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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Meditation, 41:a period of calm and apparent equilibrium. At no time in the history of the race has this beenMeditation, 42:of the seventh ray. Such is the situation from time to time down through the ages. Each ray sweepsMeditation, 42:seventh ray. Such is the situation from time to time down through the ages. Each ray sweeps intoMeditation, 42:started anew. Therefore the wise teacher at this time considers the situation and weighs the effectMeditation, 43:His approach. Just now the great need of the time is for those who understand the law and can workMeditation, 45:an egoic group will be in incarnation at any one time. We deal with the Law of Cause and Effect, asMeditation, 46:will later take up the problem, and the time comes when the orient and the occident will each haveMeditation, 49:have also the factor of karma, the need of the time and of the man himself, and his relationshipMeditation, 54:present and the future, or that which we call Time. In direct relation to the lower vehicle itMeditation, 55:note permeates the peoples of the world at this time and ever since the fourth root-race. It showsMeditation, 61:meditations) which makes it easier for him each time to start at his highest and so eliminate aMeditation, 62:Sacred Word, breathing it forth gently the first time and thereby affecting the mental vehicle;Meditation, 62:the mental vehicle; more loudly the second time, thereby stabilizing the emotional vehicle; and inMeditation, 62:vehicle; and in a still louder tone the final time, acting then upon the physical vehicle. TheMeditation, 65:between the Ego and the Personality, but this time between a group and Those on the inner side.Meditation, 66:it stimulates the lower mind, yet at the same time opens the connection with the higher, whichMeditation, 67:occult meditation, achieve certain results. The time for this is not yet, and need arises not forMeditation, 69:that the whole world becomes ever more mental as time proceeds, - hence the ever-increased scope ofMeditation, 72:it serves somewhat the same purpose, only this time through this center are the thought-formsMeditation, 76:whereby the fire can be circulated until such time as trained teachers with expert knowledge andMeditation, 77:We will now enumerate the centers again, this time considering their psychic correspondences andMeditation, 81:what we are to consider today is the factor of time, in its relationship to the centers, for theMeditation, 81:that evolves, is after all but an illusion of time and is due to the fact that consciousness is atMeditation, 82:the fruit of these stages. [82] It takes a long time to establish a stable vibration, and it takesMeditation, 85:pure reason or of abstract thought. Then comes a time in the development of consciousness when theMeditation, 88:a recapitulation in work that (if realized in time) might be obviated. Certain statements andMeditation, 89:word are diverse and interesting. Until such time as you have among you a wise Teacher in physicalMeditation, 89:and its stimulating vibration, and until such time as world conditions permit of a certain periodMeditation, 92:is only such when viewed from the angle of time and in our three worlds, and is but incidental toMeditation, 93:without discrimination and without a sense of time in evolution they may lead to a shattering ofMeditation, 96:be done, - the mental matter will in process of time become so attuned to the higher vibration thatMeditation, 97:body itself will not be built as desired and so time will be lost. The mental body will be renderedMeditation, 98:July 25, 1920 The emotional body is at this time the most important body in the Personality forMeditation, 102:This is a task of large dimensions and involves time, stern discipline, self-denial and judgment.Meditation, 106:to build in tissue [106] and to heal. The time for this is not yet, though it lies not so far aheadMeditation, 106:is very advanced - it is not wise to spend much time in meditation during the earlier years. ThereMeditation, 108:an unequal development and a temporary loss of time. Let us be specific and illustrate: An Ego hasMeditation, 109:are, therefore, practically those of wasted time, of an intensification of a vibration out of allMeditation, 112:real importance to all earnest students at this time. The orient is to the evolving race of menMeditation, 115:enlarges his capacity to serve he at the same time increases the size and number of the groups heMeditation, 116:the race. He serves through love, becoming, as time elapses, one of the saviors of men, spendingMeditation, 127:or unwanted tenant, and in the course of time the sufferer will continue to procure immunity. MoreMeditation, 129:know, a definite effort is being made at this time by the Planetary Hierarchy to communicate to theMeditation, 133:the daylight, realizing that nothing can at any time reach to and hurt the inner consciousness. GodMeditation, 134:to the majority, but more and more as time elapses shall we find it necessary to teach you, theMeditation, 136:clear vision, and will escape deception. At this time their power is oft-times mighty. Why? BecauseMeditation, 146:the medium for that experience until such a time as it can be dispensed with, and the man can atMeditation, 151:may therefore look with some certainty at this time for a rapid development of occult knowledge,Meditation, 157:when the pupil recognizes practically all the time that he is not his vehicles, but is indeed theMeditation, 158:case for the man of occult tendency, till the time comes when the paths merge and all forms areMeditation, 161:meditation may be found which - if followed in time - will eventually dissipate them. TheMeditation, 161:the higher that the work becomes possible. That time is nearing now for many, and progress in theMeditation, 165:and may not be sounded by the pupil before that time without permission, though he may participateMeditation, 166:but prove for the worker in the world a waste of time. I have touched upon the matter because noMeditation, 168:through the same Initiator, and all, at the same time, quite distinct in their method of approach.Meditation, 169:himself on one line has to remember that in time and before perfection is achieved he must realizeMeditation, 170:whereby those results are achieved, and the time is coming when the rudiments of these forms (theMeditation, 170:rules which will serve to elucidate when the time comes. This first line is specially the line ofMeditation, 172:The Spirits of Love and Activity pass much time in each of its five departments before passing onMeditation, 175:Ray - by coming into incarnation at this time, is making things much easier along this particularMeditation, 178:been done, and all over the world (even at this time) are people who hold the secret that will putMeditation, 181:Atlantean days. They led to dire results at that time, for they were used by those of unclean life,Meditation, 182:knowledge of the formulas and Words until such a time as the reason was developed somewhat, and theMeditation, 185:so to animate them. This is not for long at this time as the real power of thought is littleMeditation, 188:involved but because of the obstructions in time that are caused when these devas are heedlesslyMeditation, 195:be attached to the order specified here. The time is not ripe for the opening up of accurateMeditation, 199:- Letter VI - The Use of Form in Meditation In time to come the value of the combination of music,Meditation, 199:under their direction, for - when the right time comes - They will be able to use these groups asMeditation, 200:of the laws of sound and rhythm. At the same time you will see the misuse of those powers - aMeditation, 201:but I think you will find it interesting. The time is coming when those who work under the Manu,Meditation, 202:the ceremony of alignment, the teacher this time being the focal line of information from theMeditation, 211:I seek again to enumerate them thus, only this time reminding you that the one Ray of which all theMeditation, 212:system. The note of Nature is green, and each time a man reviews the robe in which the earth isMeditation, 216:first solar system. The synthetic ray of that time was the green ray, and it found one of itsMeditation, 220:ever to one's vision. Yet - at some distant time - red will be the basis of a solar system, and inMeditation, 227:life and form, the self and the not-self, and in time and in the three worlds the process of thisMeditation, 233:usually four rays are in flux at any one given time; by this I seek to impress upon you that thoughMeditation, 234:to the other rays in incarnation at the same time, and the rate of rhythm will be slightlyMeditation, 234:This from the standpoint of the present and of time in the three worlds, may be almostMeditation, 234:likewise dominate and absorb the seven, and in time also lead to a merging in the [235] syntheticMeditation, 235:and small ability to profit thereby. But as time proceeds, he comprehends more and more the valueMeditation, 235:incoming ray or of the ray in dominance at that time), he avails himself of the hour of opportunityMeditation, 235:forms of the true and occult meditation. As time progresses - yes, again I prophesy - occultMeditation, 236:Another interesting point upon which we have not time to dwell is that the rhythmic effect on evenMeditation, 244:from all these angles, and not at any earlier time, will the group who purpose healing study theMeditation, 244:in the case of the physical body, yet much time must elapse before full comprehension of theMeditation, 245:race, and therefore little concern us at this time. Nevertheless the curing of physical ailmentsMeditation, 250:early Atlanteans to raise great masses, - this time on a higher turn of the spiral. MentalMeditation, 265:wherein the man is under training until the time when he himself becomes an adept. They are: TheMeditation, 267:is too unstable to hold it long. But, as time progresses (longer or shorter according to theMeditation, 267:relax back to normal with so much ease. Then the time comes when he can be trusted to hold theMeditation, 271:Sonship to the Master We now come to the time when the disciple moves on to the much covetedMeditation, 275:rate of vibration for a specific length of time is developed, the length of time being that whereinMeditation, 275:length of time is developed, the length of time being that wherein he must stand before the Lord ofMeditation, 276:vibration for an ever [276] increasing length of time. When he can hold it for this period (theMeditation, 276:to stand before the Great Lord for a length of time sufficient to permit of the initiationMeditation, 278:via them stimulates the bodies of the pupil. A time comes when the Master sees, from His inspectionMeditation, 280:their correct fourth dimensional rotation and in time He will bring the pupil to a point where heMeditation, 280:to make more rapid progress, then will come the time for the communication of further information.Meditation, 280:the student cannot as yet make use? We waste not time in interesting intellectually those we seek
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