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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Discipleship1, 417:I would like to suggest that you reduce the time period of your meditation work but increase theDiscipleship1, 418:of the stimulation received by you at the time of the Wesak Festival, has so increased yourDiscipleship1, 418:so increased your sensitivity that more at this time is not required. I write not to the members ofDiscipleship1, 418:of this group for the sake of writing. As time proceeds and they come more and more into line withDiscipleship1, 418:your meditation, so there is no need at this time to change it. Recollect in your work that you areDiscipleship1, 418:to Disciples - D.H.B. March 1935 You have had a time of difficulty, my brother. Such times areDiscipleship1, 419:mark of the disciple, he brings to an end the time of difficulty and emerges thence freer, richerDiscipleship1, 419:the greatest help that I can give you at this time is to tell you this. You have the persistenceDiscipleship1, 419:main things which I have to do for you at this time is to give you the kind of meditation which isDiscipleship1, 420:are the two things which you most need at this time? By this I mean: What two things, dealt with atDiscipleship1, 420:this I mean: What two things, dealt with at this time, would give you the maximum measure ofDiscipleship1, 420:their remedying agents. There is for you at this time no immediate drastic action or change. YouDiscipleship1, 421:or change. You are temporarily [421] marking time, but you can steadily increase the tempo or rateDiscipleship1, 421:fuller usefulness; or you can continue marking time - adequately and usefully - and make no furtherDiscipleship1, 422:is little else that I need to say to you at this time. You know; you need no telling but, like allDiscipleship1, 422:is little that I need to say to you at this time. Much that is found in the personal instructionsDiscipleship1, 423:and the temporarily disturbed nervous system time to recuperate. In the last meditation outlined byDiscipleship1, 423:out in potent agitations which can, in their due time, produce definite physical effects?Discipleship1, 424:your co-disciples. Your major asset at this time is a dedicated influence and radiation. See to itDiscipleship1, 424:definite sifting and testing went on at that time, on subtler levels - a testing which had for itsDiscipleship1, 425:the faults of all upon the Way. Many pass much time and thus slow down their active spiritualDiscipleship1, 426:today but it must be said in a short space of time. Study, therefore, my words with an awakenedDiscipleship1, 426:to you, I pointed out the three realities in time, space and this incarnation, which you have toDiscipleship1, 427:evoked reactions and then pass on. Waste not time in too close a self-analysis, or in the agoniesDiscipleship1, 432:Take each of these questions for two days at a time and give them concentrated thought each monthDiscipleship1, 432:so that they can carry on. Let not the glamor of time, of sensed need and of feverish activityDiscipleship1, 434:and for it I ask on behalf of those who (as time elapses) I shall send to you. Watch for them;Discipleship1, 434:work. Prepare for the work to be done at that time throughout the entire month, working withDiscipleship1, 436:I am giving you only a short instruction this time. We are often in touch and you are occupied nowDiscipleship1, 436:say to you, my brother and my friend, at this time: Guard with care the physical body. You are oneDiscipleship1, 437:and you can do it over your full period of time. But if you forget these two suggestions, it willDiscipleship1, 438:no special meditation. Your major work at this time (and the theme of your meditation) is theDiscipleship1, 440:your life problem and your service, until such time as you enter into that light whereinDiscipleship1, 440:awakens, free from the bonds of flesh. But that time is not immediate. The blessing of yourDiscipleship1, 446:in any self-analysis, for you will thus give time for the desired unfoldment to stabilize and theDiscipleship1, 446:and be free to participate in the group work as time proceeds. It should always be borne in mindDiscipleship1, 448:is little need for me to say much to you at this time. Your spiritual life during this past yearDiscipleship1, 449:is all I have to say to you, my brother, at this time. The service which your group can render, asDiscipleship1, 449:to you the nature of the glamor which at this time can hinder your close integration into thisDiscipleship1, 449:enough - even about your own group. At the same time, your rays are such that they constitute aDiscipleship1, 450:integral part of my Ashram, I have for the first time since you were admitted into this groupDiscipleship1, 451:applied upon the physical plane) which is at any time wrong; it is the motive and method used,Discipleship1, 451:no person or group of persons or nation at this time knows the meaning of motive (for that is onlyDiscipleship1, 454:your high ideals afford you a handicap. The time comes now in your life wherein you must conform toDiscipleship1, 455:the following exercise, to be performed at some time convenient to you, though not at the morningDiscipleship1, 455:I shall have more to say in six months time when you are further adjusted to the work. Discipleship1, 457:you realized how intense has been the testing time to which the members of this group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 459:a suggestion. I would seek to reiterate at this time, as always, that my work with this group isDiscipleship1, 459:is little that I have to say to you at this time, brother of old. I seek not to change your work orDiscipleship1, 461:BROTHER OF OLD: The next few months, until the time of the Wesak Festival, must be for you monthsDiscipleship1, 461:will be there and will register in due course of time. The ajna center (the center between theDiscipleship1, 461:This, again, is of no importance. The time has come wherein all true disciples (and such indeed areDiscipleship1, 464:in this group work. I shall not at this time change your meditation work. As outlined, it shouldDiscipleship1, 464:away from it. You have the capacity and the time, could you but grasp it, and likewise the neededDiscipleship1, 465:to all the group members have been brief this time. I gave you all much in my last communicationDiscipleship1, 465:grandeur of the soul, and who are, at the same time, far from young in years is that of facing theDiscipleship1, 466:that you are now doing. There is no need at this time to change what I last gave you. During theDiscipleship1, 466:I would counsel you particularly to give much time and attention to the Full Moon Approach. I wouldDiscipleship1, 467:Full Moon. What should be done and happen at the time of the Full Moon. Any information that youDiscipleship1, 467:is not a very usual state of affairs at this time and is one of the major reasons for their beingDiscipleship1, 469:brothers. Each and all have had a most difficult time. Your problems have been psychological farDiscipleship1, 469:setting where your personality stands at this time is the place where you will have to make yourDiscipleship1, 475:by the self-pity which troubles you at this time. The attached meditation form can be followed byDiscipleship1, 477:enter into light some day. Your work at this time is along the lines of an intensive purification.Discipleship1, 477:for you the key to progress. I am taking the time to write to you on this matter for it is of primeDiscipleship1, 478:my permission to approach me as you do at the time of each full moon. I can trust you not to callDiscipleship1, 478:is a measure of freedom possible for you at this time and which will mark the high water mark ofDiscipleship1, 479:the past few months. Today, you walk not all the time in the darkness of self-pity and ofDiscipleship1, 480:the vibratory angle to contact you or spend some time within the radius of your aura as it would beDiscipleship1, 481:- L.U.T. September 1936 My BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: Forget not that it is not simply this group workDiscipleship1, 481:my last instruction stand repeated. I waste not time over such matters. You have the power to go onDiscipleship1, 484:instruction. I am not changing your work at this time. I only seek to emphasize to you the fourDiscipleship1, 484:greater release. What I have said to you this time, though brief, is of importance. Ponder on it. Discipleship1, 484:are now more ready to serve than at any other time in your life. I think I might say with truthDiscipleship1, 484:think I might say with truth that (for the first time since you came into incarnation) you can giveDiscipleship1, 485:ray. Hence the conflict and hence, at the same time, the deep seated love of harmony. These haveDiscipleship1, 486:1938 MY BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: I have for some time watched you with concern, not because of anyDiscipleship1, 487:as yet to know it, there comes that difficult time wherein there is no desire to return to life, noDiscipleship1, 487:and to hope, somewhat hopelessly, that the time will come when one will feel differently. ThisDiscipleship1, 488:world service. Seek each morning, at a suitable time, to contact them - as individuals andDiscipleship1, 488:yourself, but because you need strength at this time to undertake the task which I am giving you. .Discipleship1, 489:results... I have little to say to you at this time. There is no special work to which I wouldDiscipleship1, 489:however, emphasize the need for attention to the time of the Full Moon and to note down anyDiscipleship1, 490:one thing should engross your attention at this time and that is the avoidance of the glamor ofDiscipleship1, 493:process. Having said this, let me at the same time remind you that any reaction of depression asDiscipleship1, 493:in touch with his own soul, I would not take the time or trouble to help you see and wrestle withDiscipleship1, 494:it from limited expression and at the same time streams out into the environment. How release theDiscipleship1, 494:soul? That is for you the major problem at this time. By meditation, and by certain practicalDiscipleship1, 495:integration. Then sound the O. M. again, this time as the soul. Then again sound the O. M. as theDiscipleship1, 499:the past twelve months that you have had little time to be preoccupied with yourself or with yourDiscipleship1, 499:the first. When the second ray becomes at any time intensely preoccupied with the life of theDiscipleship1, 500:and that personality, at the [500] same time happens to be on the first ray line of force, aDiscipleship1, 500:to you. I have not much to say to you at this time. Your mind and time and heart are fully occupiedDiscipleship1, 500:much to say to you at this time. Your mind and time and heart are fully occupied with responsibleDiscipleship1, 500:equipment, noting its usefulness to the soul in time and space, I would ask you to note with careDiscipleship1, 500:truly rounded-out development, and whether your time includes (as should the time of allDiscipleship1, 500:and whether your time includes (as should the time of all executives) a due proportion ofDiscipleship1, 501:field of service. [501] You must, at the same time, guard against too much attention to detailDiscipleship1, 501:for your constant care and yet - at the same time - it opens the door of unique opportunity forDiscipleship1, 502:say that I stand beside you and that, at this time, my protecting aura reaches out to you. It
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