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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Magic, 550:of God, and the first from the standpoint of time and space, he will work with the fourth cosmicMagic, 551:the four and this will not be revealed for some time to come. Magic, 555:to karmic activity and on it the Lords of Time and Space depend. It is hard to illustrate this inMagic, 557:Each life sees the initial purpose clarified and time is literally the length of a thought. ThisMagic, 559:of heredity and environment, of character, of time and conditions, of world karma, as well asMagic, 560:pressure of the present opportunity there is no time for criticism to exist between workers. TheyMagic, 560:and they hinder the work. I have upon me at this time a sense of urgency. I urge upon all those whoMagic, 567:here. A plan is, after all, an idea let loose in time and space to seek a form and do its work.Magic, 571:with the group of World Servers who at any given time have undertaken the work of directing, by theMagic, 577:in order to work scientifically. I have no time to take up in detail the meaning of the hands asMagic, 580:persistence and of strength. It is literally a time-persistence, and strength is beyond all otherMagic, 580:Speed in this sense has no essential relation to time, though it is hard to find another word toMagic, 583:that it will occupy all of a man's attention and time, even his entire thought life, and will leadMagic, 584:the accumulated experience of his own period and time. He recognizes a step further on and seeks toMagic, 587:in the midst of life's turmoil. He wastes no time in self pity or self justification for he knowsMagic, 587:at a much later date in the sequence of time. This awakening will fall into two stages: First,Magic, 588:with which they must remain engaged for a long time to come. Secondly, there is the stage whereinMagic, 589:of initiation. The hierarchy, for the first time in world history, can now work directly with theMagic, 590:Premature unfoldment involves much loss of time, and carries with it often the seeds of prolongedMagic, 591:into the etheric body and yet at the same time to preserve - in full awareness - a point of contactMagic, 592:that center in the forehead, and at the same time forms a protective shield between the ajna andMagic, 593:gradually worn away, so that in the course of time they become perforated, if I might use such anMagic, 595:group of disciples, that aspirant is, for a long time, a liability and oft a hindrance. StudentsMagic, 595:care. They will not and They need not until such time as the aspirant has used to the full theMagic, 595:in the world, and should desist from wasting time and looking for a Master; they should achieveMagic, 595:poise and the needed mental development. The time has come however when the fact that there is anMagic, 602:In the gathering together in the world at this time of the new Group of World Workers, true cautionMagic, 604:is the main need of the aspirant at [604] this time of the world history. Until aspirants haveMagic, 604:in the early stages of development. But as time elapses and a man grows spiritually, this dailyMagic, 608:But so it is. They know that there is a time and a season for all things, and looking ahead andMagic, 610:its cyclic sense; but these effects must in due time cease, and be subordinated to the claims andMagic, 612:effect and has no real existence. Yet - in time and space and to the understanding of theMagic, 613:The astral stage and the vast cycle of time in which the great illusion holds sway can therefore beMagic, 613:of the perfected work. It is that period of time wherein the half-Gods walk; it is the time whereinMagic, 613:of time wherein the half-Gods walk; it is the time wherein truth is only dimly sensed, the visionMagic, 614:As far as humanity is concerned, it is the time wherein man is enveloped in mist and fog, and lostMagic, 615:constitute the unity and that it is only in time and in space and through the cyclic misuse of theMagic, 616:and he cannot possibly avoid so doing for much time. The mark of growth for him is the steadyMagic, 617:More as to the magical work I may not at this time give. The words that blend may not under anyMagic, 618:aspirants are prone to give undue time to their registered aspirations, and to the formulation ofMagic, 618:they over-estimate themselves; they give much time to picturing themselves as the ideal mystic, orMagic, 620:phenomena which are appearing among us at this time. Students are urged to consider the plan as itMagic, 620:ago will reveal to him the fact that at that time great individuals were the prominent factors, andMagic, 620:personalities who cast their spell over their time and age; then isolation and separatenessMagic, 620:the following questions: Are they wasting time in mystical dreams, or are they occupied in aMagic, 622:successful growth of divine awareness. Every time there is a tendency towards synthesis andMagic, 622:synthesis and understanding in the world, every time the lesser is merged in the greater and theMagic, 622:and the unit is blended in the whole, every time great and universal concepts make their impactMagic, 625:rectitude of one's own position, and yet all the time be influenced subjectively by love ofMagic, 627:thus lose much that would otherwise be his. As time has progressed, the selfishness of the race hasMagic, 629:and that which conveys to the dormant soul - in time and space - the needed impulse, impetus andMagic, 630:inherent part of duality, giving place in [630] time and out of time to a divine unity. Evil is dueMagic, 630:duality, giving place in [630] time and out of time to a divine unity. Evil is due to wrongMagic, 634:of the race today. Never before has there been a time when fear of failure has more widely hauntedMagic, 634:fact that mankind as a whole and for the first time in the history of the race, senses the visionMagic, 634:conditions. It is however a serious waste of time for a disciple to ponder upon a failure or toMagic, 634:such thing as failure; there can only be loss of time. That in itself is serious in these days ofMagic, 634:or real, of his fellow disciples. The sense of time produces glamor and disappointment, whereas theMagic, 635:comparative cycle of aeons? What is a second of time in a span of man's allotted seventy years? ToMagic, 635:work with utter earnestness, and yet at the same time to refuse to work with such earnestness, andMagic, 635:what they ought to be", and yet at the same time a distressing lack of proportion, and no sense ofMagic, 635:seriously and the call to serve, but waste not time in constant self-analysis. Therefore theMagic, 635:goal for all aspiring disciples at this time can be seen to be as follows: An achievement ofMagic, 635:impulses which are flooding the world at this time. This is [636] to be brought about by loving allMagic, 637:danger (and one that is very prevalent at this time) is that of mental pride and consequentMagic, 638:honest and basically true so err, and in time he will awaken to the fact that the group he hasMagic, 638:seen. They are not aware of, nor have they the time to consider, specific deeds, words andMagic, 638:can occupy himself with their trivial affairs in time and space, the more rapidly will theyMeditation, 2:Study, therefore, in this connection and when time permits, physical coordination; then to physicalMeditation, 2:with correlation (which eventuates by the time the third Initiation is taken), then the third, orMeditation, 4:begin to filter down, to be followed in due time by flashes of real illumination or intuition fromMeditation, 4:a fight between the Higher and the Lower. But as time progresses, and later with the aid of theMeditation, 4:tend to flexibility and greater beauty. In due time, each note fits into its chord, the chord ofMeditation, 6:lives of effort to align the two at the same time. When that is done, the control of the physicalMeditation, 7:more remote goal. It is a point far ahead in time, but holds hid the secret of the greater cycle.Meditation, 9:of the Personality by the Ego. Man at this time is engaged in many pursuits and through the forceMeditation, 10:to intensify vibration until in process of time he garners the fruits of meditation. Meditation, 10:gradually shifted higher and higher, until the time comes when the lower point of [11] attractionMeditation, 16:or fire from the Spirit and the causal body in time is equally destroyed. When the egoic ray is theMeditation, 19:occultists are coming in on this ray at this time to continue the liberating process. It is theMeditation, 20:personality, and of synchronizing it at the same time with the first factor, involving the ray ofMeditation, 22:Now we take up more specifically the factor of time. Karma and time are more synonymous terms thanMeditation, 22:more specifically the factor of time. Karma and time are more synonymous terms than is oftMeditation, 23:within the Personality is my main theme at this time. Do not confuse the two. We might word itMeditation, 24:of the child from one to seven years. At this time the watching Teachers of the race see theMeditation, 25:progresses. All this covers a vast period of time, for progress at this period is inexpressiblyMeditation, 25:to trace analogy in object, and not analogy in time. Now, on entering the third period, comes theMeditation, 26:the shifting. It is the middle point. At this time the light plays between the three atomsMeditation, 27:directed impress of the indwelling Ego, but the time is becoming ripe for a change of some kind,Meditation, 30:itself an atom on the mental plane) judged the time ripe for taking possession of the lowerMeditation, 31:The causal body will palpitate in due course of time with an inner irradiation, and an innerMeditation, 31:fixes the moment of emancipation and marks the time when the work of beautifying and building isMeditation, 32:the disintegrating force of autumn, - only this time it is felt and applied on mental levels andMeditation, 33:Self on its own plane, is not trammeled by time and space, and (knowing the future as well as thatMeditation, 34:of the fourth Initiation by individuals from time to time. These egos at different stages ofMeditation, 34:fourth Initiation by individuals from time to time. These egos at different stages of developmentMeditation, 35:magnetic link exists, but that is all until the time comes when the personal life reaches a pointMeditation, 37:developments also, incidental to the factors of time and space (as understood in the three worlds)Meditation, 40:personality ray. Then we took up the factor of time as shown in the causal body, its point ofMeditation, 40:can wisely assign, but not before. Before that time, generalization only is possible, and a
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