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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TODAY

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Bethlehem, 110:in the field of Christian interpretation today tells us that "all they who are destined for theBethlehem, 112:Is it not apparent that there are in the world today two dominant concepts, both of them passingBethlehem, 120:the specious arguments used then, and being used today by many teachers and schools of thought.Bethlehem, 120:the temptations of the aspirants of the world today. Upon this theory many teachers and groupsBethlehem, 122:could not hold Him; from that He stood free. Today the World Aspirant, humanity, stands confrontedBethlehem, 122:will be so regarded. If one feels, as do many today, that the solution of the problem lies in aBethlehem, 124:It is interesting to realize that humanity today stands in the glamor of doubt. Doubt is on everyBethlehem, 126:find ourselves. But the doubt in the world today will be solved only when men bring to bear uponBethlehem, 130:state or kingdom, as is so frequently the case today. Dr. van der Leeuw tells us: "If we wouldBethlehem, 138:be present, but it is deeply hidden. However, today, through our psychological investigations, muchBethlehem, 138:all the saints testify. The entire human family today is split on the rock of duality. Either theBethlehem, 139:lower self. One of the things that is happening today is the [140] discovery of the existence ofBethlehem, 140:of divinity, is the glorious heritage of mankind today. This is what was revealed at theBethlehem, 145:Who, in His Own Person, would embody, as He does today, the future achievement and the goal of theBethlehem, 145:God, have been revealed to us by Christ. For us today, and for our immediate goal, Christ stands asBethlehem, 163:Christ alive from all time, and vitally alive today, is the keynote of the new age, and upon thisBethlehem, 168:important contributions to life as it is lived today. He said in effect: God loves the world; allBethlehem, 168:through the medium of an immaculate conception. Today only a few of the younger generation careBethlehem, 169:close study of [169] the ideals and ideas which today, without exception, underlie every one of theBethlehem, 169:era of Service, even if we are only beginning today (two thousand years after He set us an example)Bethlehem, 179:of His death to the average human being today? Are the facts of His life historically true; and wasBethlehem, 180:of the past, and are being reinterpreted today in terms of Christ. Therefore, mankind being moreBethlehem, 180:grasp of God's consciousness, mankind is only today beginning to see a world and a humanity readyBethlehem, 183:signs of the zodiac," and the church festivals today are based, not upon historical dates inBethlehem, 185:of religion has so successfully veiled, and today refuses to recognize. The Heavenly Man is todayBethlehem, 185:today refuses to recognize. The Heavenly Man is today pendant in the Heavens, as He has been sinceBethlehem, 187:This practice will end because the world today demands a living Christ rather than a dead Savior.Bethlehem, 187:demands a blood sacrifice. Intelligent people today must agree that "...modern thought does notBethlehem, 188:the need of the deeply spiritual humanity of today. "Nations, like individuals," we are told, "areBethlehem, 189:The sons of God are ready to be manifested. Today as never before: "The Spirit Himself bearsBethlehem, 191:whole race is at the point of so doing. Although today men are predominantly animal-emotional, yetBethlehem, 191:it is a hopeful and spiritual sign that we are today so [192] busy cleaning house, and thusBethlehem, 193:strongly marked inferiority complex with which today psychologists have to deal. Against this senseBethlehem, 195:Initiation - The Crucifixion How then is it that today we have such an emphasis upon the bloodBethlehem, 197:sometimes what the world would have been like today if the exponents of the Christian faith hadBethlehem, 197:in the consciousness of the race, and only today are we slowly beginning to realize a differentBethlehem, 199:thus gives substance to a truth which is only today beginning to be a known fact - the truth ofBethlehem, 200:of us as the eternal omniscient soul of man. Today it is the risen Christ who is emerging into theBethlehem, 205:men. It is beginning to dawn upon the race today that the only real sin is to hurt another humanBethlehem, 210:is to materialize the kingdom of God on earth, today, here and now. The time is past wherein we canBethlehem, 210:world event which took place upon Calvary. But today as one looks back upon that event, a certainBethlehem, 224:His living Presence in all of us there exists today, subjective as yet, but awaiting immediateBethlehem, 225:emphasis has been laid upon the statement. Only today are we beginning to understand the meaning ofBethlehem, 225:to understand the meaning of what He did. Only today is the wonder of His sacrifice beginning toBethlehem, 225:and the service! These are the keynotes which today have in them that rallying power which theBethlehem, 226:too long by the dogmas of the past, and there is today a natural revolt against the idea ofBethlehem, 226:and from facing facts. It is essential that today we face the problem of the relation of Christ toBethlehem, 233:nature. Evolution moves slowly, and it is only today that we are truly on the verge of theBethlehem, 238:Occident. The outstanding need of Christianity today is to emphasize the living, risen Christ. WeBethlehem, 239:on the basis of the risen Christ - Christ alive today, Christ the source of inspiration and theBethlehem, 239:who live may know and follow; and Christ, alive today in every human heart, the guarantee of, andBethlehem, 242:What is the meaning of immortality? It is urgent today that we recover some form of faith in theBethlehem, 243:early part of the last century, and that we are today on the verge of a new era of truer spiritualBethlehem, 251:again. He lives. And some people in the world today do not need to have this fact proven to them.Bethlehem, 253:is now a general possibility. Humanity today, as a whole, faces towards life because its values areBethlehem, 254:to the fore. It has always been there, but today it can be seen, ushering in the consummation ofBethlehem, 257:at the conclusion that the need of the world today is for the recognition of a risen Savior. WeBethlehem, 257:rapidity. Science, religion and philosophy are today occupied with significance, and theirBethlehem, 262:the question of importance facing humanity today is, just what must be done in order to bring aboutBethlehem, 263:to found the new kingdom, then the breaking down today of the old forms, and the widespreadBethlehem, 264:exist as to subsequent reconstruction. Our need today is to see the hidden thread of purpose whichBethlehem, 270:he possesses, and every moment of his being. Today the call is going forth for Servers of the race,Bethlehem, 273:revelation. This is the challenge which today confronts the Christian Church. The need is forBethlehem, 275:sadly and deeply true that ", as he exists today, is not capable of survival. He must changeBethlehem, 275:kingdom. The same great expansion is imminent today. Man, the self-conscious being, can differBethlehem, 275:- the human and the spiritual - are with us today as always. They move with freedom in eitherBethlehem, 276:glorious future towards which man is oriented today, and for which all world events are preparingBethlehem, 278:the "Hidden [278] Man of the Heart" is the need today. The revelation of the Self within the selfBethlehem, 279:we have considered. It is whether or not we are today transiting out of the age of authority intoBethlehem, 280:of such significance for the race that only today are we in a position to grasp it. So occupiedBethlehem, 281:well-meaning men and women of the world are today [282] going up from Nazareth in Galilee toBethlehem, 283:something that is organizing slowly in the world today, its quality that of universality, and itsDestinywe call the human kingdom. To understand what is today taking place we must recognize that theseDestiny, 4:races as a whole. Humanity has reached a point today where there is a most sensitive response toDestiny, 5:type of the bulk of the manifesting humanity. Today these ray types are predominantly the secondDestiny, 5:first ray forces. Those energies which are today being invoked as the result of human need andDestiny, 6:demand has increased in volume and potency until today this great energy is making its presenceDestiny, 7:this time. In the books which are being written today in an effort to solve the problems of the whyDestiny, 8:for lack of understanding. Humanity is today more sensitive to ideas than ever before, and henceDestiny, 8:a point reached. The major ideas in the world today fall into five categories which it would beDestiny, 10:and understanding and hence I emphasize them today. It will be of value next if I connect up theDestiny, 10:centers of energy with the five rays which are today working towards the consummation of the PlanDestiny, 12:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today 1. The Influence of the Rays Today First: The mostDestiny, 12:of the Rays Today 1. The Influence of the Rays Today First: The most obvious and powerful force inDestiny, 12:The most obvious and powerful force in the world today is that of the first Ray of Will and Power.Destiny, 13:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today This particular and somewhat unusual ray energy isDestiny, 15:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today The true first ray personality who works inDestiny, 17:results. If you study the nations of the world today from this angle, you will see this ShamballaDestiny, 17:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today 2. The second way in which this dominant willDestiny, 17:as a mass sound for the first time. That voice today is [18] unmistakably expressive of the valuesDestiny, 21:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today Third: the major energy upon which we shall touchDestiny, 23:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today If we consider these three great planetary centersDestiny, 24:In the next solar system, the center which we today call Shamballa will manifest (intelligently andDestiny, 25:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today Forget not that behind all of them stands He WhomDestiny, 26:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today We have now considered the three major energiesDestiny, 27:be deduced but the general subject remains until today much too nebulous for certitude. I willDestiny, 28:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today As to the prevision with which I shall deal,Destiny, 30:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today These three groups of people, influenced by theDestiny, 31:large number of second ray egos in incarnation today and their work and their lives will facilitateDestiny, 32:mind. This mind principle is peculiarly active today in a broad and general sense. If I might put
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