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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TONE

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Autobiography, 225:was overrun by German professors and the whole tone and quality of the place altered. Some of themBethlehem, 176:be of a purely mystical or sentimental nature in tone and object, concerning themselves with theDiscipleship1, 9:is the united rhythm which I note and the united tone and color; it is the sound they collectivelyDiscipleship1, 121:to meet this situation and to raise the general tone, but one lone disciple is hard put to it toDiscipleship1, 180:can easily distinguish when there is present the tone of the soul, and react to its note orDiscipleship1, 227:words which express what should be the color-tone of your life expression from now until the callDiscipleship2, 553:enriching its volume, adding quality to its tone, and conveying the needed creative qualities. TheDiscipleship2, 720:butterflies. Ten times a bell rings out. Its tone is deep and clear and musical. But the one whoExternalisation, 228:in your speech with others and in the general tone of your intercourse with your environment, youExternalisation, 533:of the Plan. And thus the note, the chords and tone produce the Plan, reveal the Purpose andFire, 14:higher levels the feeble spark of light. Another tone was heard, the sound of cosmic fire, hid inFire, 274:of a cyclic nature. The same quality in tone will be called forth by the Self as it indwells theFire, 283:the union of the key measure and the quality of tone. Seven centers of force which hold the threeFire, 437:shade and qualifying it by Their own peculiar tone or note. The whole system of ray influence, orFire, 495:That every kingdom of nature has its note or tone, and the mantric sounds, which concern anyFire, 541:plane, with the light of sacrifice weaker in tone than the other two, which practically show forthFire, 656:men, the study of their nature, coloring and tone would reveal to unprepared humanity the coloringFire, 656:reveal to unprepared humanity the coloring and tone of our particular planetary Logos. For thisFire, 750:He seems to strike one note and to sound out one tone. His work is clearly to be seen along oneFire, 781:the effect of a threefold chord, or a fourth tone, a complex sound. I am here dealing with theFire, 855:to subsidiary coloring, according to key or tone, and one tabulation is entirely numerical. ItFire, 930:the ones who pick up that particular note and tone from the transmitters of [931] the physicalFire, 937:responds immediately to it. According to the tone and quality of the voice, so is the nature of theFire, 956:build a thought form of a particular quality and tone, to energize it with his own life, and thusFire, 1016:on a basis of these three notes, variation of tone and note, though not of formula, producing theFire, 1268:which no name on earth hath yet been found." Its tone is hidden. The sons of men (and few theirGlamour, 30:of a particular quality and note and tone, around which are grouped lesser thought-forms, createdGlamour, 30:to these forms, and to their note, quality and tone. Similarities are then seen to exist whichHealing, 33:by certain definite hues; they emit a certain tone, and are at varying points of evolution.Hercules, 201:are saying things that are universal in their tone, they are enunciating principles that areInitiation, 68:of vibration, according to the purity of the tone and the clarity of the color. Who our Teacher isInitiation, 151:permutations of the AUM, exist in every possible tone, subtone, and quarter-tone, and upon theseInitiation, 151:in every possible tone, subtone, and quarter-tone, and upon these shades of sound the work ofInitiation, 152:kingdom of nature. Every form likewise has a tone which is produced by the minute sounds producedInitiation, 154:upon two sounds, the U sounded on the basic key tone of the M. In the fourth kingdom the M tone isInitiation, 154:key tone of the M. In the fourth kingdom the M tone is dying down and the two notes sounded forthInitiation, 159:distinguished by: A specific color. A particular tone. A special form. A degree of energy orInitiation, 160:blue and its note a particular cosmic musical tone. Its degree of activity is of a specificInitiation, 165:concerned, another gives the planetary key and tone, a third deals with vibration, whilst theInitiation, 186:our vibration, [186] according to our color and tone, will depend, in all probability, our choice.Magic, 39:or of expressing more than its lower vibration, tone or color. The infinitely small is recognized,Magic, 205:at an appreciation of their vibration, of their tone and colors and of the astrologicalMagic, 264:life, whereas in the earlier stages one key or tone might be sounded for several lives in theirMagic, 399:Form and symbol, tool and furniture, temple and tone, office and externalities were the prominentMeditation, 4:with the aid of the Master, harmony of color and tone is produced (a synonymous matter), untilMeditation, 17:and tones of the solar system, the note and tone of individuals, and the endeavor to harmonize theMeditation, 20:and carrying to perfect accuracy and clarity of tone the desired chord. See then the necessity ofMeditation, 62:the emotional vehicle; and in a still louder tone the final time, acting then upon the physicalMeditation, 163:words in a specific manner, and in a specific tone. When so sounded, the adept enters into theMeditation, 194:(the quality of that force depending on key and tone) will be such that the vivification of theMeditation, 209:of the mental plane. They are negations. Their tone is lower than the note of Nature. They are theMeditation, 230:of certain colors into those of higher tone. An effect of translucence, or an underlying radianceMeditation, 234:certain recognizable hues, and these give the tone to the life of the personality or to the Ego.Meditation, 234:with many lesser differentiations in color and tone. As stated before, the color of large masses ofMeditation, 236:coordinated auras of the groups is of a certain tone, they will return, and bring to the earth muchMeditation, 287:attained, but always the fundamental coloring or tone remains. The next or fifth round will showMeditation, 293:contacted, and has responded by sounding the tone of the man's own Ego. This is really the basis ofMeditation, 294:will sound the admission word in his own key or tone, endeavoring to strike the note that willMeditation, 294:chant forth the reply in the same full sonorous tone, thereby, through the power of sound, linkingMeditation, 294:understood and effort will be made to keep the tone reverberating between those who enter and thoseMeditation, 321:of the student, upon the quality of the tone of his life as it sounds forth in the inner world,Meditation, 327:the clarity of his auric colors and upon the tone of his life and the key of his vibration. [328] Meditation, 330:study of the pupil's vibration, ray, color and tone. The conscious refining of all the bodiesPsychology1, 121:of the Aryan race, as well as its general tone throughout the Aryan age, is also related to thePsychology1, 127:some one color predominates, and some one tone sounds forth; infinite are the gradations and manyPsychology1, 127:the gradations and many the shades of color and tone. Each ray has its subsidiary rays which itPsychology1, 128:gives him his coloring and quality, his general tone on the three planes of the personality, and itPsychology1, 202:and there is a type of this ray which is tone-deaf, and another which is color-blind to the morePsychology2, 321:of all brought into activity, for its coloring, tone, quality and its basic vibration determinePsychology2, 321:vibration determine psychologically the color, tone, quality and basic vibration of the mind-energyPsychology2, 321:energy or substance through which the quality, tone or vibration of the specific center ofRays, 62:with the aid of the Master, harmony of color and tone is produced (a synonymous matter) untilRays, 763:of thought, dims the sound and shuts out the tone. He who is silent, quiet and calm within, whoRays, 763:mount nearer to that Sound. Know when its tone steals through the misty dawn, or in the mellowRays, 763:the deep of night, that in their rhythmic tone lies secret revelation. [764] Soul, 117:tissues. It is through the sympathetic that the tone of the [118] bloodvessels is kept up by the
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