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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOGETHER

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Healing, 708:for the heart of life. He brings the energies together and makes them serve the third; he thusHealing, 712:the work of the seventh ray healer is to bring together the life and the substance which will takeHercules, 10:the clue to the working out of the plan. Taken together they embody the entire story of theHercules, 17:to solve. Father-Spirit and Mother-Matter meet together in man, and the work of the disciple is toHercules, 31:the path of return, of inward-going, and the two together constitute the two arcs of the greatHercules, 45:and rhythm and unity. The bull and the cow together represent creation, and so Taurus and Venus areHercules, 46:Taurus is that of attraction, or of bringing together. It exerts a steady and continuous pull andHercules, 60:is faced with the tremendous task of bringing together the two poles of his being and ofHercules, 67:influence the law of attraction and the bringing together of the polar opposites takes place. ButHercules, 99:lands and sow the needed seeds and walk in peace together. The lion is dead and great is ourHercules, 101:body was constructed [101] by the bringing together of the energies of soul and matter, and manHercules, 126:their revels. This he did, and all the three together drank, and feasted and caroused and made muchHercules, 148:Thus he weakens the link that binds all men together in indissoluble brotherhood. Setting himselfHercules, 158:be the achievement of all the races gathered together in the United States. Hercules, 184:achievement when we had linked those two together, the fish, the symbol of the second person, theHercules, 185:can serve because he is a master. Those two go together. The ruler of the first decanate ofHercules, 190:one fish, the avatar, not the two fishes banded together. The second constellation is Pegasus, theInitiation, 4:in the Book of job: "The morning stars sang together." Dissonance yet sounds forth, and discordInitiation, 54:The houses in which they both dwell are close together, and much of their time is spent in theInitiation, 76:on almost unconsciously at first) in gathering together those through whom later he will work.Initiation, 121:units forming the groups have learned to work together, and have thus stimulated each other; theyInitiation, 123:is merged and synthesized and the three work together in unity. Initiation, 128:either side of the initiate. The three of Them together form a triangle which makes the workInitiation, 131:in the Rod is wielded in order to draw closer together those influences which demonstrate in theInitiation, 136:angel, and which, through inherent energy, held together through long ages the form egoic,Initiation, 206:to students in occult schools who will gather together all that can be found concerning theInitiation, 217:individualized self-consciousness, are gathered together into groups according to the ray orIntellect, 5:to bring these hitherto discordant elements together, touches on this in the following extract fromIntellect, 14:the universe, a seeing of how all things belong together. They have found the clue." - Bennett,Intellect, 49:but the basic connection which holds him together as an integrated unity must never be forgotten.Intellect, 71:silent, the feeling of extension gathers itself together and then breaks down; intellectualIntellect, 104:comes from the Latin words "con" = "together" and "centrare" = "to center." It means the "bringingIntellect, 104:"centrare" = "to center." It means the "bringing together or the [105] drawing to a common centerIntellect, 105:or focal point;" it connotes the gathering together of our wandering thoughts and ideas, andIntellect, 141:linking faith, meditation and contemplation together as a synthetic act. The knowers in both theIntellect, 180:of the Whole, until now the entire world is knit together through the radio, the telegraph andIntellect, 185:all-pervading goodwill, and glowing love, together with the acquisition of transcendental powersIntellect, 187:order to understand them; but when they are put together to make the original whole, its elementsIntellect, 194:the Holy Ghost, are realized as working smoothly together as one Identity - the Three in One andIntellect, 206:make for the one-pointed attitude, and these two together spell success. The former takes someIntellect, 220:he says that in meditation there is a bringing together of negative and positive energy, and thatIntellect, 265:of a group of practical mystics, who, banded together in the sense of a divine unity, work inIntellect, 266:well as spiritual insight. Above all, they work together and come into touch with one anotherMagic, 30:in the macrocosm. Just as the life in man holds together, animates, vitalizes and drives intoMagic, 35:universe and (when functioning) holds all forms together so that the life of God may manifest orMagic, 35:of the three kingdoms of nature, held coherently together, demonstrating characteristics, pursuingMagic, 37:and thus life and matter have been brought together. This type of consciousness concerns the atom,Magic, 42:molecules, cells, and atoms and these are held together in the form of the organism by the life ofMagic, 47:responsive entity which links spirit and matter together. This entity we call the Universal Soul,Magic, 114:of the present crisis. Groups of egos come together to work out certain karma involved in pastMagic, 135:continue to bring through the plans and to work together peacefully and steadily. Friction is oftMagic, 139:with the new cycle and the consequent bringing together in wide synthesis of the need and of theMagic, 145:arose, holding their many forms which drew together, turned together, and later separated, butMagic, 145:their many forms which drew together, turned together, and later separated, but still the lifeMagic, 146:in matter, and therefore attracts or calls together the atoms out of which molecules, cells,Magic, 164:thought-form and can link the form and the ideal together in one steady vision, just so long willMagic, 199:twelve times twelve, and thus the bringing together of the subjective soul and the [200] objectiveMagic, 221:he is ready for initiation. First, let us gather together some of the terms which are used toMagic, 238:three types of divine force, which, when brought together, produce the great Illusion. These are:Magic, 249:danger is the result, literally, of the bringing together of the land and water. It demonstrates asMagic, 269:left but this one passes. Matter and substance together work out the way of darkness. Substance andMagic, 275:as our system is but one of seven systems, drawn together to form the body, or manifestedMagic, 280:the physical plane and to hold them coherently together. This he does, not through the force of hisMagic, 282:body and another which produces the coming together of the sexes. It is an aspect of animalMagic, 288:astral body and of the lower psychism, gathers together all lower forces and redirects them underMagic, 288:with the soul. First Ray: - Let the Forces come together. Let them mount to the High Place, andMagic, 314:at large, but the mystics react and are drawn together by the sensing of the new vibration. TheirMagic, 329:of knowers of God, enunciating truth and banded together subjectively in the great work of savingMagic, 331:age. If it is true that there is being gathered together in the background of our presentMagic, 354:can work only in mass [354] formation, banded together and unified by a common aspiration. Such areMagic, 358:fire, as fire upon the waters. Water and fire together blend and cause the great Illusion. Fog theyMagic, 397:inherent in every atom of the body is gathered together and obliterated in the light of the soulMagic, 398:beginning to function upon the earth, gathered together in loose formation and held by the innerMagic, 409:parts can be reunited and the whole stand together again in its earlier perfection. The religiousMagic, 412:careful handling. They must gather up and weld together the various threads of influencing energyMagic, 419:which the Hierarchy is now seeking to work stand together telepathically and exoterically they mustMagic, 427:technicalities of fraternities when they meet together. World needs, world opportunities, and theMagic, 449:the severing of the magnetic link which binds together the creator and his creation. One thereforeMagic, 451:in the macrocosm. Just as the life in man holds together, animates, vitalizes and drives intoMagic, 454:nebulous, are shifting in outline and are held together loosely by the central nucleus of energy -Magic, 492:idea and accomplish its work. It is held together by the life of the soul, and not by personalityMagic, 496:we have the two aspects of soul activity brought together in order to make man a living, conscious,Magic, 522:of space, these atoms of substance, are drawn together, manipulated in a rhythmic manner and heldMagic, 522:manipulated in a rhythmic manner and held together in form. Through this mode of creation,Magic, 522:medium of its experience in matter. The bringing together of these two divine aspects results inMagic, 524:coalesce with the present laws of the universe. Together they will bring in the new syntheticMagic, 534:Principle of Expansion. These three Principles together constitute the factors underlying the LawMagic, 554:as the dynamic power of his thought holds it together, and that it will dissipate when he (occultlyMagic, 566:which, in their tens of thousands, are woven together and form in certain localities in this energyMagic, 602:is ahead of the racial idea. In the gathering together in the world at this time of the new GroupMagic, 627:sought their own kind and herded themselves together for defense and for economic stability. Out ofMeditationconsent of their author they have been gathered together for publication. They are published inMeditation, 30:whom highest spirit and lowest matter are linked together by intelligence." What do I mean by thisMeditation, 175:is constructive, cohesive, a gradual growing together, harmony out of discord, beauty out of chaos.Meditation, 176:as they are) is to get in touch with them, for together you must work in the future for theMeditation, 193:same ray vibration to meet in unison, and sound together the same note or mantram. They must alsoMeditation, 193:workers constructively and intelligently working together for certain ends. You have in theMeditation, 196:illumination. The healing of people gathered together for that purpose. The controlling of theMeditation, 199:of certain results. Groups of people will gather together to study the creative effects, or theMeditation, 216:group of colors, and one that falls naturally together, orange, red, and violet. Orange. This color
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