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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOUCH

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Externalisation, 143:influence and of contacts and each of you is in touch with similarly minded or enquiring people,Externalisation, 143:for which you can now prepare. You can get in touch with such people, keep records of names andExternalisation, 148:the trained spiritual Observer. I would like to touch briefly and for a few minutes upon theExternalisation, 152:Invocation as souls and as those who are in touch in some small measure with the Hierarchy. WhenExternalisation, 154:know, O Lord of Life and Love, about the need; Touch our hearts anew with love, that we too mayExternalisation, 155:of love, wisdom and selflessness with a sure touch and a judgment as to times and seasons cannot beExternalisation, 156:or for you to say more anent Them though I shall touch upon Them again later in this article. Externalisation, 156:sentence by sentence, I would like briefly to touch upon the needed procedure as you attempt to sayExternalisation, 159:and divine Entity with Whom the Christ came into touch and Whose influence played through Him atExternalisation, 162:of the Lord of the World, and He could then touch certain heights of awareness and contact certainExternalisation, 162:This achievement enabled Him to put Humanity in touch with the Spirit of Peace. He thus HimselfExternalisation, 174:may help humanity. I would ask you to get in touch with leaders and workers - important andExternalisation, 178:clear in the minds of those who were in touch with human affairs; immediately certain nations tookExternalisation, 179:Position The second point upon which I would touch is the arguments brought out by the pacifists ofExternalisation, 210:concerned. It is desirable to get into immediate touch with those whose names are already known toExternalisation, 226:on your part which I would like briefly to touch upon, leaving you to take right and appropriateExternalisation, 250:of the soul. Finally, I would ask you to get in touch as soon as you can with the headquarters ofExternalisation, 252:can be attained. I would like first of all to touch upon the three points which I have made above -Externalisation, 263:Invocation. One other thought I would like to touch upon prior to an analysis of the phrases of theExternalisation, 275:stand consciously related and dynamically in touch with each other. The Will of God, the Love ofExternalisation, 304:Members of the Great White Lodge and is in close touch with the Christ, with the Manu and with theExternalisation, 321:to the group of aspirants with whom I am in touch: The use of the great mantram or invocation - inExternalisation, 330:will influence the minds of men. 5. Keep in touch with people in all countries - occupied andExternalisation, 330:and groups everywhere with whom they are in touch - some of which were formed prior to the war andExternalisation, 330:countries are a case in point. Therefore keep in touch objectively and subjectively with as manyExternalisation, 332:are present, there will be found sureness of touch when humanity is contacted; sensitivity to theExternalisation, 336:spirit need not enter in. One point I will touch upon for the clarification of your minds. TheExternalisation, 391:to our attention the fact that He then came in touch with His Father in Heaven. God spoke to Him inExternalisation, 401:to use his divine power and come into closer touch with the spiritual sources of all life. This newExternalisation, 473:of Their work and attitude I would like to touch upon, for it is apt to cause misunderstandingExternalisation, 491:August 9, 1945 I would like at this time to touch upon the greatest spiritual event which has takenExternalisation, 505:on Cosmic Fire as the Lord Agni; He seeks to touch with the hidden spiritual fire the head centersExternalisation, 512:in a form comprehended by the people, it can touch the great masses of seeking souls. By means ofExternalisation, 512:and of those who are in direct or occasional touch with the Masters and of those whose souls are inExternalisation, 525:it is going to be still more difficult to be in touch with those who are not even disciples. ForExternalisation, 525:me not. The Hierarchy has always been in touch with the "Place of Purpose" (as it has been called)Externalisation, 533:this when writing one of the Epistles; he is in touch then with certain Members of the HierarchyExternalisation, 538:as your present interest is concerned. I shall touch only upon the activities of the Hierarchy asExternalisation, 540:in preparation for all this and - though I touch not upon it - you can imagine the general effectExternalisation, 577:with the teaching of religion. Educators touch those preparing for all types of activity. The taskExternalisation, 610:indeed; those disciples who are in conscious touch with the Masters of the Wisdom - or, if youExternalisation, 635:next two decades, but would like first of all to touch upon the state of the world and refer to itsExternalisation, 644:is projected from Shamballa, and He is in close touch with that dynamic center. The Master R., asExternalisation, 683:and to recharge and revitalize the spirit, to touch again closely the Sources of inspiration on theExternalisation, 684:In fact, every living unit in the world is in touch with thousands of other units and can - throughExternalisation, 684:- through the many means of information - be in touch with millions; the news presses grind out theExternalisation, 684:for only advanced humanity lives constantly in touch with the world of Spiritual perception andExternalisation, 696:will arise in your minds, and I would like to touch upon one or two of them. For instance, some ofExternalisation, 698:will be known, and they will also be in close touch with each other. From that time on, the networkFire, 46:the Ego. Few people as yet are in such close touch with their higher self, or Ego, that they canFire, 69:FRICTION I. The Work of the Three Rays We here touch upon a matter of wide general interest yetFire, 87:of the etheric body of the human being and not touch upon correspondences to things systemic orFire, 90:kinds, and all these ways bring him into touch with varying entities. Fire, 93:such as the Earth ? (S. D., I, 170-180.) Here we touch upon a hidden mystery, of which the solutionFire, 104:to planetary conditions and even to solar. As we touch upon the causes of etheric distress in man,Fire, 105:up these three groups separately and briefly touch upon them and hint (for more will not beFire, 115:achieve, by the aid of that mind, the ability to touch the cosmic buddhic plane. TheseFire, 122:race, or through the two senses (hearing and touch) possessed by the second. But with the thirdFire, 164:correspondences on all the five planes: Hearing, Touch, Sight, Taste, Smell. By the time the fifthFire, 186:in order of development are as follows: Hearing. Touch. Sight. Taste. Smell. [187] Each of theseFire, 187:PLANE - SENSE Physical - Hearing. Astral - Touch or feeling. Mental - Sight. Buddhic - Taste. AtmicFire, 188:Aether - Hearing - Sound - Atmic plane. Air - Touch - Sound, touch - Buddhic plane. Fire - Sight -Fire, 188:- Sound - Atmic plane. Air - Touch - Sound, touch - Buddhic plane. Fire - Sight - Sound, touch,Fire, 188:touch - Buddhic plane. Fire - Sight - Sound, touch, sight - Mental plane. Water - Taste - Sound,Fire, 188:sight - Mental plane. Water - Taste - Sound, touch, sight, taste - Astral plane. Earth - Smell -Fire, 188:taste - Astral plane. Earth - Smell - Sound, touch, sight, taste, smell - Physical plane. EveryFire, 188:Sensory Evolution Physical plane 1. Hearing 2. Touch, feeling 3. Sight 4. Taste 5. Smell 5th -Fire, 189:(of four sounds) Beatitude. The Second Sense - Touch or feeling. Physical touch. Psychometry.Fire, 189:The Second Sense - Touch or feeling. Physical touch. Psychometry. Planetary psychometry. Healing.Fire, 193:E - Motion on the Physical and Astral Planes b. Touch. In taking up the subject of the secondFire, 193:up the subject of the second sense, that of touch, we must note that this sense is pre-eminentlyFire, 193:to know where one begins and the other ends. Touch is that innate recognition of contact throughFire, 194:his place in the scheme, and to locate himself. Touch gives him an idea of relative quantity andFire, 195:of time, calls into being another sense, that of touch. The Law of Attraction works, theFire, 195:contact is made with the not-self it is called touch. This touch conveys other ideas to the gropingFire, 195:made with the not-self it is called touch. This touch conveys other ideas to the gropingFire, 196:Jnanendriya The Ear - Hearing. Skin - Feeling by touch. Eye - Sight. Tongue - Taste. Nose - Smell.Fire, 196:both in time and function. We have hearing, touch or feeling, and then sight. In connection withFire, 196:word, the activity of matter, the third Logos. Touch - The recognition of the sevenfold FormFire, 196:are closely allied to the important sense of touch. They are practically subsidiary to that sense.Fire, 196:value to study the extensions of physical plane touch on other planes and to see whither we areFire, 197:A Lord of Compassion is one who (by means of touch) feels with, fully comprehends, and realizes theFire, 197:study likewise in this connection the value of touch as demonstrated by the healers of the raceFire, 197:will have noted that the origin of the word touch is somewhat obscure, but probably means to "drawFire, 197:the quickening of vibration by means of touch. Inertia, mobility, rhythm, are the qualitiesFire, 197:are achieved by means of this very faculty of touch or feeling. Let me illustrate briefly so as toFire, 197:matter of the buddhic plane. By means of this touch his own vibration is temporarily and brieflyFire, 197:to itself that fire, latent in other forms. They touch, and recognition and awareness ensues. TheFire, 198:is greatly increased and the ability to touch intensified. The Law of Attraction persists in itsFire, 198:one aspect of this mysterious faculty of touch, the faculty of the second Logos, wielding the lawFire, 199:under the Law of Synthesis. Hearing - Unity Touch - Duality Sight - Triplicity. In these threeFire, 200:This is realized through the not-self. Touch - Service. The summation of the work of the Self forFire, 216:be taken up in their right place. Now we will touch but briefly upon the law of matter, that ofFire, 259:Who are the Manasaputras? We are now to touch upon the profoundest mystery of the whole manifestedFire, 281:the case of the very highly evolved may begin to touch the periphery of the sphere of influence ofFire, 326:date, the human and the deva evolutions will touch. From this fourth etheric sphere the denseFire, 351:In the second round and the second root-race touch was evolved. In the third round andFire, 402:affiliated with ours, it will not be possible to touch upon the systemic stage of manasicFire, 417:of groups within the solar system. We will only touch upon the development of the mind in man andFire, 426:stupendous that we cannot possibly do more than touch upon certain points, nor can we enlarge along
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