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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIMES

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Statement:like other men, on the borders of Tibet, and at times (from the exoteric standpoint) preside over aAstrology, 7:the impulses and the rhythms, the cycles and the times and seasons that esoteric astrology deals.Astrology, 12:that "man stands erect") man's body is at all times bathed in the emanations and the radiations ofAstrology, 13:and teaching (descended to us from Lemurian times) and is not based upon any true radiation orAstrology, 13:true radiation or influence. In those far off times, antedating even Lemuria and constituting inAstrology, 25:the Rays - Three Basic Statements I have several times used the phrase "pass through" the centersAstrology, 77:the centers has been inherited from Atlantean times and couched in the old forms and formulas whichAstrology, 160:conditioned in the sign Scorpio. Today, in Aryan times, a similar conflict upon a higher turn ofAstrology, 169:purpose through the gate of Capricorn. Five times he has to pass through that Gate in full wakingAstrology, 203:into this sign for testing and experience nine times. The fact of the three tests each existing inAstrology, 218:resulted in the fall of the angels in primordial times. This sixth ray influence coming from threeAstrology, 252:applied to the mother principle in those far off times. This Virgin was the founder of theAstrology, 252:the last of the Virgin Goddesses of Atlantean times; the same thought is also to be found in theAstrology, 253:initiated - from the mental angle - in our Aryan times. Isis stands for this same expression downAstrology, 317:is the memory. It was only in late Atlantean times (when the conscious sense of duality wasAstrology, 322:and hard for the average student of modern times to grasp the mass-consciousness of Cancer as it isAstrology, 370:sign in this life, it has at some time and many times conditioned your experience, and the resultsAstrology, 408:I would remind you, however, that several times in the great life cycle of the Earth, there haveAstrology, 446:Europe to the Western hemisphere in more modern times. In the study of the interlocking of theseAstrology, 473:that they are passed through approximately three times from the standpoint of the major life cycleAstrology, 539:of mankind, compared to the two other times in which (in cyclic evolution) these threeAstrology, 545:evoked. It is conditions which evoke, aided at times by voiced Words of Power on the part of theAstrology, 572:the Great Invocation separately and at different times. You learnt thereby the difference ofAstrology, 585:people of their time. One such figure in ancient times was Nero; the modern example is Hitler.Astrology, 608:relation to that Great Being to Whom I have at times referred as the One About Whom Naught Can BeAstrology, 663:Earth." (Vol. II, 48) "Mercury receives seven times more light than any other planet." (Vol. II,Atom, 13:queries pass through all our minds at various times, and have passed through the minds of thinkersAtom, 50:just as you and I may be doing in our lives. At times we carry our physical vehicle intoAtom, 60:the ground of her unbelief after several times witnessing this phenomenon. She stated to me that,Atom, 67:are diverse, and ever prove inadequate as times elapses. What, then, is the purpose back of thisAtom, 68:built into all the different forms at varying times and stages, and each time it gains somewhatAutobiographypeople worked with Mrs. Bailey at different times on the text and copies of portions were given toAutobiography, 7:The self-disclosures of the mystic of medieval times have their place but it lies in the past; theAutobiography, 10:the hours when I was utterly miserable and the times when life seemed ended and nothing worthwhileAutobiography, 12:they known my reactions. Have you [12] not many times in life wondered what goes on in the mind ofAutobiography, 15:I have read reviews of these books in The London Times Literary Supplement, hailing her asAutobiography, 27:circumstances entailed responsibility. Several times a week when it was time to go for a walk weAutobiography, 66:I made the trip between London and Bombay six times in five years, so I had some experience.Autobiography, 72:and on, though I went down into India several times, crossing the Sind Desert five times. There isAutobiography, 72:several times, crossing the Sind Desert five times. There is very little vegetation in Baluchistan,Autobiography, 75:London in 1934 and we talked of those far away times. He is doing well. I made, however, aAutobiography, 78:nature or God takes care of people at these times and they usually die quite unafraid and are oftenAutobiography, 80:down. Paralleling these events were many lovely times. I was successful in holding the men in theAutobiography, 80:Bailey - Chapter II I returned to England three times during my life in India as the long seaAutobiography, 80:on the ocean. I have lost count of how many times I have crossed the Atlantic. All this time I wasAutobiography, 87:regiment. I had imagined myself in love many times. I can well remember a major in a certainAutobiography, 123:understand why churchmen do not move with the times. All evolutionary development in all fields isAutobiography, 128:vision, or that I would hear a voice as I had at times heard a voice, telling me what to do. But IAutobiography, 165:the Tibetan frontier. He made this effort three times in spite of my telling him that he could findAutobiography, 168:can always argue with Him if it seems to me, at times, that - as an Occidental - I may know betterAutobiography, 180:Perhaps this was because she had been four times married and had a vast experience of men andAutobiography, 185:British troops, I recognize, as I said several times in England to the people who were criticizingAutobiography, 187:bringing me an editorial from the New York Times when she went into High School. The editorial wasAutobiography, 204:of them are still our friends and visit us at times though they are both married and have theirAutobiography, 207:me, for that she has promised to do. We had good times together whilst she was on earth. WeAutobiography, 211:and we used to have quite entertaining [211] times holding little seances in Alice's hugeAutobiography, 214:there were classes and I look back to those times in which I taught the fundamentals of the SecretAutobiography, 214:as some of the most profitable and satisfactory times in my life. In many ways today H.P.B.'s bookAutobiography, 241:During the next five years we went at different times to Holland, to Belgium, to France and toAutobiography, 255:and the need of humanity demands at times a changed approach. There is nothing static in theAutobiography, 255:and much harm by the foolish detail at times imparted. But They are not as pictured; They do notAutobiography, 259:Mrs. Bailey. He would, at stated and appointed times, make a contact with her through the settingAutobiography, 259:except for a very slight change of tense at times, as the English of the Tibetan, when he choosesAutobiography, 266:and will adapt themselves to the need of the times; they will evaluate correctly their place uponAutobiography, 281:of the One Truth should change with the changing times, thus meeting the need of the varied peoplesBethlehem, ix:with the kind permission of The New York Times and the Author. Bethlehem, 13:consciousness, when we realize the unity, and at times the uniformity of the teaching as it isBethlehem, 62:we can be sure, did the wise men of earlier times make these momentous decisions. Annie BesantBethlehem, 102:of the path which He might have to tread must at times have entered His mind, but the fullBethlehem, 108:the difficult subject of evil, nor to define the times when Christ was functioning as a man, andBethlehem, 110:evil, this devil, such as Christ faced. Three times He was tempted, and three times He resisted,Bethlehem, 110:faced. Three times He was tempted, and three times He resisted, and only after this capacity toBethlehem, 113:all of us if we pondered long and deeply at times upon these two extremities of human existence -Bethlehem, 138:self, and the nature of that which is called at times the "subliminal self" is emerging through aBethlehem, 148:radiant reality - to which the mystics of all times bear testimony, not only in connection withBethlehem, 156:revelation of Himself which He can and does at times accord. Christ's three friends had beenBethlehem, 156:followed later in His steps. This is a point at times forgotten. Inevitably "we shall be like Him,Bethlehem, 175:been expressed. God has been misrepresented many times, and the interpretation of what Christ didBethlehem, 183:figures to which they refer, but upon the times and the seasons. We saw how in the Birth atBethlehem, 194:teachers and interpreters of the early Christian times were no more free from the thralldom ofBethlehem, 196:failings of the average "nice" citizen of modern times involve different attitudes of mind andBethlehem, 198:descendant of Adam (whom all Christians in those times supposed to be an historical character) isBethlehem, 200:sacrifices, preceded in still more ancient times by the sacrifice of the fruits of the earth. MenBethlehem, 207:then truth will be revealed to us. There were times in Christ's life, as in the Garden ofBethlehem, 211:of God towards human beings from the earliest times, through the period of Christ's life inBethlehem, 236:shown him the Way of a Savior. But in ancient times these mysteries were enacted in [237] secret,Destiny, 15:upon the racial consciousness. This may lead at times to ruthlessness and cruelty if theDestiny, 28:ancient "informers of the race" who, in Roman times, were called "sibyls." These mediums (for suchDestiny, 56:in the electrical civilization of modern times, and the fifth Ray of Exact Science are all potentlyDestiny, 66:lapse of centuries - nations are reborn several times or come into incarnation in a new form whichDestiny, 81:of law and order; yet her Gemini nature at times offsets this, whilst Taurus frequently blinds herDestiny, 86:at this time, and though Rome is blinded at times by the Taurian influence which leads to a blindDestiny, 89:made. This its sixth ray personality enforces at times almost to the point of a fanatical blindnessDestiny, 89:of the long range vision which is needed at such times as these. Like Russia, this country is inDestiny, 92:to every country in Europe; this leads at times to chaotic conditions and to much confusion ofDestiny, 111:the age of universal initiation in Capricornian times. Therefore the great world religions haveDestiny, 128:astral plane, motivated from the mental and - at times - directed by the soul. But the potency ofDestiny, 142:Age We will now consider the trend of the times and seasons as far as the rays are concerned: RAY IDestiny, 147:to be seen and the pitch dark nights of olden times are fast disappearing. Light has also descendedDiscipleship1, X:sense of pressure. Today, in our speedier times and when the demand of humanity for help is so
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