flexible and fluid and learning all the time. Teach, my brother, from the livingDiscipleship1, 256:hint I will give you, brother of mine, at this time. Guard your health during the coming years andDiscipleship1, 256:fluid in intent, in purpose, and in activity. As time goes on, you will comprehend to what I amDiscipleship1, 260:may not be that upon which you are at this time laying the emphasis. I would remind you also thatDiscipleship1, 260:you in space and the other determines you in time. The problem is not an easy one, because yourDiscipleship1, 263:impossible for this disciple to continue at this time. Discipleship1, 266:- an effort called forth by the group itself. My time is most precious at this period of worldDiscipleship1, 266:think of you (when communicating with you at the time of the full moon each month) it will
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