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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TODAY

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Psychology1, 356:with definite purpose. This is demonstrated today by individuals in all departments of humanPsychology1, 358:[358] first be stated that the main problem of today is brought about by the fact that two rays ofPsychology1, 358:a rapid following of effect upon cause, and this today can provide the basis for an assured hope.Psychology1, 359:and true discoveries in the realm of energy are today adapted to ends which serve man's hatred orPsychology1, 359:harmlessness. The most potent force in the world today is harmlessness. I speak not ofPsychology1, 361:and significance than the thinkers of today can know and understand. The sixth ray promoted thePsychology1, 364:home at this stage of development. The masses today are entirely, but unconsciously, polarized onPsychology1, 365:for their task by the influence now going out. Today a process of housecleaning is going forward inPsychology1, 374:is needed to express the life principle. Men today are investigating such matters asPsychology1, 374:as he now does on the physical plane. We are today laying the emphasis upon the vital aspect ofPsychology1, 375:two happenings of close and imminent occurrence. Today the bulk of human beings are polarized onPsychology1, 375:the mental plane. But large numbers of people today are ready to be fully conscious in the astralPsychology1, 377:in the Aryan [377] race, the fifth race. We are today governed by the Law of Cleavages, - a divinePsychology1, 379:the race eventually as intuitional as it is, today, intellectual. The law of the coming race isPsychology1, 379:should bear in mind the fact that all are today governed primarily by the Law of Cleavages, butPsychology1, 381:of advanced humanity. This can be seen going on today on a large scale everywhere, and it accountsPsychology1, 381:focused people measure up to their opportunity. Today there are many hundreds (and in America, manyPsychology1, 385:who sees the younger usurping his prerogatives. Today many British administrators are finding theirPsychology1, 391:pattern-forming tendency is being recognized today by modern psychology in connection with thePsychology1, 392:in the life of the nations in the world today. If, for instance, the fifth ray of the solar angels,Psychology1, 392:of the United States of America, which is today its personality expression and evidenced by thePsychology1, 393:perception. The soul pattern in the States today works out through the acquisitiveness of thePsychology1, 394:Jewish [394] in the sense that that word conveys today. Who, therefore, if the facts are of suchPsychology1, 398:law from its negative angle; the Law of Moses today rules most of the world, and yet fails to bringPsychology1, 398:long antagonism started, which persists until today. Those particular disciples have themselvesPsychology1, 399:and yet so ancient is the race that nevertheless today no nation in the world but has its roots inPsychology1, 400:those who are antagonistic to the Jew, as he is today; they have lost all sense of their commonPsychology1, 400:origin. There is no pure race in the world today, for intermarriage, illicit relations andPsychology1, 401:Of this latter factor, only the Hebrew today has preserved any measure of racial integrity. WhenPsychology2, 9:These truths are practical and hence we find today such dominant emphasis laid upon thePsychology2, 10:sacrifice of that individuality to the group. Today, the masses are occupied with the task ofPsychology2, 11:initiation. The task of the intelligent parent today and of the wise teacher of the young should bePsychology2, 11:the work of self-assertion in the affairs of today. The mass psychology of accepting informationPsychology2, 11:from sight in the assertion of the many. He, today, indicates the goal for the lower self, for thePsychology2, 12:should be the aspiration of the world disciples today. This work of training the individuals inPsychology2, 15:individuals in all fields of world expression today, when entirely divorced from the higher groupPsychology2, 20:in mind that these words connote something to us today - from the angle of our present point inPsychology2, 20:passing in its usefulness. The basic truths of today may be seen later as simply aspects of stillPsychology2, 26:Atlanteans of past history. Workers in the world today should have these facts and sequences mostPsychology2, 26:teach. In the more advanced people of the world today, we have the functioning of the mind-body;Psychology2, 28:can enter into Their true Plan. What we see today is only the expression of Their energies in thePsychology2, 43:One of the major faults of disciples today is the paying [44] of too close attention to the faults,Psychology2, 44:words and ideas, based on inadequate knowledge. Today, the neophyte must learn the same lesson ofPsychology2, 55:of the subject. Two words are emerging today in connection with modern psychology which have aPsychology2, 57:reaction of active intelligence to the pattern. Today, it is as if we were responding consciouslyPsychology2, 67:began in the middle of our Aryan race, and is today going forward very rapidly. For the individualPsychology2, 67:give concrete evidence of the work being done today by advanced humanity. It now becomes possiblePsychology2, 75:Discipleship. In this lies the hope of the world today. In this fact is to be found the greatlyPsychology2, 83:power, - all this may be stated and is, today, coming to be recognized. But when that has beenPsychology2, 85:of the soul, as they are appearing in the world today, constitute (in their working out) a body ofPsychology2, 86:Hence the conflict of ideals in the world today; hence the massed dualism which produces suchPsychology2, 87:Here is the major divergence in the world today; with the weight of the power on the side ofPsychology2, 90:of progress from one dimension to another, until today we talk in terms of a fourth dimensionalPsychology2, 90:in which we live, and of the forces of nature. Today we talk in terms of air mastery just as fivePsychology2, 91:minor and relatively uninformed angle, stands today crucified upon the fixed Cross in the Heavens,Psychology2, 95:was the subject of attention. Much that happens today, and which may develop, has its roots in thatPsychology2, 97:as desire is academically understood and studied today. What it really connotes is the emergence ofPsychology2, 113:and allied men of good will in the world today. If they work together as a group of souls, they canPsychology2, 113:concentrated effort of these groups in the world today (who constitute subjectively One Group)Psychology2, 119:which will be the glory of the coming centuries. Today, we have a world which is steadily coming toPsychology2, 120:of service. It is not easy to serve. Man is today only beginning to learn how to serve. The jar ofPsychology2, 120:are the two expressions of Divinity which are, today, man's next great objective. Psychology2, 120:of attainment by the average aspirant, and yet today the tendency to serve is an attitude which isPsychology2, 123:on Service Therefore, the service rendered today is what it is because the response of men to thesePsychology2, 124:procedure at the same time. Indicate the need today for the right understanding of a techniquePsychology2, 125:activity in service demonstrating in the world today? Simply because the life, words and deeds ofPsychology2, 125:is, has necessarily had an effect, and men today are earnestly attempting to imitate His example,Psychology2, 126:nature of a higher consciousness, and therefore today we have much running after service, and muchPsychology2, 132:exerted primarily with that group in the world today which is working under the effect of thatPsychology2, 137:among teachers and workers everywhere [137] today, because so many are definitely making a contactPsychology2, 138:connotation. This can easily be seen today among the leaders of various groups. Psychology2, 139:The emergence of the New Group of World Servers today is an indication that there are enough egoicPsychology2, 139:and at widely separated times and periods. But today a group can respond and their numbers arePsychology2, 139:and objective - can be functioning. There are today enough centers of light, scattered all over thePsychology2, 142:based on love, do the servers on this ray work. Today their power is becoming dominant. Psychology2, 143:working along these lines in every country today are more active than at any other time in humanPsychology2, 144:aspirants and disciples on this ray available today. [145] Psychology2, 145:ray participants in the hierarchical crusade today can really work without each other, and no groupPsychology2, 145:of any one individual. This is the major task today of the seventh ray disciple, and to this end hePsychology2, 145:Laws of Soul or Group Life All these rays work today for the carrying out of a specific group ideaPsychology2, 154:satisfaction of that appetite which works out today in the complexity of the sex life of the race;Psychology2, 175:is - for the bulk of the aspirants in the world today, - still a meaningless objective. This typePsychology2, 179:but it certainly is not to the glory of God. Today the new groups are slowly and gradually comingPsychology2, 192:will link or blend life and form creatively. Today, unknowingly and without any true understanding,Psychology2, 200:will aid in stimulating comprehension. We stand today on the verge of great things. Humanity is onPsychology2, 204:race contains a large number of those who are today relatively children. These are child souls, andPsychology2, 206:from failure and from existence in the world today. Their mind natures are alive and active butPsychology2, 208:them to function in the world as we know it today. Science and religion together are producing thatPsychology2, 210:been duplicated, though there are people living today upon the planet who are beginning to developPsychology2, 210:matter altogether, for many of the disciples today came into this earth evolution from the moonPsychology2, 211:these three determine much that is transpiring today. All that it is here possible to do is to givePsychology2, 213:This same thing it is that is again happening today in the world. There is a pouring in ofPsychology2, 214:facts stated, but in the appearance upon earth today of the higher types at present found amongstPsychology2, 218:possibility or occasion as the Hierarchy sees it today. Their plans and purposes are destined andPsychology2, 222:This is potently taking place in the world today. It is the tendency to at-one-ment which leads thePsychology2, 223:of meaning. This is beginning to happen today. It is the result of the ability - sometimes adequatePsychology2, 223:response that the Members of the Hierarchy are today counting, as They endeavor to bring the hiddenPsychology2, 225:of God's thought for the universe appearing today in clearer outline and greater synthesis andPsychology2, 233:inherent in the entire universe, and man is today only awakening to its immediacy and potency. ItPsychology2, 236:subconscious urges since the dawn of evolution. Today humanity can consciously adjust itself to
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