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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TODAY

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Externalisation, 41:was evoked and hence the problem facing the race today; hence the task of the Hierarchy to free theExternalisation, 44:from glamor and from much of the illusion which today colors the Aryan peoples, and a racial lifeExternalisation, 45:soul. This situation is often found today. The physical plane and the world of souls, because ofExternalisation, 46:[46] This bridging work, when it occurs today, is often simply a fortunate but fortuitous happeningExternalisation, 46:groups which will be later formed, and which are today in process of forming (including this thirdExternalisation, 47:will be owing to the fact that education is today widely recognized as the major molding factor,Externalisation, 48:group of animal-men became human beings. They today represent civilization and the masses ofExternalisation, 49:great initiate, and this is the impulse which is today responsible for modern Humanism with itsExternalisation, 52:form are functioning towards one recognized end. Today, such a thing as a true democracy isExternalisation, 53:three parts: Rule by a monarchy, limited usually today by the will of the people, or rather by theExternalisation, 54:on earth as a result of the many experiments today going on. Remember this. As I earlier said, theExternalisation, 60:and most inert point. Much concerning money today is related to the karma and destiny of theExternalisation, 60:of divinity. This is a point to be remembered. Today the process is being reversed and money isExternalisation, 63:involved in the accident. The world situation today is not caused by the ambitions of any oneExternalisation, 63:and races who, down the centuries and also today, have hated each other and loved themselves. It isExternalisation, 65:with the hierarchical Plan as it is working out today in this time of crisis. In these last threeExternalisation, 69:platitude and a truism to state that humanity is today passing through a crisis of immenseExternalisation, 71:It gives the clue to all that is happening today in the world of politics and internationalExternalisation, 72:of Material Form, also called the Dark Forces. Today, this force streams out from the Holy Center;Externalisation, 72:major force which is potently making itself felt today is that of the spiritual Hierarchy, theExternalisation, 73:In the next solar system, the center which we today call Shamballa, will manifest the Will aspectExternalisation, 79:Hierarchy stands. Behind all that is going on today, the same group of spiritual Forces and theExternalisation, 82:many different nations in the world are rampant today and have brought the world to its presentExternalisation, 82:the spiritual life is fundamental in the world today, if you do believe that divinity guides theExternalisation, 83:anent the fivefold stream of energy which is today in conflict with world forces or with the forcesExternalisation, 83:of materialism to a higher and spiritual plane. Today, gold and separativeness, materialism andExternalisation, 84:concerned with the determining factors which are today conditioning the material life of theExternalisation, 86:a new one to humanity, evokes in the world today all the political and organizational changes whichExternalisation, 87:the planetary Logos; their problem is being used today to focus, qualify and condition the worldExternalisation, 88:a similar process is taking place in the world today, and all is preparatory for the sowing and itsExternalisation, 89:Divine intelligence. Expression: Many people today. Planetary throat center. Conditioning the mind.Externalisation, 93:the Forces of Materialism do not really coincide today, for the one works through the sacral centerExternalisation, 94:which we, the teachers on the inner side, are today asking ourselves as we study the problem of theExternalisation, 95:in training with a view to initiation, so today humanity is faced in the same way with a similarExternalisation, 96:in the world of men and in groups and masses; today the point of tension for humanity in such aExternalisation, 96:the New Group of World Servers, constituted today of two bodies of people: Those who are aware ofExternalisation, 98:the livingness of the seed itself, can be seen today in the more advanced and cultured thinkingExternalisation, 98:the ordinary course of evolution. These latter today constitute the least developed and the mostExternalisation, 100:and [100] self-direction. The presentation made today to self-conscious man and to thisExternalisation, 104:aspect of the occult life. The world is today full of forces in conflict and in wrong relation withExternalisation, 105:order that you may see more clearly that I write today. A broader vision and a wider horizon mayExternalisation, 105:struggle. The first is that humanity is today and on a large scale aware that what is happening isExternalisation, 105:selfishness running wild, there is nevertheless, today, more true understanding, more goodwill andExternalisation, 106:to three results or happenings, and these we are today experiencing. The first was a fresh inflowExternalisation, 106:is the most powerful force in the world today, and only twice before in the history of mankind hasExternalisation, 108:outrun the outer manifestation. Humanity is today further advanced spiritually and mentally thanExternalisation, 109:the point achieved in racial evolution. This today warrants the building of a better vehicle forExternalisation, 110:as heart reaction. The disciples of the world today must endeavor to see why and to what end theExternalisation, 110:bias and partisan emphasis. What is happening today is not the result of immediate occurrences.Externalisation, 112:and philosophers speculated. But the crisis today is far vaster, embracing as it does the majorityExternalisation, 113:in the minds of the unthinking, occult students today: Why could not the Hierarchy have preventedExternalisation, 114:- Section II - The General World Picture Today we are watching the death of a civilization or cycleExternalisation, 114:spiritual and innately religious but needs today a new form with which to clothe the ancientExternalisation, 115:painful ways is indeed true, just as it is true today that human beings by their wrong thinking,Externalisation, 116:live; the form is sacrificed to the life. But today, the form aspect, the Mother or matter aspect,Externalisation, 116:His throne and is treading the ways of earth today, bringing distress, agony and terror to thoseExternalisation, 117:erroneous connotation has become attached to it. Today, the karma of humanity is descending uponExternalisation, 118:will this salutary stage be reached. Today, all that is taking place is due, first of all, to theExternalisation, 119:prime initiating cause of what is taking place today. Externalisation, 120:these pioneers just as the intuitive element is today unfolding among the mental types; men beganExternalisation, 120:of crime. Right before our eyes this rhythm is today changing and a serious problem is beingExternalisation, 121:is among the lower orders in our civilized areas today, for the peasantry and the slum dwellersExternalisation, 122:the remnants of which persist until [122] today. This was done under the expert guidance of theExternalisation, 122:nature of matter and energy to produce much that today man is gropingly endeavoring to discover andExternalisation, 122:made possible, and much more than that which today comes under the name of scientific discoveryExternalisation, 122:but given to them as a free gift, much as people today give to a child beautiful and wonderfulExternalisation, 125:is a tendency to free will (note that term) today and we call it liberty and independence, freedomExternalisation, 125:which humanity was to be subjected and which is today the controlling factor was whether - givenExternalisation, 128:victims of the fight and of the situation. Today, it is not possible to make such a clearExternalisation, 129:are all the talking points of the leaders today. But the real issue is the intangible one ofExternalisation, 131:of age and experience, dearly bought, this is today mellowed by justice and a growing understandingExternalisation, 134:as the evacuation of cities has brought about today, the removal of people out of Italy and ofExternalisation, 135:who produce these events before which we stand today bewildered and appalled. They are only theExternalisation, 135:Blame yourselves, therefore, for what is today transpiring and seek not to evade responsibility byExternalisation, 137:of thought, its selfishness and greed. Humanity today stands face to face with the Angel of theExternalisation, 137:and inclusive understanding. The great problem today is which of these two will emerge the victorExternalisation, 137:can blind men to the facts of the case today, but there are enough people thinking clearly to makeExternalisation, 139:the astral body of humanity as a whole) are today in a state of chaos, and are swept by ancientExternalisation, 139:after the cessation of hostilities. But today and in every land, where possible, the peoples mustExternalisation, 140:calls all men and women of goodwill in the world today and challenges them to prepare whilst theExternalisation, 144:may enable the occult students in the world today to use it with greater fervor and with greaterExternalisation, 147:from a higher plane of awareness. I am seeking today all over the world for a group of aspirantsExternalisation, 149:feel as souls, which means ever in group terms. Today, however, there are those in every land whoExternalisation, 151:(as I have before told you) via the Hierarchy. Today, it is deemed desirable that it should beExternalisation, 158:else to express the results already achieved. Today, they can precipitate, if right cooperation canExternalisation, 168:mission. The result of what is happening today must, sooner or later, produce an at-one-mentExternalisation, 168:new man, so making peace" (Ephesians 2:15) so today out of the duality of soul and body, humanityExternalisation, 170:then stand face to face. This is the situation today. Tomorrow they will blend and synthesize andExternalisation, 171:is the sorry history of what is taking place today. What can be done at the present moment toExternalisation, 172:activity. The Masters of the Wisdom have no time today to do the task Themselves; Their hands areExternalisation, 172:upon all Their workers in the arena of the world today, as these workers struggle to stand steadyExternalisation, 173:of many minds into one directed activity is today of supreme importance; this has been symbolizedExternalisation, 176:of the [176] period in which they lived. Today, the entire planet is involved and all the nationsExternalisation, 176:preserve their national integrity. The conflict today is a world conflict. The following groups ofExternalisation, 176:still deeper into conflict. Facing humanity today are two major dangers. These are: first, theExternalisation, 177:responsibility of engineering world disaster. Today, there are no more than two parties in theExternalisation, 177:not against the fighting democracies. The battle today is being fought out on the land, on the sea,Externalisation, 179:The greatest good of the greatest number lies today in the release of the nations from theExternalisation, 180:can be the lesser of two evils, as is the case today. The present war, if carried forward to aExternalisation, 181:into four parts: [181] The world as it exists today. The present situation is the result of past
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