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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOGETHER

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Discipleship1, 459:profit your pupils much (and you also) if you together were to give some thought to the magicalDiscipleship1, 467:Buddha's Full Moon in May. I want you to gather together out of those long instructions and fromDiscipleship1, 467:facts with care, you will see that the bringing together of the personality ray and the rayDiscipleship1, 470:should bring the three of you particularly close together; I would call this to your attention andDiscipleship1, 474:soul and her soul then will work out the problem together. Discipleship1, 485:deep seated love of harmony. These have warred together in your life. I would have you note this.Discipleship1, 500:adequate to the intensity of the forces brought together, produces a whirlpool of energies whichDiscipleship1, 515:oft arises in the minds of disciples working together in group formation and in a Master's Ashram.Discipleship1, 554:other one thing. It will aid in blending them together in the bond of understanding. In thisDiscipleship1, 561:every opportunity so to teach and to gather together those who can thus be served. Choose qualityDiscipleship1, 572:[572] All groups of disciples, seeking to work together under the guidance of a Master, have theirDiscipleship1, 576:point of radiant energy which will bring people together and act as a coherent force. Let,Discipleship1, 586:demonstration in the world. Let us study them together. Your first ray mind has tended to bringDiscipleship1, 590:help of which you are capable or you can gather together your own group and thus demonstrate yourDiscipleship1, 594:of you who are my chosen disciples, can work out together. It is this together which so oft provesDiscipleship1, 594:disciples, can work out together. It is this together which so oft proves difficult to our workers.Discipleship1, 595:is group service and must be carried forward together. I am writing thus fully to you because aDiscipleship1, 597:definitions of the intuition and collect them together for use and, likewise, make a usefulDiscipleship1, 627:who compose it can be sufficiently welded together into one functioning unit, then much can beDiscipleship1, 635:are but shells of ancient astral workers, held together in form-activity by the few people who areDiscipleship1, 636:works, using words to bring life and form together. You do not use the Word. The work you do isDiscipleship1, 636:spirit and the power of substance are brought together through the "magical work of the soul."Discipleship1, 640:these three methods of expression is to bring together and relate harmoniously the soul and theDiscipleship1, 658:that harmony appeals to you and the bringing together of opposites into an intelligent unity. ButDiscipleship1, 667:body. Finally, as the soul and the personality together, sound the O. M. again, once audibly andDiscipleship1, 669:You three can from certain aspects meditate together each day. I would ask you that you take asDiscipleship1, 678:fire, as fire upon the waters. Water and fire together blend and cause the great Illusion. Fog isDiscipleship1, 684:in so far as he employs judgment in gathering together the men and women whom he is preparing forDiscipleship1, 691:joy of relationship and seek ever to participate together in whatever spiritual blessing may beDiscipleship1, 702:individuals and not of personalities, gathered together for service purposes. It is a blending ofDiscipleship1, 707:processes, for it is a point of tension where, together, the Ageless Wisdom in its more esotericDiscipleship1, 713:and it is only when all four are found present together and simultaneously that this happens: TheDiscipleship1, 728:who may know each other and who may even meet together as Ashram members. An Ashram is anDiscipleship1, 734:the members of the Ashram, insofar as they work together, and, secondly, the period in which theDiscipleship1, 738:for increased service, and is more closely knit together in the bonds of the ashramic fellowshipDiscipleship1, 755:and the group aura is influential, yet the two together constitute the group aura. When thisDiscipleship1, 761:far more efficient work than those gathered together into esoteric groups. The advanced acceptedDiscipleship1, 771:lines as this group begins to cohere and work together. An acute discrimination is also required.Discipleship1, 779:them into the thought-provoking English which together we have developed as a medium forDiscipleship1, 783:work of the Hierarchy. It was an effort to band together subjectively and (where possible)Discipleship1, 783:fulfiling the duties of agents of the Masters. Together they form a band, closely knit on the innerDiscipleship2, 11:therefore, the work we have been able to do together, even though I am not her Master. I explainDiscipleship2, 14:is no one else who is responsible. Each of you together initiates the activity for which the groupDiscipleship2, 14:responsible and for which you have been brought together; each of you initiates himself into theDiscipleship2, 14:motivated, is to achieve these undertakings together: Together to face the Dweller and triumph;Discipleship2, 14:is to achieve these undertakings together: Together to face the Dweller and triumph; together toDiscipleship2, 14:Together to face the Dweller and triumph; together to arrive at understanding; together to standDiscipleship2, 14:triumph; together to arrive at understanding; together to stand before the Presence because theDiscipleship2, 14:reveals "that which the eye has never seen;" together to walk the Path of Revelation; together toDiscipleship2, 14:seen;" together to walk the Path of Revelation; together to [15] serve and together to aid theDiscipleship2, 15:Path of Revelation; together to [15] serve and together to aid the faltering steps of humanity, theDiscipleship2, 15:faltering steps of humanity, the world aspirant; together to stand with your backs to the lightDiscipleship2, 16:gradually shortening, thus bringing us closer together, slowly and steadily, until you enter intoDiscipleship2, 19:let you know which are the hints I give, so that together the group may profit by them, stimulatedDiscipleship2, 19:stimulated by each presented idea and thus evoke together the over-shadowing soul. This willDiscipleship2, 24:sensitivity before there can be a going forward together as the situation desired demands. The timeDiscipleship2, 27:chair. Then as a group we face the East and say together the Great Invocation. Endeavor consciouslyDiscipleship2, 32:These objectives must be thought through together and their import must be grasped as a group. TheDiscipleship2, 44:I am putting this to you with frankness as we together face the end of the war, and a period ofDiscipleship2, 51:in the Hierarchy. You, as a group, untidily and together, were asked to approach me and to contactDiscipleship2, 57:and Tibetan brother, and the saying by all of us together of the Great Invocation. This producesDiscipleship2, 59:of my interest and my understanding. Let us together serve. Discipleship2, 69:world. As a group of ashramic affiliates, you (together with disciples everywhere) are all reactingDiscipleship2, 72:devotion, into one united band treading the Path together is adequate reward. It will offset theDiscipleship2, 73:see and hear. My blessing rests upon you and together we go forward into the future. Discipleship2, 77:of our long personal relations. We have worked together for many years and I know you all well. IDiscipleship2, 80:faith over the years in which we have worked together. More important still, you have (as a group)Discipleship2, 82:to all workers to close their ranks and to stand together in the closest comradeship of loyalty andDiscipleship2, 84:spiritual enterprises and effectively work together for its furtherance. What have you done as aDiscipleship2, 85:in constant circulation, and you can also hold together subjectively so that the relation of theDiscipleship2, 93:intact even though the outer form does not hold together, owing to the weaknesses of its membersDiscipleship2, 101:which will serve to hold this group of disciples together. [102] There are some things which I mustDiscipleship2, 102:forget physical plane ages!) you will all return together to continue with this inevitableDiscipleship2, 104:and some aspirants, he has gathered them together in order to further the ends of his ashramicDiscipleship2, 104:ashramic enterprise; he has not gathered them together in order to teach them or to prepare themDiscipleship2, 104:you considered the factors which hold an Ashram together and which establish its unity. The majorDiscipleship2, 105:an Ashram does not say: "Do this" or "Do that." Together, in unison and in deep reflection theDiscipleship2, 106:where they can complement each other and together create and present a perfect team in worldDiscipleship2, 107:newer type of groups are slowly being gathered together. Have you ever realized (I seek here toDiscipleship2, 107:an occult experiment for the Hierarchy, hold together. When I say this, I refer not only to the fewDiscipleship2, 113:those lines of energy which link and bind together. For this reason, I shall give you for yourDiscipleship2, 118:Then stretching out your hands in blessing, say together with solemn, voiced intent the formula orDiscipleship2, 118:and will into and behind the words. Stand then together in the light which streams ever from theDiscipleship2, 118:centers (head, heart and solar plexus) linked together so that the heads of all the group membersDiscipleship2, 119:direct contact with myself, you were permitted together to link heart, head and solar plexus. OnceDiscipleship2, 125:I do not want the two meditations done together at the same time, for I do not want yourDiscipleship2, 126:another meditation unless you strive afresh, and together, at the daily process outlined by me.Discipleship2, 127:then see yourselves as each grasping an oar, and together, rhythmically and steadily, rowingDiscipleship2, 127:the light you can see me distinctly. You see me together. Then say, inaudibly, yet as a group:Discipleship2, 127:we spring and into the ocean of light we plunge. Together we come. Together we move, guided and ledDiscipleship2, 127:the ocean of light we plunge. Together we come. Together we move, guided and led by the soul weDiscipleship2, 128:exercise which I would ask you to follow together until further notice. I emphasize the wordDiscipleship2, 128:until further notice. I emphasize the word together and shall continue so doing in the hope thatDiscipleship2, 136:some are embryonic as yet, being gathered slowly together by Adepts of the fourth initiation. WillDiscipleship2, 137:guided by the Ashrams of the Chohans, welded together in the great Ashram of the Hierarchy itself,Discipleship2, 141:of a living world of Intelligences, linked together from Sanat Kumara downwards until the chain ofDiscipleship2, 159:expressed when love and intelligence are brought together. In the third three lines, we findDiscipleship2, 162:of knowable things" has condensed or brought together energies which have been made available byDiscipleship2, 180:this community of shared agony brought all men together, irrespective of nation, religion or class.Discipleship2, 188:wherein invocation will unify, blend and bring together the two methods (hitherto in use) of prayer
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