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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOGETHER

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Astrology, 59:emerges when "soul and personality are brought together" and present conditions, possibleAstrology, 100:ray which relates spirit and matter and brings together electric fire and fire by friction, thusAstrology, 115:the duality which is attached to the bringing together of spirit and matter in the great creativeAstrology, 116:the symbol of Pisces, of the two fishes linked together by a band. One fish stands for the soul andAstrology, 126:that force is brought to bear which "brings all together" and - in this case - relates the twoAstrology, 126:case - relates the two fishes and binds them together in a functioning relationship. It is theAstrology, 126:which relates soul and form and brings the two together, and this magnetic potency is peculiarlyAstrology, 129:be remembered. The Fishes in Pisces are bound together, as [130] we have seen, and this is a symbolAstrology, 130:the thread which binds the two opposing lives together." It is the task of Venus to "reunite theAstrology, 133:students much trouble in the long run. Gather together, as you read, the statements I make anentAstrology, 137:nature of Aquarius [137] which relates and binds together into one working and synthetic whole. TheAstrology, 137:The Aquarian recognizes the bond which holds all together subjectively and in truth, whilst inAstrology, 167:From the above few points, hints can be gathered together as to the interlocking forces of all theAstrology, 168:balance of spirit and matter which first came together in Aries. This balance and this relation ofAstrology, 173:Sun - the physical Sun and the heart of the Sun together - reveals the synthesis of these two. TheAstrology, 217:Father-spirit and Mother-matter when brought together produce the Son. The tests and difficultiesAstrology, 244:symbol of that which is created by the bringing together of spirit and matter upon the physicalAstrology, 246:of objective manifestation, through the bringing together of spirit and matter. It is here that theAstrology, 246:Ponder upon these words. It is not the bringing together of spirit and matter as occultismAstrology, 246:need and physical supply and the bringing together of two tangibles through the power of theAstrology, 254:of these two after they have been brought together originally in Aries and have produced aAstrology, 280:and Neptune (sixth ray). The Moon and Mercury together indicate the activity of the higher andAstrology, 281:generation or into matter. Virgo and Venus are together two aspects of intelligence. The symbolismAstrology, 285:that he has unified, produced fusion and blended together the various elements in the German race.Astrology, 288:This is a great mystery. Virgo and Leo together stand for the whole man, for the God-man as well asAstrology, 306:and individual consciousness combined together in the service of the Plan. Reflect on thisAstrology, 314:sign preceding Cancer) and these three, blended together, came into outer manifestation in Cancer,Astrology, 319:Soul and body are closely related and knit together in one form. Man is a conscious personality,Astrology, 325:of souls come into incarnation cyclically and together in order to further the Plan and permit thatAstrology, 344:to this sign, because all these four signs form together the Mutable Cross. A certain amount ofAstrology, 383:relation and a very definite dharma to work out together. Just what that karma and relationship mayAstrology, 386:ray and the first kingdom are definitely bound together. This, therefore, brings in the ShamballaAstrology, 387:this time consciously taken [387] and taken all together. This is a most difficult situation forAstrology, 387:planet and also its destructive usage is tied together into one most critical situation. Part ofAstrology, 430:ordained the Plan. The Bear and the Lion met together and laid their plans [431] in conformity withAstrology, 458:influence than are London, New York or Tokyo. Together, they form five centers of 'impelling'Astrology, 464:emerge in their place. These three Crosses make together twelve arms and it is the energy flowingAstrology, 494:awareness of requirements and ability to bring together into a fused relationship the need and thatAstrology, 521:inclusiveness. It is concerned with the "binding together in brotherly love" and [522] with theAstrology, 522:divisions of the Christian faith to work together with a minimum of friction; it has made GenevaAstrology, 528:due search is made and the material is gathered together into a coherent whole. I would ask you toAstrology, 588:and the members of both great centers can "stand together with massed intent." This massed intentAstrology, 625:of opposites (spirit-matter) which draws them together until eventually they form one blendedAstrology, 626:light of the intuition and of the mind blended together into one illuminated whole, typical of theAstrology, 633:the gossamer thread which bound the two together and linked the place of the Most High (Shamballa)Astrology, 647:"The Kabiri were always the seven planets... who together with their Father, the Sun ...composed aAstrology, 649:as the sacred and non-sacred planets are mixed together and many planets omitted altogether, PlanetAstrology, 688:one on either side of him. The three of them together form a triangle which makes the workAstrology, 689:the body of the Heavenly Man and hold all together as an objective whole. They make a planetaryAtom, 15:still unsolved. When synthesized, when brought together and blended, and when unified, they embody,Atom, 21:a central Life, or force, which blends and holds together all the evolving units, whether they areAtom, 39:as if expressing their satisfaction... gathered together in certain forms, the atoms constituteAtom, 48:are the electrons which we hold coherently together, and if we are the energizing factor within theAtom, 59:of its activity, and that which holds the form together as a unity. This thought can well be workedAtom, 83:whom highest spirit and lowest matter are linked together by intelligence." Man is here pictured asAtom, 91:of atoms, or lesser lives, energized and bound together into coherent forms. At death, when theAtom, 97:law of attraction, which gathered the atoms together, causing them to cohere and vibrate in unison,Atom, 119:acquired facts and knowledge, then put them all together, and from their aggregate form anAtom, 125:aspects of the divine life are [125] brought together - the indwelling life or spirit, the materialAtom, 125:down to certain halls in this city, and gather together an audience composed of the unskilledAutobiography, X:afternoon December 15th, 1949. As we talked together that last afternoon she said, "I have much toAutobiography, 3:For many lives we must have lived and worked together and we both look forward to many more. I haveAutobiography, 17:but it interests me to find it all brought together in our family crest. My grandfather was JohnAutobiography, 38:Let them acknowledge it. Let them stand together in the bonds of discipleship and make it easierAutobiography, 46:exchange letters. We had met in Switzerland and together had learnt to make Irish needle-pointAutobiography, 47:Why should people like each other and cling together because - fortunately or unfortunately - theyAutobiography, 60:is wrong with them?" "They seem rather too close together," I replied. "Exactly. And what about hisAutobiography, 61:found his way home." I know that all things work together for good to those who love God, and thisAutobiography, 71:seventy [71] millions) and the Hindus can live together; a constitution which will satisfy bothAutobiography, 71:closely related and have much karma to work out together and will have to work it out sometime, andAutobiography, 73:twenty of them would come down from barracks together. They would go into the coffee-shop, orderAutobiography, 120:are in it too. But the Jews have had to hang together in the face of centuries of persecution. ItAutobiography, 137:to fit my own beliefs and the new concepts together. Then I met two very old ladies who lived sideAutobiography, 137:difficult book for beginners for it is badly put together and lacks continuity. H.P.B. starts withAutobiography, 143:she has been twice married, we have always been together under the most peculiar circumstances andAutobiography, 173:and outraged is putting it mildly. Gathered together was a group of men and women from all parts ofAutobiography, 187:sharing luncheons, walking to and from school together, playing together on playing grounds had aAutobiography, 187:walking to and from school together, playing together on playing grounds had a much sounder andAutobiography, 195:and the esoteric section could not work happily together. I pointed out that the E.S. was the bestAutobiography, 196:devotional type and that if only we could work together I could have passed many of these people onAutobiography, 206:Seventeen long years we walked the spiritual way together. I gave her all the spare time I couldAutobiography, 207:that she has promised to do. We had good times together whilst she was on earth. We chuckled [208]Autobiography, 224:of all nationalities met there and we all lived together for weeks and got to know each other veryAutobiography, 227:the world were beginning to join the school together as a group. One such group in India interestedAutobiography, 234:of the [234] Aquarian age, for we shall sit down together under the loving direction of Christ whenAutobiography, 234:will be established and men will be banded together in the bonds of divine relationship. The oldAutobiography, 237:is the basic law of evolution, and holding forms together so as to provide vehicles for theAutobiography, 239:Masters and Their groups of disciples gathered together in what are technically called Ashrams.Autobiography, 240:Disciples are being taught today to work together in groups with the possibility of groupAutobiography, 247:them into the thought-provoking English which together we have developed as a medium forAutobiography, 250:work of the Hierarchy. It was an effort to band together subjectively and - where [251] possible -Autobiography, 251:fulfiling the duties of agents of the Masters. Together they form a band, closely knit on the innerAutobiography, 289:out of all races and nations) which is banded together to tread the Path of Discipleship, to bringAutobiography, 292:and ideologies are also represented. We work together without interfering with each other's viewsBethlehem, 14:that in a most significant manner They worked together for the eventual benefit of the race. TheirBethlehem, 44:his outer life as a human being. These two go on together, but the inner reality eventually comesBethlehem, 57:of a few unintelligent churchmen, has brought together God and man, blended in the Christ, and soBethlehem, 88:man's lower nature are functioning smoothly, and together form a unit for the use of the inner man,Bethlehem, 95:and revealed also what could be. He brought together into a functioning unity the higher and theBethlehem, 101:God gave," and in the three names which appear together in this episode - John, Jesus and Christ -
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