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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Rays, 55:initiating Sound, concerns that which is neither Time nor Space; it lies outside the manifestedRays, 58:into ever larger wholes takes place, and each time the Word goes forth: Accepted as a group. Have IRays, 59:and later intellectual pursuits. All the time this struggle to attain something ever on aheadRays, 61:of the lower unfoldment makes possible later (in time and space) the higher unfoldment in the worldRays, 62:ego with the personality, and this was the first time that the entire theme of alignment wasRays, 62:mysteries of identification. Let me quote: "As time progresses, and later with the aid of theRays, 62:tend to flexibility and greater beauty. In due time each note fits into its chord, the chord of theRays, 63:this fades out at the fourth initiation. At that time the egoic vehicle, the causal body,Rays, 64:of God's ideas and towards the desert, a long time left behind. Upon that great demand the initiateRays, 64:"there shall be no more sea"; I told you that a time comes when the initiate knows that the astralRays, 66:right idea as follows: The initiate wastes no time in looking backward towards the lessons learned;Rays, 66:habits. In this way the Master wastes no time on soul or personal plans. He has the habit - basedRays, 68:as far as in it lies at any given moment in time and space, is in line with the will of the One inRays, 72:other side of the door. He has sensed for some time the group with which he is now affiliated, andRays, 75:massed human consciousness (from that point in time slowly brought about) of certain powers andRays, 76:of the objectives before the Hierarchy at this time (written April, 1943) as it prepares forRays, 76:responsibility, however, is to invoke at this time the Lords of Liberation and the Spirit of Peace.Rays, 78:itself. Humanity has become - for the first time in its history - spiritually invocative. Let usRays, 78:of these two, humanity eventually appears in time and space. Humanity is the result of all subhumanRays, 80:6 expresses space, so the number 24 expresses time, and is the key to the great cycle ofRays, 81:the liberated disciple for the first time - alone and unaided - invokes the highest spiritualRays, 81:Shamballa. This he does because, for the first time, consciously and with understanding, heRays, 81:sees its form. The one who stands for the third time upon the mountain top hears a clear note andRays, 83:heard when the Christ completes His work at the time of the Second Coming. Then the great seventhRays, 85:inflow of the Shamballa force at this particular time, both as a result of karmic law and theRays, 86:aspect can be seen expressing itself at the time of the Crucifixion, when it rent the veil of theRays, 88:Rules For Group Initiation Rule Four At the time of the June Full Moon, each year, the love of God,Rays, 88:divine love reach its highest expression for all time, and at the point of attainment which is, forRays, 88:Such is the Law. When an embodied Christ in time and space reaches [89] His goal of achievement,Rays, 89:recognition of this comes to Him at the time of the June Full Moon, for in that sign of Gemini theRays, 89:service, dating far back into the very night of time. The saving principle of pure love finds itsRays, 89:forth." He thus meets the need, and at the same time strengthens the link which relates theRays, 89:The task of the Christ (as the expression in time and space of the second divine aspect) is toRays, 90:simultaneously. The reason for this is that the time has now been reached when Shamballa can beRays, 90:the five-pointed star of Humanity at this time. An ancient rule - Rule IV for Applicants gives usRays, 90:the Initiator Whom they must face at the time of the first and second initiations, and upon WhoseRays, 91:principle of love also, and this for the first time in human history. His achievement was madeRays, 92:His Own world and free from the limitations of time and space. Having related Humanity to theRays, 93:the Hierarchy had not then begun. It was at that time dependent upon the experience in the GardenRays, 93:happenings in the life of Jesus. At the present time, and at the immediate point of tension, ChristRays, 93:upon certain aspects of work being done at this time by the senior Members of the Hierarchy, andRays, 95:of distress (written in June, 1943). For this time men must prepare. You will know when the AvatarRays, 96:The lesser wheels must not for aye revolve in time and space. Only the greater Wheel must onwardRays, 99:the disciple through the Ashram. The purposes of time and space, of events and extension, of matterRays, 101:soul and the causal body no longer exist by the time the fourth initiation is undergone. What isRays, 104:cycle of the soul, persisting for aeons, the time is nearing when form-taking and experience in theRays, 105:The lesser wheels must not for aye revolve in time and space. Only the greater Wheel must onwardRays, 105:literature reference is made to the factors of time and space as if there were a basic distinctionRays, 105:move. Constantly the aspirant is reminded that time is cyclic in nature and manifestation, and thatRays, 107:is related to the monadic Life. That factor is Time. Time is related to the will aspect and isRays, 107:to the monadic Life. That factor is Time. Time is related to the will aspect and is dependent uponRays, 107:of the Will or the Father, these appearances in time and through space are so small a part of theRays, 107:soul. Then, later, comes the awful "moment in time" when, pendant in space, he discovers that he isRays, 107:the use of form. He is Will, the ruler of time and the organizer, in time, of space. This he does,Rays, 107:is Will, the ruler of time and the organizer, in time, of space. This he does, but ever with theRays, 107:This he does, but ever with the reservation that time and space are the "divine playthings" and canRays, 107:the little life can grasp at any given point in time [108] and space. It is in this sense,Rays, 108:is in this sense, esoterically understood, that time is an event - which philosophy now points out,Rays, 108:Life as it materializes the plan in time and space. This is the result of the turning of theRays, 108:of life, causing all the lesser wheels - in time and space - also to turn. In the meantime, theRays, 108:are appreciated and registered in a moment of time within the orbit of space. Now, having saidRays, 109:The little wheels can continue to revolve in time and space, hindering the onward progress of theRays, 109:progress of the great Wheel which - again in time and space - is the wheel of humanity. TheRays, 111:many world cycles would prove too short a time. The space-time schedule of the planetary LogosRays, 111:cycles would prove too short a time. The space-time schedule of the planetary Logos Himself wouldRays, 111:has to work out His plans within a certain time limit, and this factor conditions the experience ofRays, 114:the modern applicant warrants a change, and as time goes on the present requirements for disciples,Rays, 116:becomes enriched thereby: "Within the womb of time and circumscribed by space and limited byRays, 117:the hindering wall. He is not circumscribed by time or space, but light and life are his. HeRays, 117:beauty and he knows that That exists. Instead of time and space and all the rich inducements of theRays, 119:the higher center of Shamballa, and at the same time advancing towards the lower center, Humanity.Rays, 120:and as the spiritual [120] mind at the same time, dealing with all matters connected with the soul,Rays, 120:primarily in the human kingdom. At the same time the second attribute of the will, synthesis, isRays, 120:thing of interest and importance to note at this time. Later, the dynamism inherent in the will,Rays, 121:manifest have yet to be created, and that takes time, for they are built by the power of thoughtRays, 122:of some measure of real success. By that time the school of the Mysteries and the Halls ofRays, 122:needed training and instruction when the right time comes, having brought it over with them whenRays, 123:first, and their work will proceed until such time that the work of the Ashrams of the Masters isRays, 123:of an outer hierarchical activity. This in due time will lead to the giving of the first initiationRays, 124:realize that all the lesser rules are rules in time and space and cannot hold the group. It onwardRays, 125:a measure of physical purity; but at the same time, he is left with the awareness that he perhapsRays, 126:not know that he is adhering to lesser "rules in time and space," and that once he has demonstratedRays, 126:problem lies elsewhere, and it is a waste of his time and energy to keep his eye focused on "doingRays, 127:intensity of its application - would sacrifice time, people and life itself to the call of theRays, 127:form and its disciplining that they have no real time to give to soul expansion. They are soRays, 127:VI for disciples, "the lesser rules are rules in time and space and cannot hold the group." IRays, 128:and of limitations. These have their place in time and space, and that is all. Once the world ofRays, 129:consequently to be controlled by the "rules in time and space," or a candidate for initiation whoRays, 130:and initiates of the world need - at this time - in their effort to stand steady under the pressureRays, 131:organization which is needed profoundly at this time. You will see, therefore, the significance ofRays, 132:the liberation of the Life. Then that which in time and space has been termed the soul can "onwardRays, 132:which is our theme for consideration at this time is one of deep significance and esotericRays, 138:accepted on trust and with the reservation that time and the point of view of the individualRays, 140:he climbs the Mount of Transfiguration at the time of the third initiation. They have given him aRays, 141:revelation unfolds itself, and for the first time the initiate senses and then contacts theRays, 142:or from the constellation which at any one time forms a triangle with our Sun and Sirius, and aRays, 142:of light controls even our computation of time. The mystery of electricity is unfolding graduallyRays, 143:when producing a planetary crisis) appears in time and space, light also immediately [144] appearsRays, 144:are dominating the best human thinking at this time. It should be carefully borne in mind that evilRays, 145:[145] observing Group which "moves forward in time and space"; its members watch the great war and
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