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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TODAY

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Discipleship2, 317:this readiness was a purely individual matter; today it is something which is closely related to aDiscipleship2, 319:then, could he return for a consequent new hint. Today, this method is no longer being used, andDiscipleship2, 319:to the possibility of revelation. My one effort today is to indicate the relation betweenDiscipleship2, 319:Why the disciples? That human world planning is today the first indication of the emergence of theDiscipleship2, 320:of veils. The formula with which I present you today consists of three closely related words, andDiscipleship2, 323:all of them have been useful and true. Today I seek greatly to widen your conception of theseDiscipleship2, 324:mental development of disciples everywhere is today of such a caliber that it does not take as longDiscipleship2, 325:the masses of men everywhere. The mind factor is today alert, trained and controlling. These areDiscipleship2, 325:No time, therefore, need be lost, and there is today a constant series of initiations taking place.Discipleship2, 326:this hastened initiation process. Disciples are today witnessing the emergence of a solarDiscipleship2, 331:cycles of rapid initiation, as is the case [331] today. There are also Masters who are preparingDiscipleship2, 333:aspiration and understanding. 4. Initiation is today concerned with the group and not with theDiscipleship2, 336:as have so many thousands of people in the world today. Many have taken the second initiation,Discipleship2, 343:was obvious and clearly stated by the Master. Today, owing to man's greater intellectualDiscipleship2, 350:race, this being their major form of service. Today, owing to the pronounced development ofDiscipleship2, 352:and subtly sensed relationship which is today finding physical plane expression in the worldwideDiscipleship2, 353:who work constantly against the Forces of Light. Today, this distortion can be seen demonstratingDiscipleship2, 355:must always have in mind three things: A hint today will concern the group - its interrelation, itsDiscipleship2, 359:Initiation - Part VIII Hint Two. "Human planning today is one of the first indications of theDiscipleship2, 369:they have been formulated by the initiates of today and made visible in words. Revelation isDiscipleship2, 372:that appears or manifests. That is a platitude today, and humanity is increasingly aware of theDiscipleship2, 374:upon the level of daily living, disciples are today learning three things: the Technique ofDiscipleship2, 381:and it is for this that the Hierarchy is working today, where aspirants and disciples areDiscipleship2, 387:of the world. Hint II. - Human planning today is one of the first indications of the emergence ofDiscipleship2, 392:and particularly to the aspiring intelligentsia. Today two qualities are "tincturing" the ideal ofDiscipleship2, 406:with spiritual and focused intention; they are today taking place, which is the point I wish toDiscipleship2, 407:and not the Kingdom of God or of Souls. Today, as a result of a spiritual awakening which date fromDiscipleship2, 408:manifested Kingdom of God." Think in these terms today if you can, and begin to grasp somewhat theDiscipleship2, 409:or the radiatory activity of the Hierarchy is today more potent than at any time in human history.Discipleship2, 409:and disciples. These happenings are taking place today before the eyes of all men, even though muchDiscipleship2, 410:two initiations are likewise involved, there is today and will increasingly be need for groupDiscipleship2, 418:which he is Now doing. This hint is working out today in the consciousness of humanity as a whole:Discipleship2, 424:coincided with modern scientific discovery, for today it is recognized that everything that existsDiscipleship2, 428:great cleansing process and because in the world today there are many aspirants and disciples, theDiscipleship2, 456:- L.D.O. August 1946 MY BROTHER: I have for you today naught but a happy recognition. You haveDiscipleship2, 457:are attempting to do. The main hierarchical need today (apart from its need for workers) is theDiscipleship2, 458:of goal and of purpose is what the world needs today... I assign you no specific meditation. WorkDiscipleship2, 466:brothers is yours, and many, many people are today sending love to you and many, many minds areDiscipleship2, 470:crucifixion initiation is your right. The task today proffered you, and its incidental strain andDiscipleship2, 471:period in which our modern humanity lives; these today are unique and of disturbing importance;Discipleship2, 474:to your group brothers) that many disciples today - who, like yourself, are not engaged in anyDiscipleship2, 475:R.A.J. August 1942 The note sounds clear for you today, my chela and my friend. It is the hiddenDiscipleship2, 482:usefulness in the Ashram. If I were asked by you today what phase of your development shouldDiscipleship2, 487:I earlier impressed you and which seem to me today to be of major importance in your life, I wouldDiscipleship2, 498:type of service which they seek to render. But today disciples are learning that a fused andDiscipleship2, 498:the six statements I gave you a year ago? I want today to call your attention to the thirdDiscipleship2, 502:and ten of ordinary human enterprise, as you do today. The difficulty lies in the fact that,Discipleship2, 509:discontinued. I am, however, prompted to do so today because as I contacted you in my thought lifeDiscipleship2, 511:my brother, for your service is needed, but is today - if you will permit me to say so -Discipleship2, 521:BROTHER AND MY FRIEND: What I have to say to you today hinges upon one single question: Are youDiscipleship2, 527:the second initiation prepares the disciple. Today, you know you are full of emotion and that itDiscipleship2, 527:the latent emotion and all the glamor which are today enveloping you. As you considered the themeDiscipleship2, 528:and your condition would not be what it is today. You may well ask here: If all this is so, whatDiscipleship2, 530:broadened your nature. As a result you are aware today, as never before, how lack of love betrayedDiscipleship2, 533:of your response to circumstances, your life is today conditioned as it is. You will understandDiscipleship2, 536:interpretations are badly needed by aspirants today and by disciples everywhere, struggling withDiscipleship2, 541:STEADFAST HEART: I do not find as I approach you today that there is a great deal that I have toDiscipleship2, 546:are watching the disciples of the [546] world today are convinced, and that is that you are aDiscipleship2, 551:told you this; you would not have accepted it. Today you will and will profit thereby. Some yearsDiscipleship2, 551:worry, in self-condemnation or in refutation. Today you know better the meaning of occult obedienceDiscipleship2, 555:wisely and work ceaselessly. The opportunity today is great for all disciples everywhere, and theDiscipleship2, 560:much time and lives of choice and of radiation. Today sees many disciples - such as you - beingDiscipleship2, 572:world emergency. The problem of all disciples today is to achieve successful activity in theirDiscipleship2, 585:nothing spectacular or unusual to say to you today, and that in itself indicates much. You can beDiscipleship2, 588:soon become aware of it. This must suffice for today, my loyal friend and brother. There is much toDiscipleship2, 589:by indicating the type of worker needed today in the world, and much needed in the task you areDiscipleship2, 592:so eminently and essentially successful that today it demonstrates in the form of a myriad plansDiscipleship2, 592:and the great medical expansions, and which today is seeping into world government and beginning toDiscipleship2, 596:- J.W.K-P. November 1948 BROTHER OF MINE: Today in the ordinary course of events and as part of myDiscipleship2, 601:their racial coloring and consequent tendencies. Today I deal only with your peculiar difficultiesDiscipleship2, 617:the trend of events. All that is past and over. Today you stand clear - a disciple who can passDiscipleship2, 621:and of your emotional nature (which is today building around you an isolating barrier) beDiscipleship2, 637:W.D.S. August 1946 I have nothing to say to you today, my brother, of major moment. My lastDiscipleship2, 638:done much to help the work I planned. You are today among those interested in discovering theirDiscipleship2, 644:to complicate matters and you are, therefore, today facing your major life crisis and, I would add,Discipleship2, 645:lies a crisis of opportunity; you met it well. Today you face your crisis of expression and youDiscipleship2, 645:has received as theory and hypothesis. You stand today, my brother, at a major point of crisis andDiscipleship2, 656:This is the sumtotal of my brief word to you today; it will, I know, suffice. Take what I have saidDiscipleship2, 658:must be intensified. That your life problem today involves primarily three factors: The soul secondDiscipleship2, 669:and motivated by pure reason as the aspirant today has to be mental. Technically speaking, thatDiscipleship2, 669:plane of atma or pure spiritual will, just as today they work from the plane of buddhi or ofDiscipleship2, 671:human consciousness. That which is bliss is today here or on its way, and the disciples andDiscipleship2, 672:- D.H.B. August 1946 MY BROTHER: I approach you today with such complete understanding that IDiscipleship2, 672:and remote in its implications, and you are today wondering if I meant all that I said there and ifDiscipleship2, 673:purpose of my remarks in an earlier instruction? Today, few disciples realize that the Christ hasDiscipleship2, 678:so ardently and actively working in the world today? This A.A.B. told you, since which time youDiscipleship2, 678:and the rhythm of the Hierarchy behind it. Today the demand for things esoteric and occult and ofDiscipleship2, 680:and in the new expanding work. There is no place today for personal ambition, personal criticisms,Discipleship2, 681:beautiful than you know, seeing it as you do today through the windows of prejudice, pain andDiscipleship2, 682:and when this happens (as it is happening today) you are no longer a free agent. My underlyingDiscipleship2, 683:but prejudice, resentment and fear. But today I shall not deal with this. You know enough to dealDiscipleship2, 685:the sixth ray expression of the Christian era. Today the energies are concretizing and workingDiscipleship2, 692:Years ago and even months ago this was not so. Today, the second ray strains (if I may call themDiscipleship2, 697:you nine words for your mature consideration. Today, I will give you twelve seed thoughts whichDiscipleship2, 698:confront your steps. A new departure can today open the door to greater, fuller life. Move on. LetDiscipleship2, 716:and in confidence shall be my strength as I walk today the ways of earth. 2nd month - I descend inDiscipleship2, 716:as best I can. 5th month - Let love stream out today - from out my eyes, my hands, my feet, becauseDiscipleship2, 721:of closing the outer ashramic affiliation. Today it is closed, and I give you, therefore, a partingDiscipleship2, 725:Only to sidetrack you from the simple duty of today; only to feed that inclination on your part toDiscipleship2, 735:Such a proposition faces many in this group today as it, in its turn, faces humanity, one of whose
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