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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOLD

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Hercules, 218:spoke to His disciples as the Cosmic Christ, He told them "I am the Way", and to this it isHercules, 227:very virtues can become his problem and we are told that it is possible even for a high initiateInitiation, 7:H. P. Blavatsky, in "The Secret Doctrine," has told us so, but as yet very little has been done byInitiation, 17:in combining the Masonic method with what we are told of the steps on the Path of Holiness we getInitiation, 68:of vibration holds the secret. We are frequently told that when the demand is forceful enough theIntellect, 53:Vol. II, pages 279, 283, 285. This soul, we are told, is a fragment of the Oversoul, a spark of theIntellect, 74:Reality which they ask us also to follow. We are told that it is possible to have directIntellect, 75:some of its ways of use. The psychologists have told us much about our mental reactions, and ourIntellect, 79:Four - The Objectives in Meditation We are told, for instance, that we have five main instincts,Intellect, 80:terms. The mind knows two objects, we are told - the outer world through the medium of the fiveIntellect, 128:of the Holy, page 7. The word "numinous," we are told, comes from the Latin numen, meaningIntellect, 141:these three are simultaneously performed we are told that "this threefold power of attention,Intellect, 148:of one's daily occupations, and this has been told us for centuries in an ancient Chinese teaching,Intellect, 150:this state of illumination. "The mystic," we are told in the Bampton Lectures for 1930, "cannotIntellect, 151:intuitive apprehension of Truth. It is, we are told in the eastern Scriptures, the mind thatIntellect, 167:all its cares, will obscure the heavens. We are told in Mysticism that ecstasy, physicallyIntellect, 179:of human development. The reason for this is told us with clarity by Patanjali as follows: "TheIntellect, 179:The Light of the Soul, pages 115-116. We are told by him in another place that life experience andIntellect, 212:and synthesized, and - as we have been told by certain reputable schools of psychologists andIntellect, 214:of focused attention. Then the light, we are told, breaks forth, and we have the illumined man, andIntellect, 229:the rhythmic repetition of certain words. We are told that Tennyson induced in himself a heightenedIntellect, 240:immersed. All forms are built of atoms, we are told, and atoms are units of energy. Man, therefore,Intellect, 243:to them when meditating, smiled at them, and told them to "be of good cheer. You are making goodIntellect, 260:particularly the latter, as it is, we are told, the center of creative work. To put it in westernMagic, 56:spirit on the lowest plane, and spirit, we are told, is but matter on the highest. All is spiritMagic, 169:is accepted. An impression is abroad that he is told so and that an interview is accorded whereinMagic, 194:being, an awakening which will be dynamic. He is told that there will follow a breathing forth, aMagic, 200:building. So oft the aspirant is anxious to be told some new thing and when he is told some oldMagic, 200:anxious to be told some new thing and when he is told some old truth - so old and so familiar thatMagic, 203:Right motive. The Master of the Wisdom, we are told, is the "rare efflorescence of a generation ofMagic, 230:upon the way a steady progression. We are told that power is grown or developed in silence, andMagic, 239:him into a black magician. You oft have been told that fear is an illusion. Yet this statement doesMagic, 248:with care. At the close of the rule we are told that when "water, land and air meet" there is theMagic, 259:between humanity and planetary Karma are, we are told, hard pressed at this time, and I assure youMagic, 299:clearly would not help. Of what use is it to be told that fear is a quality of evil (or of matter)Magic, 321:upon which we did not touch emanates, we are told, from the "Heart of the Sun". I cannot, however,Magic, 361:intensest activity in the concrete sense. We are told in the esoteric teaching that all threeMagic, 449:Eleven - Analysis of the Three Sentences We are told in the rule under consideration that theMagic, 544:constitute the real Armageddon. The war which is told to us in the Mahabharata and the present warMagic, 545:It is oft overlooked and seldom grasped or told that they, therefore, do not exist in physicalMagic, 545:can be conveyed in a few simple words. We are told that he must "recognize the four". The TreatiseMagic, 549:and objective, is but an illusion. We are told again and again in the ancient writings that it isMagic, 581:- the story of the work of a White Magician is told. But more I dare not give and it is notMagic, 583:of these four points: 1. Enquire the Way. We are told by one of the Masters that a whole generationMagic, 584:brought about from the fact that the disciple is told to enquire the Way and yet there is none toMagic, 594:teacher. Platitudinously, the aspirant is told that "when the pupil is ready, the Master willMagic, 596:in connection with the centers which, we are told, is the number of the Christ. There are eightMeditation, 23:our occult planetary Hierarchy, as before I have told you, we are measured by our light. The firstMeditation, 34:of evolutionary development. As we have been told, there are sixty thousand million units ofMeditation, 52:- one note for each plane. We have been told that the Solar Logos, on the cosmic planes, works atMeditation, 123:observation of this matter. We have been told in various occult books that obsession and insanityMeditation, 134:apprehended and utilized. As before I have told you the danger is as yet inappreciable to theMeditation, 177:secret of power are, as you know and have been told above, of different kinds, and are primarilyMeditation, 224:is not yet wholly imparted, as I have already told you. Some of these meanings have been given outMeditation, 248:grasp. But forget not that which I have often told you, that in the following up of brief hintsMeditation, 262:greater Brotherhood on Sirius. As afore I have told you, He is an Initiate of the First Degree inMeditation, 268:really contact the Master, for, as you have been told, the pupil has to raise himself from hisMeditation, 274:of Master and Pupil As you have frequently been told, the attention of a Master is attracted to aMeditation, 289:he saw, he contacted, he felt. As often I have told you, it is not possible in any way in this workMeditation, 289:Heart As you know, the student has often been told to visualize himself and the Master - about theMeditation, 289:the circumference of the etheric heart. He is told to picture, toward the close of his meditationPatanjali, 39:the karana sarira, the egoic lotus. We are told by [40] Patanjali that this is produced by thePatanjali, 66:and the inner aspiration. The aspirant has been told what he has to do, the "means of yoga" havePatanjali, 245:is expressed most beautifully. The aspirant is told, after he has made use of the first five meansPatanjali, 308:the Path of Discipleship to the end. We are told in this sutra that knowledge as to the conditionPatanjali, 318:of the brain, seated in the pineal gland, we are told is the home of the soul, an outpost of thePatanjali, 328:Jesus. This knowledge and its use, we are told, is subject to the great law of karma, of cause andPatanjali, 330:the veins and arteries. In this sutra we are told that by mastery of the fourth of these vitalPatanjali, 363:past, the present, and the future. This, we are told here, can be gained by concentrated meditationPatanjali, 383:I. Sutras 29 to 39) This is affected, we are told earlier, by: Steady application to a principle,Problems, 26:and still are not free; they refuse to be told what to do because it infringes upon their rights,Problems, 38:such untold millions. [38] We are constantly told that the cause of this war is economic; that isProblems, 150:reflected in the tiny mind of man. Later, we are told, when the mental powers of the early humanityProblems, 164:will be stressed. On this festival we are told Christ has for nearly two thousand years representedPsychology1, xxiv:implied and not really elucidated. As I have oft told you, it is only the initiate of the thirdPsychology1, 17:of expression for the manifested Deity. We are told in the scriptures of the world that thePsychology1, 90:the body, plus the life principle. All, we are told, is inherent in the parental germ, and thePsychology1, 95:Let us put this a little more simply. We are told in the New Testament that we must endeavor to letPsychology1, 115:only in his relation to the group. What he is told to do, and the discipline applied, is all basedPsychology1, 163:Builders, the Seven Rays The Seven Rays We are told that seven great rays exist in the cosmos. InPsychology1, 165:any difference in the nature of the ray. We are told that the dominant ray at the present time,Psychology1, 165:will be considered later. We have also been told that the religious revival under Wesley andPsychology1, 178:so well directed nor so potent as today. As I told you, and as I now repeat, the workers on all thePsychology1, 201:[201] the following summary of what we have been told is necessarily imperfect and admits ofPsychology1, 228:and "substantial." This modern science has also told us, positing the hypothetical ether. ThisPsychology1, 235:in Nature a. Life-Radiance-Magnetism We are told in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali that "By masteryPsychology1, 262:the planet are concerned. There are also, as I told you in my writing anent the developments duringPsychology1, 276:and seek out the orthodox churchman. They may be told to be good; the example of the saints may bePsychology1, 292:make their presence felt. Three things we are told will characterize the coming Aquarian age, andPsychology1, 301:was enunciated for us by Christ when he told us to "love our neighbor as ourselves." To this wePsychology1, 304:position of a religious doctrine. We are often told by the well-meaning but illogical that if a manPsychology1, 315:People are as ignorantly excited over being told which is their ray as they are over the portrayalPsychology1, 316:Rays and Man The Rays and the Races We have been told in the past teaching of the Ageless WisdomPsychology1, 394:When our solar universe came into being, we are told in the allegorical language of the ancientPsychology1, 399:the gates of resurrection to open wide. We are told that these three swore an everlasting vow toPsychology2, 158:it can evoke but little response. If we were told that the following of a prescribed form ofPsychology2, 158:when, in the terms of the occult science, we are told to serve and obey, we are not interested. YetPsychology2, 176:vibrations into differing categories? Yet we are told [177] that the soul knows naught ofPsychology2, 275:of what occurred on the way of descent. We are told that a long time transpires between the firstPsychology2, 317:a hidden "wish life." This wish life is, we are told, based upon an inner and often hidden and
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