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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TODAY

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Destiny, 32:the directors and the leaders of humanity. Today, the horizontal activity of the mind, embracingDestiny, 32:is not yet, although the intense interest taken today in the phenomena of time indicates a growingDestiny, 32:will, when properly approached, reveal much that today remains a mystery. Destiny, 32:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today At this time, the whole world is embroiled in theDestiny, 33:of crisis is reached. This is what has occurred today, and humanity, subjected to two types orDestiny, 34:the problem of humanity as a whole. It is today for the first time definitely a humanitarianDestiny, 35:all strife in every department of world thought today is to be found the religious element. Destiny, 35:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today When the nature of the present struggle is betterDestiny, 35:different nations were not so potent as they are today. The situation was then relatively simple.Destiny, 36:experiments will be made (and are being made today) and many mistakes must inevitably take place.Destiny, 37:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today Let me illustrate these facts for you by means ofDestiny, 39:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today Pure religion, undefiled and spiritually focused,Destiny, 40:Christ" and the outstanding need of the Church today is to relinquish theology, to let go allDestiny, 40:I generalize. There are those in the Church today who do express all that I have stated and who areDestiny, 40:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today It should be here remembered that there are divineDestiny, 41:minds are some of the most dangerous factors today in world affairs. It will also be apparent toDestiny, 43:the appearance of all the many groups which are today investigating the nature of survival and theDestiny, 43:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today It is through the correct development ofDestiny, 43:is its outstanding characteristic and emphasis today) that the true nature of death and of theDestiny, 44:development. The masses of the people are today Atlantean in their consciousness and are onlyDestiny, 45:of the Nations - The Influence of the Rays Today If you have followed intelligently what I haveDestiny, 45:governed the race one thousand years ago have today assumed in our consciousness. Second: TheDestiny, 46:and because of this they definitely constitute today the major problem of the Hierarchy, so much soDestiny, 47:should bear in mind the fact that all are today primarily conditioned by the Law of Cleavages;Destiny, 48:of advanced humanity. This can be seen going on today on a large scale everywhere and it accountsDestiny, 48:people measure up to their opportunity. Today there are many thousands coming under the influenceDestiny, 57:pattern-forming tendency is being recognized today by modern psychology in connection with theDestiny, 59:road maker of Europe in the far distant past; today the British race (who are largely reincarnatedDestiny, 60:forms of government, prevalent in the world today, will - after making their great experiment andDestiny, 60:the indications of this happening can be seen today by those who have eyes to see and a developedDestiny, 64:countries and nations, owing to the fact that today and increasingly in the future, they will notDestiny, 64:and from one country to another, taking place today not only individually but also in groupDestiny, 65:voluntarily and not from force - is the way out today for all peoples. Ponder on this. [66] Destiny, 72:before the world. The lesson France has to learn today is that the salvation of others is the goalDestiny, 77:responsibility. What is happening in the world today is a world happening, not a continental andDestiny, 80:emergence into control is really taking place today in Berlin and upon the decision of thisDestiny, 87:of the German Italian axis. It, however, is not today the controlling factor. Ray 5. - ConcreteDestiny, 90:spiritualistic and occult groups which flourish today in the States. Ray 2. - Love-wisdom, viaDestiny, 92:the influences pouring into the United States today are very many; they relate the countryDestiny, 93:they form the five centers of "impelling energy" today. It may interest you also to know theDestiny, 94:of the centers through which spiritual energy is today flowing, but it must be remembered that theDestiny, 95:and racial consciousness which humanity is today demonstrating - a consciousness which shows as aDestiny, 95:great principle of sharing, so sorely needed today. I am not here speaking idealistically orDestiny, 100:cruelties and wrong doing), they were and are today seeking to cooperate with the Forces of LightDestiny, 101:the clue to the various happenings taking place today and will understand the goal and the methodDestiny, 102:through the five major centers in the planet today, spiritual energy is streaming forth, andDestiny, 106:and no combination of powers can hold him back. Today that combination is active - a combination ofDestiny, 107:on the plane of desire, and the world Arjuna is today sitting in bewilderment between the twoDestiny, 112:upon the formless expression of living truth. Today, whole masses of people and entire nations areDestiny, 113:of God have ever been ready to die for an idea; today, whole masses of men are equally ready andDestiny, 114:is a highly cherished mass virtue and objective today. This is a totally new thing and one whichDestiny, 117:integration between soul and personality is today more possible and more easily accomplished thanDestiny, 118:and still in their pristine magnificence, which today call for the attention of archeologists andDestiny, 120:power of that highest aspect over the initiate. Today, so many members of the human family - inDestiny, 122:deception. To this fact must be ascribed today the appearance of teachers, claiming to teach magic,Destiny, 125:more specialized state of development. This is today proceeding with rapidity. Diet and athletics,Destiny, 125:species of animals will also die out and are today disappearing, and hence the increasing emphasisDestiny, 132:to the requirement of their time and age, and today travel by rail or automobile (arriving at theDestiny, 135:- an attitude of non-receptivity. In the world today, the rays which are along the line of energyDestiny, 142:from Shamballa. Two thousand years from today, the influence of this ray will be felt powerfullyDestiny, 146:vision can see this happening upon every side today. The water-carrier (another name for the worldDestiny, 147:come to an end of our consideration of the world today and its dominating rays, working through theDestiny, 147:angles, even from the purely physical, for today we have a lighted world; everywhere lights are toDestiny, 147:earth in the form of the "light of knowledge." Today, education whose objective is to lead all menDestiny, 149:of the birth of Christ rings ever new but is not today understood. The emphasis during the AquarianDestiny, 150:Baptism in Jordan, and begin His public service. Today the many who in this life have taken theDestiny, 152:of the Aquarian Age. The vision in men's minds today is that of the Aquarian Age, even if theyDiscipleship1, X:without any particular sense of pressure. Today, in our speedier times and when the demand ofDiscipleship1, XI:There is far too much exclusiveness extant today among esotericists and in occult schools and tooDiscipleship1, XV:It is of importance that you realize that today something new is happening. There is the emergenceDiscipleship1, 6:so [6] much thought or potentially so illumined. Today, knowledge is widespread and many, manyDiscipleship1, 9:difficult for others. So many high-grade people today have an over-development of the analyticalDiscipleship1, 20:subordinated to the selfish desires of men, so today, they are being subordinated to the minds andDiscipleship1, 20:will be profoundly evil. The world situation today demonstrates this. For though material benefitDiscipleship1, 26:plane, so the problem before the Hierarchy today is to bring about a similar happening in the lifeDiscipleship1, 33:way and alone. This is not so. There are many today working intelligently with our plans, oftenDiscipleship1, 34:about the groups which are forming in the world today, under direction of the Masters. They willDiscipleship1, 37:to the work of the so-called magnetic healers of today. They work intelligently with the vitalDiscipleship1, 40:are closely related to the ninth group because today, unknowingly and without any trueDiscipleship1, 44:the Apostle Paul, and Meister Eckhart. Today, many are coming out along this way under the name ofDiscipleship1, 45:is what we are asking from all our disciples today, and we leave them free to render it or not asDiscipleship1, 55:- of the disciples and intuitives of the world today are standing together in a twofold activity:Discipleship1, 69:upon the verge of immediacy of expression. Today, they are working primarily upon the mental plane,Discipleship1, 70:of glamor and illusion. We seek to control them today mentally and theoretically. But only theDiscipleship1, 71:Many experiments are being carried forward today in the world by the various Members of theDiscipleship1, 72:seed groups are not the only units to be found today in the world. There are, for instance, severalDiscipleship1, 73:And, my brothers, it is world service that today is needed. [74] Discipleship1, 75:proceed apace. I have three things to say to you today as a group: First of all, the strength orDiscipleship1, 82:by many disciples and aspirants in the world today, particularly by those who are not close to theDiscipleship1, 85:expectant of that new thing which is so ready today to precipitate but which is being hindered fromDiscipleship1, 88:major lack in the character of many disciples today. They love those with whom they may beDiscipleship1, 93:studied the ancient writings of India (and who today has not read at least some of them?) you willDiscipleship1, 99:much if you spent some time in recalling it. But today make a new beginning - not for your ownDiscipleship1, 99:go. Many things contribute to the inertia that today seems to afflict many of the disciples of theDiscipleship1, 101:with all that is involved in world pain today and the sensitivity of those connected with theDiscipleship1, 108:steps. This is, however, an illusion. I wish today to give you a breathing exercise which willDiscipleship1, 110:- B.S.D. June 1935 BROTHER OF OLD: I seek today to make a somewhat careful analysis of theDiscipleship1, 125:your problems more truly and more fully. Today I seek to indicate the vehicles of force throughDiscipleship1, 134:are relatively free from glamor but the forces today are so strong that all disciples mustDiscipleship1, 135:wisdom and love of every disciple in the world today is earnestly needed. Humanity is demanding
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