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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIMES

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Discipleship2, 480:time you anticipate. Sound the OM softly seven times. May peace and courage abide with you, myDiscipleship2, 483:desired contact have been negative, and this at times when you yourself wanted closer rapport.Discipleship2, 490:projected sensitivity. Then sound the OM three times, bearing these directions in mind. Take thenDiscipleship2, 491:Light descend on Earth," and sound the 0M three times. Please note that the OM in this meditationDiscipleship2, 493:soul on mental levels, in the world of glamor at times also, and exoterically upon the physicalDiscipleship2, 496:dwelling in my form." Then sound the OM three times: Sound it mentally, breathing forth radiance onDiscipleship2, 508:greatly aid you. Sound the OM inaudibly three times. Then, having achieved inner quiet and relaxedDiscipleship2, 509:your Master. Sound the OM inaudibly again three times, and then proceed about your daily work. MyDiscipleship2, 510:due. Go forward, my brother. These are troubled times, and steady centers of light in every landDiscipleship2, 512:to which I here refer. It affects also at times the quality of your impact upon people andDiscipleship2, 515:group. The following exercise can be done four times and repeated three times each day: Stand withDiscipleship2, 515:can be done four times and repeated three times each day: Stand with your arms outspread in theDiscipleship2, 527:and that it almost sweeps you off your feet at times; you know you are more prone to criticism thanDiscipleship2, 537:of this last statement of mine. In all times of decision enumerate to yourself the number of livesDiscipleship2, 538:as follows: During your past life you have five times made certain definite decisions. By means ofDiscipleship2, 544:disturbing your mind. It intrudes powerfully at times into your consciousness. Up till now - afterDiscipleship2, 546:in time and space, there come lives wherein - at times - a soul problem (as the personalityDiscipleship2, 557:a deeper intent. Sound the OM inaudibly three times, as a physical person, as an emotional person,Discipleship2, 559:are and in spite of a physical vehicle which at times gives you much trouble and difficulty. LetDiscipleship2, 561:The loneliness of your life warrants at times my endorsing any spiritual confidence of which youDiscipleship2, 562:remember however, my brother, that there are times when the Master, speaking technically, goes intoDiscipleship2, 567:towards the soul. Then sound the OM three times as the soul, flooding the triple instrument withDiscipleship2, 568:from now until eternity. Sound the OM three times inaudibly. Call on me when you will, but only atDiscipleship2, 570:sacrifice. The temptation of many people these times is oft to evade the issue and find in theDiscipleship2, 571:who serve their fellowmen for which we look at times; when found, it indicates a world server. ThisDiscipleship2, 573:to which I referred above. Sound the OM six times as the soul, sending the energy To the mind, andDiscipleship2, 580:that we work in a peculiarly close manner at all times and you are very active in the work of myDiscipleship2, 580:from me at various annual points. We talk at times throughout the year, and this again you know.Discipleship2, 584:home and practice, the anxieties incident to the times and the constant sense of frustration haveDiscipleship2, 590:not adapted to your nature. Sound the OM three times, withdrawing your consciousness as you do soDiscipleship2, 591:use during the day's work. Sound the OM three times inaudibly. This should only take a few minutesDiscipleship2, 596:importance - Regent of Europe. I have also at times referred to the Master who is responsible forDiscipleship2, 611:growth of increased understanding, in a sense at times of a greatly heightened vibration, and alsoDiscipleship2, 639:worlds of experience, Then sound the OM three times in order to clarify the mind; quiet allDiscipleship2, 640:are factors upon which you can at all times assuredly count. Discipleship2, 642:for the seal of silence. Then sound the OM seven times and proceed with the group meditation. TheseDiscipleship2, 660:no fixed objective in your mind. Do this six times. Then sound the OM again after a pause (thusDiscipleship2, 661:upon the physical plane, sound the 0M three times. I would remind you that these soul qualities,Discipleship2, 687:by the power of thought. Then sound the OM three times, breathing out the energy of the soul intoDiscipleship2, 687:united with the personality, sound the 0M seven times, breathing it out into your environment.Discipleship2, 702:your soul, with the Ashram and with me three times a day. I would ask you to do this with aDiscipleship2, 704:a need for a more loving understanding at times isolates you from your fellowmen, particularly fromDiscipleship2, 708:rule, which is a great safeguard; and in those times when your personality impulses haveDiscipleship2, 708:behalf of others. You are impulsive, and this at times creates temporary difficulties, but theDiscipleship2, 708:measure what she has so largely given you. At times you fail to grasp the strength of her belief inDiscipleship2, 720:hum of many bees and gay with butterflies. Ten times a bell rings out. Its tone is deep and clearDiscipleship2, 721:the center of the Ashram I can be found at all times, but only when you can penetrate there withDiscipleship2, 724:that these affirmations, affirmed by you three times a day, will suffice to calm your mind and turnDiscipleship2, 730:those of higher initiate status, fall short at times. One of the things which I said at my lastDiscipleship2, 731:soul energy (undirected by an illumined mind) at times stimulates it and the glamor can take effectDiscipleship2, 732:again along some line. E'en the Masters fail at times to pass through one or other of the highestDiscipleship2, 734:in reception of contacts, as it is called at times, has a real relationship to the growth ofDiscipleship2, 740:might call it predilection, to use your mind at times when the simple acquiescence of a lovingDiscipleship2, 744:Rapid alignment and the sounding of the OM three times. Focusing the consciousness in the soul withDiscipleship2, 744:high a point as possible. Then sound the OM four times. This is followed by a pause. The followingDiscipleship2, 745:time should now be past. I stand by you at all times, but you must now come forth into steadfastDiscipleship2, 747:sound the OM - as the directing disciple - seven times, slowly and inaudibly. Use this exercise asDiscipleship2, 748:aura with which the Head of the Hierarchy at all times surrounds certain work undertaken by theDiscipleship2, 750:of your life expression. To this, your soul at times takes exception and will do so increasingly.Discipleship2, 751:right. Such choice has indeed been right at times, but it has not always been so in spite of theDiscipleship2, 752:your vibration reaches upward so intensively at times as to sound within the periphery of theDiscipleship2, 752:plus a mistaken interpretation of duty at times. Know you not, my brother, that those who are atDiscipleship2, 755:world. [755] Then sound the OM softly seven times, concentrating upon the picture of this sunDiscipleship2, 759:of unity and of oneness with all beings, yet at times we must learn the lessons of loneliness andEducationcreated to express the growing concern of our times for the spiritual basis of our civilization. InEducation, vi:from all regional cultures in their local times and places. These universal principles will thenEducation, xi:specialized areas of study. "Until contemporary times, there has been little need for such anEducation, 39:in the current racial idealism. In Atlantean times, the idea that predominated was basicallyEducation, 43:of awareness is concerned. Even in Atlantean times there were those who comprehended theEducation, 54:these three knowledge petals opened in Lemurian times and brought a measure of light to theEducation, 54:of humanity. The second opened in Atlantean times and brought light to the astral plane. And in ourEducation, 73:be himself - an individual (which seems at all times so desirable and necessary) - and in which theEducation, 80:to sensed world need and to the demands of the times. Education is the training, intelligentlyEducation, 103:of life itself. He is taught [103] that in times of great emergency he, as an individual, does notEducation, 133:or the most desirable. The necessity of the times will eventually produce radical changes in theExternalisation, 38:That has been its problem since Atlantean times, and the climaxing of its effort is imminent andExternalisation, 41:as far as the soul is concerned. In Atlantean times, this condition was evoked and hence theExternalisation, 48:humanity which came to the planet in Atlantean times (having individualized elsewhere), constituteExternalisation, 56:of Light. Two lesser Techniques I have at times called to your attention and with these we willExternalisation, 69:universal implications which the signs of the times portray and not be entirely engrossed with theExternalisation, 77:for that was his major problem in early Lemurian times when the race came into a world that had inExternalisation, 104:you produce in your environment during those times when you do succeed in living as souls, and areExternalisation, 112:place in practically every nation in modern times and have been recognized to some degree, and uponExternalisation, 119:selfish and a fighting animal with, however, at times, vague tendencies towards something dimlyExternalisation, 120:reaction began to develop. Hitherto, in Lemurian times, desire and instinct were identical. PonderExternalisation, 120:man knows practically nothing. But, in Atlantean times, the lines of demarcation between whatExternalisation, 121:aspiration) steadily grew during Atlantean times and this early civilization began to demonstrateExternalisation, 121:than do the intelligentsia. In those far-off times, the only people who had any true measure ofExternalisation, 127:to the conflict and the leaders in Atlantean times. Suffice it to say that many of the sameExternalisation, 148:Brothers of the race, but will be free at all times to reject that impression and to proceed asExternalisation, 155:with a sure touch and a judgment as to times and seasons cannot be so used by those motivated byExternalisation, 160:is made to the pool which was stirred at times by the Angel and thus a condition was produced whichExternalisation, 174:least, as that of your effort in May, 1936. The times are ripe for a response to these ideas; theExternalisation, 184:These have all upset the rhythm [184] of their times and have come to power through aggression andExternalisation, 204:must concern ourselves. They are, and will be, times of great difficulty and of painful conflictExternalisation, 221:consciousness. That action has to be taken, at times, which hurts or damages the form side of lifeExternalisation, 222:and reconstruction. Their Presence is sensed at times by the spiritually-minded people of theExternalisation, 222:metaphysical bias recognize, however, that all times of emergency seem ever to evoke some LiberatorExternalisation, 222:- under the stress and strain of the times - the new and needed fresh cycle of civilization andExternalisation, 232:apparent to those who ponder the signs of the times with an unprejudiced mind, unbiased thought and
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