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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TONIGHT

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Atom, 31:subject. Therefore I want to preface my remarks tonight by stating that my aim is to speakAtom, 46:Atom - The Evolution of Substance I cannot deal tonight with the different developments of thisAtom, 48:up the question of form building. I only seek tonight, in bringing this lecture to a conclusion, toAtom, 53:of Form, or Group Evolution I want to enlarge tonight upon the basic idea of the unity ofAtom, 69:greater [69] detail; all I am endeavoring to do tonight is to show that in the vegetable kingdomAtom, 77:in order that we may approach our subject tonight with certain ideas clearly formulated. We haveAtom, 82:now come to the consideration of our subject for tonight, that of the evolution of man, theAtom, 84:with the thought that we are seeking to develop tonight. Man is there defined as "the Life and theAtom, 89:you have what I have been seeking to bring out tonight: First, the atomic consciousness, I AM; thenAtom, 99:one is left in a state of complete bewilderment. Tonight we will only touch upon three types ofAtom, 136:plane. The final thing I seek to bring out tonight is that the goal for each one of us is theAtom, 137:Now what are those powers? All I can do tonight is to enumerate a few out of the many. One is theFire, 837:This is a great mystery. We can but indicate it tonight... God is perception itself. God isMeditation, 209:We will take up these five divisions later. Tonight I will only add a few further points to thoseMeditation, 210:Enumeration of the Colors August 29th, 1920 Tonight we must continue our study on color and take up
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