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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Magic, 195:his desire nature expresses itself, until such time as the aspirant brings [196] about the neededMagic, 197:and Eye Every human being in the course of time works his way back on the Path of Return to one ofMagic, 200:the Will. The development of the power to employ time. The arousing of the Kundalini fire. ThisMagic, 206:brought about by the particular spacing and time limit of the breaths inhalation, retention, andMagic, 207:exercises. This kept up for a long period of time will have a shattering or a cohesive effect uponMagic, 207:if rightly used over a long enough period of time. And what shall I say about the last threeMagic, 207:last three requirements? Nothing much, for the time is not yet ripe for their correctMagic, 207:fulfilment. Learn to do something else with time besides organize [208] it and use it. Learn to doMagic, 208:in the silence" of the interlude. At the same time think of yourself as the soul, the imposer ofMagic, 211:simplest of the Rules for Magic yet at the same time one of the most practical, and one upon whichMagic, 222:sense from that of his surroundings and much time is expended in learning to do this. It is forMagic, 224:of some great and vital test, covering a brief time but calling forth every resource of wisdom andMagic, 231:and struggle steadily increases; yet at the same time there is also a steadily growing recognitionMagic, 235:We shall, therefore, take a good deal of time over this rule for it covers the immediate work andMagic, 240:of an attitude of mind which refuses to permit time for illusory fears to grow. Fear is the mainMagic, 245:condition to be strenuously fought. Then is the time to appreciate that "the midway spot which isMagic, 248:the idea of location is omitted and only the time equation considered. Air is the symbol of theMagic, 250:that it is a matter to be deplored if any time is lost in futile experimentation and the retracingMagic, 251:visioned by a process that does not involve the time element or spatial concepts at all. Secondly,Magic, 259:need and opportunity go hand in hand at this time. The Great Ones, Who stand as a wall betweenMagic, 259:Karma are, we are told, hard pressed at this time, and I assure you that this is but an inadequateMagic, 260:is the most potent factor in the world at this time, and hence the critical situation existingMagic, 260:fields in all parts of the world. For the first time in history is there a coherent group for theMagic, 261:evolution. This can be done in a few seconds of time wherever one may be and in whatever company,Magic, 262:to food and manner of life, and in seven years time the man has built for himself three new bodiesMagic, 264:footsteps of the striving aspirant; and all the time the fourth form is being built. 4. The Form ofMagic, 266:Rule Nine - Fundamental Forms Up to the present time the majority of aspirants in the world expressMagic, 266:action. The goal for students should at this time be rapid concentrated thought and slow action.Magic, 267:travel the same progressive stages and at one time in their career they appear uniform and alike.Magic, 268:the manifestation of the idea. They spend much time following the orthodox methods of work and inMagic, 273:in the process of thought-form building, the time came when the form had to be oriented in theMagic, 276:aeons the prerogative of the initiates of the time. Held latent in the astrological presentation isMagic, 276:implications. Note these words. The need at this time is terrific, and the soul is at the birthingMagic, 277:of new cells to the pineal gland and at the same time such a strong reaction set up that the entireMagic, 277:desire that the transition may be made in due time and order and be neither too rapid - henceMagic, 278:with his thought-form. Let him project, in time and space, his form through [279] visualization,Magic, 283:will for the carrying forward of His work in any time or place. These emanations should, inMagic, 288:for the few, and their numbers will increase as time elapses. The complexity of the subject is alsoMagic, 295:range of his desire life, but being at the same time capable of tremendous expansion, development,Magic, 295:fixation of a man's life destiny, until such a time as the man awakens to his immortal heritage andMagic, 298:for fear is the dominant astral energy at this time and sensitive humanity succumbs all too easilyMagic, 299:cosmic problems can well be left to that distant time when aspirants have taken the thirdMagic, 301:hours (talking in terms of physical plane time) instead of for his usual few hours of earthlyMagic, 301:of for his usual few hours of earthly sleep. As time progresses and before the close of the nextMagic, 303:away. The economic catastrophe of the present time has brought about a condition of mass terror,Magic, 307:roots in various factors which we have only the time to briefly indicate: Astrological factors,Magic, 311:in the sense of the pairs of opposites. Only in time and in space are there varying states ofMagic, 314:vibration so that its effects can be sensed in time by the foremost of the race. The work of thisMagic, 317:all the resources of his being and take much time to achieve. It is not the harmlessness that comesMagic, 321:or the human heart to appropriate it until such time as the heart center is opened and functioning.Magic, 322:Therein lies for all aspirants at this time the peculiar effort of the coming days, and I would -Magic, 322:and aid the general plan, and at the same time they themselves learn much needed lessons. TheMagic, 323:a true sense of values. Where these are present, time will be economized, strength will beMagic, 324:on the physical plane is not necessarily loss of time, for it may be as much a part of the plan atMagic, 324:be as much a part of the plan at that particular time as any other kind of service. Full expressionMagic, 325:attention of all of you who are living in this time of world unrest and upheaval, I have a word ofMagic, 325:of thought which are emerging at the present time and which are the outgrowth of the past and theMagic, 325:have ever been religious. There has never been a time when religion or the thoughts of men aboutMagic, 326:an expression of Reality. Out of the darkness of time there have emerged the great religions. TheseMagic, 329:of light to the peoples. Now, in the fullness of time, and through the work of evolution there isMagic, 331:as yet blindly and often unwisely until such time comes when they recognize those constructiveMagic, 331:to shoulder with the mystics and knowers of all time. This is the trend of the religious impulse atMagic, 331:is the trend of the religious impulse at this time and this is the glory of the coming age. If itMagic, 331:and philosophers. Like all else at this time, science itself is in process of transformation, andMagic, 332:remain undiscovered and unrecognized until such time as [333] the soul or qualifying principle, theMagic, 333:becomes the possession of the group, and in due time is understood and utilized by the world. ButMagic, 334:the fifth or spiritual kingdom. There will be time and freedom for a soul culture which willMagic, 335:and sound emanating from the planet at this time. The roar of machinery, the rumble of theMagic, 335:areas as the great cities, and, at this time, the universal use of the radio bringing musicalMagic, 335:everywhere which will become apparent only as time elapses. Some forms of life in the animalMagic, 336:Like much else in the world at this time, from two great lines of thought, such [337] as theMagic, 337:of thought the main trends of ideas at this time are rapidly approaching each other and from them aMagic, 342:it not? Rest and relaxation build anew, and give time for nature to adjust the trouble. The sun tooMagic, 342:achieved. The cure lies in the realization that time, eternity, evolution (call it what you will)Magic, 342:the ultimate achievement of that great factor, Time. A third cause lies in more occult realms, andMagic, 343:be attained. It lies also in the appreciation of Time as a solvent as aforesaid. It lies also inMagic, 347:the working out of those issues in the present time, and they shrink back also from the path ofMagic, 348:to the measure of the conception, and in time that vibration becomes permanent. Those who, withMagic, 349:being trained all over the world at the present time. The Masters are overwhelmed with the work andMagic, 349:Masters are overwhelmed with the work and Their time is over-occupied. They give what They can butMagic, 350:at this epoch. If you could but realize it, the time is short, and rest, joy and peace are on theirMagic, 351:Learning the pupil is taught nightly for a short time before proceeding with any work of service.Magic, 351:methods of studying the laws and in process of time arrives at results that are of value to him.Magic, 351:arrives at results that are of value to him. Time passes and as he appropriates and knows more, hisMagic, 353:to the voice of their Master as well. His time is fully occupied and disciples must trainMagic, 353:a hurried suggestion, may be all that He has time to give, and each disciple must be upon theMagic, 354:of destruction into constructive work. The time is critical, for a pause has come in the work ofMagic, 355:- revealing the Path, - it reveals at the same time the Plan. Simultaneously however, he becomesMagic, 357:as misleading as is the sentient body at this time. Let us therefore study the types of mentalMagic, 360:that which is below. These analogies change as time progresses. In Lemurian days, viewing it as aMagic, 362:the cosmic mental plane comes the will-to-be in time and space, which produces the seven groups ofMagic, 362:is but the A. B. C. of esotericism. Waste not time however in too detailed deduction. All that isMagic, 364:wonder of what is transpiring. It is waste of time, nevertheless, to [365] ponder upon the cosmicMagic, 367:few can hold that high consciousness for a long time. But the struggle to apprehend will lead toMagic, 371:the race instructed through that form. Then the time comes that the form no longer serves theMagic, 371:infancy of the race the forms endured for a long time. Evolution moved more slowly, but now on theMagic, 372:the principal objects of endeavor at the present time on the part of those whom you call the ElderMagic, 372:ahead of the modern scientist. In ten years time, many medical practitioners will be recognizing itMagic, 373:lies in the fact that the five rays at this time have the seventh ray as their predominating ray.Magic, 373:subplane of all planes but it dominates at this time the seventh subplane of the physical plane.
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