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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIMES

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Discipleship1, 5:the olden days were the product of more peaceful times. The "chitta" (or mind-stuff as PatanjaliDiscipleship1, 27:particular group of disciples in my Ashram. The times are urgent and the need of humanity so greatDiscipleship1, 62:Next, as a group, say the Great Invocation three times: "Let the Forces of Light bring illuminationDiscipleship1, 62:Then sound the Sacred Word, the O.M. three times. Close with the prayer of the personality to theDiscipleship1, 66:lies to hand and are greatly handicapped at all times. After you have worked consciously at theDiscipleship1, 82:VIII A deep reflection upon the urgency of the times and a sympathetic recognition of the unhappyDiscipleship1, 84:presented. A disciple is one who seeks at all times to aid humanity and to further the processes ofDiscipleship1, 91:constructively and creatively. The need of the times is increasingly great and the utmost of workDiscipleship1, 97:indifference" (as I have told you several times) of great assistance in forgetting the little self;Discipleship1, 98:by yourself and not by me. There exists at times something which resembles a pulsation in theDiscipleship1, 117:of advanced second ray disciples. This can at times be confused with mine. The vibration of sixthDiscipleship1, 117:to it; you lose much by being too sure at times. [118] In connection with this matter of sensingDiscipleship1, 119:The initiate of the fifth degree in Atlantean times had to evidence the right use of emotion. InDiscipleship1, 119:to evidence the right use of emotion. In Aryan times, the initiate of the second degree has toDiscipleship1, 121:have made. During the past few years I have many times spoken to you with frankness and even withDiscipleship1, 121:not voice my suggestions in clear words at all times for my object is always to evoke the activityDiscipleship1, 122:good progress upon it. The accentuation of the times and your own intensity have together sufficedDiscipleship1, 122:to realize - much to your own surprise at times. The recognition of facts - spiritual andDiscipleship1, 123:no one else. I have stood by and watched and at times have strengthened you when and where I couldDiscipleship1, 128:to it at all costs and in spite of failure at times to achieve your own standard of spiritualDiscipleship1, 129:the true direction instinctively even if at times you choose the longer way around towards yourDiscipleship1, 135:as it might be, though you do succeed at times in so doing. You should aim at the outer expressionDiscipleship1, 155:will be many "shining points." There have been times when I have been hard put to it to find youDiscipleship1, 157:differ. During the past years, I have many times conveyed to you a message the summation of whichDiscipleship1, 175:has been a steady unfoldment, an [175] yet at times some real discouragement. There has been aDiscipleship1, 175:but yourself guesses how tired you have been at times. There have been a few high moments and aDiscipleship1, 182:mystics call it: [182] Sound the O.M. three times as a personality, achieving alignment; then soundDiscipleship1, 182:achieving alignment; then sound it three times as the soul, conferring inspiration. Then, focusingDiscipleship1, 182:physical presence. Sound the O.M. again three times as an integrated personality and soul, fusedDiscipleship1, 196:line of least resistance. The pressure of the times in which you live and the need of the worldDiscipleship1, 196:and inner recollection, preserved at all times. This permits you to be a channel for the inflow ofDiscipleship1, 205:Ray of Harmony through Conflict and this, at times, upsets your balance and your equilibrium. YourDiscipleship1, 210:I am that I am. Sound the O. M. softly three times. I am responsible for this work and I would askDiscipleship1, 218:upon this belief and relax and play at times. As has been my habit in relation to you, I am leavingDiscipleship1, 222:first ray methods, forcefully applied at times; this damages those you seek to help. ThisDiscipleship1, 224:and sight. My blessing rests upon you at all times. Discipleship1, 225:ray is the third. Owing to the pressure of the times and of the work for this immediate cycle, youDiscipleship1, 232:proved to you a place of soul satisfaction at times, and of conflict many times. And, my brother,Discipleship1, 232:soul satisfaction at times, and of conflict many times. And, my brother, you have made realDiscipleship1, 255:e'en if it be purely idealistically, or at times under the influence of glamor. Your astral body isDiscipleship1, 267:of a seemingly static condition; there may be times wherein the sense of futility is deep and real.Discipleship1, 270:and a more rapid spiritual reaction at all times should constitute the major emphasis from now on.Discipleship1, 276:periods of upheaval and rearrangement come at times - sometimes soul induced and sometimes asDiscipleship1, 279:bewildered and your fellowmen bewilder you at times. Seek for one year to bring to bear upon themDiscipleship1, 280:have recognized. You ask yourself, however, at times: "Of what specific usefulness am I, as anDiscipleship1, 282:distinction. I would ask you to correspond at times with a brother whose name I will give you. HeDiscipleship1, 283:to understand the practical significance of times and seasons, and their right and regulated use.Discipleship1, 293:hence the evidence of power which seizes you at times. Discipleship1, 298:half year period. The past few months have been times of difficulty to you, but they haveDiscipleship1, 298:to you, but they have nevertheless been times of real growth, even if you yourself sense it not.Discipleship1, 299:subjected, have been many and great, and several times the life of the group as a unit has beenDiscipleship1, 306:unduly anxious. Sound the Word, the 0. M. three times; once for your group brothers, then for yourDiscipleship1, 307:- D.L.R. February 1936 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIMES: I seek today to emphasize to you the need toDiscipleship1, 308:in the head as possible. Sound the O. M. three times inaudibly and, with the power of the creativeDiscipleship1, 314:or the teaching disciple. In the olden times, such a man left his home and his business and wentDiscipleship1, 318:the symbols, and have sounded the O. M. three times, then take as your seed thoughts the followingDiscipleship1, 326:the strong injunction to practice truth at all times. My word to you in my last instruction was toDiscipleship1, 326:ecstasy of divine knowledge which you know at times and which fails of right [327] expression inDiscipleship1, 333:This I think also you know and have at times experienced. It should deepen your love for yourDiscipleship1, 334:that sensed link of love is absent. You sense at times also my own vibration. This can be theDiscipleship1, 334:tuning on one or other of these four at separate times, noting results and registering anyDiscipleship1, 338:the presentation of moments of crisis. Face such times with detachment, with deep innerDiscipleship1, 342:reaction against receiving any outer help may at times militate against your progress. Your extremeDiscipleship1, 348:attention. It is of real value to a disciple at times to summarize achievement and to accept it. ADiscipleship1, 355:at need. You treat it oft too well, and yet at times you alternate good treatment with periods whenDiscipleship1, 356:you were told to sound the Sacred Word seven times consecutively. I wish you to take up now aDiscipleship1, 378:in reality. Fortunately (though unfortunately at times) this is offset by your first rayDiscipleship1, 383:moments of discouragement that all aspirants at times experience. It is because of thisDiscipleship1, 383:of needed discipline, I would suggest that three times a day - morning, high noon and evening - youDiscipleship1, 394:physical suffering and pain, accompanied, at times by bewilderment. Is this not so? But none ofDiscipleship1, 395:been subjected to the strain of constant and, at times, serious ill health, with its consequentDiscipleship1, 396:of differing kinds, basic bad health at all times, plus the serious accident of the immediate past,Discipleship1, 396:light of the "Lighted Way," but the clouds at times and at present seem to him very thick. L. T.Discipleship1, 405:let the soul respond by sounding the O.M. three times as it "takes possession" of the personalityDiscipleship1, 418:Serve and work. Conserve your health at all times. Seek to link up with D. L. R. You can serve eachDiscipleship1, 418:have had a time of difficulty, my brother. Such times are growing times and serve to train theDiscipleship1, 418:difficulty, my brother. Such times are growing times and serve to train the disciple. The deeperDiscipleship1, 419:thence freer, richer and more useful. There come times in the life of every true aspirant when heDiscipleship1, 421:is in each and all of you will, and can, and oft-times does, light your path of life. TheDiscipleship1, 421:value and reward of joy. Sound the OM three times audibly, with the thought in mind as you soundDiscipleship1, 433:Your moments of deep depression (mounting at times in the past almost to crises of despair), areDiscipleship1, 440:the reality of service. I stand by you at all times. [441] Discipleship1, 441:more directly from the soul, has caused you at times a certain amount of bewilderment, as all entryDiscipleship1, 442:world of being, it has been difficult for you at times to interpret other phenomenal happenings.Discipleship1, 443:this [443] consciousness with you at all times and dealing with your associates and those whom youDiscipleship1, 446:effort which is the most potent at all times. I would ask you, in view of the past year's events,Discipleship1, 446:of the occult position, but it is of value at times to reiterate. In the case of students such asDiscipleship1, 454:knowledge of an illumined mind. You ask me at times: "What prevents fuller light andDiscipleship1, 454:must not loom so large that it shuts out, at times, that to which it is consecrated; neither must aDiscipleship1, 481:if it has been worth while. You feel at times that you can do no more; you are still a soldier,Discipleship1, 487:left now with which to feel, and at other times you feel too much. You feel that there is nothingDiscipleship1, 489:to cope and which grow out of the urgency of the times and the necessity of the work that, if youDiscipleship1, 496:so. You do the minimum of work for us in these times of stress, instead of the maximum. Yet, myDiscipleship1, 500:invoke and evoke their own souls. When you do at times cast your eye over your personalityDiscipleship1, 517:to you. Physical disability is the refuge some times of those who feel that their lives do notDiscipleship1, 535:lot is cast, but you should also have definite times for the life of a disciple. In putting theDiscipleship1, 540:it also gives a measure of narrowness which at times handicaps you. Your physical body is on theDiscipleship1, 540:however, from the physical vehicle which, at times, engrosses your attention, and shift it alsoDiscipleship1, 541:yet, with the exception of some words spoken at times to friends and acquaintances and theDiscipleship1, 546:as yet. It is a meditation which I give at times to my pupils and is called a "Meditation on the
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