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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TIMES

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Healing, 59:rampant at a certain stage in Atlantean times, is nevertheless a disease which has been generatedHealing, 61:In the secret of right understanding of times and cycles, and of periodic reproductive creation,Healing, 62:"left-over" from the sexual excesses of Lemurian times, an inherited taint, if you like. Egos whoHealing, 69:condition and began its career in Atlantean times, it means but little to the average man today. HeHealing, 170:plexus came into full functioning in Atlantean times, during the period wherein the second greatHealing, 201:as well as psychological, and in our Aryan times we shall see an increasing amount of diseases ofHealing, 223:explain the phenomena which can be noted at all times when war is present and which in the worldHealing, 226:civilization which flourished in early Atlantean times twelve million years ago; naught is known atHealing, 227:those who were present in later Atlantean times and who are, therefore, the flower and the highestHealing, 227:are misused. The great original sin in Lemurian times was sexual in nature, and due largely notHealing, 227:of the syphilitic diseases traces back to these times. There is a beautiful idea in the minds ofHealing, 228:to stimulation. The initiate in Lemurian times was one who had completely mastered the control ofHealing, 231:appropriated. Just as the major sins of Lemurian times (if they could be called sins in any trueHealing, 233:or form of the original law (imposed in Lemurian times) which said: "The soul that sinneth, itHealing, 244:complete cessation of vitality within a form. "Times of perishing" are cyclic manifestations of theHealing, 255:in adopting new techniques and methods; it is at times too slow, but the case of the new mode ofHealing, 312:will be either emotional or mental, and at brief times, and from a purely physiological standpoint,Healing, 314:condition will stimulated and the trouble many times increased. The curing of cancer in the earlyHealing, 328:body. This brings about serious difficulties at times and often hinders true physical healing, onHealing, 341:high contacts are easier than at other [341] times, but it is right here, my brother, that theHealing, 390:and individual healers will find it necessary at times to confront their patients with the fact ofHealing, 396:be more wise than heretofore. When the medium at times succeeds in establishing true communication,Healing, 401:The highly intellectual also argue at times that the crowning gift to humanity is a developed andHealing, 436:evidenced increasingly in these difficult times. The sin of murder is in reality based upon theHealing, 437:our most practiced activities. We have died many times and shall die again and again. Death isHealing, 476:is the point where the physical elemental can at times regain its hold upon the etheric body, ifHealing, 479:are adding to man's capacity to help, to cure at times, to ameliorate [480] frequently, and toHealing, 527:aura and not the hands. Power to practice at all times complete harmlessness. "The method used byHealing, 537:capable of development. As I have several times said in this treatise, there is nothingHealing, 574:technique. It is useful nevertheless to see at times the distant goals. All that is at presentHealing, 576:of emerging. It might be said that: In Lemurian times these rules were accepted by members of theHealing, 576:ascertain them or work with them. In Atlantean times they were externalized to the extent thatHealing, 579:a stabilized contact with the soul. In Atlantean times, the shift of the attention from the denseHealing, 632:I have touched upon this subject several times in the course of this teaching upon healing. It isHealing, 633:the spiritual healer will call in the doctor in times of emergency. Healing, 639:by a soul, by a living man. [639] I have several times used the expression "isolated form," for itHealing, 641:Speaking symbolically, therefore, there are times in which the life of these lunar lords are soHealing, 641:withdrawn, leaving the lunar lords alone. At times (because it is also in the planning of the soul)Healing, 659:as a copartner in the medical science of modern times. Hercules, 7:humanity is concerned, and a larger study of the times and seasons may bring to us a widerHercules, 9:are the various details of the dramatic and oft-times amusing story of his efforts upon the path ofHercules, 18:living in a physical body, but capable at times, like St. Paul, of being "caught up to the thirdHercules, 64:the relationship (presumed from most ancient times to exist) between the stars of the Pleiades andHercules, 68:entire heavenly host", for it is ten or twelve times brighter than any other star of the firstHercules, 87:or disciple, for we go round the zodiac many times.) There are eighty-three stars in this sign, theHercules, 90:the Good Shepherd, and he has been depicted many times as the shepherd leading his sheep. TheHercules, 106:and its number 6 is, therefore, three times potent. Ten is the number of completion. Six expresses,Hercules, 142:Tibetan's plain statement that there were three times three, or nine tests. The version used byHercules, 163:The caterpillar, we are told, reincarnates five times; it sloughs its skin five times, five is theHercules, 163:five times; it sloughs its skin five times, five is the number of man. Then there comes thatHercules, 180:the Teacher summoned Hercules. "Eleven times the wheel has turned, and now you stand before anotherHercules, 197:it back to kill the one who sent it forth. At times he lost his way, but always Hercules turnedHercules, 227:test for humanity, and which, if we study the times and seasons, appears that to which humanity isInitiation, 7:one thing; we err when we attempt to fix stated times or limits; all in evolution progressesInitiation, 37:and once or twice from cosmic sources, have at times lent their aid and dwelt briefly upon ourInitiation, 41:right Egos on the different rays at the correct times and seasons. With all these groups we haveInitiation, 51:three great Lords are counted in making the nine times seven necessary for the work. Of theseInitiation, 56:devotion which manifested in earlier Christian times amongst the martyrs. He himself is rather aInitiation, 58:work, taking over from them for certain stated times some of their pupils and disciples. He worksInitiation, 79:higher planes and his own inner God produces at times peculiar results upon his environment. ItInitiation, 87:lies ahead; the initiate is in a position at all times to recognize the other members of the GreatInitiation, 90:under him those who are to assist him in future times. This refers only to those who stay to helpInitiation, 94:OF INITIATION It has been emphasized many times in the occult teachings that the process ofInitiation, 106:shall fill the vacant posts; he it is who, four times a year, meets in conference with all theInitiation, 106:with initiates of lesser degree, but only at times of great crises, when some individual is givenInitiation, 117:and thus controls (within karmic limits) his own times and seasons. The karma here referred to isInitiation, 129:Chohan of the ray. It is produced only at stated times, when specific work has to be done. It isInitiation, 130:each recurring world period, and therefore seven times in the history of a planetary scheme. TheInitiation, 142:of withdrawal. This is the basis of the set times an seasons in connection with the initiationInitiation, 143:is taken of favorable solar conditions. The times and seasons are ascertained through esotericInitiation, 156:matter. It involves a realization of cycles; of times and of seasons; it supposes a knowledge ofInitiation, 199:of preparation for initiation he will, three times a day, keep a written account of theIntellect, 9:by the din of our modern civilization and yet at times we catch those overtones which testify to aIntellect, 10:non-material one. We even deny its existence at times. We face the inevitable experience, which weIntellect, 74:direct experience, and the keynote of our modern times can be summed up in the words "FromIntellect, 97:the highest impulse which he can register at all times and at any cost. When this obedience isIntellect, 170:of the greatest significance, because in all times and places it appears as the unconditionalIntellect, 177:with impartiality - that there have been at all times those who knew, those who had penetrated toIntellect, 206:The organization of the thought life at all times everywhere, and, secondly, the practice ofIntellect, 206:and we steadily guide our thoughts at all times along certain chosen lines, making ourselves thinkIntellect, 233:farther than hours of effort given three or four times a month. It has been truly said thatIntellect, 249:longings and ideas of the mystics of all times, or, equally, they can tune in on the fears of theIntellect, 260:- sex. There should be an endeavor at all times to keep the energy contacted in the head and toIntellect, 260:of group activity. The tendency in modern times to find the one-pointed thinker and purely mentalMagic, 5:to accepted discipleship in our own peculiar times, state and environment. To do this we will takeMagic, 63:disciple is walking in the sunlight and at other times in the dark; sometimes he knows the joy ofMagic, 63:and he seems to be able to really aid; at other times he feels that he has naught to offer and hisMagic, 69:Only the highly advanced man can know the times and seasons and can adequately discern the subtleMagic, 136:the failure to sacrifice the personality at all times in order to make the intuitive realizationMagic, 139:employ him. The wrong angle has been, at times, over-emphasized and the reverse of this taught. TheMagic, 177:though the direct voice has had its use at times. The higher mental methods are more advanced andMagic, 199:work of the twelve creative Hierarchies, twelve times twelve, and thus the bringing together of theMagic, 231:days. Such disciples are in conscious contact at times with their soul forces and for them there isMagic, 239:would suggest that they memorize and use at all times when swept by illusory fears and needlessMagic, 249:which was the "midway spot" in early Atlantean times, and is still the midway point in theMagic, 250:go astray - temporarily it may be, but the times are so critical that it is a matter to be deploredMagic, 264:in one life heightening his vibration several times. See therefore how the life of all aspirants,Magic, 313:It should also be remembered that in Lemurian times their influence was constructive, for in thoseMagic, 313:even into self-consciousness in those very early times. Close to our earth, on the road to rebirth,Magic, 323:have its ebb and flow, as all else in nature. Times of activity succeed times of pralaya, and
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