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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOTALLY

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Psychology2, 20:the significance of these words may appear totally different. Definition is simply the expressionPsychology2, 81:characteristic of this third ray. This method is totally different in its technique to that of thePsychology2, 179:ones have been eliminated and rendered totally quiescent. The successful group has eventuallyPsychology2, 204:however, they are asleep, and mentally they are totally unawakened. These too are relatively rare,Psychology2, 210:of the evolution of Christ was, and has been, totally unparalleled. It has never been duplicated,Psychology2, 253:upon substance in the mineral kingdom produced totally different forms to those which the samePsychology2, 583:materializing mediums, for their work is of a totally different kind and though not so dangerous toPsychology2, 606:problems with which we must now deal belong in a totally different category. They have no relationRays, 42:and revelations which have hitherto [42] been totally unrealized and unknown, even to hisRays, 75:powers and capacities of which the race is today totally unaware. The immediate revelation aheadRays, 100:but in a form of which the spiritual entity is totally unaware. The reservoir of life is the placeRays, 147:will (which links him to Shamballa) is as yet totally unawakened? And I mean, totally. But the dimRays, 147:is as yet totally unawakened? And I mean, totally. But the dim outlines of the general picture mustRays, 164:which effects a change is a discharge (to use a totally inadequate phrase) of directed and focusedRays, 339:find none other to substitute. The wording is totally blind and inadequate and will prove to youRays, 344:Age, now passed. Today, the entire approach is totally different. No man today is expected to standRays, 363:ideas are occupied with concepts and thoughts totally unrealized and wholly inexplicable andRays, 390:to truer values and spiritual perception to a totally unexpected extent. Men have been so arousedRays, 403:substantial, as we understand the term) we are totally ignorant; besides that, we are not in aRays, 429:is France, with the United States (though along totally different lines) running her a closeRays, 433:tests of the initiatory process is a hitherto totally unexpected one. Tests which are expected andRays, 667:The first initiation marks the beginning of a totally new life and mode of living; it marks theRays, 690:Kumara at the time of his initiation. This is a totally different energy to that transmitted to himRays, 711:wisdom. His life takes on a new coloring, totally unrelated to the three worlds of his pastReappearance, 17:to recognize Him today. He may reappear in a totally unexpected guise; who is to say whether HeReappearance, 24:of years ago seems to have given such words a totally unwarranted value. The words of a commentatorReappearance, 115:a difficult lesson to learn; it is for mankind a totally new experience and Christ will have toSoul, 121:whose secretion is only partially known or totally unknown. It is in any case worthy ofTelepathy, 5:He, not recording the source (of which he was totally unaware), passed it on in turn to that sixthTelepathy, 76:- contain information of which the recipient is totally unaware. The criterion here is that nothingTelepathy, 152:soul-body, the causal body or the egoic lotus totally disappear, being no longer of any true
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