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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIME

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Rays, 290:words necessarily meaningless to you. For the time being, neither the energy of the creative mindRays, 290:purpose and actuated by intention. For the first time, the relation of the Will, which had hithertoRays, 290:the new dispensation and the launching for all time of the Kingdom of God, became clear to Him. AtRays, 290:This is taking place in this era for the first time in human history. The recognition of thisRays, 292:from a standpoint of knowledge, is at the same time no longer self-centered, but is now preoccupiedRays, 294:progress for the race at any specific moment in time. For instance, humanity believes today thatRays, 297:to a universal state of consciousness; this in time becomes the directing agent for individualizedRays, 297:two attitudes simultaneously, whilst at the same time subjecting himself to the training requiredRays, 298:the earnest search of the mystics of all time; and also the Scriptures and the literature of allRays, 300:ahead is simple. The important aspect, at this time, of the basic oneness underlying all forms, andRays, 300:will follow. Therefore the call goes out at this time for hierarchical workers to reveal withRays, 301:higher turn of the spiral than he did at the time the "form of interrogation" was compiled. I wouldRays, 303:mayhap that form is all; who living thus in time and space, see not the light or life within theRays, 303:This is all that I can give you at this time upon the word and the injunction given to theRays, 306:level and outside the three worlds. This, in due time, may produce a form-reaction to which we mayRays, 307:condition the human family for long periods of time, which concern climatic conditions thatRays, 307:the four kingdoms to certain characteristics in time and space, which produce effects in the greatRays, 307:and the four kingdoms in nature. This Plan, in time and space, is not in any way concerned withRays, 307:of nature, but with the wholes, the cycles of time, with those vast plans of livingness which manRays, 309:and returns with them, as endowments, later in time and space and manifests anew through the mediumRays, 311:be apparent if carefully studied. At the same time it must be borne in mind that the destroyingRays, 312:of the Christ in the heart; it is at the same time coupled with a reaction which emanates from theRays, 313:you note that: He was twelve years old at the time, and therefore the work upon which He had beenRays, 317:divine impacts; it is therefore waste of our time to consider even the possibility of theirRays, 324:to the basic mystery of initiation. In due time our educational centers, particularly thoseRays, 324:and upon our planet, the Earth, and gave much time to the consideration of esoteric astrology; theRays, 324:makes the man what he essentially is at any one time whilst in incarnation. We next considered theRays, 325:and the diseases, and can at the same time cure them and bring about the liberation of the man.Rays, 325:stage of development ahead of the disciple. The time has come, as the Hierarchy had foreseen, forRays, 325:possibilities; this itself indicates that the time had come when certain faint indications of thatRays, 327:of the Hierarchy; it marks the moment in time and space when the initiate sees truly and for theRays, 327:when the initiate sees truly and for the first time the door which opens on to this higher Way.Rays, 327:and is far more frequent today than at any other time in the history of the race; for those whoRays, 329:elsewhere in my writings all that it is at this time possible to give anent the planetary centersRays, 332:today. The ground is being prepared at this time for this great restoration. The Churches andRays, 332:shall see and together they shall rejoice. That time will come when desolation has wrought itsRays, 333:be long and the form may be "in labor" for much time, but the Christ will be born and the nature ofRays, 334:incarnates on Earth again, and for the first time since its last incarnation in Atlantean days. ItRays, 334:that the Hierarchy can have a good and useful time [335] helping them. The picture is entirelyRays, 335:of service had arrived, permitted (at the same time) the inflow of an aspect of energy which neverRays, 336:man and to the ignorant experimenter. The time is not yet ripe for the presentation of this subjectRays, 339:mode of the zodiacal revolution; at the same time, the disciple is receiving energy currents fromRays, 342:from one initiation to another, that each time he moves forward on the path or penetrates into theRays, 342:work of H.P.B., gave a hint to aspirants of that time when He said that so many of them were soRays, 344:Ashram of the Christ (the Hierarchy) until such time as he is beginning to think and live in termsRays, 344:of my life? Go through that Door and waste not time in backward glances at the road just trodden.Rays, 345:a few managed to attain the goal and one at a time were admitted to the Mysteries. In AtlanteanRays, 345:the Hierarchy is admitting groups all the time, particularly in connection with those rays whichRays, 348:simply the reaction of the personality to time and experience. It is eternally true that no one mayRays, 350:to matter and substance, and were at that time and in that period (so remote that the number ofRays, 350:conditioning factors for the initiation of the time. Certain units of humanity - then existent -Rays, 350:of initiation is ready to open for the third time, the parting of the ways takes place. Some followRays, 351:that the door remains [351] closed the third time to the dark brothers. Evil, as we understand it,Rays, 351:which the man is constructed at any particular time synchronize and vibrate in unison that theRays, 356:Iscariot was there, standing for the sign at the time in power; the other eleven disciplesRays, 356:of the Christ consciousness throughout all time in the heart of every human being; to this theRays, 358:an expression of fundamental truth; at the same time, the astral plane exists from the angle of theRays, 359:nature of the evolutionary process at any given time in the three worlds. From the standpoint of aRays, 365:is taken, and still another is realized at the time of the seventh initiation. These all registerRays, 366:(as they are sometimes called) which are this time cosmic in their implications, planetary in theirRays, 369:fifth, the hierarchy of souls, and - at the same time - raises the level of consciousness [370] inRays, 370:This series of happenings will remain for a long time inexplicable to man, though the results canRays, 370:Now, and can work free from the compulsion of time, They can see the impressed Purpose as a [371]Rays, 371:is, however, handicapped in its activity by the time sense and the materialistic focus of theRays, 372:that takes place, He is then aware for the first time that other identifications - lying beyond theRays, 373:later (though not noticeably so at the present time) with two functions in relation to the Ashram:Rays, 374:I would like at this point to refer back to the time sense in relation to the Hierarchy and itsRays, 375:of the life of God through the medium, at this time, of the second ray, which makes our solarRays, 380:and correctly interpreted by you. There was a time when (in the early history of the planet) thereRays, 381:of its becoming a "mediating Center": First: The time when the relating, mediating, enlighteningRays, 381:historical phase became essential. Second: The time when the Hierarchy was created as we know itRays, 381:fear-and-punishment psychology which - from that time on - has conditioned all religious teaching.Rays, 381:Head today. The truth was far otherwise. The time came in those distant aeons when a certainRays, 381:through their own efforts, the stage (at that time demanded) of preparedness for initiation. ThisRays, 382:periods (not events, except in so far that all Time is a sequence or pattern of events) coveredRays, 382:in such a distant future that we need waste no time considering it. We are working and living inRays, 383:The central, senior and major Ashram is (at this time) the repository of second ray energy, as thisRays, 384:were founded, developed and expanded until the time arrived - several aeons ago - when all sevenRays, 384:Teacher of the period officiated. Then at a time when the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Order (the rayRays, 385:third initiation. The Hierarchy for the first time realized the complete success of the vast work,Rays, 386:form and attained functioning activity some time earlier. You can see, under the Law ofRays, 386:initiate to the higher contacts. Between that time and the crucifixion of the Master Jesus, theRays, 387:reason (as the Hierarchy calls it). Since that time, all the seven major Ashrams have been fullyRays, 387:pure love, which is the essential and - at this time - the primary quality of the Lord of theRays, 388:and so on. The first ray is the only one at this time with no subsidiary fully functioning Ashram,Rays, 389:or what progress they will make within a given time. Since I gave the earlier exoteric information,Rays, 390:they may move slowly but they are, for the first time on a large scale, really thinking andRays, 393:meets at Its centennial conference and - at that time - decides what form of crisis, on what levelRays, 394:Those particular Masters Who should in a short time be ready for the sixth initiation, in order toRays, 394:initiation next in order for them. At the same time, aspirants on the periphery of an Ashram areRays, 394:activity of humanity itself is, for the first time, concerned with the entire subject of rightRays, 394:on this, for it means that, again for the first time, humanity is consciously responding to theRays, 396:His Path at all. This He knows and will in due time pass on to His rightful Path. This littleRays, 397:Those Masters Whom He regards at any one time as essential to the work to be done. This He does byRays, 397:and will now move forward - in His own good time - on to the Path which will lead Him to HisRays, 397:Him to His rightful field of expression. In due time also, though [398] not for some time, theRays, 398:In due time also, though [398] not for some time, the Christ will move forward "to the place whichRays, 398:is nevertheless a statement of fact that in due time even Those Who choose the Path of EarthRays, 404:process of creation, leading in due time but much later, to evolution. They are therefore, all ofRays, 407:the Hierarchy. As planetary Logoi when Their Own time comes, these Masters will be concerned with
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