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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Externalisation, 72:of man in ancient Lemuria; the second time, in Atlantean days in the great struggle between theExternalisation, 72:earth. The problem before the Hierarchy at this time is so to direct and control all five of theExternalisation, 76:be held in pralaya, or in solution, until the time for the manifestation of the next and thirdExternalisation, 78:for a greater future. There must, at the same time, be a realization by the Jew and Gentile ofExternalisation, 78:which meet and clash in the human family at this time. It has been necessary for me to bring theseExternalisation, 79:with which the Hierarchy is confronted at this time. You can realize, perhaps, the sense almost ofExternalisation, 79:could sweep over me (if I were limited by any time concept) when, for instance, those to whom IExternalisation, 80:recognizable integrity which is emerging at this time powerfully in the human consciousness. YouExternalisation, 81:which, it seems to me, are important at this time, and which all of us would do well to remember.Externalisation, 82:the joy that brings strength. This is not the time for gloom, despair or depression. If you giveExternalisation, 84:which has led to a one-sided evolution. But the time has now come for the shift of the humanExternalisation, 87:of the throat center are represented at this time by certain of the leading world rulers, whoseExternalisation, 87:for the state of world affairs at this time, is that of the Jews; they, as a whole, constitute theExternalisation, 88:creative process are exceedingly active at this time in preparing what I might call the "materialExternalisation, 90:and the prison bars grew firm as steel...But time persisted and the seven - each on his own lot -Externalisation, 93:the one works through the sacral center at this time, and the other through the center at the baseExternalisation, 93:many expressions of the creative process at this time. They are likewise conditioned by theExternalisation, 94:are several similar experiments going on at this time upon the various streams of ray energy andExternalisation, 94:in the nature of a tentative move to see if the time is really ripe for the distribution of suchExternalisation, 95:undertakings with which humanity is at this time faced. Just as in the life of the individual a manExternalisation, 95:with which the Hierarchy is occupied at this time, and of which the outline just given is anExternalisation, 97:for immediate action which is demanded at this time. There are two points to remember in connectionExternalisation, 98:are fusing and blending in humanity at this time, and which - in their totality - constitute theExternalisation, 104:upon the spiritual side of life are at this time occupied. Some small understanding of theExternalisation, 104:around you. The desire of the Hierarchy at this time is to fill the world of striving forces withExternalisation, 105:and more outgoing love than at any previous time in the history of the race. I say this withExternalisation, 106:about. Let us recapitulate briefly. The first time was during the great human crisis which occurredExternalisation, 106:the great human crisis which occurred at the time of the individualization of men in ancientExternalisation, 107:of men in ancient Lemuria. [107] The second time was at the time of the struggle in Atlantean daysExternalisation, 107:Lemuria. [107] The second time was at the time of the struggle in Atlantean days between the "LordsExternalisation, 107:center. This Shamballa energy now for the first time is making its impact upon humanity directlyExternalisation, 108:is overwhelmed by a ghastly world war at this time. I would remind you that the Hierarchy is guidedExternalisation, 108:This accounts for the world crisis at this time. The cause is based upon four major factors uponExternalisation, 109:Cause and Effect (as it affects humanity at this time) might be called: The perfecting of formExternalisation, 109:being academic and that the world stress at this time is such that love, sympathy and kind wordsExternalisation, 110:serve truly to clarify what is happening at this time. First of all, a recognition that modernExternalisation, 110:out as effects in the planetary life at this time belong to an age so distant that no modernExternalisation, 110:Just as the aspirants and disciples are at this time being tested and tried and subjected to theExternalisation, 111:are to be found, lying far back in the night of time. If I can do this adequately and if you canExternalisation, 112:the expanding service of the soul. For the first time since its inception, the human family is in aExternalisation, 112:a national registration took place for the first time in connection with the French Revolution.Externalisation, 112:in both hemispheres. No nation remains at this time unaffected and the results are and must beExternalisation, 116:point) [116] humanity is for the first time, aware of process. It has for the first time chosenExternalisation, 116:time, aware of process. It has for the first time chosen intelligently to observe what is going onExternalisation, 117:on this. They are all peculiarly active at this time, and in their activity lies the hope ofExternalisation, 117:do not appear to the occultly unenlightened. In time to come, man will develop that mental attitudeExternalisation, 118:of the Shamballa force is producing at this time. This is the simplest statement I find it possibleExternalisation, 121:We must remember that the spirituality of that time was of a very different quality from that whichExternalisation, 123:seem vague and obscure, but the issues at the time were clear. The Forces of Light triumphedExternalisation, 125:of the [125] universal human intelligence at the time that they were given (for the Biblical datesExternalisation, 130:in the period of personality achievement - that time in which human beings, having achievedExternalisation, 132:these three groups of nations. At the same time, the Shamballa force is active in all of them, forExternalisation, 135:or ambition, with clear vision and at the same time myopic reactions, cruel or wise as the case mayExternalisation, 135:past and the victims of the present. At the same time, they are the agents of destiny, the creatorsExternalisation, 135:must take action and will do so, when the right time comes. To recognize joint responsibility,Externalisation, 137:decision more probable than at any previous time in the history of the race. Externalisation, 138:fear? What also must be done to prepare for that time when the rebuilding of the world of men andExternalisation, 138:to be done of an active exoteric nature at this time; it is necessary to wait with patience and toExternalisation, 138:of the future. It is here, however, that the time factor must be considered, for a prolonged warExternalisation, 139:new order. This is no easy thing to do at this time. The astral or emotional bodies of human beingsExternalisation, 139:specious arguments. But there are, at the same time, enough people in the world who are responsiveExternalisation, 139:relationships and the new civilization. For that time we can all begin to plan, and to work forExternalisation, 140:of values but were content to give a little time to the spiritual life and to other people, butExternalisation, 140:the spiritual life and to other people, but much time was lost in individual, personal aims. AExternalisation, 141:Forces of materialism are working. At the same time, also, kill out all hateful criticism in yourExternalisation, 142:the love which underlies the happenings of the time. Let vision come and insight; let the futureExternalisation, 143:of some kind towards human welfare. Now is the time for much work to be done with the leaders andExternalisation, 143:by each of you for active effort when the right time comes. To this task I call each of you. LaterExternalisation, 144:on the part of all men be the keynote at this time. Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones.Externalisation, 145:of the formula being used and, at the same time, carrying on the task of sending forth the potency,Externalisation, 150:all outer forms veil. This is now for the first time possible in the life of the planet. Externalisation, 153:consequently induced over a specific period of time: The energy of the Will of God serves to awakenExternalisation, 153:of first ray force, of the will-to-good at this time, induced by the efforts of the worldExternalisation, 155:suffering inflicted (as, for instance, in war time) and the greater the process of terrorism, theExternalisation, 159:and Whose influence played through Him at the time that He earned the right to be called theExternalisation, 160:and training process. There and at that time, the three Representatives of Shamballa within theExternalisation, 161:of God is purpose and this is, for the first time, to be recognized consciously by man. The SpiritExternalisation, 161:by man. The Spirit of Peace will, when the right time comes, vitalize the responsiveness ofExternalisation, 161:that the Christ, Who established for the first time in planetary history a [162] contact betweenExternalisation, 162:that the importance of the Wesak Festival at the time of the full moon of May will assumeExternalisation, 163:center. Humanity will then for the first time enter upon its destined task as the intelligent,Externalisation, 165:on the part of all men be the keynote at this time. As you know, the word "forgiveness" is aExternalisation, 166:and call to sacrifice in their appeals at this time to [167] their peoples. Men in Germany wereExternalisation, 167:the recognized needed keynote at this time and in this recognition lies much to justify the sorryExternalisation, 168:in the crucifixion of humanity at the present time. The difference between this coming stage andExternalisation, 169:of the Hierarchy and this is now, for the first time, truly possible on a large scale. For aeons,Externalisation, 172:activity. The Masters of the Wisdom have no time today to do the task Themselves; Their hands areExternalisation, 172:being effective in service, whilst at the same time fighting off emotional reactions. The capacityExternalisation, 172:leave their personal problems behind. This is a time of crisis and such problems must be solvedExternalisation, 174:Christmas day, if possible, and again at the time of the full moon of January, thus making twoExternalisation, 175:is, as yet, relative physical safety and [175] time for the readjustment of views, and theExternalisation, 175:lives of untold millions as does the present. Time and again there has been the emergence ofExternalisation, 175:world figures, but they have hitherto come at a time when their influence was limited by worldExternalisation, 180:think to do this work. Also, there is not enough time in which to do it. The thoughts of peace areExternalisation, 182:humanity with the opportunity to end it. The time has arrived in which it is possible to instituteExternalisation, 183:of people were involved. The Church of the time had immense power in all European countries; itExternalisation, 190:world order which will be possible only after a time of recovery, of reconstruction, and ofExternalisation, 191:good of the greatest number and who at the same time offer opportunity to all, seeing to it thatExternalisation, 195:intuitively he has vision, but at the same time he possesses no sense of fusion with other peoples.Externalisation, 195:or foster differences and separation. Such a time will surely come. Humanity will master the
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