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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TODAY

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Rays, 350:good. Forget not that the black magicians of today were the initiates of a previous solar system.Rays, 365:scale - the world disciple, Humanity, is today on the verge of this major awakening and jointRays, 368:the Masters were of the caliber which They are today. Had They been so, They would have been tooRays, 369:man) can be seen in the quality of the Hierarchy today, which humanity produced and towards whichRays, 379:Ashram. The personnel of the great Ashram is today entirely provided from the ranks of humanity.Rays, 381:when the Hierarchy was created as we know it today; the heart center of Sanat Kumara came into itsRays, 381:truth, just as had the Christ, Their august Head today. The truth was far otherwise. The time cameRays, 382:aeon by aeon, the work went on until we have today the three major centers in the planet,Rays, 383:true disciples are working. The world situation today is therefore one of great interest. Humanity,Rays, 385:out that many thousands of people in the world today have taken the first initiation and areRays, 385:(the first, hierarchically speaking) is taken. Today this triple process of preparation,Rays, 387:mental plane at each major crisis, until today the Ashrams are to be found on the buddhic plane andRays, 387:great major ray of which they were all a part. Today this is all changing, though the process isRays, 388:background to what you know about ashramic work today, you will have a more complete picture ofRays, 388:I have told you much) anent the Ashrams open today and the requirements for acceptance. It isRays, 388:becomes of a distinctly higher order. The Master today is infinitely wiser and more full of loveRays, 390:regarded as too advanced. There are those alive today who will understand; there are those comingRays, 394:His manifested life. The encouraging factor is today that the activity of humanity itself is, forRays, 411:supreme Directors of the seven cosmic Paths are today in the same position as was the HierarchyRays, 417:The Law of Economy affects humanity as a whole today throughout every phase of its life; the Law ofRays, 418:and has been preserved far too long, for it is today either Jewish or Christian and should beRays, 418:This too should end. This Jewish coloring is today one of the main hindrances to the fullRays, 424:Love and intelligence and will distinguish Them today. This again is another reason for theRays, 428:World Tension Analyzed The tension in the world today, (written in April 1947) particularly in theRays, 428:There is a great deal of glamor in the world today and a great deal of that glamor is concentratedRays, 428:to the same extent as are the Russian people. Today, the Russians are suffering from the glamor ofRays, 428:country which is the most free from selfishness today is Great Britain; she is experienced, old,Rays, 429:The most [429] selfish country in the world today is France, with the United States (though alongRays, 429:over. The Lords of Karma (four in number) are today working through these four Great Powers; it is,Rays, 438:is - from, the angle of the human disciple today - exactly what we understand by perfection. TheRays, 439:all the limitations of life in the three worlds. Today, aspiration provides a constant source ofRays, 448:astral body is focused in the solar plexus. Many today, speaking in symbolical terms, are carryingRays, 453:past two hundred years is an indication, so that today the creative thread is a unity, generallyRays, 462:well known to hundreds of thousands of people today. Its recognized appearance will later set theRays, 469:of right orientation, in the life of disciples today. [470] In the future, this Science of theRays, 473:is ever a pressing forward towards the sensed. Today, through human effort and hierarchicalRays, 478:and of the early Aryan period. It is today giving place to individual creativity, and consequentlyRays, 479:It might be said that few, very few, people are today at the Lemurian stage of consciousnessRays, 483:receptive to the energy of the kingdom of souls. Today all three processes are going onRays, 499:true; but in some form or another there exists today an appreciable grasp of the "new andRays, 499:elect who were privileged to have the vision. Today, it is the mass of men. Humanity, therefore, asRays, 511:consummated at the seventh initiation. Students today have made much progress towards the controlRays, 511:so numerous that the hierarchical emphasis is today upon the states of consciousness which followRays, 513:This used to be regarded of supreme importance. Today, disciples are being taught to work far moreRays, 518:The various schools of affirmation found today throughout the world are but the distorted effortsRays, 534:down and worshipping the golden calf), so today modern Masonry is in line to do the same; and theRays, 536:into three aspects; these we are only today beginning to grasp as existent possibilities. TheRays, 537:as the consciousness of average humanity is today polarized on the plane of the emotions and ofRays, 542:of stupendous magnitude, is present in the world today; the intention behind this realized fusionRays, 550:Humanity itself is another, and one which is today in a condition of almost violent activity, owingRays, 551:demonstrates its effective work in the emergence today of the great world ideologies. I amRays, 551:There are other factors present in our planet today, but these are the ones which will (in a vagueRays, 552:in a cosmic process. When - as is the case today - Humanity itself is in process of becomingRays, 553:With this destructive action Humanity is today occupying itself - mostly unconsciously. The majorRays, 555:from the prison in which it found itself. Today, a material catastrophe, such as the flood, has notRays, 559:Lemuria and Atlantis, or possessing [559] today the Lemurian or Atlantean state of consciousness -Rays, 560:demonstrate, and not love-wisdom, as is the case today. This expressed itself in a mental focus, aRays, 560:yet as great as those upon the third ray, as it today expresses itself through one of the four RaysRays, 561:the Masters' ashrams. The presence in humanity today of an ardent intelligence and a growingRays, 566:this can be seen struggling for expression today in that great world disciple, Humanity. TheseRays, 566:consideration. The sevenfold energy which is today agitating mankind marks a turning point in humanRays, 569:and therefore His energy; His radiation is today no longer centered or focused in the life of theRays, 569:of initiatory activity, and this is the case today. The major effect, as far as humanity isRays, 569:men on a large scale and in mass formation can today pass through the experience of the BirthRays, 570:ray. It is this fact which is of importance today in connection with humanity, for it will enableRays, 571:These initiates exist in their thousands today; they will be present in their millions by the timeRays, 573:can arrest this activity; all that is happening today as men search for the new ways, for organizedRays, 573:has produced those totalitarian systems which today so terribly imprison the free spirit of men. Rays, 574:negative and positive relationships, and - today - this will be carried forward primarily inRays, 578:after the first initiation, so close at hand today. You will see, therefore, why the Christ mustRays, 578:and to produce exactly the situation which is today governing world affairs. [579] The unitedRays, 579:(of which there are many present in the world today) are created by a triple reaction to the twoRays, 580:capable of taking the second initiation are today passing. I cannot here enlarge upon the variousRays, 580:which will enable those aspirants who are ready today, in their thousands, to pass through theRays, 581:which is crystallizing the ideologies present today in the human consciousness, and fostering - ifRays, 584:is the opportunity confronting humanity today. Vast numbers of men will take the first step towardsRays, 586:of the scientific movement in the world today. You will note, therefore, the profound andRays, 588:part. As you well know, the work of the aspirant today is to become a conscious, self-controlledRays, 589:forward upon the Path of Evolution. Humanity is today, in its present situation as a point ofRays, 593:which makes the revelation of love possible. Today in our Aryan age and race, we see the vitalRays, 594:Two - The Aspirant and the Major Initiations Today we find this ray energy expressing itself mainlyRays, 595:the universal consciousness. Many governments today are totalitarian in nature, either openly orRays, 596:always in connection with the Law of Cleavages. Today, tremendous cleavages between the past andRays, 596:have been noted during an historical retrospect. Today, all men everywhere are conscious of theRays, 596:philosophy, were unknown one hundred years ago; today they are the common talk and phrases of theRays, 597:present in the consciousness of men everywhere today. Everything is crystallizing in humanRays, 602:Energy of Harmony through Conflict. Our study today is of profound interest and has a great bearingRays, 604:and of the present, but leaving (as is the case today) the future locked in the determinativeRays, 607:the Great Renunciation, is taken by man today, and by humanity in some distant future; this "pointRays, 610:though the physical aspects of the conflict are today greatly lessened (but are still present on aRays, 611:need for soul-infused personalities in the world today, as promulgated by all true esotericRays, 612:of harmony than man realizes; the world of men today is more closely knit subjectively (in spite ofRays, 613:group appreciated by the unthinking masses. Today, party politics are as selfish, and therefore asRays, 615:plane, and of its shifting (by man's decision) today on to the mental plane, have made completelyRays, 615:of all initiates and disciples who are today, or will be at the time of His arrival, active in theRays, 617:and of all faiths. All these three factors are today present but have not yet the needed potency toRays, 618:the conflict of ideas and of emotional desire is today so acute that it will finally exhaustRays, 620:to embody the love and light needed in the world today. The hearts of the men of goodwill in allRays, 620:midst. Nothing can stop or prevent His return today; the evidence of this structure can be seenRays, 621:as I have shown, the results of this work are today inaugurating a new era of harmony and
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