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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOOK

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Healing, 368:Individual students might aid in this if they took some of the basic postulates of a scientistHealing, 439:will and accord, chose "occultly" to die and took a body or series of bodies in order to raise orHealing, 469:that flame seven points of intensified light took shape. This is a high point in the experience ofHealing, 521:the healer and the patient, and finally I took up the subject of death. I considered it as itHealing, 680:life and purpose. It would perhaps be wise if we took this tenth Law somewhat in detail, whereHercules, 16:acquired sufficient skill to draw that bow. It took him all that time to prove himself the Archer.Hercules, 16:Yet when the gift was proffered, Hercules took it, confident of power, a power as yet unproven. AndHercules, 27:from place to place. And Abderis came forth and took his stand beside his friend and with him facedHercules, 29:[29] the significance of the sign in which it took place, for there is a close link between theHercules, 33:by this basic urge, fell from their high estate, took form, and started upon their individual roundHercules, 43:who received the sacred bull from him and took charge of it. And thus ended the second labor. TheHercules, 100:in the four preceding signs. In Aries, the soul took to itself that type of matter which wouldHercules, 101:the group of celestial and spiritual beings, who took incarnation on earth, manifested through theHercules, 103:the lion to death. That was an encounter that took place unseen by anybody; Hercules and the lionHercules, 126:In wrath they came, and a fierce battle then took place and in spite of resolutions wise, again theHercules, 129:had told him to "take time to eat", but Hercules took time for a drunken orgy with two wise oldHercules, 129:point and also on the fact that, while Hercules took every precaution not to kill the boar, heHercules, 158:on to a certain amount of mass consciousness; he took form. That is a stage of human incarnation.Hercules, 160:In Sagittarius, just as in Scorpio Hercules took up and completed the work started in Taurus, heHercules, 160:up and completed the work started in Taurus, he took up and completed the work started in Aries. InHercules, 173:initiations. In Matthew 17 we read that Christ took three disciples, Peter, James and John, up intoHercules, 183:Taurus? Not the bestial nature of humanity that took the bull as a symbol of the animal nature andHercules, 197:cup, in which he had sailed over to the island, took them to the Sacred City, and offered them inInitiation, 28:one of the Seven Spirits before the throne, took physical incarnation, and, under the form of SanatInitiation, 29:for the sake of [29] the evolving sons of men took upon Himself a physical form and was made in theInitiation, 32:radioactive, and a mysterious chemical change took place in the vegetable kingdom. This facilitatedInitiation, 35:of the Solar Logos. The Hierarchy thus took advantage of the discriminative faculty of mind, whichInitiation, 45:came into incarnation with Sanat Kumara - but he took hold of his position during the secondInitiation, 56:fourth initiation. As Appollonius of Tyana, he took the [57] fifth initiation and became a MasterInitiation, 57:"therefore occupying the same body in which he took the initiation, most of the other MastersInitiation, 105:interference proved needless. This conference took place at Shamballa. This is mentioned to showInitiation, 181:nature. For instance, when individualization took place during the Lemurian, or the third rootInitiation, 220:beings who guide the solar system. They took control of the evolution of humanity upon this planetMagic, 224:The first initiation of humanity, as an entity, took place when individualization became possible,Magic, 244:emotional life, and the drift back to the center took no account of the mental life at all. ThisMagic, 361:were wrought, a shift in the entire process took place; certain egos came in, as you know, asMagic, 379:drastic change in method and practice. All this took a vast period of time and it is the remnantsMagic, 386:far off times was chanted by the initiate who took the third initiation - the consummatingMagic, 386:and Earth! I vision God; I see the forms God took. I hate them both. Naught do they mean to me, forMagic, 440:with care) the great event of individualization took place. But the brain of the then human beingMagic, 440:The tiny babe knew not the great event." This took place twenty-one million years ago. CyclesMagic, 440:instances of coordination between brain and mind took place and the human being was definitelyMeditation, 22:we saw, a different process. Then we took up the function of the personality ray in combinationMeditation, 40:consideration of the personality ray. Then we took up the factor of time as shown in the causalMeditation, 105:studied the food problem more carefully, if they took the needed hours of sleep with moreMeditation, 355:beings who guide the solar system. They took control of the evolution of humanity upon this planetPatanjali, 154:cover his career from the moment when he first took incarnation and throughout the long cycle ofPatanjali, 421:with God: But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was madeProblems, 149:can be traced down the centuries; each time one took place, it meant a clearer understanding ofProblems, 149:world) there was a first major Approach when God took notice of man and [150] something happened -Psychology1, 28:by the fact that the Master of all the Masters took incarnation in Palestine, that slice of landPsychology1, 83:great sons of God moved with measured pace and took their seats. The work of building thus began.Psychology1, 395:numbered among the then disciples of the world, took issue with the planetary Hierarchy, and brokePsychology1, 398:through the ancient portals of initiation and took the first great step. They came back with aPsychology2, 38:of dual life. Between the pairs of opposites, he took his stand, and as he swung pendent betweenPsychology2, 89:and purpose to appear. The creative act then took place, and the process of manifestation began itsPsychology2, 92:with deliberation and full understanding, took human bodies in order to raise those lower forms ofPsychology2, 98:entered into life and knew it to be death. "He took a form and grieved to find it dark. "He drovePsychology2, 172:will and accord, chose "occultly" to die and took a body or series of bodies in order to raise orPsychology2, 209:Individualization upon the moon chain took place in the fifth race of the third round. In LemurianPsychology2, 209:third round. In Lemurian days, individualization took place because it was the third root race andPsychology2, 266:or astral nature with the physical body. This took place in the racial sense in Atlantean times; itPsychology2, 275:individualization, the first great soul approach took place either in Lemurian days or in a stillPsychology2, 276:assumed when the approach of appropriation took place and the demands of the personality upon thePsychology2, 277:has been portrayed for us by the Buddha when He took illumination and became the Enlightened One.Psychology2, 290:in the following terms: "The Lord of Will took being. His dim reflection followed in His steps. ThePsychology2, 290:on earth. The Lord Who sought for harmony took form. The little lord, who loved to fight for whatPsychology2, 290:He was. The little lord of mental stuff also took form. Man's troublous journey then began." ThesePsychology2, 300:general psychological condition at the time he took the first initiation. By a careful analysis andPsychology2, 303:attention could illumine their lives if they took them into their "brooding consciousness" for thePsychology2, 304:the Bodies I diverged briefly for a moment and took up the subject of the rays of the three bodiesPsychology2, 398:Love. Love is such a presented attribute, and it took a great Avatar, such as the Christ, to graspPsychology2, 646:a far larger scale of the "act of appeal" which took place on May 6th, 1936. Then the GreatPsychology2, 702:a great forward moving effort of the world soul took place and definite and unchangeable progressPsychology2, 702:The stimulation of the masses of men also took place so that they could be enabled to respond morePsychology2, 705:and of whose possessions the white race took charge. This then is the task of the Workers in theRays, 83:concern the Master Jesus as step by step He took or re-enacted the five initiations. But lyingRays, 187:steadily in potency. Gradually the forces took organized form and the four "veils of maya" or theRays, 193:process of glorification. A similar event took place at the Transfiguration of the Christ,Rays, 193:Crucifixion episode, a great and major rending took place. The Law, when rightly kept andRays, 193:veil, and one of relatively minor importance, took place when Saul of Tarsus saw the glory of theRays, 224:close relation which existed between Jesus as He took this initiation and the Christ Who had takenRays, 260:and the reason for which our planetary Logos took incarnation and became the informing Life of ourRays, 289:suddenly a great expansion of consciousness took place. [290] The significance, the intention, theRays, 296:of its inherent life) that which He expressed took form and has greatly modified and colored humanRays, 324:aids and conditions him. In the third volume we took into consideration the influences of theRays, 353:who in bewilderment and profound humility took part in the third initiation, [354] theRays, 386:were not then available, and He and the Christ took the initiation together. At this initiation,Rays, 386:You can see, therefore, what a tremendous crisis took place in the relation between Humanity andRays, 386:to the ray energy. When the Master Jesus took the Crucifixion Initiation, another crisis arose ofRays, 386:Master, the Head of the Hierarchy, the Christ, took two initiations in one: the ResurrectionRays, 389:the earlier exoteric information, the world war took place, the forces of hidden evil [390] emergedRays, 524:at the Crucifixion initiation, the Master Jesus took the fourth initiation and the Christ took theRays, 524:Jesus took the fourth initiation and the Christ took the sixth initiation. The Master Jesus reachedRays, 548:with His earlier incarnations. As you know, He took one of the greatest of the initiations (theRays, 554:the men of goodwill everywhere in the world took heart of grace (a most appropriate phrase) andRays, 603:demonstrators of evil and the Forces of Light took place; it was inconclusive, with the evidenceRays, 635:Old Testament is to be believed) they originally took the land of Palestine away from its originalRays, 655:and the Avatar of Synthesis. Christ Himself took this initiation some time ago and passed throughRays, 705:either preserve the old body in which They took the fifth initiation or else They build the
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