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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOUCH

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Discipleship1, 225:you into this group of students. The personal touch is wise with you for you neither fear nor craveDiscipleship1, 228:to promote understanding. 5. Seek then to get in touch with your group brothers, holding them too,Discipleship1, 302:my putting you into this group is to put you in touch subjectively, as well as on the physicalDiscipleship1, 304:O. Seek to contact them in this way and get into touch with them on the matter. By so doing youDiscipleship1, 304:five minutes each day to an effort to get into touch with these two, you will find success at theDiscipleship1, 309:Comply with my suggestions and keep in close touch, subjectively and objectively if possible, withDiscipleship1, 319:work and would ask you also to get in touch with L. U. T. who is also doing some work for me alongDiscipleship1, 323:the urge and when you choose: "The strength I touch and am, that strength I give. The central LightDiscipleship1, 324:their souls into selfless activity. You can touch them dynamically and then never again will theirDiscipleship1, 330:able to profit by them. Even now I can only just touch upon the problems. It is peculiarly yoursDiscipleship1, 354:service and the acquiring of knowledge. You can touch heights in your inner life. Your service,Discipleship1, 358:the lower to the higher mind, but often fails to touch the intermediate point, that of the soul onDiscipleship1, 360:high grade body of Slavic-Semitic type with a touch of the Latin intermixed. That heritage givesDiscipleship1, 361:to your meditation reports. My brother, you touch and tap constantly the fount of wisdom. YourDiscipleship1, 366:I have a twofold reason. You have a surety of touch and a freedom from glamor which is sorelyDiscipleship1, 399:and can be messengers and helpers. Those who touch have simply to be led. Of which of these twoDiscipleship1, 407:they hide their true need for fear that you touch them with too powerful a hand. You are tooDiscipleship1, 414:It is based upon an inner inherent ability to touch soul levels and thus to be open to the inflowDiscipleship1, 415:knowledge. But you have been many years in touch with my work and - in spite of all you may thinkDiscipleship1, 418:more and more into line with group purpose, in touch with myself, and in closer union with eachDiscipleship1, 424:[424] these two types of force first come into touch with each other - a result, differing fromDiscipleship1, 436:a short instruction this time. We are often in touch and you are occupied now with freshDiscipleship1, 445:in my personal life? Do I recognize and am I in touch with other Observers of the way of life? CanDiscipleship1, 478:courage. You will succeed - some day. Keep in touch with W. D. B. and talk your problem out withDiscipleship1, 493:Accepted Discipleship and were you not a man in touch with his own soul, I would not take the timeDiscipleship1, 523:every load that comes my way, for naught can touch my soul. To manifest this confidence, I dedicateDiscipleship1, 527:the center of all love I stand and naught can touch me here and from that center I shall go forthDiscipleship1, 550:I would ask you to endeavor to get in touch with them through meditation and by going out to themDiscipleship1, 551:you live that life). Seek also to be in touch with him. May I add that my blessing and my thoughtDiscipleship1, 567:of me and his belief that I was in constant touch with him was becoming a detriment to independentDiscipleship1, 567:you, as individuals. I am not seeking to get in touch with you, except once a month and then onlyDiscipleship1, 581:though seldom to the heart of it, and to touch momentarily this, that and the other attitude ofDiscipleship1, 650:of your soul (which you can with such facility touch) has held you steady and sweetened yourDiscipleship1, 673:get his Master's ear at any time. He is in close touch always. This is the stage wherein a chela isDiscipleship1, 694:that of the group. In a group, the Master is in touch with and aware of the aspiring disciple andDiscipleship1, 696:of the group. Every new person who is put in touch with the Ashram becomes a definiteDiscipleship1, 696:agency in the lives of those with whom he is in touch. He may impress their minds with what heDiscipleship1, 713:get his Master's ear at any time. He is in close touch always. This is the stage wherein a chela isDiscipleship1, 719:I proceed with other matters) I would like to touch upon the nature of the work which the MastersDiscipleship1, 726:stage of accepted discipleship is in constant touch with the Master. Thus a triangular relationshipDiscipleship1, 751:The chela (as I have earlier pointed out) is in touch with the Master when, and only when, theDiscipleship1, 755:the extent to which the Master is spiritually in touch with the Mind of God. I do not use the wordDiscipleship1, 755:Master and is that which enables him to be in touch with the Heart of God. It might be noted hereDiscipleship1, 767:[767] "The stage where the disciple is in close touch always; he is being definitely prepared forDiscipleship2, 15:the time and spare the needed energy to get in touch with the group during the coming full moons,Discipleship2, 20:other. This relation, which indicates ability to touch the sources of power, love and light,Discipleship2, 53:of hierarchical Worker with whom they will be in touch. 2. The recognition that in this work, trueDiscipleship2, 76:Another reason upon which I must very briefly touch, and which is a factor in my decision, isDiscipleship2, 83:over. During the years in which I have been in touch with all of you, much world work has beenDiscipleship2, 140:the Ashram with which you know yourself to be in touch, seeing it all as an integral part of theDiscipleship2, 167:deeper implications and upon them I will later touch, but the clarity of spiritual desire andDiscipleship2, 169:way and practical goodwill. I would like now to touch upon some of the deeper meanings for you whoDiscipleship2, 171:fighting, and therefore welcome goodwill. Let me touch for a moment upon another point of view.Discipleship2, 206:evoked from Shamballa. They are constantly in touch with the Council Chamber at Shamballa. Just asDiscipleship2, 207:Hierarchy; then the Contemplatives who are in touch with Shamballa can contact the Hierarchy, andDiscipleship2, 217:Nirmanakayas with whom they deliberately get in touch; the second part is invocative of the NewDiscipleship2, 229:to spiritual purposes the money in the world; touch the hearts of men everywhere so that they mayDiscipleship2, 232:of those members of the group who are not yet in touch with any Ashram; they work thus fromDiscipleship2, 238:evoked by the immediate response of a soul, in touch with its personality, to a spiritual truth orDiscipleship2, 286:the [286] initiate can expect), I would like to touch upon them here. The first statement I madeDiscipleship2, 382:the very heart of humanity; this puts him in touch with the Heart of the Hierarchy and - throughDiscipleship2, 391:not a Master, that he is necessarily closer in touch with the daily life of ordinary human beings,Discipleship2, 455:surrounds you at all times. Seek to get in touch with me every Full Moon period, and expectDiscipleship2, 465:still working in my Ashram, as I remain in close touch with world affairs in relation to theirDiscipleship2, 470:definitely part of my work... and I shall be in touch [471] with you at frequent intervals. On thatDiscipleship2, 475:possession. Draw near to me in closer personal touch, devoid of personality. This paradox is clear.Discipleship2, 492:the future. The present situation must and will touch all nations and every disciple will be testedDiscipleship2, 497:of force with which you should remain in closest touch - Myself, F.B., and A.A.B. Stay close. LearnDiscipleship2, 498:earlier worked with you, seeking again to get in touch with all of them and along the originalDiscipleship2, 509:morning, I decided that a word from me and the touch of my hand [510] (symbolically speaking) wouldDiscipleship2, 527:impact of this Shamballa force (which you can touch and to which you can intelligently respond)Discipleship2, 568:little that I have to say to you in this year's "touch of recognition" which I am giving to all whoDiscipleship2, 568:family ties, though you have always been in touch with your relatives; you have had no difficultyDiscipleship2, 587:of intention and dedication to enable them to touch the periphery of his aura (referred to in TheDiscipleship2, 596:the Ashram of the Master Morya is ever in close touch with that dynamic center. The Master R. - asDiscipleship2, 613:work that is close to my heart. Each soul you touch in the carrying out of these duties is placedDiscipleship2, 614:must learn also, brother of mine. I will be in touch with you increasingly as you bring theDiscipleship2, 615:to you your limitations. It is not my habit to touch upon the relations on the physical plane ofDiscipleship2, 627:Seek each day for ten minutes to get into touch spiritually, mentally and emotionally with one orDiscipleship2, 655:[655] but retain the key. The surging crowd will touch you not nor hurt the garden in itsDiscipleship2, 661:of the knowledge petals. Such energy then is in touch with the heart center. Wisdom, which is theDiscipleship2, 671:which you have definitely earned. I shall be in touch with you, my brother. This instruction [672]Discipleship2, 673:hear from me. Subjectively, you are ever in touch, as is F.B. and three or four others in theDiscipleship2, 688:must themselves initiate; these may not touch environing outer conditions, but concern innerDiscipleship2, 708:1944 MY FRIEND AND CO-WORKER: I intend to be in touch with you with constancy, and you must trainDiscipleship2, 756:making this supreme life effort, I would like to touch upon these three points. I must touch uponDiscipleship2, 756:like to touch upon these three points. I must touch upon them in such a way that only you willDiscipleship2, 763:outer group, I would ask you to keep in close touch, however, through correspondence, with J.S.P.;Education, 118:are often sound and good, for they all have a touch of true idealism, but - being as yetExternalisation, 6:a victim of force or brings himself in touch with it deliberately, he pays the price of hisExternalisation, 8:response apparatus, and serve to put the man in touch with aspects of the phenomenal world forExternalisation, 12:and serves to place the deluded devotees in touch with the scroll of the astral light, which is theExternalisation, 29:enough soul contact so that they can begin to touch the world of ideas (upon the intuitional levelsExternalisation, 49:project education in the new age. Here again we touch the threefold purpose which each group has toExternalisation, 51:there will then be thousands of men and women in touch with Their organization because they will beExternalisation, 56:than this I will not here indicate as I seek to touch briefly upon the remaining three groups. IExternalisation, 65:to be unavoidable. It is not final. It does not touch the enduring, unchanging relation which hasExternalisation, 81:by those who are seeking to live as souls and in touch with the soul and the world of spiritualExternalisation, 97:great, because they know the Plan, they are in touch with the guiding teachers on the inner side -Externalisation, 131:living conditions, and its quick and sympathetic touch upon life. Its method is not that of slow
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