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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOOK

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Rays, 705:will appear in the original form in which They took initiation. This I personally did in referenceRays, 705:first case; i.e., preserving the body in which I took initiation. This the Master K.H. did inRays, 705:a body which was made in the form in which He took the fifth initiation. It may interest you toRays, 730:time of His "rising," a far more important event took place and the Christ passed through theRays, 757:its widespread use became possible. That effort took centuries to accomplish. Today, we have allReappearance, 25:suddenly a great expansion of consciousness took place. The significance, the intention, theReappearance, 53:Hierarchy, working under the Christ, and thus took shape as the divine Plan. Today, because of whatReappearance, 80:XXII, 10.) This they did and the Last Supper took place. The ancient symbol for the sign AquariusReappearance, 82:of the Christ), He definitely and consciously took over His duties and responsibilities as theReappearance, 82:love. At the center of this Triangle the Christ took His [83] stand; from that point His AquarianTelepathy, 4:the history of the League of Nations. Before He took up special work, the Master Serapis sought toTelepathy, 16:of communication in Lemurian times, and largely took the place of thought and of speech. ItTelepathy, 49:of the registered impression, as it took form in an intuition and eventually found its place uponTelepathy, 132:arc was thus set up; another expansion took place which resulted, as you know well, in the creationTelepathy, 132:is still contained upon the involutionary arc, took place. Statement Five. Today, an evolutionaryTelepathy, 147:grew greater and certain great expansions took place, the centers began to extend their usefulness
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