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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Discipleship2, 663:way that you will return to incarnation when the time comes with a sense of convinced awareness.Discipleship2, 665:my brother, write. You have the gift and the time and a wide open door for impersonal service.Discipleship2, 669:difficult for even an advanced disciple at this time to comprehend the nature of man when he hasDiscipleship2, 670:to the type which I have presented at this time and which intrinsically differs from thatDiscipleship2, 671:and the disciples and aspirants of this present time must be taught how to recognize and implementDiscipleship2, 673:of your status as a disciple. Since that time you have yourself been inwardly disturbed, becauseDiscipleship2, 673:Ashram, and therefore with myself, and because time is of no account esoterically, their relationDiscipleship2, 674:love and appreciation of you. It may be a long time since I, personally, was overcome by glamor,Discipleship2, 674:was overcome by glamor, and it may be a short time since A.A.B. succumbed, but neither of us hasDiscipleship2, 675:within his personality scope. He has no time for outstanding service but regards the period ofDiscipleship2, 676:connection with you can be consummated. At this time I have the responsibility of deciding whetherDiscipleship2, 676:upon. It is of prime importance to you at this time. The work of the Hierarchy is an integratedDiscipleship2, 677:spiritual potency is located in New York at this time, though later - if deemed wise - it may beDiscipleship2, 678:world today? This A.A.B. told you, since which time you have never spoken to her, bade her farewellDiscipleship2, 680:cycle is upon us, brother of mine; there is no time now for personality plans, for criticisms andDiscipleship2, 683:Brother of old, we have worked together for some time - for some years. I have chosen you forDiscipleship2, 683:you for many lives. Have I ever, since the time that our relationship started in this life, failedDiscipleship2, 684:selflessness of our disciples. We have not the time or the inclination (in the light of greaterDiscipleship2, 684:you and also my expressed intention to waste no time in indicating weaknesses in character andDiscipleship2, 684:and the law of cycles. The urgency of the time and the uniqueness of the opportunity seem littleDiscipleship2, 685:back on facts and lived experience and waste not time in wishing and in emotional reactions? YouDiscipleship2, 692:by yourself which characterize your life at this time and which will be expressive of your days forDiscipleship2, 695:sensed by you. Keep full notes and in a year's time (if you care to do so) bring these monthlyDiscipleship2, 695:your work in the teaching group. You have the time, my brother, and a definite service which youDiscipleship2, 697:case - become of too prominent importance. The time of your liberation is set by karmic law; thisDiscipleship2, 699:and which cause you so much real distress. It is time that this clashing of the two forces shouldDiscipleship2, 700:Desire has ever driven you; at the same time, high aspiration has goaded [701] you, and between theDiscipleship2, 701:- a man whose lower nature dominates most of the time, but whose basic intent is identificationDiscipleship2, 704:increased your daily contacts, and at the same time has left you far more alone than you were sixDiscipleship2, 705:for criticism leads to barriers and loss of time. Learn to distinguish the spirit of criticism fromDiscipleship2, 705:This has much to do with the distribution of time. Study the value of the heart at leisure fromDiscipleship2, 706:you, if you continue to be a learner. It takes time, humility and certain recognitions, withinDiscipleship2, 711:which you are now engaged should give you the time for much inner reflection; it should deepen yourDiscipleship2, 711:for a resumption of my work when the right time comes, returning to it with a wider understanding,Discipleship2, 713:You have been connected with my Ashram for some time now and have been readmitted into the new seedDiscipleship2, 714:effort is unstable, and from the angle of time, never persists long enough to show results. Why isDiscipleship2, 715:mind, of such a potent nature that there is no time or energy left for physical plane expression.Discipleship2, 715:and slow things down so that there will be time for accomplishments? My answer is: CompleteDiscipleship2, 715:But I do not want you otherwise giving any time whatsoever to meditation - particularly inDiscipleship2, 718:not been easy for you. It has taken you a long time to get down to work since receiving the lastDiscipleship2, 718:some definite activity, as I enjoined you some time ago. This again is the result of yourDiscipleship2, 719:which is concerned with the soul aspect of life, time is simply a sequence of states ofDiscipleship2, 719:and I will intimate to A.A.B. the right time. As regards your meditation work, you may now begin toDiscipleship2, 721:it was the last which I would give you. At that time, I had no intention of closing the outerDiscipleship2, 723:you should be to those around you. For whatever time lies ahead of you, my brother, let thisDiscipleship2, 723:evoked your sincere dedication), but give not time to meditation. It is this constant urge toDiscipleship2, 723:and is peculiarly disturbed over you at this time. There is much that you can do, if you areDiscipleship2, 725:than the other. These plans were drawn; time was taken in submitting them to various people, and toDiscipleship2, 727:and for a super-organization, and yet all that time the work that I wanted done and the outlines ofDiscipleship2, 729:November 1944 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND OF OLDEN TIME: There is absolutely no need for the profoundDiscipleship2, 730:- more real progress than at any previous time. This has almost surprised me. When I raised theDiscipleship2, 730:over to the other side. Make full use of the time and read, study and think. You have for longDiscipleship2, 732:of the day's affairs will give you no time for any reaction to glamor; your mind and desire [733]Discipleship2, 733:been due to the fact that in the past you at one time achieved a most definite soul contact, butDiscipleship2, 734:do much to solve it by the right handling of the time equation (for time in reception of contacts,Discipleship2, 734:by the right handling of the time equation (for time in reception of contacts, as it is called atDiscipleship2, 736:commencement of new cycles. It is a momentous time in the soul's progress when conscious decisionsDiscipleship2, 736:by precipitating karma and at the same time experiences little difficulty in arriving at decisions,Discipleship2, 737:order and significance, and at the same time reduce your ideas to written form for your ownDiscipleship2, 739:of fulfilment. The need for you at this time is to study deeply and to do work which is practicallyDiscipleship2, 739:ways so eminently fitted, tunes you in at this time too rapidly on world distress and you shouldDiscipleship2, 740:firmly in the head. If it were possible at some time in the near future, I would suggest that youDiscipleship2, 740:but had more experience to offset it and less time in which to succumb. I have told her certainDiscipleship2, 740:not wish to write, and she will give you all the time you need, if you will come to where she is.Discipleship2, 740:more today. Also, my brother, I give you at this time much attention in the Ashram, and my strengthDiscipleship2, 741:you if you can master a difficult lesson at this time. You are exceedingly well equipped to serve.Discipleship2, 741:constant mental conflict. From the very first time you were admitted into my Ashram, I have triedDiscipleship2, 742:it) what many people dream of possessing - time and leisure. You do not believe this, but that isDiscipleship2, 742:You are in your forty-seventh year. By the time a disciple reaches the age of forty-nine hisDiscipleship2, 742:around you. You play around with ideas all the time; you experiment all the time, but that shouldDiscipleship2, 742:with ideas all the time; you experiment all the time, but that should now be past history. I askDiscipleship2, 744:to function efficiently in both careers. Your time for learning, technically understood, must nowDiscipleship2, 744:Hold these two thoughts quietly for a little time or picture them simultaneously. Then you - theDiscipleship2, 745:measure all that you are, and thus end this time of "flighty service" (forgive me for this word,Discipleship2, 745:bearings and tested out your strength, but that time should now be past. I stand by you at allDiscipleship2, 745:responsibility and "growing up" spiritually. The time of spiritual adolescence is past for you.Discipleship2, 746:much non-essential living, and are finding more time for real service. You are becoming - as anDiscipleship2, 746:Masters such as K.H. and M. deal only at this time with trained disciples - such are the exigenciesDiscipleship2, 746:line pointed out to her I ask your help and your time; I would ask you also to permit A.A.B. toDiscipleship2, 748:of a very large number of disciples at this time. The reason for this is that a very great part ofDiscipleship2, 751:D.L.R. August 1940 There are within you at this time, my brother, stirrings of revolution andDiscipleship2, 753:have so ably developed and you will find in due time that I am correct in my diagnosis. Reapply andDiscipleship2, 753:This is followed after much struggle and time by the definite integration of personality and soul.Discipleship2, 754:twice daily, when convenient. I set no regular time. A year's steady practice (with belief, plusDiscipleship2, 755:part to play. The rhythm of all life pulsates in time and space and in that rhythm you must find aDiscipleship2, 756:method of plain speaking! I am, at the same time, endeavoring to convey to you the attitude of allDiscipleship2, 757:out of your secretarial group, yet at the same time you write less and (apparently) upon the outerDiscipleship2, 758:mental help, emotional response and physical time as and when the disciple chooses. These are notDiscipleship2, 760:are temporarily under my instruction until such time as they have fitted themselves to fillDiscipleship2, 760:other Ashrams; still others are, for the first time, making contact with me in my Ashram, havingDiscipleship2, 760:this endeavor immediately, but in due course of time and with persistent effort you [761]Discipleship2, 761:which confronts you, that the urgency of the time demands "accomplished servers" and wiseDiscipleship2, 762:that this word - given you at this particular time - implies; study the consequent effectiveness inDiscipleship2, 762:contact along the way of life. For quite a long time every disciple refuses to do either of theseDiscipleship2, 763:factor you need the most to cultivate at this time. It will necessitate a conscious and definiteDiscipleship2, 763:definite withdrawal of yourself, and at the same time will lead to a still warmer expression ofDiscipleship2, 767:his life on earth, the past that was before all time and space, evolved a thought. Forth into theDiscipleship2, 768:innermost. We follow after. They served their time. We seek to do the same. EducationThis book on educational philosophy comes at a time of crisis, for the theme that runs throughEducation, vii:for the great tasks that lie ahead of us. The time to resynthesize the objective and subjective,
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