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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Discipleship2, 455:[455] Four brief quarterly abstractions at the time of the four new moons, dependent upon the dateDiscipleship2, 455:periods of interludes or of abstraction at the time of May and June full moons. These points ofDiscipleship2, 455:from him the strength that you need. Some time, during each morning meditation, I would request youDiscipleship2, 456:sometimes where they think the Masters find the time, and why they should be so interested inDiscipleship2, 457:side of Goodwill. Untidily, when the right time comes, these groups must issue a great manifesto toDiscipleship2, 458:are the same as yours. In twenty-five years' time enough work will have been done by groups such asDiscipleship2, 459:of the Ashram and thus contact me. This may take time, but the link is strong and elastic (ponderDiscipleship2, 464:enables me to reach you more easily at this time than can any other member of the Hierarchy. I canDiscipleship2, 464:of force. Your Master, K.H., asked you at that time if you were ready to begin work in preparationDiscipleship2, 464:the mode of developing a world Savior until the time comes when he can make a world impact andDiscipleship2, 464:in yourself, owing to the pressures of the time which appeared to you to have a definitelyDiscipleship2, 465:matters which will not materialize until such time as the work done by me, and others associatedDiscipleship2, 465:free (owing to certain difficulties in time and space within the planetary life) and must work asDiscipleship2, 466:to give you any personal instructions at this time. Those given you during the past three yearsDiscipleship2, 466:factual demonstration. I simply take, at this time, those needed inner steps which are permitted toDiscipleship2, 467:of the pairs of opposites, yet at the same time the knowledge that the phenomenal reality and theDiscipleship2, 469:all who are the Masters of the Wisdom at this time. Only the Christ and the Buddha begin dimly toDiscipleship2, 470:you ensures understanding and precludes waste of time. You have come through a period of greatDiscipleship2, 470:with you and safeguarded them also all the time. Having achieved one pinnacle of spiritual success,Discipleship2, 471:which I call "The Pinnacles," and give much time for quiet thought and for impression. Know thatDiscipleship2, 473:a hard one. It is the drastic organizing of your time, irrespective of personality claims, or theDiscipleship2, 473:task involved in the reorganization of your time and plans will do much to offset the aboveDiscipleship2, 473:much to offset the above difficulties and - in time - to cure them. You do not, my brother, belongDiscipleship2, 473:MY FRIEND: For you, as for all disciples at this time of world crisis, life has been exceedinglyDiscipleship2, 474:clue to your future. Your difficulties at this time stem largely from others more than fromDiscipleship2, 475:is my definite work instruction for you at this time. It will entail a task of watchfulDiscipleship2, 476:ten years. They intimate that which you at this time possess but which needs increasingDiscipleship2, 477:will be a powerful incentive in deciding the time of your return when this incarnation comes to anDiscipleship2, 480:your friend. Expect results, though not at the time you anticipate. Sound the OM softly sevenDiscipleship2, 481:finds that mortal disease will, in a few years' time, lay the mechanism of accomplishment low andDiscipleship2, 481:the opposite virtue or strength. Yet all the time, this affirmation simply indicates the effort ofDiscipleship2, 482:as well as the age, the background and the time cycles of the disciple. I would point out to you,Discipleship2, 483:The stage of the world is so set at this time that there is full opportunity for you to find a wideDiscipleship2, 484:words upon which I would ask you to reflect as time elapses, and from which you can expect definiteDiscipleship2, 484:You might find it useful (at least for a time) to keep a diary of contacts; you should enter intoDiscipleship2, 486:of you are as old as I am; in a relatively short time all of you will drop the outer handicap ofDiscipleship2, 488:students in this group asked me a question some time ago which I have been long in answering. As itDiscipleship2, 488:link, but owing to your age it is not, at this time, right so to do. There are some you have yet toDiscipleship2, 491:You can give as long or as short a time to this as you choose, but never less than ten minutes.Discipleship2, 491:not an easy one, and you may have to work some time on these different levels before you registerDiscipleship2, 491:high a point of contact as you can, at any given time, you then begin to reorient yourself to theDiscipleship2, 492:contact - an occult paradox! - and at the same time to carry forward the life of active serviceDiscipleship2, 493:This will be true for you too but only time will indicate whether you work with close relationshipDiscipleship2, 493:in this work which I am attempting at this time to do. They are to be found quite often in thisDiscipleship2, 494:given out in a definite statement for the first time but ever deducible and implied when theDiscipleship2, 495:these three aspects of yourself. At the same time keep your consciousness steadily focused in theDiscipleship2, 497:"unified identity" whilst merging, at the same time, with others. This again you are learning toDiscipleship2, 497:learning to do. You have had by no means an easy time, my brother. You have tuned in on worldDiscipleship2, 498:return not there physically or for any length of time. The Plan must be served. I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 500:to me as an accepted disciple. Until such time as your outer course of action appears clearer toDiscipleship2, 501:and blended, and the entire Hierarchy, at a time of crisis such as the present, is swung into oneDiscipleship2, 501:which are sincere and intended. You are at this time facing changes. The choice with which you areDiscipleship2, 502:the choice is relatively unimportant because the time equation is of no great moment at this stage;Discipleship2, 503:any disciple in my Ashram, the problem in this time of world crisis is peculiarly urgent, and thisDiscipleship2, 504:One of the many things which you need at this time to learn, and which you must initiate during theDiscipleship2, 507:this to you because I would not have you spend time (or should I say, waste time, my brother?) inDiscipleship2, 507:not have you spend time (or should I say, waste time, my brother?) in wishing you had done the workDiscipleship2, 507:for the New Age teaching for the first time, and that that ground is very hard, very stony, and atDiscipleship2, 508:persistently your own inner life; give more time to quiet reflection and study than to theDiscipleship2, 508:the most important lesson you can learn at this time. You will experience a new power, theDiscipleship2, 510:give you strength and comfort. There comes a time in the training of any disciple when he mustDiscipleship2, 510:can have the rare joy of looking back (when the time comes to pass through the Portal into clearerDiscipleship2, 511:and evokes a response which only increases as time goes on. You are pledged as a disciple toDiscipleship2, 515:be felt in your soul as a complete surrender in time and space; in the personality it will registerDiscipleship2, 516:would facilitate this transition and at the same time prepare you for the next great spiritualDiscipleship2, 517:owing to the ray [517] energies which at this time condition your life. Three aspects of the firstDiscipleship2, 517:of first ray aptitudes. You have thus no easy time, my brother. This you realize, and I too knowDiscipleship2, 517:potent work, and the need of the Ashram at this time for workers is great - workers who are, asDiscipleship2, 520:from the angle of solar inflow, but at the same time it is the main distributing point of energy,Discipleship2, 522:surely, my beloved brother, you know by this time that when a definite transition is being made byDiscipleship2, 523:indicates definitely the dominance at this time of personality reactions. Your second ray soul doesDiscipleship2, 523:brothers has steadily protected you during this time of trial and of difficulty, as has the love ofDiscipleship2, 523:is the message which I have for you at this time, and remember that I told you last year thatDiscipleship2, 523:Relinquish the thought-forms which seem at this time to stand between you and the Ashram. You willDiscipleship2, 523:three days of quiet retirement and during that time refuse to think about your work, about yourDiscipleship2, 524:Take proper medical help, brother of mine. Take time to get the physical vehicle in betterDiscipleship2, 524:reasons. Oft a Master cannot at some particular time reach a disciple because he is surrounded withDiscipleship2, 525:is the intense awareness you experience, at this time, of yourself - the central factor. This againDiscipleship2, 526:large in your consciousness. You are at this time in a state of intensely irritable sensitivity toDiscipleship2, 526:who respond to our major quality at any given time and - at this time - yours is emotional. I wouldDiscipleship2, 526:major quality at any given time and - at this time - yours is emotional. I would remind you thatDiscipleship2, 527:free from all emotion, yet at the same time, full of unimpeded love. This is the reward ofDiscipleship2, 529:work when I first contacted you. There is still time for this emergence into wider world service.Discipleship2, 531:the intimate circle of his fellow idealists. As time goes on, crystallization takes place. ADiscipleship2, 534:in the past three years than at any previous time in your life. You might ask me: Along what line?Discipleship2, 538:Compensation. You are perhaps wondering at this time why I am thus emphasizing a somewhat cold andDiscipleship2, 539:note of intelligent and useful living. When the time comes, therefore, for you to pass over to theDiscipleship2, 540:nothing can interfere with this karma except the time equation, and you can therefore make thisDiscipleship2, 540:either with rapidity or slowness. It is the time factor which lies within the scope of yourDiscipleship2, 540:scope of your decision and it is in relation to time that you must do some careful thinking. ThatDiscipleship2, 543:terms and world planning, aiding F.B., when due time comes, in formulating the policies and theDiscipleship2, 544:future and your responsibility which is at this time much disturbing your mind. It intrudesDiscipleship2, 545:to arise, handicapping the service until such time as right inner adjustments are made. In aDiscipleship2, 546:now essential. In the manifestation of souls in time and space, there come lives wherein - at timesDiscipleship2, 546:That which will aid you the most at this time is a visualization exercise on Light. Sit quietly andDiscipleship2, 547:the results are sure or I would not waste your time or mine in giving you this work to do.Discipleship2, 547:do as you are told. The results will in due time manifest. Discipleship2, 547:As the hours of service pass around the clock of time look for the sounding of the hour. What hourDiscipleship2, 547:the passing of the minute hand upon the clock of time, expect the second when My face appears. WhyDiscipleship2, 549:development of this discreet appreciation takes time, and the neophyte is always on guard against
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