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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - TOUCH

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Psychology2, 276:pairs of opposites, and thus intensifying the touch of appropriation and endeavoring to make thePsychology2, 277:rehearsal by the personality of the Approach or Touch of Enlightenment (as enacted by the soul)Psychology2, 277:is the result of a rare occurrence - a Cosmic Touch. He challenged the people to the Path of Light,Psychology2, 278:the peace of inclusiveness, which comes from the Touch of Divine Acquiescence. He was the embodiedPsychology2, 282:wherein the light breaks forth, the Touch of Enlightenment is given, and the soul and thePsychology2, 345:of mystics" become pronounced. We will also touch very briefly upon the efforts of the initiate asPsychology2, 399:and consequently in the lives of all whom he may touch. They will form the stepping-stones acrossPsychology2, 464:world. It is part of an effort to put him in touch with a world of being and phenomena which liePsychology2, 464:in the power of thought, or whether, through a touch of vision, they become students of truePsychology2, 468:There are three of these upon which I will touch. Psychology2, 469:of the aspirant who, in meditation, comes into touch with the influences of the Hierarchy, and thusPsychology2, 485:[485] schools is to put man consciously in touch with his own soul and not with the Master. ThatPsychology2, 485:aware of himself as a soul, he can then be in touch with other souls. When he is consciously aPsychology2, 485:When he is consciously a disciple, he is then in touch with, and can collaborate intelligentlyPsychology2, 493:study, the above will suffice. We will now touch upon the subject of dreams, which is assuming suchPsychology2, 495:aspirant in the world today to touch the intended plans for the race and thus see them as desirablePsychology2, 495:limited space at my disposal, to do two things: Touch briefly upon the conditions which fosterPsychology2, 511:race. This brings me to a point I would seek to touch upon: that [512] of the widespread depressionPsychology2, 520:in the same way that his five senses put him in touch with the tangible world and enable him thusPsychology2, 532:dealing with abnormalities, and hence must touch upon that which is unpleasant. In the early stagesPsychology2, 553:are related to group conditions. These I will touch upon later. Today, the concentration of energyPsychology2, 559:senses. The five senses. The five senses. a. Touch. Touch. Contact. Understanding. b. Hearing.Psychology2, 559:The five senses. The five senses. a. Touch. Touch. Contact. Understanding. b. Hearing. Hearing.Psychology2, 560:pages 188-196: Physical plane 1. Hearing 2. Touch, feeling 3. Sight 4. Taste 5. Smell 5th - gaseousPsychology2, 189:(of four sounds) Beatitude. The Second Sense - Touch or feeling. Physical touch. Psychometry.Psychology2, 189:The Second Sense - Touch or feeling. Physical touch. Psychometry. Planetary psychometry. Healing.Psychology2, 562:his place in the scheme, and to locate himself. Touch gives him an idea of relative quantity andPsychology2, 562:word, the activity of matter, the third Logos. Touch - The recognition of the sevenfold FormPsychology2, 563:This is realized through the not-self. Touch - Service. The summation of the work of the Self forPsychology2, 567:one basic sense, as you well know, is that of touch. This is the reason why I have not placedPsychology2, 567:the capacity to work with and to get in touch with the soul of the higher grouping to which thePsychology2, 574:the worlds with which that center puts a man in touch. The two are then as one. In between thesePsychology2, 576:the old order and must disappear. I might here touch upon the paralleling activity of the forcesPsychology2, 584:but it is analogous to the general sense of Touch. There is no part of the human frame which, if itPsychology2, 584:and finally to spiritual identification. c. Touch Sensitivity This leads eventually to spiritualPsychology2, 585:in nature. Sensitivity or the psychic sense of touch is etheric in nature, is general in expressionPsychology2, 585:probably quite useless to you) I would add that: Touch - is the keynote of the evolution proceedingPsychology2, 599:with by them at great length. I want only to touch upon the effects that these experiences havePsychology2, 612:symbolically: They will "see God" and be in touch with the soul. They will "know what is in man"Psychology2, 615:with Group Conditions We can only briefly touch upon this theme, owing to the fact that group workPsychology2, 619:his hands and feet." One other difficulty I will touch upon for it is important in so far that itPsychology2, 624:stability, its coherency and the surety of its touch on life. The mystic and the occultist arePsychology2, 651:themselves to be disciples, is consciously in touch with the Plan, and is strenuously working atPsychology2, 653:thinking men and women will be consciously in touch with the world of ideas and the realm ofPsychology2, 658:That which is of importance is that they are in touch with the center of energy which is attemptingPsychology2, 660:must also, as far as is possible, be brought in touch with each other. This work calls forPsychology2, 664:One of their functions will be to bring into touch with each other, men of similar ideals and alsoPsychology2, 669:scientific and economic), must be brought into touch with each other, and thus made to realizePsychology2, 672:First, they must discover each other and be in touch with each other. Thus the sense of weaknessPsychology2, 685:attempt to bring certain Spiritual Beings into touch with our Earth Hierarchy. They have expressedPsychology2, 692:things of a practical nature that can be done. I touch not upon the task of preparation which eachPsychology2, 697:the Hierarchy, established a contact and are "in touch" with the world of spiritual realities. JustPsychology2, 697:alignment and then, only then, can come into touch with the Master of his group and intelligentlyPsychology2, 705:sufficient number of people who are in conscious touch with their souls, then the sheer weight ofPsychology2, 715:in the field of education. The first group is in touch with the planetary Hierarchy and it works,Psychology2, 715:inspiration. The second is in closer touch with the masses of men and works more definitely underPsychology2, 717:They will then be not only consciously in touch with the plans, but they will be occultly imbued byPsychology2, 727:to humanity), is a widespread effort to get in touch with every group leader in the various towns,Psychology2, 735:were one person, such was the unanimity: "Let us touch the hearts of men anew with love, so thatPsychology2, 736:know, Oh Lord of Life and Love, about the need. Touch my heart anew with love that I too may lovePsychology2, 737:God's plans consciously on earth; they work in touch with the Plan and have a deep knowledge of thePsychology2, 742:women of good will in the world - consciously in touch with each other throughout the planet - thatPsychology2, 748:or religious prejudice. Put these people in touch with the Units of Service in the countries wherePsychology2, 749:of any and every nation should be kept in touch with your activities, so that they are aware of allPsychology2, 749:ruler or national government. Keep constantly in touch with the Units of Service and use care inRays, 21:that life is one and naught can ever take or touch that life. Let the group know the vivid,Rays, 23:God is All. Rule XIV For Applicants: Listen, touch, see, apply, know. For Disciples and Initiates:Rays, 50:will [50] of the personality is brought into touch with the will of the Spiritual Triad. This takesRays, 50:the love aspect of the soul is brought into touch with the corresponding aspect of the Triad, toRays, 54:onward and how the occult science brings man in touch with great mental reversals and divineRays, 110:who are either initiate, and consciously in touch with Shamballa, or disciples who are likewise aRays, 118:has not been direct, and They have not been in touch with current developments. Hitherto, allRays, 124:that life is one and naught can ever take or touch that life. Let the group know the vivid,Rays, 124:of consciousness. All I can therefore do is to touch upon the inner [125] significance of theRays, 125:not. Life Is. Naught in heaven or on earth can touch or affect it. This is a point oft forgotten.Rays, 127:that: Life is one and naught can ever take or touch that life. His sense of proportion as to formRays, 144:be seen to be taking place. It is also the first touch of the radiance of Shamballa which isRays, 144:about the lining up of good and evil; this touch of radiance is the conditioning factor behind whatRays, 145:was deemed capable of taking and receiving a "touch from Shamballa," without stepping it down viaRays, 145:been the custom. The determination to apply this touch (which is in the nature of a greatRays, 145:years ago and received a great impetus from this touch. The evil in nations - aggression, greed,Rays, 145:of good, again in response to the divine "touch," resulting in the growth of understanding, theRays, 146:out the will of God" now wait to give another touch which will enable the reconstruction work toRays, 159:completely established. Shamballa has been in touch with the center called Humanity by impactRays, 190:the jewel's point and find the veil that it can touch. Carry the force from point to point and thenRays, 220:the focused group life. At this point we again touch the fringe of the coming Science ofRays, 250:for me or who are directly and consciously in touch with my Ashram. An instance of this is thatRays, 286:Initiation Rule XIV For Applicants: Listen. Touch. See. Apply. Know. For Disciples and Initiates:Rays, 286:the other. APPLICANTS - INITIATES Listen - Know Touch - Express See - Reveal Apply - Destroy Know -Rays, 287:with the sense of physical hearing, and that the touch to be developed has reference to sensitivityRays, 292:earlier word imparted to applicants - the word Touch. I would have you note that all the wordsRays, 297:our minds what we have discussed anent the words Touch and Express. It might be said that the wordsRays, 375:still another point upon which I would like to touch. Owing to the fact that the Law which governsRays, 378:history of humanity and I shall only briefly touch upon it. Once formed, it became the task ofRays, 397:lead to some objective which is thereby put in touch with our planetary life; these objectives -Rays, 434:Through this apparatus the initiate is put in touch with widening areas of the divine "state ofRays, 469:and forces. This process puts the disciple in touch with divinity as a progressively revealedRays, 469:development of its own nature, comes into touch gradually with all that Is. The disciple becomesRays, 505:this consciousness of being. One point I would touch upon here before taking up the seven rayRays, 513:into that of the Spiritual Triad. Here I would touch upon one important point connected with all
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