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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Glamour, 189:to truth has grown greatly since that time. Again, the revelations of science are largely theGlamour, 189:of the New Age, the demand comes for the first time from a large group of intuitively inclinedGlamour, 195:Plan is slowly developed. These distinctions (in time and space, because all distinctions are partGlamour, 197:freedom from glamor; then illusion will for a time control until the intuition is more fullyGlamour, 197:reflecting the light of the sun but at the same time radiating its own inner light upon the mistsGlamour, 199:disciples upon the second and fourth rays. In time and space, this task will be first of allGlamour, 203:This dualistic consciousness culminates at the time of the third initiation in the final fightGlamour, 204:revelation goes on continually from the time a disciple treads the Path of Accepted DiscipleshipGlamour, 205:average person today to realize that there was a time when such phrases as "Use your mind" or "IfGlamour, 207:and to which he instinctually reacts. The time, however, comes when the probationary discipleGlamour, 210:particular glamor with which he is at any one time preoccupied. The false light of the astral planeGlamour, 212:by an individual, a group or a nation. Time and common sense suffice to take care of such aGlamour, 214:it as given, having in his mind no sense of time, and being willing to do this work regularly forGlamour, 215:apparent and the most hindering at any given time (and there is always one) and for its dissipationGlamour, 215:is employed. The stage of meditation which in time brings about the fusion of the light of matter,Glamour, 216:him contact with the glamor - and at the same time he is preparing himself for group service alongGlamour, 219:being absorbed by it. Dissipating it slowly; as time elapses the glamor will never again be soGlamour, 223:from a constant use of the formula until the time comes when they are aware of the glamor orGlamour, 224:and to use the formula for a given length of time (for instance, once a week for two years or more)Glamour, 225:the idea of holding back the glamors until such time as humanity was ready to destroy that which itGlamour, 225:now by massed effort carried forward for a long time and usually without any very real consciousGlamour, 226:and more easily visualized glamors. Then as time goes on and facility in the work is gained, theGlamour, 228:their spiritual center in any place and at any time. This is the center of quiet thought fromGlamour, 229:it upon the work to be done. At the end of that time, the leader names the glamor with which theGlamour, 229:will be no dissension anent the glamor at the time of the group meeting because the group members -Glamour, 234:glamor and untruth." It will take aspirants some time to gain facility in this work, but it isGlamour, 235:must be mastered and practiced for quite a long time. Every new branch of learning takes some timeGlamour, 235:time. Every new branch of learning takes some time to become familiar and this one is no exception.Glamour, 244:God is not that; God is no-thing; God is neither time nor space; God is not feeling or thought; GodGlamour, 246:in his physical plane life, to organize his time in obedience to the injunction of his higher self,Glamour, 248:from the astral plane the greater part of the time? Can he contact the soul and bring in soulGlamour, 248:If he earnestly studies this problem, he will in time discover which forces are dominant in theGlamour, 248:of soul energy. This, my brother, will take time and will be the result of prolonged observationGlamour, 248:intensely practical problem which is at the same time an intrinsic part of our study and which willGlamour, 255:breathing exercises are sheer waste of time and can be dangerous. From this it can be gathered thatGlamour, 257:nothing can then stop their emergence in due time into the light of day. But they must follow anGlamour, 259:from sources without the personality aura. The time for this is not yet. My words will be littleGlamour, 261:as the vehicle of monadic impression, until such time as the antahkarana is built - that bridge inGlamour, 262:that is sensed and known at any given point in time and space. It is, therefore, a much strongerGlamour, 267:the everlasting Way. We are concerned at this time with the great point of crisis which faces theGlamour, 268:its points of weakness which are liable at any time to present points of crisis; it has likewiseGlamour, 269:decision" of the personality which, in time, produces an "evocative response" from the Angel. TheHealing, 3:at the disposal of the soul. At the same time let it not be forgotten that these four constituteHealing, 6:is done in formation which interests me at this time. But no group of people can work as a unitHealing, 6:of the group members blend. It takes a little time for people to learn to work together in perfectHealing, 6:understanding and impersonality, and at the same time to achieve, during their work, aHealing, 10:about by the mystical and occult thinkers of the time: What do they really mean? The affirmationsHealing, 13:that ultimate liberation. His error at this time consists in: His inability to see the true uses ofHealing, 15:ever remain incomprehensible to man until such time as he takes the great initiation which isHealing, 16:physicians is great. They are dealing all the time with urgent conditions and dangerous effects ofHealing, 17:the training of the healer, I will give from time to time the six rules which govern (or shouldHealing, 17:training of the healer, I will give from time to time the six rules which govern (or should govern)Healing, 20:right teaching on this abstruse subject from the time that it was given out in the West. But theHealing, 20:Causes of Disease The world of glamor is at this time so strong and the sense of illusion so potentHealing, 21:can be, as we know, relatively offset, for each time that we see an airplane soaring overhead, weHealing, 28:long names which distinguish the race at this time; all such information you can gather from theHealing, 29:with deliberation and definite choice of time, he will consciously withdraw from his physical body.Healing, 30:primary laws. I but state them, and at a future time (dependent upon certain factors yetHealing, 33:on White Magic, I gave the world for the first time information as to the nature and the control ofHealing, 35:in the release of the centers. Finally the time comes when the initiate works simply with threeHealing, 36:increasingly. Seen from the inner side where time is not, the human creature demonstrates as anHealing, 37:child grows from an infant to a man. By the time he is twenty-one, the centers should normally haveHealing, 38:the disease or discomfort is located. The time, however, for this has not yet come, for man'sHealing, 38:might well ask who is exempt at this particular time in the world's history) are free fromHealing, 40:physical discomfort are at this particular time those which are the most prevalent. When they areHealing, 40:When they are persisted in over a long period of time, and are carried over from life to life, theyHealing, 41:Or death can spread itself over a long period of time, and the soul may take several months orHealing, 41:the body, with the body dying by inches all the time. Healing, 42:It is the most developed of the bodies at this time, and therefore receives the bulk of the lifeHealing, 43:and the etheric being the first two in order of time) is still the most alive and potent. ItHealing, 44:man is prone. With their cure we are not at this time concerned. I am here simply laying down theHealing, 44:The nervous diseases so prevalent at this time. These five groups of disease, and their variousHealing, 44:medicine. How much will be accepted is at this time doubtful. I would like to point out here that,Healing, 49:life forces for the majority of men at this time) work out into manifestation is a relativelyHealing, 54:forms on earth by the basic condition, and by time. It is conditioned by the forces emanating fromHealing, 59:reproduction and procreation), and this in due time produced other evils. Cancer is primarily aHealing, 59:of man. Today, owing to the vast reaches of time involved and to the untold generations of thoseHealing, 62:and incarnated in that vast period of time are the ones who today demonstrate homosexualHealing, 62:path so that the cure lies ready at this time - if they choose to employ it. They can, withHealing, 68:of orthodox medicine) that it will take time for even this first inner structure of ideas and thisHealing, 68:by the open-minded among them, a long period of time must elapse before there has been enoughHealing, 69:and Irritation. They are more prevalent at this time than ever before, and for the followingHealing, 69:that scarcely a person in the world at this time is exempt. Everyone is more or less involved inHealing, 69:in application and today realized for the first time. The increased sensitivity of the humanHealing, 71:of the difficulty. It is not much use at this time to talk of the remedy. One does not say to anHealing, 72:However, we will confine ourselves at this time to the etheric body as a whole and to the sevenHealing, 75:being on some ray, responds differently; the time factor also differs; the pattern of theHealing, 78:in the etheric body, because it is at this time - and will be for a couple of centuries - the majorHealing, 83:part of a great and vibrant Whole; only in time will he learn that, through the processes ofHealing, 86:three systems that the healing art is at this time failing to achieve all that it desires. It hasHealing, 89:ruled by a definite rhythm, there exists at this time no such thing, except in the cycles throughHealing, 90:regains an understanding of the right use of time (which determines the Law of Rhythm on theHealing, 92:This leads to an avoidance of the waste of time in attempting the impossible and to right effort toHealing, 100:physician or medical authority, nor have I the time to be engrossed with the technicalities. What IHealing, 101:the destiny of the man to be healed at any given time and his cooperation is given when possible,Healing, 105:worlds, which is all that concerns you at this time. In all teaching to be given in the immediateHealing, 106:cause the greatest amount of trouble at this time and will even more in the future. The race learnsHealing, 107:in the emotional body wherein humanity at this time is polarized. The circulatory system of theHealing, 109:of assimilation and elimination, centered this time in the feminine aspect or woman, for againHealing, 110:this relatively dangerous subject until such time as a sound medical, surgical and neurological
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