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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOLD

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Autobiography, 180:an old ladies' home in California, largely, she told me, because she had no use for old ladies.Autobiography, 182:entail sacrifice as it had in my own life. I told them that I had learned to iron the childrensAutobiography, 182:and that it did not mean I burnt the clothes. I told them that they could regulate their thinkingAutobiography, 185:Though our boys had too much money and were told by our officers to "take the [186] lid off " whenAutobiography, 186:himself, as it is puritanically called, told me that the only reason was that at nineteen hisAutobiography, 195:I looked at him with equal astonishment and told him that in the Arcane School we had fourAutobiography, 196:and who showed signs of true mental culture. I told him that we dropped hundreds of the emotional,Autobiography, 201:permission was refused and the rector came and told me I could not go to communion. I looked at theAutobiography, 202:taken to an understanding physician and told the bald facts. I would like to have engendered in theAutobiography, 209:Grand Duke said you wanted to see him." I then told him I had taken no steps to see the Grand DukeAutobiography, 209:I could not imagine what he wanted me for. I told him I had been to the Grand Duke's talk theAutobiography, 210:back to the office I called up Alice Ortiz and told her to come up to New York and put on aAutobiography, 211:his hand and disappeared. I went to Foster and told him that the Grand Duke was dead. And so itAutobiography, 215:much worse time than my girls did because nobody told me anything. They had a difficult enough timeAutobiography, 221:to visit every church that could be visited. I told her that my main idea was that the girls shouldAutobiography, 223:there lurked much evil, I simply sat down and told the girls all about it. I was determined thatAutobiography, 223:up the information in beautiful language. I told them baldly and straight just what it was allAutobiography, 223:sins and unholy performances that I had not told them had existed. I pointed out to them the typeAutobiography, 245:all) the test of truth was the truth itself. I told her that if she would write for a period of aAutobiography, 255:in a more arresting way. Years ago, I definitely told A.A.B. (as did her own Master) that her majorBethlehem, 6:come and pass unrecognized. "There was," we are told, "in every ancient country having claims toBethlehem, 19:in His instructions to His disciples when He told them to go into the city, and said: "When ye areBethlehem, 20:and those millions of cells which, we are told, are to be found inactive and dormant in the humanBethlehem, 26:to us the nature of essential love, and then told us to love. He demonstrated to us what divinityBethlehem, 26:He demonstrated to us what divinity is, and then told us to live divinely. In the New TestamentBethlehem, 27:some occult leader or some psychic seer has told them that it is so; yet within themselves theyBethlehem, 39:man begins anew A tendency to God. Prognostics told Man's near approach; so in man's self ariseBethlehem, 42:Crucifixion and the Resurrection. Then, we are told, that mysterious Being, spoken of in the OldBethlehem, 42:into the still higher mysteries. Of Him we are told that: "This Melchizedek, King of Salem, PriestBethlehem, 52:Again and again in the New Testament we are told that "He that hath ears to hear, let him hear,"Bethlehem, 59:was recognized by the early Church, and we are told that "it is well known that whereas in theBethlehem, 60:the consequent flight into a distant country (told also of Krishna and other Sungods). There areBethlehem, 65:- Bible Myths, by T. W. Doane, p. 5. We are told in the Gospel story that the Virgin Mary, with herBethlehem, 66:(Isaiah, XXVIII, 28) and Christ Himself told us that "Except a corn of wheat fall into the groundBethlehem, 73:to the individual would-be initiate. We are told by the esotericists that man is a threefold personBethlehem, 75:sojourned in Egypt. Of His time there, we are told nothing. All that we know is covered by theBethlehem, 77:initiation, for a period of thirty years, we are told, He functioned as a man in the daily life ofBethlehem, 93:this we are fast preparing. Even Christ Himself told His disciples that "he that believeth on me,Bethlehem, 94:are either in that kingdom or out of it. We are told that we must step out of the kingdom of menBethlehem, 96:Matt., III, 13-17. In these simple words we are told the story of this initiation. The keynote isBethlehem, 101:mind can enable us properly to handle. We are told in Crude's Concordance that the name John meansBethlehem, 108:to evil? Had this wilderness story never been told to us, what would have been our attitude toBethlehem, 109:on what He knew, what He had been taught and told. He met temptation each time with "It isBethlehem, 111:days of solitary communion were over. We are not told what Christ did in those forty days. NoBethlehem, 118:temptation concerned itself. Modern science has told us that there is nothing visible or invisibleBethlehem, 136:with the subject of Deity, we have always been told that we know God through His nature, and thatBethlehem, 137:five episodes the whole story of initiation is told; birth, subsequent purification in order thatBethlehem, 147:divine form, O consumer of the foe; this I have told thee for thy instruction, as an enumeration ofBethlehem, 154:and God Himself shines forth. James, we are told, signifies "illusion," distortion. Here we haveBethlehem, 158:and John, through another apostle, Matthew, have told us about it. We remain as onlookers, but itBethlehem, 164:of the Apostles upon the mountain top. We are told that "when they had lifted up their eyes, theyBethlehem, 176:struck, and because He inaugurated a new age and told men how to live as sons of God. Bethlehem, 188:of today. "Nations, like individuals," we are told, "are made, not only by what they acquire but byBethlehem, 207:of this instruction is almost baffling. We are told simply to do God's will and then truth will beBethlehem, 212:believer as saved, yet all the time Christ has told us that love is the way into the kingdom, andBethlehem, 221:which brought peace to the dying thief, and had told him that he was assured, not only ofBethlehem, 223:nor whose lives one crushing blow. I was not told that all things were ordered for the best, norBethlehem, 225:of Christ's sacrifice. Why did He die? We are told why most clearly in St. John's Gospel, and yetBethlehem, 226:V, 16.) He proclaimed Himself Man, and then told us that we were the children of God. He was withBethlehem, 231:them to know more. After the Crucifixion we are told little of Christ's own life, or what occupiedBethlehem, 234:and at the end a conquest of death. If they had told the world, and us, these things alone, theyBethlehem, 237:and follow in His steps. The same stories are told of Hercules, of Baldur, of Mithra, of Bacchus,Bethlehem, 240:earliest followers the words 'Follow Me,' we are told they left all and followed Him. (2)Bethlehem, 241:through the gate of death, but if one told them that this was simply another form of the fatalismBethlehem, 266:when a [266] simple rule is given us, and we are told merely to obey the voice of conscience and toBethlehem, 266:business. He obeyed the call. He did as God told Him; He followed step by step the inner voice -Bethlehem, 270:Goal - The Founding of the Kingdom We are told that when we enter the world of ideals, "theBethlehem, 270:know through attainment whether what we are told is fact or not. We are told that " one canBethlehem, 270:whether what we are told is fact or not. We are told that " one can rightly understand theBethlehem, 276:demonstration [276] of that citizenship and told us that we could do "even greater things" than HeDestiny, 21:should respond. This is rapidly and, as I have told you, satisfactorily, happening. A definiteDestiny, 32:incoming rays at any time. You have often been told that these events - for the emergence orDestiny, 59:the material side. Upon the spiritual side, as I told you in an earlier book, the whole field ofDestiny, 61:and magical religion about which I have so often told you. It will be the product of the great andDestiny, 89:this country is in the making and - as I have told you elsewhere - as the nation's power shifts, asDestiny, 143:dream of the artistic expressive life. As I have told you before, creative art expresses itselfDestiny, 150:Jesus into Egypt. Then followed, as we are told in the New Testament, a cycle of thirty yearsDiscipleship1, XIII:of this book. In every case, the disciple is told what are the types of energy to which he mostDiscipleship1, 72:other initiates. I am not, as I have already told you, the only worker along these lines and theseDiscipleship1, 91:constitutes the truth for you. That which may be told you by others, even by me, serves no vitalDiscipleship1, 97:of a "divine indifference" (as I have told you several times) of great assistance in forgetting theDiscipleship1, 115:(chela) in my group.... Secondly, I have told you and your brothers that I am in process ofDiscipleship1, 125:through your fifth ray mental body. This - as I told you in an earlier [126] instruction - hasDiscipleship1, 134:so many people these days. As I have earlier told you, you are relatively free from glamor but theDiscipleship1, 141:whose problem was in some points yours. I have told her certain things of value to you but sheDiscipleship1, 142:As you well know and as I have already told you, your problems are intimate ones for they concernDiscipleship1, 148:physical disability, primarily (as I have often told you) in a lack of vitality and not ill health.Discipleship1, 148:discipline) becomes possible to you. As I told you in my last [149] communication, the path of theDiscipleship1, 154:find them. It was this idea I had in mind when I told you in an earlier communication to "seek outDiscipleship1, 157:you use them not as you might. As before I have told you, you make not adequate use of theDiscipleship1, 183:produce the needed subjective changes. I have told you that you were establishing those relationsDiscipleship1, 192:nature remaining outside the lower alignment. I told you earlier that you could work as aDiscipleship1, 195:the light. You have, as you know and as I have told you, a very critical mind; you are full ofDiscipleship1, 199:I recognize the one self in all selves? We are told that there is an archetype, a pattern, a ray, aDiscipleship1, 215:up in the word which I earlier gave you. I told you that you were shifting egoically from the sixthDiscipleship1, 221:If you will study what I have earlier told you anent your rays, you will see why this is so. ThereDiscipleship1, 234:upset the truer balance of the whole man. As I told you some years ago, the heart afire with loveDiscipleship1, 247:and in the elimination - as I have earlier told you - of your sixth ray fanaticism. Along thisDiscipleship1, 257:problems of the disciples in this group. I told you earlier that your mental body was conditionedDiscipleship1, 270:the major emphasis from now on. I have told all of you so much during the past four years that
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