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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Discipleship2, 249:of the death process which is going on all the time within the mechanism of the disciple orDiscipleship2, 250:force of the group itself. This is - at the same time and until after the higher initiation whichDiscipleship2, 253:embody important hints and showing you, this one time, with what care I prepare that which I seekDiscipleship2, 257:true humility is based on fact, on vision and on time pressures. Two immediate objectives face theDiscipleship2, 258:- Teachings on Initiation - Part II I am at this time carrying the current teaching upon initiationDiscipleship2, 259:great dissolution is culminated for us at the time of the third initiation when the Light of theDiscipleship2, 259:only symbolically enacted and recognized at the time of the fourth initiation, the Crucifixion. AllDiscipleship2, 260:right human relations and at the same time become a conscious, practicing member of the Kingdom ofDiscipleship2, 265:of the Trinity, the Destroyer, but at the same time the Final Absorber, the Whole and yet the part.Discipleship2, 265:is the Monad. The Eye of Vision, indicating this time not the directing energy, but the consciousDiscipleship2, 265:but it is all related to vision. At the same time this formula tells us that there are four eyes:Discipleship2, 267:nature. It is concerned with the relation of time and space, and is therefore related to theDiscipleship2, 268:by the disciple in training at this particular time, because only the light from the SpiritualDiscipleship2, 268:from that of earlier times - even so short a time ago as fifty years. It is essential that youDiscipleship2, 271:disciples who constitute the Hierarchy of the time. Their plans, their thinking and their livingDiscipleship2, 272:of these formulas and then await the time when your inner growth warrants a fresh approach to theirDiscipleship2, 273:one for all types, all nations and all races in time and space. I have used the exoteric symbol ofDiscipleship2, 274:three interpretations possible to you at this time: the individual application of the symbol, itsDiscipleship2, 274:deleted by the recipients of his message at that time as utterly meaningless). Eye has not seen norDiscipleship2, 275:contacted inspiration; then for the first time the initiate becomes consciously receptive to theDiscipleship2, 277:the required changes. When these occur at a time of crisis and are far-reaching in effect and areDiscipleship2, 278:it involves also a comprehension of the time equation, of differing points in evolution, plusDiscipleship2, 279:the sumtotal of human knowledge at any one given time. This must not be forgotten. A Master of theDiscipleship2, 280:to develop the intuition, and at the same time, keep the mental perception in an active andDiscipleship2, 282:consciously in the world of causes, until such time as he is advanced enough to work in the worldDiscipleship2, 282:myriad in number and progressing forward all the time, but the general picture will serve to carryDiscipleship2, 284:of development. This third formula concerns Time and the consciousness of the spiritual man who isDiscipleship2, 284:who is unaware of separation, of divisions in time and space or of the spell of the Great Illusion.Discipleship2, 284:stands firm. Being exists alone. Naught else is. Time IS. Being descends to manifest. Creation is.Discipleship2, 285:Being descends to manifest. Creation is. [285] Time then and form agree. Being and time do notDiscipleship2, 285:is. [285] Time then and form agree. Being and time do not agree. Unity IS. The One between comesDiscipleship2, 285:IS. The One between comes forth and knows both time and God. But time destroys that middle One andDiscipleship2, 285:comes forth and knows both time and God. But time destroys that middle One and only Being IS. SpaceDiscipleship2, 285:that middle One and only Being IS. Space IS. Time and space reverberate and veil the One who standsDiscipleship2, 285:unafraid, untouched, for aye unchanged. God IS. Time, space, the middle One (with form and process)Discipleship2, 288:by all the "seeds" he came to save, until such time as they have reached the stage of floweringDiscipleship2, 291:to see into all parts, aspects and phases (in time and space) of his planetary vehicle, which isDiscipleship2, 294:impression. What I have given you at this time will provide much ground for thought. FurtherDiscipleship2, 294:along this line would be unprofitable until such time as the inner mechanism of progressiveDiscipleship2, 295:at last, of the evolutionary process. The time, therefore, when the Hierarchy had to deal almostDiscipleship2, 297:to the Hierarchy and your soul, and at the same time to be oriented to humanity and your fellowmen.Discipleship2, 297:oriented to humanity and your fellowmen. But the time will come which you are personally soDiscipleship2, 298:by divine purpose, intelligently understood in time and space and implemented by the soul as theDiscipleship2, 301:through the reorientation required by the time cycle and through an entirely new adjustment to aDiscipleship2, 301:me to form something new. Up to the present time, I have given you four hints which might beDiscipleship2, 302:and the spiritual Plan, as to occult events in time and space, and as to future or immediateDiscipleship2, 303:in its with the idea of direction in time and space. And, my brother, in the aboveDiscipleship2, 304:With three of the formulas we have spent a short time in consideration. Broadly speaking, theseDiscipleship2, 306:I have no more to say anent this theme at this time or about this formula in this Instruction. AllDiscipleship2, 308:steps and follow initiation. This will save much time and "focus the light in the desired place"Discipleship2, 309:point he goes and the Way moves upward all the time - out of the dark into the light, from theDiscipleship2, 309:ever since the days of H.P.B., during whose time it was decided that this was the first of theDiscipleship2, 312:precipitation which occurs in a flash of time; it results in an instantaneous intuitive perception,Discipleship2, 312:of receiving revelation - is working outside of time and space, as you understand it. HisDiscipleship2, 313:the Son of Mind, who is himself, and has in time identified himself with that soul; he becomes theDiscipleship2, 315:precipitate the karmic quota of their time, and lift the subhuman kingdoms (with its reflexDiscipleship2, 316:of Sanat Kumara are there to be found in due time, and the truth anent initiation is one of them.Discipleship2, 317:individual aspect is of secondary importance. As time and speed increase in importance for theDiscipleship2, 318:a more open form. They have no intention at any time to be mysterious or to hold back teaching fromDiscipleship2, 318:close adherence to the esoteric teaching of the time, and this method is essentially a linkingDiscipleship2, 318:within the Ashram, and which is not, at the time when the other two forms are prevalent, reduced toDiscipleship2, 318:these three methods are in use at this present time. As a man progresses nearer and nearer to hisDiscipleship2, 320:in its with the idea of direction in time and space. Study these and see what is theirDiscipleship2, 320:he must begin now to work in two directions in time and space, for the world of meaning is theDiscipleship2, 320:has been down the ages, but now, for the first time, it is being entered by humanity itself and asDiscipleship2, 322:Polarization and Precipitation. At the same time, on the inner planes, and because of the existenceDiscipleship2, 324:tension. That initiation is concerned at this time with group life and not with the individual.Discipleship2, 324:concerns the future and involves prevision. That time is one of the major underlying themes orDiscipleship2, 325:advanced condition and a pronounced saving of time as the consequence. This you should note as ofDiscipleship2, 325:many disciples are taking incarnation at this time who are already prepared and ready forDiscipleship2, 325:have done the needed work in previous lives. No time, therefore, need be lost, and there is today aDiscipleship2, 325:are far more numerous than at any previous time in our planetary history. Again: Initiation can nowDiscipleship2, 326:yet unrevealed and which we would not at this time recognize if presented with it) is slowlyDiscipleship2, 329:provide a problem for those less limited. The time has to come wherein candidates for admissionDiscipleship2, 331:to an erring disciple, but to stand at the same time in steadfast love beside him until such timeDiscipleship2, 331:time in steadfast love beside him until such time as he has learned the error of his ways and hasDiscipleship2, 332:degree; these create vacancies, and at the same time cause a tremendous influx of power. At theDiscipleship2, 334:plane, but upon the inner planes - where the time factor does not rule - this does not matter inDiscipleship2, 336:and over much more extended cycles of time. The result of this more frequent watchfulness on theDiscipleship2, 336:plane) for a sufficiently long period of time to test their reactions, as a group, to the conceptDiscipleship2, 336:other as participants. For a great part of this time there must also be a physical plane life,Discipleship2, 338:perception of such a nature that the element of time - as evidenced by remoteness, by the distanceDiscipleship2, 339:merge the two into one major happening; time, therefore, enters in. However, it is not time as itDiscipleship2, 339:time, therefore, enters in. However, it is not time as it is conditioned by the receptivity of theDiscipleship2, 339:by the receptivity of the human brain, but time as it represents evolutionary movements, resultingDiscipleship2, 339:relative perfection. Oft I have said to you that time is the sequence of the states ofDiscipleship2, 339:this definition, however, lies a real or true time of which the initiate becomes increasinglyDiscipleship2, 339:received little attention from the standpoint of time; yet it is that which determines the sequenceDiscipleship2, 339:teaching on Karma (particularly as to the time element) has been terribly prostituted by the purelyDiscipleship2, 339:events. There is much to be done in relating time and conscious recognition together. In thisDiscipleship2, 341:and interpretation of experience. [341] 6. Time is one of the major underlying secrets ofDiscipleship2, 341:You will note from this, the great emphasis on time as event, and as being of true importance inDiscipleship2, 341:importance in the career of the initiate. The time here referred to is time as the initiateDiscipleship2, 341:of the initiate. The time here referred to is time as the initiate understands it - free as he nowDiscipleship2, 341:control of form or of material substance. It is time as it conditions speed; as it establishesDiscipleship2, 341:truly built or employed the antahkarana; it is time as the opener of the door to extra-planetaryDiscipleship2, 345:III... Deals with changes in the soul nature. Time and space. The Eternal Now or immortality.Discipleship2, 346:for anything more than hinted concepts at this time. The general theme has been covered by me toDiscipleship2, 348:for which he has been trained; it is at the same time the lowest of the three possible recognitionsDiscipleship2, 350:contact. Again, as we have seen, the period of time which has passed since H.P.B. brought this
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