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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOUCH

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Initiation, 33:of the Door of Initiation It is not possible to touch upon the history of the Hierarchy during theInitiation, 46:in their united foreknowledge. They are in daily touch with the Lord of the World at Shamballa, andInitiation, 57:problems of the West, no one is so closely in touch with the people who stand for all that is bestInitiation, 78:of vision, of aspiration, and of the inner touch, is seen to be of more importance than them all.Initiation, 113:first senses developed in a child are hearing, touch, and sight; the infant becomes aware of soundInitiation, 113:covers the period of strictly normal evolution. Touch - response to control or vibration, and theInitiation, 114:is higher than himself; he becomes aware of the "touch" of the Master, of the egoic vibration andInitiation, 114:vibration, and through this occult sense of touch he accustoms himself to that which is inner andInitiation, 129:the subordinates in office who come under their touch thus inspiring them to increased activity andInitiation, 135:the Causal or Egoic Body It is only possible to touch very briefly upon the effect of theInitiation, 148:the work of the Initiator to put the initiate in touch with this energy. This pours down upon theInitiation, 148:the great energy centers upon our planet, then touch the tip of the Rod with their staffs ofInitiation, 155:up certain of the inferred postulates, and then touch somewhat upon the initiation ceremony, andInitiation, 169:initiation. This secret likewise puts him in touch with certain of the Builders on the physicalInitiation, 208:and consists of five words. Rule 14 Listen, touch, see, apply, know. These words concern what theInitiation, 225:the Buddha, for a brief period, renews his touch and with the work of our planet. YogaIntellect, 29:minds, it has left them without the equipment to touch that intangible and finest "four-fifths ofIntellect, 34:of the environment with which it can put him in touch. What are the limits within which man canIntellect, 39:of the response apparatus which puts us in touch with the external world, the educational techniqueIntellect, 56:equipped with an apparatus which can put him in touch with the differentiated manifestationsIntellect, 70:can go and that it needs to be completed by some touch from without." - Bennett, Charles A., AIntellect, 101:as to the nature of the mind are too many to touch upon here. Some regard it as a separate entity;Intellect, 104:or by other souls with whom his soul may be in touch. Then the mind enters upon a new and freshIntellect, 115:nature of the soul is to put them in conscious touch with the subjective side of manifestation andIntellect, 150:an abiding possession which no criticism can touch... though the mystics seem to be unable toIntellect, 166:between the inspired utterances of a soul in touch with Reality, and with other souls, and theIntellect, 167:so that temporarily, at any rate, nothing can touch or hurt. Figuratively, the feet are fleet toIntellect, 193:here into itself." "When a man's mind has lost touch with everything, then, and not till then, itIntellect, 193:everything, then, and not till then, it comes in touch with God." "In this inflowing grace thereIntellect, 213:consciousness, or perception through hearing, touch, sight, taste and smell. These modes ofIntellect, 244:of least resistance for the majority) comes in touch with such a thought-form, mistakes it for theIntellect, 266:and the members of it are in the closest touch with one another. They are to be found in everyIntellect, 266:Above all, they work together and come into touch with one another through the power of a unifiedMagic, 40:Through the emotional body, the soul can be in touch with all animal or subhuman souls, through itsMagic, 40:Aspect - Knowledge. This aspect is brought into touch with the intelligence of all cells in theMagic, 57:statements. The white magician is one who is in touch with his soul. He is receptive to and awareMagic, 63:will, the fluctuations of the form life will not touch him. He then perceives the narrow-edgedMagic, 65:from all sides, this law will be unable to touch you. Balance and poise must be restored beforeMagic, 135:must above all watch against failure to keep in touch with the higher self and with the Master.Magic, 139:into the subtler planes so that sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell are welded into oneMagic, 144:light as the soul, cosmically or individually. I touch not upon light as the universal secondMagic, 146:conveyed by the sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell, the phenomenal world, the outerMagic, 161:is one more however upon which I would like to touch. The emotional body of the disciple which mustMagic, 172:center which is his group, and thus in steady touch with the Master, without interviews andMagic, 173:get his Master's ear at any time. He is in close touch always. This is the stage wherein a chela isMagic, 177:itself, they have developed the capacity to touch the higher sources from which pure truth, orMagic, 182:aspirants and probationary disciples may be in touch on the mental plane are but men of likeMagic, 200:beginning to work at the fifth and sixth. Let us touch briefly upon each of these necessary steps,Magic, 280:Elder Brothers) who - in Their turn - are in touch with the Mind of the one Existence. TheMagic, 306:to tread the Probationary Path. He has had a touch of soul contact; he has seen the vision and theMagic, 306:or its polar opposite, hilarity. When we touch on the subject of depression we are dealing withMagic, 321:the types of astral energy upon which we did not touch emanates, we are told, from the "Heart ofMagic, 321:from the "Heart of the Sun". I cannot, however, touch upon it at length owing to the inability ofMagic, 321:correct understanding and right appropriation. I touch on it here as it is one of [322] the factorsMagic, 323:is largely the work of developing the ability to touch certain currents on mental levels - currentsMagic, 325:Age and the Future It might be of value to touch briefly upon certain main lines of thought whichMagic, 367:The intuition wrests from the high places a touch of the ideal plan as it lies latent in the mindMagic, 367:Logos. As men develop this capacity, they will touch sources of power that are not on mental levelsMagic, 401:a product of the past and upon that past I will touch; I will also indicate the present situationMagic, 415:groups of personalities, with that added touch of genius which indicates a certain contact with theMagic, 416:He will be a true Aquarian with a universal touch, an intense sensitivity, a highly organizedMagic, 417:integration, and put the units in this group in touch with one another. Do your utmost to see thatMagic, 422:when each aspect of it can be simultaneously in touch with members of the group. At present all theMagic, 459:physical plane. Their minds are constantly in touch with the archetypal minds, who are theMagic, 522:on the physical plane so that we cannot even touch upon it. Under the Law of Magnetic AttractionMagic, 546:frail that all that the Masters themselves can touch and see is a precipitation made from it, theMagic, 557:when that has been attained, of coming in touch with the soul, the spiritual thinker. But laterMagic, 559:divine Thinker. He is now cooperative and is in touch with the divine Purpose. As all true studentsMagic, 594:to life the true man. The second point I would touch upon is that all this deeply esoteric workMagic, 606:in a more truly esoteric manner. They are in touch with each other, and with the organizedMagic, 606:organized observers, but they are likewise in touch with the group of men and women who stand atMagic, 610:stage has been reached and a man is in conscious touch with the plan then true magical work canMagic, 623:and the spiritual forces with which he is in touch, and this carries with it real danger, for heMagic, 626:and dominant instincts, and we will very briefly touch upon them. The instinct of self-preservationMagic, 630:the vision. He then seeks to keep so closely in touch with his soul that he can stand withMagic, 637:he is a spiritual entity in incarnation and in touch - through his mind - with the Universal Mind.Magic, 637:fogged and misty and he "loses the sense of touch" as it is called in the old commentaries. HeMeditation, 5:Alignment June 2, 1920 This morning, I would touch on the matter of egoic alignment again, showingMeditation, 51:what we may say upon the matter, we can but touch the fringe of it, and the depths of what will beMeditation, 59:note, and then the egoic, before be can touch the monadic chord. When he has done that he has, forMeditation, 99:spiritually inclined persons. They can touch the intuitional levels somewhat, the Ego can partiallyMeditation, 120:results. Therefore, I shall with brevity touch upon the subject. Upon the inner planes the neededMeditation, 133:with the Universal Logos. Finally (for I cannot touch on all the methods used), the means employedMeditation, 152:mystic and the occultist in meditation. I might touch on some of the differences for your interest,Meditation, 158:the key they seek for their next step on. I may touch on this and somewhat enlarge when we take upMeditation, 158:Form in Meditation Forms used in Healing We must touch now on these forms, remembering first of allMeditation, 167:graded steps put the man who employs the form in touch with the particular line of evolutionMeditation, 175:and ceremonies through which you can get in touch with the various elementals, and control them.Meditation, 176:the path of evolution, as they are) is to get in touch with them, for together you must work in theMeditation, 178:people who hold the secret that will put them in touch with elementals of one kind or another.Meditation, 180:through which the mantrams work, from those that touch the elemental lives up to the great WordsMeditation, 185:lies the secret of perfect health. We will touch upon this later. The correspondence to the fire ofMeditation, 197:or they may be correctly aligned and put in touch with the causal. This is one of the main objectsMeditation, 201:words, they will seek to put themselves in touch with the consciousness of the Manu and with HisMeditation, 241:the heading of the "Future use of color," I may touch upon that which interests you, but toMeditation, 241:10th, 1920 We will, today, scarcely do more than touch upon our second point, which is theMeditation, 254:Search for the Goal Today it may be possible to touch somewhat upon the subject of the Masters andMeditation, 257:revel in; they flit into our vision, and we touch the glory at a lofty moment only again to loseMeditation, 262:of consciousness that has admitted Him into touch with the solar system in many of its departments.Meditation, 268:higher). Now both these things - the power to touch the Master and the Master's group, and the
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