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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Fire, 403:in one or other of the globes at this time and Vulcan has very nearly two fifths. We might hereFire, 404:fire, radiant electric matter, and only in time and space, only during manifestation and onlyFire, 408:of the subject and the enormous cycles of time involved tend to obscurity and lack of definiteness.Fire, 409:These are again individualized, yet at the same time are a part of the greater whole. Congeries orFire, 409:plan of the Entity concerned working out in time and space. Power to evolve or progress. This isFire, 410:number of combinations of things, taken one at a time, two at a time, three at a time, and so forthFire, 410:of things, taken one at a time, two at a time, three at a time, and so forth = 2n - 1. ApplyingFire, 410:taken one at a time, two at a time, three at a time, and so forth = 2n - 1. Applying this formulaFire, 414:I, Section IX, Vol. I, 176-200) In due course of time another merging in the scheme will eventuateFire, 414:Man - the manifestation may be written as . In time and space the order might be stated to beFire, 417:here all that it is possible to give out at this time, and much that has hitherto not beenFire, 417:of a numerical enumeration; at the same time should the student decide to number the chains, andFire, 417:numbers has no reference or relation to place or time, nor to sequence of appearance, or order ofFire, 419:between themselves as the THINKER, persistent in time and space, and the vehicle through which theyFire, 421:plan, and working out a preconceived ideal in time and space. The Microcosm comes into incarnationFire, 422:against the cruder, coarser one of "I am." The time for the sounding of the final mantric phrase byFire, 424:of them are passing out of power at this present time, and others are coming in. During theFire, 426:of evolution. This event will be regarded at the time as a catastrophe, but the Knowers will seeFire, 426:the third. The third Ray holds sway all the time, for the second Ray only came into power in theFire, 428:The coming into power of this fourth Ray at any time (and such an advent may be looked for towardsFire, 428:be as well understood as is hydrogen at this time. Indications of this can already be seen in theFire, 431:and will find their way into incarnation at that time, for the four and the six are always closelyFire, 432:and primarily it might be pointed out that more time has been given to the consideration of thisFire, 434:This influence has waxed and waned since that time, dying down during the fourth root-race, andFire, 437:and circulates, both adding, and at the same time abstracting, and returns to its focal point withFire, 438:can be studied separately and in due course of time (when it may be safe to transmit informationFire, 440:of man. The fifth principle of manas, is at this time beginning to demonstrate mainly through theFire, 440:this incoming Ray is peculiarly situated at this time, and that its influence will be manifestedFire, 446:lies the reason for His inflowing force at this time, for a profound movement is in order ofFire, 452:of mantrams, it is to be recognized that "The time is not yet" for their general publication. NoFire, 452:the impartation of mantric forms. Inevitably the time will come when they will be known, but atFire, 452:will come when they will be known, but at this time no one would be benefited by the knowledge ofFire, 455:America, is occupying the attention at this time of the Master R - and the Master H - . 52 A groupFire, 456:All that we have here considered covers the time till the coming in of the new subrace. This raceFire, 457:Rakoczi, is the Hungarian Master, living at this time in Hungary, and is the Regent of Europe andFire, 459:in a scheme. It is of peculiar interest at this time that we are in the fourth round in a chain asFire, 460:of the tragedies underlying existence at this time are karmically incident upon temporarily faultyFire, 461:holding the promise of opportunity for all in time, and the guarantee of their [462] own attainmentFire, 463:instance, in all our current magazines at this time, stories which deal with the psychology ofFire, 463:mentality will ensue, leading in due course of time to the crisis in the next round. More attentionFire, 465:new forms for the animal evolution are, at this time, one of the recognized needs. The immenseFire, 466:point to be noted is that this influence at this time affects primarily the devas of the physicalFire, 466:that for all purposes of investigation at this time the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Magic will have aFire, 469:types of KARMA, even though we have not the time to enlarge upon the subject. A book by itself ofFire, 472:(which forms the fifth essential). "At the same time it must be remarked that the result of humanFire, 473:sons of men. This need not be looked for at this time, and will only begin to be noticeable aboutFire, 475:will become impossible and obsolete. The time will come, when the attitude of man to the animalFire, 486:stultification of spiritual evolution for a time until karma has been adjusted, the art has beenFire, 486:but strengthened in its own inner fiber. As time proceeds, man will gradually do four things:Fire, 492:electricity of substance, has been for some time the subject of the attention of exoteric science,Fire, 492:known till the middle of the next round. At that time, much energy will become available throughFire, 494:in Atlantean days, when the alchemists of the time, through color and sound so entirely controlledFire, 496:is controlled, and its secret discovered. As time progresses, the transmutation, for instance, ofFire, 498:and scrutiny of the following manifestations in time and space: The fourth Creative Hierarchy - TheFire, 499:We need not, therefore, give further time to the consideration of them, for the mental concept ofFire, 501:The ability of the Ego to discriminate as to time and space in the three worlds. Egoic adaptationFire, 501:Egoic adaptation of matter and circumstance of time and environment to the specific need under theFire, 510:Ray. First. The septenary status governs the time from individualization till he enters upon theFire, 510:Path. Second. The threefold status governs the time up till the third Initiation. Third. HeFire, 516:with ever increasing intensity, the atom in due time is consumed, and the inner blaze becomes soFire, 516:distinction clear, nor is it desirable at this time; the true facts of the case are one of theFire, 525:part of an esoteric process. In due course of time, it will be found that the self-induced effortsFire, 526:economy, will remain a mystery for a long time, and only a few general indications can here beFire, 528:conjunction with the third, and producing - in time and space - that illusion or maya whichFire, 533:the earth is not one, but who in due course of time will come to be recognized as having a powerfulFire, 537:planetary schemes, which also in due course of time pass into obscuration, and transmit theirFire, 543:involves a process covering a vast period of time. Then the second series of petals are opened,Fire, 543:series of petals are opened, during a period of time covering his participation intelligently inFire, 543:second series is beginning to open. Before that time, the work proceeds under the [544] law of itsFire, 548:personality standpoint and not the egoic, the time is fast approaching when the emphasis will beFire, 549:personality would lead to dire disaster. But the time will come, and in the meantime a dueFire, 552:particular stage of evolution - he can at the time manufacture. The same can be predicated of theFire, 554:in a material body) will in due course of time consciously, and fully, respond. He responds toFire, 554:third and fourth order quite fully at this time, but as yet (though responding) cannot fully, andFire, 555:as follows: [555] Through the factor of time in evolution. Through extra-systemic stimulation andFire, 556:and studies: First. That in due course of time, as the Logos [557] achieves liberation from theFire, 558:His life, though not for long. In due course of time the entire scheme will be obscured, and HeFire, 559:of breathing is now. When this is so (and the time is a long way ahead), physical reproduction willFire, 560:[560] It will be generally recognized at that time that Spirit-matter are two aspects of the oneFire, 561:goal, or expected consummation. The Factor of Time. Specific purpose in the solar system is theFire, 561:achieving consummation. Three vast periods of time are consumed in the process: The period ofFire, 562:forms - such as those constructed by man at this time - are concerned, this can easily beFire, 568:of force. It makes perfect each atom of time, and each eternal period, and carries all onward, andFire, 568:Unevenness of rhythm is really an illusion of time, and does not exist in the cosmic center. WeFire, 570:regards its internal economy, is independent in time and space, or (in other words), inFire, 570:of physical bodies, but are polarized at this time in their astral vehicles, so we have seen thatFire, 574:the ocean of space. The Sound grows in volume as time progresses, and when it has reached its fullFire, 579:what we term the power Ray, have so often a hard time, and are so frequently unlovable. They haveFire, 581:art, and religion take at any one particular time. All eventually break under the working of thisFire, 581:average human mind in its manifestations at this time on the physical plane. We can trace theFire, 584:atoms, but this matter is very abstruse, and the time has not yet come for further elucidation. AtFire, 584:this fourth law is of prime importance at this time. The aim of human [585] endeavor is both to beFire, 585:the development of all egos. Each must pass some time on it before definitely remaining on hisFire, 585:on his monadic Ray. In many incarnations much time is spent on the fifth subplane of each plane,Fire, 586:of the fourth round in the fourth chain, more time is spent on the fourth subplane by evolving EgosFire, 586:of Cohesion, just as the solar Logos is at this time manifesting Himself through His second aspectFire, 588:reincarnating ego in the three worlds at this time. These four Rays control, in a subtle andFire, 589:Aspects (of the Logos) are placed outside of time and space, and only the streams of influence fromFire, 589:Order has special significance at this time; it controls life in the mineral world, and in theFire, 591:important laws with which we have to do at any time, and it will find its most complete
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