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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOGETHER

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Bethlehem, 102:Messiah, and must prove and purify himself together with his friends in the final Affliction." -Bethlehem, 129:separated units. Christ came to unify, to bring together and to unite in one all kingdoms, allBethlehem, 159:Christian. But Christ was the first to gather together into one sequential presentation all theBethlehem, 161:of the secret of messiahship, which so hang together that each subsequent one implies theBethlehem, 168:all burdens; cause and effect are brought together, and God's purpose and His method are seen asBethlehem, 180:or periods at which the psychology currents ran together and condensed themselves for a new start,Bethlehem, 190:of the two lines of presented truths are brought together and then reinterpreted shall we arrive atBethlehem, 202:these two aspects of man are united and function together as a unity, and when the spiritual manBethlehem, 208:into Jerusalem, of His gathering the disciples together into the upper room, and there sharing withBethlehem, 211:and loved and wrought miracles, and gathered together the poor and the hungry. He fed them, andBethlehem, 219:of every human being. Christ draws the two together - the matter aspect and the spirit aspect, andBethlehem, 221:happiness. He had spoken the Word which brought together the two aspects which were beingBethlehem, 224:suffer with Him, that we may be also glorified together" (Romans, VIII, 17.); joint heirs of glory,Bethlehem, 237:the resurrection of Osiris his friends rejoice together, saying, "We have found him." Annie BesantBethlehem, 266:judgment and farsighted vision) can draw all men together into that outward unity which is basedBethlehem, 283:being may reach bliss alone: all must reach it together, and that, the unique bliss proper to each.Bethlehem, 284:creedal beliefs. When such men can be gathered together in large numbers (and they are gatheringDestiny, 11:to conceive of its nature. These five energies together will determine the trend of world affairs.Destiny, 30:of seventh ray energy is to bring [30] together and to relate spirit and matter and also substanceDestiny, 30:generated by those rays, are those who must together, with understanding and clear vision, bringDestiny, 41:of the trained worker and executive to bring together into a constructive synthesis the "within andDestiny, 42:is above. It is the supreme task of bringing together in accordance with the immediate intent andDestiny, 47:the results of bringing spirit and matter [47] together. Its function is to clothe spirit withDestiny, 84:the forging of the chains which tie the Empire together, making it a unity through the will of theDestiny, 88:of the two countries are closely allied and together they can potently affect the German race andDestiny, 90:which covers all the nation and makes it hold together." This ray produces the condition whichDestiny, 90:This ray produces the condition which brings together Germany and the States, for the fourth ray isDestiny, 91:to the conflict angle which the Moon and Vulcan together have precipitated. It is the Moon-VulcanDestiny, 93:influence than are London, New York or Tokyo. Together they form the five centers of "impellingDestiny, 96:inclusiveness. It is concerned with the "binding together in brotherly love" and with theDestiny, 96:divisions of the Christian faith to work together with a minimum of friction; it has made GenevaDestiny, 127:workers is to bring these two apparent opposites together, to demonstrate that spirit and matterDiscipleship1, 7:curiosity blind you to the teaching. We stand together in spiritual enterprise. All of you haveDiscipleship1, 9:groups within each Ashram are intended to work together eventually just as the various departmentsDiscipleship1, 9:departments of some great organization work together effectively as a unit. They must functionDiscipleship1, 12:reply. You have undertaken voluntarily to work together when proffered the opportunity by me. YouDiscipleship1, 16:of conclusions is concerned. I ask you to stand together - no matter what eventuates or what forcesDiscipleship1, 16:and ray differences and to work loyally together for group coherence and integrity - no matter whatDiscipleship1, 16:what may occur as time elapses. If you can hold together down the years and throughout this lifeDiscipleship1, 16:group can carry forward into the future and work together on other planes, thus conserving energy.Discipleship1, 17:of limitations and faulty development) to work together towards the specific end of forming aDiscipleship1, 20:cooperation between all groups and a standing together in a closer relationship, thus strengtheningDiscipleship1, 28:in the work which I am proposing that we do together, but neither should there be any waste time orDiscipleship1, 31:as far as you are all concerned, I have gathered together a band of disciples upon the outer plane.Discipleship1, 31:to my call, found each other and began to work together, it became possible for me to go forwardDiscipleship1, 42:energies. The groups are intended to work together eventually just as the various departments of aDiscipleship1, 42:of a great organization work effectively together as a unit. They must function smoothly andDiscipleship1, 43:their inclusion in this ashramic work, to work together in complete unity of purpose and ofDiscipleship1, 45:outer plane. All in the group are to be gathered together as free souls. Together, they will learn;Discipleship1, 45:group are to be gathered together as free souls. Together, they will learn; together, they willDiscipleship1, 45:as free souls. Together, they will learn; together, they will stand with impersonality; together,Discipleship1, 45:together, they will stand with impersonality; together, they will render service to the world. YouDiscipleship1, 45:inspired. These new types of groups will work together under the conscious guidance and suggestionDiscipleship1, 55:and intuitives of the world today are standing together in a twofold activity: one activity is toDiscipleship1, 64:but knowledge and love must be called into play together, producing only those results which areDiscipleship1, 70:things are essential and these are seldom found together: The energy of the soul - like the energyDiscipleship1, 73:are made and groups of disciples can work together without criticism or misunderstanding, then theyDiscipleship1, 76:women will pass through the Portal of Initiation together, instead of alone and singly as hasDiscipleship1, 76:progress is real and definitely unusual. When together you pass through the Portal and I presentDiscipleship1, 79:with and finally subdued. Let us go forward together, my brothers and chelas, along the path ofDiscipleship1, 79:and chelas, along the path of service; let us together enter into the Light and tread the way toDiscipleship1, 81:and definitely a group entity - may move on together. This necessitates the same conditions for theDiscipleship1, 85:contact on all three levels at will and all together when the group, as a group, demands it. ThisDiscipleship1, 87:those lines of energy which link and bind together. It was for this reason that I have assignedDiscipleship1, 122:of the times and your own intensity have together sufficed to carry you a long way towards the goalDiscipleship1, 127:Many factors are responsible for bringing people together into such a group as this. There is,Discipleship1, 127:certain spiritual contacts, enables them to work together more easily as a unit or a unity, if youDiscipleship1, 137:in this difficult work we are planning to do together. I would ask you right at the beginning forDiscipleship1, 164:BROTHER OF OLD: You are in process of gathering together your forces for another cycle of activityDiscipleship1, 171:in your physical equipment, thus bringing together the energy of your soul and the force of yourDiscipleship1, 178:interrelation and, in this way, we shall gather together some ray meditations which may prove ofDiscipleship1, 186:that in this work which we are planning to do together, we work with complete and open frankness,Discipleship1, 187:the failures and the weaknesses and look at them together in the clear light which comes from theDiscipleship1, 189:To S. S. P. May 1934 MY BROTHER: We are to work together for a while and I seek to help. Your firstDiscipleship1, 204:only emerge after the group brothers have worked together for some little time. They are problemsDiscipleship1, 214:Study now world psychology and mass movements. Together we go forward to a wider realization and myDiscipleship1, 231:the whole group functioning as a unit and held together by love, mutual understanding and corporateDiscipleship1, 239:to deepen their group love and to bind them together as a group. For this is group work which theDiscipleship1, 249:into the needed rhythm and so learn to work together as a unit. You are all so intensely individualDiscipleship1, 251:your work during the past two years. Gather them together and run with rapidity through them so asDiscipleship1, 266:at the beginning of this fourth year of our work together, I am forced to recognize your sincerityDiscipleship1, 277:a hard and difficult task for it means bringing together in the bonds of service many elementsDiscipleship1, 291:selfless service and all is well. "As birds fly together to summer realms, so souls unite inDiscipleship1, 317:be a profitable thing if students would gather together all the information they can anent theirDiscipleship1, 319:to master but only a new one to be learnt - together. You yourself have a ray combination veryDiscipleship1, 344:in many ways upon the physical plane, bringing together the subjective reality and the outer form.Discipleship1, 344:In the six members who are at present working together in it there are five second ray egos. ThisDiscipleship1, 351:for disciples in the early stages of their work together. They serve only to foster personalityDiscipleship1, 352:equation counts not. That the group could meet together (as many as possibly can) in person for theDiscipleship1, 368:vision, you can face life and its vicissitudes together and thus lighten each others' way. This isDiscipleship1, 380:no scope for service for any isolated person. Together must the work be done. [381] Discipleship1, 384:us, my brother, go forward on the Way. Let us together serve. Discipleship1, 393:have at hand and those who know and love you and together set ajar the door to which seekers mayDiscipleship1, 397:will endeavor to go through their experiences together (which prevents the development of anDiscipleship1, 397:of all. Not idly have you all been brought together into this close relation with each other.Discipleship1, 402:and cheer you) with the Masters M. and K. H. who together form a definite "unit of service" in theDiscipleship1, 406:it up also with a recognition that as we work together we must proceed with due care and realDiscipleship1, 416:let us again endeavor to do some [416] work together, and to preserve, at the same time, emotionalDiscipleship1, 425:them. Humble love is for you the goal this year together with the expression of a loving,Discipleship1, 458:and watched and, on the inner planes, you walk together; your outer circumstances may differ but
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