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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TODAY

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Problems, 179:stage. The nucleus for this work is present today. Their functions might be summarized as follows:Problems, 179:and unorganized - there is in the world today. To educate the masses in the principles and theProblems, 181:that the problems with which humanity is today confronted can be solved through goodwill. Psychology1, xviii:unfolds for a series of lives ahead, and we are today seeking those who can be taught to work inPsychology1, 5:conditions. The field covered by psychology today is so vast, its schools so many and varied, andPsychology1, 5:be somewhat gauged if we compare what we know today with what was known a hundred and fifty yearsPsychology1, 12:work to be done by the new groups, and students today who can grasp this idea have the opportunityPsychology1, 12:of intent and of purpose. There is to be found today in the realm of the intuition much of wonder;Psychology1, 12:book; the race, through its many aspirants, can today precipitate this "raincloud" so that thePsychology1, 29:and high, and it has done its divine work. Today it is in the process of being superseded, but byPsychology1, 31:a self-recognition which is potent enough today to enable him to differentiate reactions to... ThePsychology1, 73:Again, pure love is incapable of expression today, its flow being impeded by the form nature. APsychology1, 74:of the destructive energy extant in the world today is due to the presence on the astral plane of aPsychology1, 76:of unification. This Life has also much power today in connection with the fifth root-race and withPsychology1, 81:responsible for the type of man's consciousness today. Man is essentially devoted (to the point ofPsychology1, 82:an individual's idea of the ideal. The need today is for sound teaching as to the laws of thought,Psychology1, 83:and allied topics which has flooded the world today. Hence also the effort that I, a worker on thePsychology1, 85:many, and their meaning is of prime significance today. The work of the future can be seen from aPsychology1, 91:and rejoiced upon our planet, what is left today to guarantee to us their existence in the past,Psychology1, 91:their visions and their ideals. On the planet today we find a humanity at all stages ofPsychology1, 92:body? Such are some of the questions which arise today; and in the last analysis, belief in thePsychology1, 93:of reality grew richer and deeper, so that today we are faced with the problem of a thoughtPsychology1, 101:and penetrating deeper into that which we see today. One of the recognized facts in the realm ofPsychology1, 103:will have changed so radically that we cannot today even guess at the form it will take. The nextPsychology1, 105:scientists in their various fields of research today. The study of the soul will before long be asPsychology1, 105:the various psychological schools in the world today. It is needless for students to endeavor toPsychology1, 105:Much that is opening in the world of psychology today is due to the work He does in stimulating thePsychology1, 106:Their attention needlessly. The world issues today are of such importance, and the opportunityPsychology1, 106:work off the shoulders of the Master. The world today is full of disciples of varying degree, andPsychology1, 107:dictations which is flooding the world today. As you know, the spiritualistic movement is producingPsychology1, 108:and disciples. The bulk of the communicators today (working through aspirants on the physicalPsychology1, 113:too acute. It is of course a fact that there are today groups of aspirants receiving definitePsychology1, 118:of psychic writings pouring into the world today, the work of the true communicators will concernPsychology1, 122:densest aspect, holds little of mystery for man today; he has knowledge on these matters. But thePsychology1, 125:will be done telepathically at first. Doctors today get much information from certain devas. TherePsychology1, 153:terms in occultism) on a large scale can be seen today in the constellation Gemini, wherein one ofPsychology1, 176:in this phase of the Hierarchical work. There is today in the world a very large number of thosePsychology1, 178:never been so well directed nor so potent as today. As I told you, and as I now repeat, the workersPsychology1, 181:governmental experiments among all nations. But today there is no training given upon the processPsychology1, 187:however, the fact that there is in the world today a large enough number of liberated men toPsychology1, 192:to the mental life and attitude of man today. The first proposition relates to the ego, or solarPsychology1, 194:from pinnacle to pinnacle of achievement, till today we are lost in a world of energies. We havePsychology1, 220:thought, or as presented by the thinkers of today, and meat eating - at a certain stage of humanPsychology1, 226:effect upon the higher three kingdoms. People today have no idea what effect this radiation (due toPsychology1, 232:knowing full well that the advanced teaching of today, and the new ideas which influence thePsychology1, 232:The beliefs and knowledges of the esotericists today (of the real spiritual esotericists, not ofPsychology1, 244:in the child and the adolescent. They work out today as marked stages in the development of allPsychology1, 250:entire problem of pain and of suffering, as we today understand it. The animal suffers, but suffersPsychology1, 256:animal life lived in a much closer relation than today. Then, only the fact of individualizationPsychology1, 259:animals which individualize are, in every case today, the domestic animals, such as the horse, thePsychology1, 270:to the reality than is that of the average man today. The one is controlled by the rhythm of hisPsychology1, 273:be found functioning simultaneously on the earth today. Each has been, or is, in turn right, legalPsychology1, 274:really has as many as an African chieftain, and today, women are little better. I have enumeratedPsychology1, 274:me if I tell you that the world situation today, where sex is concerned, is so critical and soPsychology1, 275:tendencies, and the perverted impulses which today fill our hospitals, our homes for neurotics, ourPsychology1, 276:doing because they fear the results, either today in the physical body or hereafter in the otherPsychology1, 277:has no relation to that perversion which is, today and inaccurately, called "homosexuality." ThisPsychology1, 278:perversion of reality, as ordinarily understood today. I refer to the divine Hermaphrodite, to thePsychology1, 279:the widespread interest in the subject. We live today in a period of the world's history whereinPsychology1, 280:and civilization. The interest being shown today in the so-called cosmic rays indicates aPsychology1, 284:development. The standard for attainment is not today what it was one thousand years ago, nor aPsychology1, 284:nor a thousand years hence will it be what it is today. Psychology1, 284:the world's history have not been as critical as today, for - apart from the great cyclicPsychology1, 285:with the soul. Also, the shift of emphasis is today away from the physical life to the mental life,Psychology1, 285:if what I have here noted is true. There is today, on a wide scale, a true "lifting up of the heartPsychology1, 286:to its intended position in the Mind of God. Today it is the marriage of two physical bodies.Psychology1, 287:child. Thus is the general average determined. Today we have a world of men which is rapidlyPsychology1, 289:of this, physical plane sex is a symbol. Mankind today is rapidly becoming more creative, for thePsychology1, 290:go rapidly forward. [290] The majority of people today live below the diaphragm, and their energiesPsychology1, 291:is causing much of the trouble in the world today. Many men everywhere are becoming politically,Psychology1, 292:of the heavenly world. The Christ is being born today in many a human being, and increasingly willPsychology1, 293:think in wider and larger terms than is common today. They will be more group-conscious and lessPsychology1, 293:than are the bulk of the well-meaning people of today. Psychology is only just come into its own,Psychology1, 294:and ideals of the most advanced visionaries of today. The unthinking, the idle and the stupid willPsychology1, 295:upon as a theory and a hope, as is the case today. What is best for the group, and what is neededPsychology1, 295:for men to realize that the manner in which man today satisfies his sexual nature is abnormal andPsychology1, 296:in a right and suitable and regulated manner. Today one party or other is usually sacrificed,Psychology1, 297:bodies for incoming egos. This is not possible today, under our ill-regulated system ofPsychology1, 298:is a temporary one, little as you may think it today, and it grows out of a basic mistake, - out ofPsychology1, 300:either a man or a woman; that the men of today have been women and the women have been men inPsychology1, 301:Have you ever considered what the world would today be if man had listened to the Christ and hadPsychology1, 304:That all are not in a position where they can today live normal and full lives is equally aPsychology1, 312:the Mind of God. Hence the injunction before us today (in the words of the great Christian teacher)Psychology1, 313:of the mental plane and of the emotional plane today. But the hour has now come when thePsychology1, 313:itself in material form on earth, because today the group idea is rapidly gaining ground, and thePsychology1, 314:manifested Hierarchy. This is what is happening today, and all that we see going on around us inPsychology1, 314:race, and this the foremost thinkers and workers today most ardently desire. The glory that can bePsychology1, 315:world and all the disciples at work in the world today will submerge their personal interests inPsychology1, 324:seen going on in the life of the true aspirant today (his developing recognition of groupPsychology1, 327:the power to levitate the body, which is so oft today the subject of psychic interest and research,Psychology1, 338:to the distress and agony and pain in the world today. The planetary Logos of our Earth isPsychology1, 341:most difficult things with which the Masters are today confronted is to prove to man that the oldPsychology1, 342:applied to world problems, is much needed today and is not yet to be found, except among the fewPsychology1, 350:so continue their cyclic work. Only one ray is today really out of manifestation altogether andPsychology1, 355:to the development of physical man, whilst today the attention is not turned to the physicalPsychology1, 355:needed physical control - a control which has today been so perfected in the race that it is nowPsychology1, 355:recapitulations which go on ceaselessly, we see today in our Aryan race a tremendous emphasis beingPsychology1, 355:upon humanity again. The initiatory goal is today a mental at-one-ing. Nevertheless, the physicalPsychology1, 356:synthesis which characterizes average man today, and leads to his complicated problem. ThisPsychology1, 356:an innate reaction to the heart of God. Today, under the fifth ray influence, the intellect is
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