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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TODAY

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Astrology, 471:limitations of Virgo. These three energies are today playing potently on humanity, producing: TheAstrology, 472:to be found in varying degrees in humanity today. Astrology, 479:that of interlaced circles. The effort on Earth today (as seen by the planetary Logos) is to bringAstrology, 484:of the world aspirants, disciples and initiates. Today, this dual movement of energies is going on,Astrology, 485:great signs - Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius - are today exceedingly active and working in closeAstrology, 485:individual is potent in its mass effect and today, through the stress of circumstance and the direAstrology, 485:towards individual self-consciousness is today enormously intensified as is the parallelingAstrology, 486:that will produce the New Age, can be seen today in the trend of all the new movements, in theAstrology, 487:Outgoing; this has become increasingly apparent. Today, Capricorn is producing a third crisis inAstrology, 490:I mean, that these seven triangles of energy are today pouring their force through one of theAstrology, 490:one of the constellations in each triangle. 2. Today, the following points of the triangles ofAstrology, 490:towards liberty, release and light, so dominant today, is caused by the energy of this sign. Ray IVAstrology, 490:and of self-consciousness, so prevalent today on a world scale. Ray VI - Sagittarius: This signAstrology, 491:major task of transmitting second ray energy. Today the world is focused (spiritually orAstrology, 491:relatively inactive in the triangle of Ray III. Today there is no true balance but the oppositionAstrology, 492:of the Mysteries. [492] Aquarius is not today the active point for the transmission of the energyAstrology, 499:beyond what I have given you, you cannot go today. But the aftermath of the war will change allAstrology, 499:will emerge in a manner undreamed of today by any of you - even the most advanced thinkers.Astrology, 505:factors in the existent divine manifestation. Today, the significance of will and its distinctionAstrology, 518:and racial consciousness which humanity is today demonstrating - a consciousness which shows as aAstrology, 520:that what is truly taking place in the world today is the transference of the energy of theAstrology, 521:which is going on under our eyes and which is today at a point of crisis. As this is the Aryan orAstrology, 521:materialistic and untrue sense) there are today in the body of Him in Whom we live and move andAstrology, 521:and Western Asia. Tokyo - For the Far East. Today, these five centers are being abnormally andAstrology, 526:the clue to the various happenings taking place today and will understand the goal [527] and theAstrology, 527:through the five major centers in the planet today, spiritual energy is streaming forth, andAstrology, 539:functioning in the field of the planetary life today as never before. The greater effect isAstrology, 539:is seen demonstrating in human affairs today. It was responsible for the organization which layAstrology, 541:increasingly dominant. The issues involved in today's situation are becoming clearer in the mindsAstrology, 542:group work. Hence the trend towards amalgamation today, towards federation, spheres of action andAstrology, 542:of this age of major conflict. Humanity is today participating in the preparatory tests forAstrology, 542:eleven is the number of the Initiate and that today it is the eleventh house which is so dominant;Astrology, 543:the possibilities confronting the world of men today; the issue is dependent upon the final triumphAstrology, 544:in likewise the influences of Libra. You find today a cycle wherein an appropriate balance or pointAstrology, 545:of the spiritual nature of the people (as is today the case); of educational processes which failAstrology, 547:expression. Such are the influences which today are dominating the world, finding expressionAstrology, 548:influences 2. Three Major Planetary Influences Today Within the solar system itself, three of theAstrology, Saturn:by self-initiation - is the demand of man today. The stars declare it and decree it. The HierarchyAstrology, 567:in the death of the form. This we see happening today. In His triumph over death and in HisAstrology, 570:is true of the individual disciple and also today of humanity as a whole, and - as I have oft toldAstrology, 570:The two stages above outlined are present today in a general and potent sense in mankind. It wasAstrology, 570:of the mass of the people in the world, which is today more pronounced than ever before andAstrology, 572:of being transcended. The people in the world today are coming to realize (through suffering andAstrology, 579:(of a quality and a nature quite unpredictable today) will arrive. The war will have taughtAstrology, 582:Because, in its true expression, the Will today is needed as a propelling, expulsive force, andAstrology, 583:the release of humanity from the terror which is today stalking abroad, defying God and man. TheAstrology, 597:clue to Ray I. It is the Will which initiates. Today, as regards humanity, its highest realizationAstrology, 597:in manifestation. It is the Will to Unification. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expressionAstrology, 598:purpose. It is the Will to Evolution. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression isAstrology, 599:will. This is the Will to Harmonization. Today, its highest expression as regards humanity is theAstrology, 600:of the human Monad. This is the Will to Action. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expressionAstrology, 601:Life, Being. This is the Will to Causation. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression isAstrology, 601:and lives. It is the Will towards Expression. Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression isAstrology, 601:of Being itself arrives - in time and space today (in the mind of God) at full consummation. [602] Astrology, 628:of the form nature and upon the phenomenal side. Today, however, the evolutionary process can beAstrology, 665:the Moon." (Vol. I, 212) (i.e., as the soul is today the satellite of form.) "The Moon is theAtom, 72:but only for the profoundest optimism. Many today are upset and distraught because the foundationsAtom, 98:of love-wisdom, and of will or power. Today we are stepping out of the matter aspect ofAtom, 107:and realizations that lie ahead of man today. In these three paramount, or major senses, hearing,Atom, 114:is Theirs. There is great interest everywhere today in this subject of initiation, and anAtom, 148:This prior stage is very apparent in the world today. A large percentage of the human family is inAtom, 148:when the second stage is entered. In the world today there are also units of the human family whoAutobiography, 4:to indicate some of the new trends in the world today which are definitely influencing mankind andAutobiography, 6:childhood) ; who is naturally so shy that even today, if she has to go to a luncheon party, has toAutobiography, 17:her period and the portrait of her which hangs today in Cardoness Castle, Kirkcudbrightshire, is ofAutobiography, 24:minutes of our lives were arranged for and even today I can see the chart hung on the wall of [25]Autobiography, 25:I have never forgotten the humiliation and even today, more than fifty years later, I am stillAutobiography, 36:on the part of beginners and I see a lot of it today in connection with various occult groups.Autobiography, 37:relationship has become closer and closer until today I can, at will, contact Him. This willingnessAutobiography, 40:my mind. My life was henceforth colored (and is today) by the knowledge that there were Masters andAutobiography, 47:absolutely sure (how wonderful that seems to me today and how delightfully young) of everything -Autobiography, 49:to be amused at myself. I was in deadly earnest. Today, I can laugh and today I am quite sure thatAutobiography, 49:I was in deadly earnest. Today, I can laugh and today I am quite sure that I do not have all theAutobiography, 50:knowing that my point of view would be right. Today, I often feel that there is just a chance thatAutobiography, 51:manuscripts of the Bible." How I would today like to ask them where these autographed manuscriptsAutobiography, 60:at that time and I believe in conversion today. I believed in the power of Christ to save then andAutobiography, 60:then and I believe in it a thousandfold more today. I know that people can turn from the error ofAutobiography, 78:I can only remember two of the [78] tracts today. One was called, "Why the Bee Stung Mother" (and IAutobiography, 79:that, looking back, I would hate to handle even today. Once a murderer took refuge with me havingAutobiography, 90:How I failed in the past does not matter, but today I must not fail. I've always been annoyed atAutobiography, 91:they are few and far between. I know that I am today what many, many lives of experience and bitterAutobiography, 91:also be a sorry story. If I have any wisdom today and if any of us manage to avoid the grosserAutobiography, 92:reap" does [92] work; it eternally works. So today we do not do these things, because we did notAutobiography, 98:for me and I often wonder if I would be alive today had it not been for them. One of them wasAutobiography, 99:those days) and corset-covers, never seen today and as obsolete as the Dodo. One thing I will sayAutobiography, 107:my belief that the problem cannot be solved today (I make no prophecy about the future) byAutobiography, 108:it off by heart and she was as good as her word. Today there is nothing about laundry work that IAutobiography, 110:those days were not as comfortable as they are today. Again I received kindness which I did notAutobiography, 121:it and working hard to help. One handicap comes today from the Jews themselves. Personally, I haveAutobiography, 124:in the Word of God. Life is so full of movement today, of heroes, of beauty, of tragedy andAutobiography, 142:divinity of the sons of God, and a son of God today may be a very different expression of divinityAutobiography, 143:up stairs I conquered the heart trouble until today she is the strongest member of the family.Autobiography, 144:brilliancy and the glare of modern Hollywood today. It was then a gentler and sweeter place. IAutobiography, 146:lack of any international consciousness. And today the U.S.A. with its youthful exuberance, itsAutobiography, 150:own innate fears. This is very terribly true today. Fear and horror rule the world and it is easyAutobiography, 167:which has a definitely good physical effect. Today, as the result of twenty-seven years work withAutobiography, 169:that time took a firm and unshakable stand, and today (1945) in view of the unspeakable atrocities,Autobiography, 172:part of the great Theosophical Movement which is today sweeping the world. This movement is notAutobiography, 175:be the words: "She died smothered in papers." Today my record is about 6000 letters per yearAutobiography, 177:has been very good for the occult movement for today the word occultism has a respectable
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